Men Considering if Women being Forced into Prostitution is Bad. Men Are Not Sure. But They are Really Thinking About it. For realzies.

This is over at Feminist Current at the top of the latest What’s Current, this article about how the patriarchal government is pushing women into “survival sex”.

A large part of a properly functioning patriarchy is insuring an underclass of women and girls will be consistently available for male use, and poverty is just one of multiple forces the males utilize to do this. The article states:

A number of women told the work and pensions committee they turned to sex work because their benefits payments did not cover their basic needs.

The committee said the government had previously been “dismissive” of the issue but had now changed its position.

The government said it was taking the evidence “very seriously”.

(Bolding is mine).

Everyone relax! The UK government is taking it VERY. SERIOUSLY. The males are handling it, and they will be bringing the same “get er done” attitude that has served us so well! I mean, just look at how great the males are doing with the planet, the environment, stopping wars, ending male violence, etc.

From the article:

The committee has been investigating a potential link between universal credit and “survival sex” – when people, overwhelmingly but not exclusively women, turn to sex work to meet their basic needs, including food, shelter and clean clothes.

Again, bolding is mine because this is the part of the article where it is stated BUT MENZ TOO, THO and MENZ MUST BE INCLUDED, TOO, THO. Please do remember the fucking men because their shrieking will never stop until it is acknowledged that men choose to abuse each other sometimes, too, when a woman is unavailable.

More from the article:

However, after listening to the testimony of women, work and pensions minister Will Quince apologised for the department’s previous submission and said there was a need for better understanding of the issue.

See, men just need a better understanding of how they push women into prostitution with full intent. Male government did their best to ignore this issue, but women would not give up. Now, after Willy and his penis having pals have been made to listen to the woman that has to give blow jobs to the grocery manager in order to afford food for herself and her baby, and the mentally ill woman that has to “choose” to prostitute herself in order to survive, well, the men are going to work so hard to try to figure it out. The males will be working nights and weekends just to put on a false pretense of giving a shit.

The truth is that men having access to women and girls in order to rape them (sometimes for pay, sometimes not), its a central function of patriarchy. When we petition male government to help us, we are petitioning the very system that protects pornography as being harmless and legal, the same system that claims that “sex work” is good and wonderful. The conflict of interest here is obvious. Patriarchy views us as objects for male use, and prostitution is a part of that use.

What we are essentially doing when we petition men for assistance is playing into the male fiction of male “protection”. Males will never protect us from poverty, or abuse, or prostitution, or other men. Women being forced into poverty is not an accident, that poverty forcing some of us into prostitution to survive is not just some weird side effect of poverty, IT IS INTENTIONAL.

If you ever look at government and think that women can gain ground by participating in it, you are buying into the male lie that we can get male oppression to stop if only we participate just right, or vote just right, or beg the government just right. Males allow a few of us to participate in their government to give false legitimacy to the lie that their government is somehow equally representing women, and that we are just ineffective or inept when the truth is that patriarchy is functioning exactly the way that males intend for it to function. Does anyone really think that it is just a coincidence that the government always sides with males? Or that male bodies are never legislated? That porn is protected speech?

Look at the governments around the world, there are patriarchal governments that have plenty of female representation, yet, women are still the sex class, the servant caste, we are all still subject to male rule, domination, and abuse.

Patriarchy exists to do one thing, to advantage males at our expense, and we can participate in patriarchy, but it’s still a patriarchy. Participating in patriarchy will never make it something else.

So please, remember this. Whenever we fight amongst ourselves about which patriarchal politician we choose to vote for, whenever we blame each other for patriarchal government legislating our bodies, starving us of food, education, housing, healthcare and other basic necessities, whenever we blame each other for how patriarchal government uses women, we are playing into male hands. How we vote, if we vote, how many female politicians there are, these things are NOT the problem.

It’s MEN. Men are the problem.


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