Males:Ask My Pronouns. TERF. Also Males:Don’t Ask My Pronouns. TERF.

Link to the large pile of male special snowflake bullshit that we will be discussing:

Ok, sisters. Question. You know how you wake up and you put on the frilliest, glitteryist, girly shit that you can find? And you spend hours on your ladyface? With hundreds of dollars worth of cosmetics, clothes, hair products, perfume, and all of the other “feminine” coded bullshit? Because if you don’t spend a BIGLY amount of time and money on your proper presentation that males demand that you perform, then everyone mistakes you for an XY? Because the only way that anyone can tell if you are a woman is if it looks like Revlon, Cover Girl, and Maybelline threw up all over your face? I mean, we ALL know what it’s like for the world to look at us and say HOWDY, MANLY SIR if our shoes are not high heels and our eye make up game is not on point. Right?

I mean, I know that the very second that I flew out of the front hole of that pregnant person that gave birth to me, I was demanding an issue of Cosmo and directions to the nearest make up counter. Because if there is one thing that we all know, it’s that we are born loving pink, lipstick, baking pies and giving blow jobs. That IS what makes us women. Right?

I don’t know any woman like this. Probably because we aren’t women because we “pass” as women. And we aren’t women because we follow the male “feminine” dictate to change everything about the way that we look, think, smell, etc. We are women because we just are.

So the “article” that I linked at the top is from this guy…….

……..this male, who bravely went into a locker room and stood around, naked, with his sad little peen out and parading it around at the women that were there. Changing and/or showering. He says this…….

Well, today, I finally said, “fuck it,” took off my clothes after my workout, and walked naked to the showers. After I was done, I got ready in front of the mirror naked as well. I definitely received a couple of disapproving looks, but no one said anything.

Question, my sisters. Have you, or any woman you know, ever been in a shared locker room, with women going about, and not bother to get fucking dressed while you were “getting ready”? In the gyms where I have worked out, not one single woman walked to the shower naked, or stood around naked while “getting ready”.

And dudebro is so proud that women gave him a few “disapproving looks”, but none of them said anything. And his manipulative manthink says it’s because they are totes accepting his disgusting XY body as a girly girl! It could never be because they are in a state of partial or full nudity! And are afraid of the crazy, unhinged, naked dick dangler painting his face in THEIR locker room.

Totally normal looking XY knuckle draggers can have a go at us for little or no reason. Women are not going to confront that kind of mancrazy. And we all know that trannies will not hesitate to tell us to “choke on my ladydick” or “die in a fire, terf” if we say anything at all, because “dude, keep your sad, little dick out of our private spaces” is translated by histerical, entitled manchildren as MURDERY TWANSY MURDERZ.

So you know how, for the past year or 2, trannies have been deMANding that we ask everyone what their pronouns are? Because just because it has a penis and has been male its entire fucking life doesn’t mean that it can’t magically morph into a mystical lady essence? Well, FORGET IT. Lady dudebro says this:

Since transitioning I have had countless people ask me, “What pronouns do you prefer?” which is so incredibly frustrating. I understand that it seems like this is a really considerate thing to ask, but the truth is, it is the exact opposite of that.

Ok, well, males have been repeatedly drilling into us to OMG DON’T EVER ASSUME SOMEONE ELSE’S PRONOUNS, YOU BIG TERFY TERF, ALWAYS ASK! Now they have changed the rules and we are abusive, bigoty menstruators for not just knowing this.

Then he says……..

The vast majority of trans people identify strongly with the gender that they present as – for me, that is a woman – and trust me when I say that we spend more time, effort, money, blood, sweat, and tears to do so than anyone else on this planet.

Males put way more effort into womaning then us front hole havers ever have! Or could! The definition of being a woman is to work hard to BE. IT. No one on this planet works harder at being the idealized, sexualized, pornofied version of a woman that males demand!

He goes on…….

“…….most of us want to be identified as the gender that we strive so hard to present as, and when you ask us, “What pronouns do you prefer?” thinking that it is a polite, politically correct thing to do, it actually hurts us in a profound way. In that moment, you have undermined the identity that we have sacrificed so much to communicate to the world. It snaps us out of our lives and leads us to doubt our own ability to appear appropriately feminine – or masculine for trans men – with questions like, “Did I not do my makeup well enough? Does this dress make my shoulders look too broad? Was the surgery and the hormones all for nothing? Is it my voice? Is it my hair? Is it my height? Is it the way I walk in heels? Is there any point to any of this?” Yet we smile through the anguish, and thank you for asking.

