Chinese XY government sanctioning rape. Males are terrorists.

I really wanted to talk about this genius because ERMAHGERD how can I NOT talk about him? And that particular article had a link to this woman that I absolutely should not envy.

But let’s all give a big thank you to the male media site, business insider, who had this article that is just a bunch of male speak for the normalization of rape.

To summarize, China is imprisoning Uighur Muslim males in “re education camps” and sending government males to their homes, where the government males are raping the wives of prisoners.

Of course, that is not what the males say. They say this………..

Chinese men assigned to monitor the homes of Uighur women whose husbands were sent to prison camps frequently sleep in the same beds as them, Radio Free Asia reported last week.

No rape going on here! Just a government male (representing the government that is imprisoning her husband) showing up at a married Muslim woman’s house and sleeping in her bed with her! Nothing to see here!

Since 2017, China has run a “Pair Up and Become Family” program in the region, in which Communist Party officials who are Han Chinese — the ethnic group that makes up most of China’s population — stay in Uighur homes.

See, communist party “officials” are such helpy helpers! “Pair up and become family” is manspeak for “going to put some males in prison and then rape their wife”.

The program is to “promote ethnic unity,” officials say, but it also lets the government keep a close eye on the Uighurs.

Males, “promoting ethnic unity” by imprisoning males and raping the women. This is the most male “logic” ever.

Those officials, who are mostly men, typically stay for up to six days at each Uighur household, many of which have male family members in detention, RFA described an anonymous Communist Party official in Kashgar as saying.

(Bolding mine) I love how we are being informed that these “officials” are mostly men. As if we didn’t already know.

They help [the families] with their ideology, bringing new ideas,” he told RFA. “They talk to them about life, during which time they develop feelings for one another.”

(Bolding mine) More manspeak, “developing feelings for one another” is mancode for “it’s not rape because feelings”.

He added that “normally one or two people sleep in one bed, and if the weather is cold, three people sleep together,” and that “it is now considered normal for females to sleep on the same platform with their paired male ‘relatives.'”

(Bolding mine) More male speak, making excuses for how these males are raping women and normalizing it, excusing it, by describing it with all of these manipulative, false descriptions about how these men are “helping” and “developing feelings” in a pathetic attempt to justify their love and practice of RAPE.

RFA said a local neighborhood official in Yengisar County, where Kashgar is, confirmed the sleeping arrangements but insisted that “relatives” and their female hosts always keep a distance of three feet between them at night.

Both officials cited in RFA’s article claimed that male Communist Party officials had never tried to take advantage of the women. The official in Kashgar told RFA that the Uighur families were “very keen” to welcome the Han Chinese men into their homes.

(Bolding mine) Males claiming, yet again, that she “wanted it”. And that a male will not travel 3 whole feet to rape a woman. Do they think that we have never met a fucking male?

The article goes on to speak to a woman that escaped from one of these camps, and she mentions a gang rape in the camp, which is the only direct mention of rape in an article full of rape. It’s odd that they would speak to a female prisoner, since the entirety of the article is about how the government is sending males to rape the wives of male prisoners.

When (or if) these Muslim males return home, guess who they will blame for the wife’s rape? Guess who the males will punish?

China is one of the countries that has almost no women left after decades of aborting female fetuses and murdering female babies because males hate female people. India’s males have created the same mostly penis society, but while India males are not worried about the shortage of women created by male genocide and rape animals, babies and goddess knows what else, China has started trafficking women and girls from poorer countries to provide males with the female set of fuckholes that they are entitled to own. And now, Chinese males have resourcefully found a way to access women to rape right there, in their own country.

Once again, women are targeted by males with government sanctioned rape.

Once again. Men are the fucking problem.


7 thoughts on “Chinese XY government sanctioning rape. Males are terrorists.

  1. In every war, males make absolutely sure, that women suffer more and most and pay the highest price. As everywhere, they will try to make the poor women pregnant with their sperm, so that she can remember the rape all her life, but of course is forced to “love” that child, as that is what women (mothers) are supposed to do. Male perversion at it’s highest.

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    1. That whole “unconditional love” idea is so detrimental to women.

      Males learn that they are entitled to “unconditional love” from their mother, because we are brainwashed into believing that their are some people in our circle that deserve love and service from us, no matter how they treat us, or if they love us back.

      Instead of appreciating that forced devotion, males see the slavery and conclude that we are their slaves, that we exist to serve them, and that exploitation of women is natural.

      Women see slavery, we work to stop it. Males love slavery, and practice it on the daily.

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  2. Yep. Perfectly good women going to waste…their husbands are in jail, so no one is there to take advantage of and use these women’s bodies! Thanks for remedying that situation, guys.
    I love how the authoe of the article notes the “uphemistically called ‘re-education centers'”, failing to recognize his own euphemisms for government-sanctioned rape. Shameful irony.

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    1. It’s more objectification of women in the war males wage on each other.

      The males in the top of the heirarchy are fucking with the males below them by imprisoning them and making use of their stuff. They are in their house, eating their food, sleeping in their bed, fucking their women, watching their tv, sitting in their chairs. All of these items are just objects for male use.

      I am beginning to think that objectification is more male reversal, that males know that they are not human, but project it onto us in hopes that we don’t notice.

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  3. I have read several male posts about this on WordPress, and not a single one of those idiots see the very obvious rape all over this article. The males are calling it “government surveillance”.

    In a couple of decades, when these women come forward, males will claim that they never raped them. Like comfort women.

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    1. I wish that I could help them. But we can’t even write letters or call politicians, because there’s no rape actually happening, because males are denying it.

      On top of males denying, the article states that the women are not allowed to speak to anyone except for their rapists, so there’s no one for them to tell.

      This was on my home page today. I try really hard to not despair. I can’t imagine what these women are living.

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