School Silently Installs Gender Neutral Toilets. boys record Girls using toilets and post to internet.

I mean, who could have seen this coming? That when you allow penised people, whom are referred to by sane people as MALE, into public restrooms with girls, they will run in there as fast as they can and terrorize the girls?

A spokesperson that was asked about this, gave a big, long, male sounding screed of WE ARE CROWDED, AND WE HAVE WAITING LIST, AND EVERYONE WANTS TO COME HERE, AND SOMETIMES, WATER IS WET, BURRITOS CAN BE GOOD, RABBLE RABBLE PFFT, AND…………….this translates to……

NO ONE CARES ABOUT GIRLS, BOYS SHOULD HAVE WHAT THEY WANT, AND BOYS WANT TO ABUSE AND INTRUDE ON GIRLS. The needs of students matter, and the only real, true students are boys.

Also, curiously, it’s MUMS that are ticked off. MUMS. Not a single mention of a dad. Also, ALL of the shocking.

Meanwhile. Boys have posted videos of girls using the toilets. On the internet.

Good job, male government. As usual.


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