An Update. A Wrap Up. And Nevada hates Women so Much, That They Vote for a Dead Pimp.

Good news, sisters! The Democrats took one of the houses of Congress! So now, they can continue to ignore women’s reproductive rights while insuring that trannies get their penis into wherever they choose. I don’t know about you, but I am super tired of being reminded of my second class status by mostly conservative males. Having some lefty males treating me like a non human will be a nice change of pace!

So you remember how that pimp in Nevada was running for office? Because prostituting women was totally legal for him to do, but it just wasn’t easy enough? Because TAXES, FREEDUMB, and ‘MURICA?

And then. He died. And I remember when he died, because I thought to myself “I am going to have a 3rd cupcake with my afternoon coffee in special celebration to commemorate the death of the pimp!” I even did a little dance, it was a DING DONG THE PIMP IS DEAD two step, twirly number because while I do not like males, I do love a dead pimp. And I don’t think it’s just me.

The people of Nevada have spoken. And Nevada had a perfectly nice woman running as a Democrat. Against a dead pimp.

And Nevada voted for the fucking dead pimp.

That’s right! Nevada said “hey! Women are stupid, males are always better, even if they are a pimp, and even if they are dead!” So now, according to Nevada law, the Republican party picks a replacement. I am betting it will be a live, old white male who has a pulse, but is so stupid, that he appears to be brain dead.

And now, this……….

Yes. From a 1958 McCall’s magazine, 129 ways to trap us a male! Males wrote the marriage contract, invented the whole thing to swap us as property and guarantee themselves a domestic and sexual servant. And then they reverse it and call it a tricky, tricky trap!

Poor males! Married males getting trapped into having a personal slave in the form of a wife. Male suffering is never ending.

The comments are interesting. Notice all of the males, pining away for the 50s, because that was the heyday of the white male. It was so much better when they didn’t have to pretend to be decent people!

And then, there is this……….

This guy has his ass handed to him by the internet. It is perfect evidence of how males attempt to trap us and force us into servitude. And then cry like whiney babies when we evade them.

I have enjoyed my internet break, and I am happy to report that my doggo, pepper, has made a full recovery! She and I both appreciate the well wishes.

I have a couple of posts in the hopper that I hope you all will enjoy and/or maybe want to discuss.

Nomorepapertowels has an excellent recent post up, as does Yinzadi, and ANTHROFEMINISM, be sure to check those out. If any of you want to talk about anything that you have seen on the web, or if you want to let us know about your own blog, then shout it out, sister. I will come to visit!


11 thoughts on “An Update. A Wrap Up. And Nevada hates Women so Much, That They Vote for a Dead Pimp.

  1. I wish I could say I can’t believe that “deadbeat mom” guy exists, but the sad part is I totally can. In reverse, I’ve seen so, so many men complaining about paying child support and saying men who pay child support are going above and beyond what they should have to do and are being exploited by women. Whereas this guy pressures a woman into suffering for months, permanently changing her body and brain, risking her life, health, and sanity, and evidently being subjected to serious pharmaceutical drugs, for something she didn’t want to do in the first place, and then on top of that expects money out of her, and gets it and more, and then is still somehow the victim. The level of entitlement is unfathomable. Forget child support – she should have charged him $40,000 if he wanted her to be a surrogate mother, plus $6,000 for the egg, and made him sign off on absolutely no financial support or involvement from her before she even considered agreeing to that pregnancy. But it sounds like he had some sort of psychological hold over her. That one commenter is totally right: coercing a woman into being pregnant when she doesn’t want to be is abuse, and given his entitled, po’ victim attitude I wouldn’t be surprised if he was doing it to control her.

    I got a chuckle out of the 76th way to catch a man: “Double-date with a gay, happily married couple – let him see what it’s like!”

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    1. The one about “turning a wolf into a good date by assuming he has honor”, or something similar is fucking frightening. It was in the 90s on the list, I think.

      And falling down while you enter a room? Are you trying to get him to believe that you are drunk? Or what?

      And “carry a hatbox”? I don’t even know what that fucking means.

