A Wrap Up. Men like watching people use toilets, golddigger kills his wife, and the XY jail system continues to enjoy humiliating women.

Southwest Airlines, after being notified by several employees that their male pilots had been watching people use the restroom by using an iPad, retaliated against the employees that notified superiors and the pilots never missed a single day of flying.

Male “justice” system continues to enjoy punishing women by denying them pads and tampons.

Male gets upset when his wife wants to know where he spent her money,* so he kills her. From the article:

“JoEllen Browning had a retirement and life insurance policy worth in excess of $2 million,” investigators wrote in their complaint. “In reviewing finances, records show that JoEllen Browning was financially stable and Roy Browning did not have a revenue source.”

Males continue their efforts to cover up male violence by claiming that this dudebro that doused a woman with gasoline before setting her on fire is not really a male. ***Throwing gasoline or acid and setting fire to women is perpetrated by 99.99999999999% males. I have never heard of a woman doing this to another woman or a male. Only men.***

This courageous woman saved a male and his dog from drowning.


*The golddigger trope is just male projection/reversal. Anything that women have, males feel entitled to take from us.

4 thoughts on “A Wrap Up. Men like watching people use toilets, golddigger kills his wife, and the XY jail system continues to enjoy humiliating women.

  1. you know,out of morbid curiosity;I took the plunge and watched 2 vids on the abortion conservative stance (to get a feel for what you ,my poor US sisters,have to deal with).I was led there after the Milano hoopla :she stated that she got 2 abortions in 1 year when she was super young and on BC *antibiotics messed it up.which she prob had to take for the peen-caused UTI*.And that she doesn’t regret it 1 bit.

    I made it through a few mins before my ears started wilting….The crux of the ‘argument’ is :”How dare she, the hussy!””She must be so regretful deep down!”; “Maybe she’d still have her career anyways if she went ahead and forced-birthed those beautiful behbees* (does anyone say “ugly children!; like :”I have 2 ugly children”LOL

    It’s all so bizarre to me cos abortion is like ,NEVER mentioned here despite it being accessible & common.it’s only ever mentioned in the cases where MORE access is unrolled.even our 1 Catholic PM didn’t step in it .

    I reckon that the wolves came out for her cos she’s so direct &Un-PC about it.No hand-wringing, and open declaration that she did them FOR HER. that a woman’s life goals matter above the fetuses.she’s dead on the career thing: I cant imagine her getting on Charmed with two screaming 4- 3 y.o.s

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