Sex Dolls are Clean. They are so CLEAN. Males are the king of cleaning sperm from dolls, the CLEANIEST. Swearsies. Not nasty. At all.

Our good friend and ally, the Arbourist, wrote about this sex doll article a few days ago. Rather than have a big old Radical Rage all over his comment section, I decided to bring it here.

So the first thing in this post is the cleaning. These dolls are really, really, really, really, really C.L.E.A.N. How do we know that they are clean? The same way that we know anything at all! Because a male says so!

“The first thing we do is we bring the doll back here and begin our cleaning procedure immediately,” says one of the new service’s co-owners, whom CBC News has agreed not to identify because he feared repercussions at his other job, but who we’ll call Steve.

“Stevie” is happy to profit from his legal business. But too cowardly to publicly own up to it.

See, “Steve” hangs his doll on a hook and takes off its head, before going at it with a bottle brush and a big bottle of Spermz B Gone. And then blacklights, and rays of the sun, along with blessings from a priest and a super secret male ritual that involves a special dance and man chanting.

Clients can rent one of 14 dolls — 13 women and one man at last count — at a cost of $189 for two hours or $289 per night.

By “clients”, stevie means MALES. He does make a flaccid, sad little attempt at claiming that women also spend hundreds of dollars on one male-ish doll later, though. But we all know that women are not nearly as stupid and desperate as males are.

Then we hear about the dolls, how they are each special, and they each have a story. Like this one………..

Ariana, for example, is a 26-year-old bikini model from Venezuela, while Bella “comes from an Icelandic clan of mushroom forest elves where women are forbidden from refusing sex to their lovers.”

Isn’t Ariana lucky? That she ended up in Canada? Where she also cannot refuse sex to nasty males?

Then stevie talks about how the doll is to be treated, after it is delivered to skanky male’s house, and either left on his doorstep, in a box, or posed in his living room or wherever……..

“Other certain regulations are how you have to handle the doll, so you can’t treat them any differently than a regular person really, because they are fragile, they do have skin and the skin can tear, just like getting a scrape from tripping on the sidewalk.”

I mean, males do this, so routinely that statistics are now being kept.* Males kill women during sex so often, that Google returns so many hits, that it is truly unfathomable.

So of course, males are going to treat their rent a holes with the utmost of dignity and respect. (This link lets you view 1 of 5 free articles per month, FYI).

Also, males are required to use a condom! And males are known for wearing a condom, when asked, amirite?????

Stevie then tells us about who rents these dolls……..

They range from 21 to 65, he says, and include men and women. He also highlights the power of the dolls to help those recovering from injuries, or with disabilities or struggling with mental health.

“Men and women” rent these? And the implication is that this is equal, or near to it.

But there is only one male doll. And Stevie says that it isn’t “nearly as busy” as the others.

So are women renting female dolls? And are women required to wear condoms, too? And how does a woman wear the condom? Or is the male doll required to wear a condom? Does his doll dick detach for easy cleaning?

The implication is that very few bodily fluids come into contact with the rent a fuckholes. But does he not understand female anatomy? Or are female bodily fluids ok to get all over the doll?

I mean, since WOMEN TOO.

Anyone want to place a bet that the “women” that have a corpse like set of fuckholes delivered to their house has “girldick”?

I don’t know a single woman that has a spare $200, and if she did, renting a doll to fuck would not make it anywhere on her list. Stevie hasn’t talked to any women, apparently.

He also says his business doesn’t exploit anyone, while still providing a sexual service.

“These are a much safer and legal alternative [to prostitution],” he said.

“They don’t have any feelings, they can’t be abused. They aren’t real. So there is no objectification.”

Is Stevie implying that prostitution is unsafe? And exploitation? Because all I ever hear males say is that males that pay by the hour to rape women are just kind, lonely dudes looking for a human connection, or some other pathetic male mythology.

This is males feeding off of other males, profiting from prolific, wide spread, male desperation from their inability to treat women as human beings. And like everything that males do, it is problematic for society, as a whole, but especially for women.