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  2. Awww! I’m so glad you and pepper came through this okay. I was so worried because I know what it’s like to have pets and be poor. If anything drastic happens sometimes the only thing you can do is put them down. I’m so glad to hear this didn’t happen with pepper. ❤

    Yeah, the midterms are a big disappointment. It's good we got the House but it all went for fuck all with the Senate. Who the hell votes Republican anymore? That's a serious question. The Democrats, as flawed as they are, at least don't encourage Nazis to march in the street or foment a political atmosphere where mass shooters think it's okay to kill Jews. At least that. But geez – what is it going to take for Americans to stop voting with the same white dudes that only give tax breaks to the rich? We used to punch Nazis, now our elected President is calling them "very fine people." WTF America. W. T. F.

    Great post as always! Thank you for sharing pepper's adorable smile! 🙂

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    1. Yep. And now, we are included in the Nazi category for refusing to acknowledge males as female. And all “cis” women oppress males in dresses, including minority women.

      I am lucky with my vet, as I have been seeing her for almost 20 years, when she first arrived in my town. I always owe her money, but I pay every single month. And my dogs are really old, they just need an occasional antibiotic. I only take them for issues that can’t be ignored, and that isn’t too many things. With their age, I am always afraid of having to put them down.

      My beagle is older than Methuselah, and he has cancer. Any day could be his last, but he is still going. I have pain medicine for him but he doesn’t even need it every day.

      I hate that having the love of a pet has turned into a privilege that takes so much money. Everyone deserves to know how wonderful a bond with a dog (or cat, pig, etc.) is, if they want to. It’s one more thing that male society has ruined.

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      1. Well if that’s the case then they’re abusing the word Nazi the way Rush Limbaugh abused it when he called feminists “feminazis.” When I talk about Nazis, I mean actual Nazis. Torch wielding mobs of angry white men shouting “Jews will not replace us” and a mass shooter that thinks stuff like that was just “optics” and took it upon himself to murder elderly Jewish people in cold blood. The word Nazi means something and eleven million people died because of that word, including transgender people. I would hope that they, of all people, who promote the importance of pronouns and respect for self-affirmed labels would respect why some words carry gravity and real world dangers and should never be diluted.

        I guess that’s part of the reason why I don’t pay attention to most forms of political activism or social media in general because it all feels like a head game. Most people aren’t interested in using words as a way to clearly or effectively communicate. They use words as weapons to attack anyone they don’t like or who they feel is a threat to their narrative. Women especially are on the receiving end of some very vicious treatment from all sides. I guess that’s why I try to be fair in my own dialogue because it’s pretty much lacking everywhere else.

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      2. Andrea Dworkin talked a lot about how males own language, how they define every word, and the power that has. It becomes more and more apparent. Males took the word, woman. We defaulted to female, and they took that, too. We are now menstruators, front hole havers, “cis” women, and trannies are now women.

        I think that males are using this post modernism bullshit to obscure language even further. But the fact that we aren’t even permitted to keep the word that defines what we exist as, in material, factual, provable reality, as ADULT HUMAN FEMALE, shows just how little right we have, how we lack power completely.

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      3. Way more than 11 million died because of male Nazis. Women had the same role as German Shepherds – trained to bite by force and against their nature. USSR alone had 20+ million casualties. In fact, Ukraine had the highest loss of life per capita in WWII. And there’s more to it than deaths. My greatgrandma had a 5 kg baby that she needed a C-section for, but couldn’t get because of the damn war. So she was in labour for 5 days with no pain relief!!! It ruined her and the daughter’s hips for life. Had they died – they wouldn’t have been counted as war casualties, even though it would’ve been a direct outcome of the surgical facilities being diverted to treating soldiers.

        This sort of behind the scenes female horror never gets mentioned in war history (unless it’s really gruesome rapes which men love to hear about).

        Thing is – men ADMIRE nazism and all other warmongering dictatorships. Nazism had everything going for it from male perspective: the sadism and mass murder were exceptionally technologically creative; the theater was grand; the rituals loud and distinct; the women were firmly in the kitchen and the breeding pen.

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  3. Cute dog! But oddly, I literally just wrote about Dennis Hof and this woman who I had a discussion with who honestly believed those women like working for them. Vegas must be dripping in pimp propaganda.

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