The term, “woman” is evolving. Am I a doorknob? A piece of cheese? A cup? Only men know, because women are always evolving into different things!

A sledge and a crowbar has written an epic response to Denise Balkissoon at the Globe and Mail here, where Denise opens her article with this phrase….

Whatever the dictionary definition of “woman” might read, it’s always been an evolving, contentious term.

Really? Really, Denise?

When a male shouts at me that my ass gives him pants feelings, he knows I don’t have a dick. When males have groped me, followed me to my car, and demanded that I smile, they know I don’t have a dick. When women are paid less, when we are charged more, these things only happen on a systemic scale to those of us that are ADULT HUMAN FEMALE, AKA WOMAN.

What is so fucking confusing, “evolving” or “contentious” about being fucking female? And why do you drag women through the mud for knowing and acknowledging biological reality that entails XX chromosomes and a female reproductive system? I assure you that Meghan Murphy is not deciding who is male and who is female, the Goddess or nature did that.

Congratulations on assisting males in their continuing oppression of the sex class, the domestic class that is globally FEMALE. The women that are sitting in jail for miscarriage and/or abortion, the women who die in childbirth every day, the women that are forced to give birth because of lack of abortion services, the 50,000 women murdered yearly by men, and the rest of the female population that is subject to male violence, domination and rule, do not find the term “woman” to be “evolving” and “contentious”. We are not confused. And neither are the males who target us. Which is why men don’t accidentally rape other males. They don’t accidentally catcall, date, or grope other males.

We all know. You can keep trying to erase us, erase our experiences and oppression, and you can keep trying to protect men and assisting men in erasing the oppression and violence they subject us to. But denying reality does not change it.

Also, stop saying that women exclude other women for having menopause, or not having a menstrual cycle, or not giving birth. The only people that have menopause or hysterectomy are WOMEN. A male does not have those experiences. I chose not to have kids and not one single woman has ever discounted me from the female class of people. The only people that are concerned when they are not having a menstrual cycle when they should be are also only female.

Stop believing everything that men tell you. And please stop fighting for men to erase us completely. The approval that men are giving you for shitting on us will not be worth it in the long run.


8 thoughts on “The term, “woman” is evolving. Am I a doorknob? A piece of cheese? A cup? Only men know, because women are always evolving into different things!

    1. You should tweet it at the author, too, if you are feeling brave. Her Twitter handle is in her article, I think it was her last name, with the hashtag thing.

      Twitter just makes me hate everything. I don’t go there, anymore, or I would do it for you.

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