*I was going to link to the statistics site, but I couldn’t do that search any longer.

10 thoughts on “Sex Dolls are Clean. They are so CLEAN. Males are the king of cleaning sperm from dolls, the CLEANIEST. Swearsies. Not nasty. At all.

  1. Hey I love your blog and honesty, seriously even radical feminists think that men are socialized to be bad but I think that their brain is just fucked-up at birth and testosterone is a posion. Men are so disgusting creatures it is unbelievable, I don’t get why women want to be with these creeps. I mean what percentage of men are normal not porn-sick aggresive sociopaths? 10% at most ?


    1. Is it nature? Or nurture? Is there some deficiency in the Y chromosome? Did their dad not hug them enough? Or was their mom drinking during pregnancy?

      It doesn’t matter. It doesn’t matter if males are broken because of any of that.

      The bottom line for me is that I don’t care why males are the way that they choose to be, because it IS a choice. I choose to work everyday, even when I don’t want to. I choose to eat things other than ice cream every day, even though it’s in my nature to eat only ice cream. And sometimes cake.

      Why do women spend so much time discussing male dysfunction? We have spent countless hours, talking about why males are the way that they are, and that’s because we want to understand them, and then we can maybe help them.

      I don’t want to help them. I don’t want to understand them. I want to stop them. And I don’t have to understand them to do that.

      And I don’t spend all that much time trying to stop them, because really, I can’t stop them. I spend most of my time encouraging women to avoid them, disobey them, ignore them, relegate them to the background, as much as possible.

      I have very little interest in males, they are dreadfully boring. But I spend a lot of time talking about their behavior and their gaping deficiencies to women, so that, at the very least, we can all see very clearly how much they hate us, and how dangerous they are, and how pathetically dependent they are on us, and how their self hatred poisons everything.

      We can’t protect ourselves from what we can’t see.

      I don’t know how many males are “normal”. But I do know that the rapes, the murders, the destruction, is not just a few random dudes, as males like to say. And I also know that even if 99.999999% of them are pretty ok, that even so, any male can “snap”, after a lifetime of seemingly being safe and not violent. And their systems will protect them.

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  2. If males would stick their diseased dicks into these dripping plague vectors and then never ever speak to a woman again or touch one either irl or online for any reason I’d start a gofundme to buy one for any syphilitic cock rotted cretin who wanted one.

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    1. These fuckholes are not clean. Males half ass everything, but I am supposed to believe that males are getting these things clean? When I am not sure that is possible, with the material that it’s made from?

      I am also concerned that, at some point, these males will hire women at a poverty wage to attempt to clean all of this sperm. No woman should be subjected to that, and especially not at minimum wages.


      1. You’re right they’ll definitely find a way to pass their plague pit rape mannequins problems on to women. Meanwhile they’ll practice raping and beating women wirh the rape mannequins and fuck up their ability to act like humans even further.

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  3. Don’t think so bad of men. They rent a doll for companionship, to talk to, to have someone to listen to them. Or when they have injuries, or when they are disabled, or when they struggling with mental health. LOL

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  4. A new disease vector – Happy days!!

    I’d love to hope no women were harmed in this bullshit but unfortunately they probably will be.

    Otherwise, Darwin awards new candidates

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  5. Whenever some perv makes a claim that women are totally in to whatever pervy thing, I remember that men are women now, and the statistical unlikelihood that an actual woman would spend her money and free time screwing a rent-a-fuck-doll, tells me at least a few of his clients are you-know-whats.

    Dan Harmon, beloved angry nerd Dan Harmon, admitted to owning and fucking a sex doll. It’s almost like angry misogynists and sex dolls go together, or something…

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    1. That asshole looks like he has never seen a bar of fucking soap.

      I didn’t mention it directly, but all of this OMG SO CLEANY CLEAN bullshit is a reminder that female bodies are dirty and nasty, as males love to claim.

      Yet, they spend their lives trying to own and control the very people that they hate.

      Males have issues.

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