Ok, well, you guys told everyone to ask fucking pronouns and now we are supposed to just know. These males are so fucking predictable. One of the hallmarks of an abusive male is the constant rule changing. The never ending demands that are always changing so that women are always kept off balance and so that males can claim that we never do anything right.

And also, again with the insulting bullshit that a woman is the correct make up, high heels, a dress. But I suppose that males would be excellent at performing femininity, since they invented it, forced us into it, and are now officially too ignorant to tell the difference between a woman and a pervy rape stick haver in a dress.

But he is right in that we all know. We all know a dude when we see a dude. Yet one more way that males are woefully intellectually inadequate.

And then he goes on about how forgiving ladydudes are if you “misgender” them. Because that is totally based in reality! Like the rest of his bullshit claims!

Anyone can tell by looking at that delusional XY’s picture that we are seeing a male. Ray Charles could clock these guys. And he is blind AND dead. Crazy don’t break.


16 thoughts on “Males:Ask My Pronouns. TERF. Also Males:Don’t Ask My Pronouns. TERF.

  1. Everything you say is so true. They are all about ‘don’t make assumptions’ and yet this guy claims to be crushed by people not making assumptions. They say it is all about the ‘inner feelings’, not gender performance but then boast about presenting perfect femininity. Very revealing.

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  2. I read the comments on reddit, and there were people objecting in double-speak, like this comment:

    “You know exactly how she is doing it differently. A woman’s space is for women to be away from men and even though OP is a woman, her genitalia probably made a lot of people uncomfortable. It’s not fair to force women to see your male reproductive parts in a womens space. I think it makes us look odd too because the association with trans women is that we do not like how we were born and when someone openly flaunts in a setting around a bunch of naked women it raises…questions.”

    They know he is a man but still saying she is a woman. That makes no sense. And also the last sentence about how it raises questions. Yeah, because that part of the trans narrative is bullshit. It is so obvious this guy is an autogynophile, jesus those pictures. And this commenter knows it and is basically saying get back in line with the narrative.

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  3. Also, this whole thing that women may have suffered rape, or there my be little girls present is why it is offensive. Apparently, women have to have been raped or be a virgin to claim privacy from men. Nope, we want privacy from men BECAUSE THEY ARE MEN. We don’t have to have been raped or be little girls to deserve boundaries.

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  4. Reblogged this on ANTHRO FEMINISM and commented:
    Dude thinks he has the right to flash his dick around in the women’s locker room cause of gender identity feelings. Not surprisingly he got disapproving glances from actual women, yet still insisted on standing naked in front of the mirror to do his makeup ( which is what makes him a woman, ya know!). Yeah, buddy, no one wants exposure TO YOUR DICK. This is sexual harassment.

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  5. So, prancing around a changing room with his apparatus in full view proves he’s a woman–give me strength. If he’s undressed and unstyled, how–by his own criteria–are we supposed to know which pronouns to use? Since he says he’s gone to so much trouble and expense to perform femininity, can’t he at least wrap himself in a pink towel?

    “One of the hallmarks of an abusive male is the constant rule changing. The never ending demands that are always changing so that women are always kept off balance and so that males can claim that we never do anything right.”

    This is so true! As well, expecting women to guess pronouns correctly is the sort of mind reading abusive men demand because it provides another excuse to punish us when we fail to get it right.

    I get what you mean by having the privilege to stand up to men, and, as a woman with no children, for most of my adult life I’ve felt an obligation to do so, since I know it’s harder for women who have people depending on them to take those sorts of chances. Also, I was brought up among a lot of working-class women who didn’t take any crap, and it occurred to me at a young age that when someone who’s smallish and doesn’t look threatening raises a fist in the face of a subway groper, to take a non-random example, it may make the guy think twice about assuming women are easy targets–“Hey, these things fight back!”

    And I love this line: “Because the only way that anyone can tell if you are a woman is if it looks like Revlon, Cover Girl, and Maybelline threw up all over your face?”

