White Males Celebrate Male Violence/Domination w/ Dinner from the free Labor of Domestic Slaves

This Thursday, my country will celebrate how white males loaded up their “property” (women and children) onto boats from England, eventually arriving on the continent to a generous and open welcome from the indigenous people.

The indigenous people taught them to farm and brought them gifts. As a Christian, white male show of gratitude, religiousy, freedomy, English dudebros proceeded to wage war on them, steal their land, murdering scores of them in the process.

And white males called the native people SAVAGES. #MANLOGICKS.

After all of the murdering and stealing, all the white males dragged their “property” (women and children) to church, and praised their murderous, male god for all of their blessings.

The country celebrates and commemorates all of that male violence and thievery with a huge, expensive dinner that males get to enjoy by sitting on their fat asses watching TV and drooling on themselves while their domestic slaves (wife and/or daughters) shop for, budget for, prepare, cook, serve, and clean up after.

My liberationist dream is that one day, women will say NO. And all of the women can bring their daughters and their moms and sisters to my house, where we will drink coffee and eat pie. And maybe have a nap.

Happy Fucking Thanksgiving. The most male of all of the holidays.


P.S. And Christopher Columbus, who is credited with finding the continent, even though there were already people here, was a typical example of male virtue. He committed genocide on the Arawak people, he wiped them completely out of existence. And he liked to rape women and girls, with a preference for 9 and 10 year olds.

12 thoughts on “White Males Celebrate Male Violence/Domination w/ Dinner from the free Labor of Domestic Slaves

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  2. I’ve never thought of Thanksgiving as an especially male holiday, but you’re so right! Actually, for a few years now I’ve had the good fortune to host a number of women who weren’t able to travel, didn’t have family, or couldn’t bear to spend the day with their relatives.This year one of my younger guests asked if she could bring her roommate, a lesbian woman, and I was looking forward to meeting her, but my young friend showed up with a “lesbian woman”–if you know what I mean. As they say these days, I can’t even.

    It was a truly discouraging week, what with Gallus Mag silenced at one end, Meghan Murphy banished by Twitter at the other, and a modern-day colonizer showing up at my Thanksgiving table–which I guess is historically appropriate in a dark sort of way. Worse, this morning I repeatedly got a “problem loading page” message when I tried to read Feminist Current, so I’m concerned the site has been shut down. It has its own domain name, which might mean website hosting companies have gotten in on the anti-feminist act, although I suppose the site could also be the target of some sort of DDOS attack launched by Yaniv’s pals.

    They are trying not only to silence us publicly, but to keep us from talking to each other, as men have always done in order to maintain control. The internet makes it harder to isolate women, so they’re shutting us down on-line. It reminds me of the backstory of “The Handmaid’s Tale,” in which all transactions were first made electronic and then women were locked out of access to bank accounts and other resources. The darkening of sites and the silencing of women feels like a kind of digital totalitarianism, the beginning of a dystopian story, and the current administration only adds to that feeling.

    We really do need a secure, on-line forum in which to talk to each other. Short of that, I’m showing up at your house next year with all the other women–I’ll bring apple pie! I hope you had a decent Thanksgiving day.

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    1. Hey, sister, if you are on Twitter, please find me. I am ManLogicksXX.

      You must tell me more about that dude showing up at your house. I am with you, I, too, can’t even. I know that you welcomed him with kindness, and I understand that, of course. I would have done the same. I am opposite, where everyone in my real life knows I am a big old nasty terf, I am anonymous online for other reasons.

      November is hard for me and mr. Jayne. His stepfather died on Thanksgiving day, just a few years ago, my little soulmate dog, annie, died on Nov 18, 2014. We had several other terrible incidents, all in Novembers past. I fucking hate November.

      There’s not been a lot of activity here, on wordpress, at least not with the sisters that I follow. I haven’t been here for a few weeks. After what happened to gallus and then Meghan, I have been sticking to Twitter.

      I feel…..dark, somehow. Like I am carrying a weight that I cannot get a break from. Oak and ash, why can’t we just say NO. When males act all confused and like they suddenly just don’t know what a woman is, but they refuse to hear us, why don’t we just tell them to shut the fuck up, sit the fuck down, and if they are so fucking confused, then they need to get out of the way, or else we will move them out of the way. Why are we playing this game of explaining? When no one is fucking confused, it’s all just a fucking act to revoke our rights?

      Some days, I am almost as mad at us as I am at idiot males. And if I allow that to idle inside my mind, that’s when I feel hopeless.

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      1. Wow. I guess I just accept that the human condition is hopeless and go on from there. Perhaps living such an isolated life as a disabled woman makes things better for me! I remember what you said about that guy accosting you when you went to pick up food, and I am so grateful I never experience that. I’ve actually had men run to open doors for me where I live, and I’m no cutie. The trees and the dogs and cats and all the animals out in the wild and the sky sustain me — I only find life and hope in nature, Mother Nature.


  3. There’re very venomous snakes here too! We’ve found one in our yard recently and now us + the neighbours are in active snake-catching mode (our + their dogs are on house arrest until it’s caught. Poor fur-babies don’t understand why!). We’re lucky not to live in Sydney, where the world’s most poisonous spider resides (funnel-web). It can kill you in 15 mins. The others here are only moderately nasty lol

    Those freaking chipmunks at that LA zoo….They were the only Lyme-carrying animals I was in contact with. Just to think that those buggers are responsible for my 11 years of misery (including cancer!) and likely months of intravenous drugs I’m facing. Even that won’t fix all of the damage the disease has done already.

    Your bloody prostate-havers. Plenty of cash for bucketloads of fancy weapons, but none for keeping their own citizens alive & healthy. Apparently Clinton got elected on promising socialised medicine…which he never delivered. And then Obama touted a socialised-sounding insurance plan…which turned pear-shaped as well.

    Our Drs ARE semi-socialised, but you see: they dunno what a Lyme bite looks like. So when I showed it to them way back then – they deemed it an innocent fibroid & stressed about beautifying it through cosmetic surgery lol. Crapola :-(…


  4. I already did once a decade ago and I’m now in the midst of paying for it: testing for Lyme disease as cause of my CFS. I got a characteristic Lyme insect bite around that time and Lyme is absent in Aus. I sincerely and deeply love Oz for their maniacal testing of all organic matter goods that cross our borders – this keeps so many nasty foreign diseases at bay. Wish they did that for ticks in human bodies too.

    If I do test positive for Lyme – that means it’s crossed over into the chronic stage, which means I’m likely just as screwed as I am with cancer-caused ME. It’ll also mean that those 2 weeks of eating fine US cookies came with a VERY mean price tag 🙂

    You’re welcome here too!

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    1. I am sorry to hear that.

      You need to be somewhere with decent, available healthcare, too. We have no healthcare system. At all.

      But. I have seen the Australian spiders on YouTube. I am sure that Australia is lovely, otherwise. But those spiders. Yikes.


    2. I hate to tell you this, but I had an Australian friend who had Lyme who had never left Australia. Lyme is now found all over the world (probably due to climate change). That said, there is excellent treatment for Lyme available which goes beyond the antibiotic therapy. I think if you do an internet search you should be able to find something. If you can’t, and you read this comment, I’ll come back with some references. I live in the state (Maine) with the highest rate of Lyme disease.


  5. Hun, just so you know: I’d happily fly over tomorrow to chill at your place! The downside is that it’s a wee bit of a trip for me from Roo land 😉 Only if I wasn’t so darn sick all the time 😦 But I’ll be there in spirit 🙂

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