We Do Not Need male Permission or Approval. For Anything.

I am in a conversation over here about reproductive Rights in the states. And we can see that we have a knuckle dragging, mouth breather in the comments, on a feminist website, with his dick in one hand and his phone in the other, dicksplaining about roe v. Wade.

If there is just one thing that I could telegraph to women everywhere, it would be this……………

WE DO NOT NEED MALE PERMISSION FOR SHIT. Seriously. Women have handled our own reproduction since the beginning of time. It is not the concern of males. Males have made abortion into this ERMAHGERD MAJOR BADZ SURGERY THAT CAUSES CANCER AND LADY CRAZY. No. Don’t buy into male bullshit that they know nothing about.

WHEN MALES LEGISLATE ABORTION ON THEIR TIME TABLE, IN THEIR LIMITED TIME FRAMES, WITH MALE RESTRICTIONS ON IT, THIS IS NOT A WIN. Why do we immediately begin to lick male boots in gratitude when males decide that we are permitted to get abortion in only the first few weeks of pregnancy, and if our reproductive need meets the male checklist to insure that we are worthy of making a decision, only as they permit it? This is not bodily autonomy. This is not freedom. This is just more male dominance.

IT’S A MISTAKE TO INCLUDE MALES IN A DISCUSSION THAT THEY ARE TOO MENTALLY LIMITED TO UNDERSTAND. Males know fuck all about our bodies, how they work, what they do. Additionally, males get irrational and unreasonable over DEAD BABYZ, THO because they lack the basic intellect required to understand science and basic biology. Just have a look at what powerful males say about us. And yet, they make decisions for us, out of arrogant ignorance that can kill us.

IT’S TIME TO STOP BEGGING MALES FOR PERMISSION, AND TAKE POWER OVER OUR LIVES BACK. We do this by handling our own reproduction. Or by refusing PIV. Just because males insist on using force of male law to insert themselves into our private business does not mean that we have to include them in anything. Males are ruled by feelings. Even when those feelings kill us.

Males are the cause of 100% of unwanted pregnancy, but they pay exactly 0% of the consequences. Males get exactly 0% say in our bodies, and we absolutely can teach them that, pretty quickly.

Unpopular opinion, probably, but males are just stupid. Males think that penis can be female, that women only exist as a costume for them to wear on occasion. Males literally cannot tell who is male and who is female, so they obviously don’t understand how dimorphic sexual reproduction works.

Ignore them. Stop begging their government to give us rights. It’s been 5000 years of patriarchy, males are never going to give up ownership and control of our bodies. Exercise your bodily autonomy on your own terms. Males can’t control it. And they know it.


8 thoughts on “We Do Not Need male Permission or Approval. For Anything.

  1. Hi Jayne, I just rediscovered your blog after frying my laptop a while back…

    I’ve taken a break from FC (even deleted my disqus account associated with it after about 6 years) largely because it was looking like a re-run of when Trump got in last time where every woman in the running was analysed to death while the males got a free pass. It’s looking horribly like the divide and conquer that took place last time that let Trump romp in with many of the same who were hypercritical then now going after Elizabeth Warren. Yeah, in a perfect world, she wouldn’t be my first choice but I would take her over Biden or Sanders any day.

    Thanks for all your posts. Just catching up


  2. Oh,they know PLENTY”}¥
    It’s their only reason for existing

    Problem is: they don’t know anything bout our bodies save for: Dick produces Baby when inserted

    Case in point: Endometriosis Isn’t actually endo cells growing on wrong places. It’s more likely that women have womb fragments around whole body.
    The problem is the Immune attacking them when the body is autoimmune

    It’s so strange that USA is going the opp. Way on abortion to rest of world. Even Ireland + Argentina are contemplating making it legal. Ireland decriminalised. Everywhere else campaigning is only ever Pro. I come from a place, where it’s sacrament on par with alcohol

    I wonder whether it’s a giant distraction tactic. It’s obvious that USA is going through own USSR-style collapse,but in slow motion..

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  3. I love your writing. Whenever I read an article from you, I wake up again, out of patriarchal hypnosis and slumber. Thank you. Why don’t you write a book? Could be strong medicine for women. And strong medicine they need. We all need.

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      1. I am glad to see you! And you can come see me when I take a break from FC.

        Which will likely be soon. I really am put off when women infight about patriarchal politics, and especially the way that everyone talks about the female politicians.

        I don’t like any patriarchal politician, male or female. I especially dislike the clintons, but that doesn’t mean that I am ok with attacking her with sexism and misogynistic slurs.

        And I really don’t appreciate the way that women are talking about Elizabeth Warren. I can’t stand her, but it isn’t because she is *(insert misogynistic, sexist slur here)*.


    1. You are very kind.

      I would write a book, only if I could give it away, and then give it to only women.

      I mean, I know some males would end up with it. But they crycry over EXCLUSIVE EXCLUSION, and I happen to be petty about manfeelz, because tantruming males are hilarious when they can’t find you.

      I get a lot of views, though, and I get more readers all of the time. Sometimes, I think that there are not very many of us, but then, I notice more of us every day. Honestly, you and I and everyone knows that we can’t change anything. But it is comforting to see reality, and have other women see the very same thing.

      That’s what I want, and I get a lot of it. A lot of comfort and commiserating. I get it here, and it’s free! For everyone!


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