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    1. Hi, oak and ash, it is good to see you.

      It’s almost funny to me, how shocked males are, when we don’t perform femininity for them, on demand.

      All these stupid males demanding validation when they put on a dress and lipstick is nothing but the same old male dictate to perform femininity for them, agree with them! Make them feel good! Make them feel right! Put their feelings ahead of our reality! To complain is just unfeminine! And unladylike! Because males don’t feel good or complete or right unless they are forcing us to cheerlead them as they walk all over us.

      I purposely am assertive with males when I am forced to interact with them. And I know what you mean, as a small, “feminine” looking woman. Males expect me to giggle demurely and smile at them. The look on their face is hilarious when I look at them and say only WHAT? They are shocked that I don’t perform for them as they are entitled to, and a lot of that is because they mistakenly believe that I will be feminine.

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  6. I believe indecent exposure is the only type of non-contact sexual behavior that is legally classed as sexual assault, rather than sexual harassment. It’s too bizarre for words that a behavior that would (hopefully) get a man imprisoned for sexual assault, and registered as a sex offender, and as a child predator if there were any children present, suddenly becomes legal just because it’s five feet away in a different room, and women are supposed to just shut up and bear it.

    I haven’t used a changing room in years, and as much as it tears me apart to have how I move about in public restricted by patriarchy, I don’t think I can. I think it would be a significant traumatic experience to have to endure a man exposing himself to me. I also don’t trust that I wouldn’t automatically respond violently/defensively to incapacitate the threat. Especially if there were children present – I think I would switch entirely into instinctive protection. Then I’d be the one to be legally prosecuted, not him, in this twisted dystopian scenario.

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    1. Males weaponized their penis. Males chose that. With intent.

      So males don’t get to turn their body into a fucking weapon and then use their legal system to force us to look at it, face it and deal with it. They don’t get to use their systems to wield it at me.

      And I am telling you. The first dude that does this to me is going to fucking regret it. I mean, I am still going to try to avoid it by not using the bathroom in public places if possible and never using changing rooms again. But if I can’t avoid it, I will make him sorry.

      I am fucking saying no to dick. Males are going to disregard my no at their own risk. I am done cowering.

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      1. I deeply admire that.

        I have had to deal with relatively little of either male physical or sexual aggression compared to a lot of women, but I am so much more afraid of sexual threat than physical threat. Male aggression and threat of violence just brings up my ire. Usually it’s not directed at me but at somebody else, but I’m generally unafraid of inserting myself in confrontations if I think the person needs it, even if it feels like the man might turn violent. Actually especially if it feels like he might turn violent, because then the person desperately needs somebody to stand up for them. In my experience you have to fight fire with fire with aggressive men; if the person acts scared or submissive it’s like catnip to them. They only understand dominating somebody, or feeling themselves to be dominated. I think fury and barely-holding-it-together “let’s find out together what happens if you touch me” is actually more effective at defusing situations than trying to be rational or mollycoddling.

        But with sexual threat, I don’t always respond in ways I can predict, or in a way I would like to. It hits a deep atavistic sort of terror in me. Sometimes I respond defensively and deal with it like I would deal with other aggressive behavior, but sometimes I freeze up and get really polite and submissive until I can escape. I loathe that, and I usually pray I will respond to such a scenario in a way that lets me defend myself. But then the additional legal threat of the government in this hellscape of men siding with men in women’s spaces is a whole additional level of fear and threat to add to everything, and I have no idea how to handle that.

        Bathrooms are a whole problem. I’ve been avoiding public bathrooms, too, either holding it until I can get home or trying to find a place that has single-occupant bathrooms. I don’t know what I’m going to do when I find myself in a scenario where I can’t do either. In my view there are no women’s bathrooms anymore, except for single-occupant. Everything else is men’s bathrooms. I’d actually feel safer going in public, trying to find a tree or a bush to hide behind in back of a building or something, rather than trapped in a tiny, windowless, one-exit room where it’s illegal to film. But obviously going to the bathroom out-of-doors has its own legal risks.

        I hate everything about this whole situation. They’re catching women between violent, sexually predatory men and a patriarchal government. It’s like being trapped between the devil and the deep blue sea.

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      2. I am crazy. And probably stupid. I have privilege in that I don’t have children, or lots of family. If something happened to me, my husband would probably figure out how to make his own sandwiches and do his own laundry.

        I will always support other women putting their own safety first. But what you are saying about being obviously assertive, and even aggressive, can deter a male. Being docile and agreeable and smiling all of the time has been coded by males as femininity because it makes us easier prey. That’s it. That’s the entire reason.

        If a male intends to harm me, he is going to do whatever he has already decided to do. And if he shows me his dick, that is a real fucking threat. So then. I am going to do what I am going to do. And it is going to be unfeminine. And I will not be smiling.

        The thing about bathrooms is that, now that males have made it legal to invade there, they can go in there and place cameras and come back later. And we can’t question, even if we see them.

        But on the rare occasion that I have to use a bathroom, I approach a female employee and get them to go in with me, at least initially, just to make sure that there’s no male in there. They have always understood.

        Another privilege that I have is that I am in a red conservative state in the American south. They always support the woman when she is confronted by a male in the restroom, as it happens here pretty regularly. So I do have a few perks that other women don’t have.

        Everything about this is intentional. Males invading our spaces, taking our scholarships and spots on lists and sports teams, flashing their dicks at us legally, it’s all intentional. That’s why male government supports them.

        I will try to avoid. But if I can’t? Then I am not rolling over. Fuck that.

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  7. Well transwomen are missing the point if they assume that any woman is comfortable in the locker room. I have never been comfortable undressing or showering with other women, and I hate public restrooms because all the surfaces are smooth so everything echoes loudly and it’s fucking embarrassing. That alone deserves it’s own analysis – why do men engineer public bathrooms to be so loud in the first place?

    It would be nice if mainstream feminists and transactivists would do the bare minimum and acknowledge that regular plain old boring women have been told our entire lives that our bodies and bodily functions are something to be ashamed of, and that we’ve never been allowed to be proud and comfortable in our own flesh unless we conform to severely restrictive white supremacist beauty standards. They constantly say that transwomen don’t have male privilege, but what other kind of privilege is it where transwomen feel emboldened to be naked without fear or serious consequences? If that’s not male privilege, then what the fuck kind of privilege is it?

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    1. It is absolutely male privilege.

      This is what is so disturbing to me about this pervert going out of his way to walk around naked and to stay naked as long as possible, and then frame it as BRAVE AND STUNNING. At the very least, women wear a fucking bath towel around them. We don’t prance around naked, embracing our nakedness because it is some kind of sexual thrill, which is obviously what this XY is doing.

      I will never be able to embrace my body in a proper way. Not after decades of male society literally beating into me that my body is gross, nasty, dirty, too big, too small, too flat, too old, too saggy, smelly, etc.

      Honestly, that’s another level of garbage to all of this mess. He has a ridiculous amount of body acceptance because his body is fucking MALE. His body has always been accepted and celebrated. For him to act like he is just finding acceptance is just a straight up lie.

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  8. Not only can I no accept my body as unmarked my male criticism, but I also beat myself up for not being able to cause that makes me a bad feminist. Well, I was like this younger, I’ve managed to do away with precisely 94% 😉 of that. The more you relax about it – the more united with your body you become holistically. Ditching bras has been a marvelous step – I just use scarves/wraps to disguise boobs now.

    This stuff isn’t rampant in Aus yet, cause we’re 5-10 years behnd everything, but I’m sure it’s coming and I dread it. With us Islamic pressure is more acute.

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    1. SCARVES AND WRAPS!!!!!!!! That might work for me. I so badly want to ditch my bra. I am sure that you understand. I don’t like to talk specifically about my body, outside of admitting that I am small, because I do think that has a lot to do with the male attention that I can’t get rid of. But I am a 34DD. And that is another factor that is out of my control, but males are fucking obsessed.

      I am seriously afraid of what males might choose to do and blame me for if I got rid of the bra. But I really, really want to. There are some younger women that are not wearing bras, and they are taking some shit. If nothing else, I would like to back them up.

      This is one area that I am actually afraid. I don’t think that I can do it.


    2. Was so fixated on the bra thing, that I forgot to say……….

      You are not a bad feminist. We all carry emotional and intellectual burdens along with physical ones. Our lives bear weight in ways that non females could never understand. We are all doing our best.


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