To Virginia: No, thanks, bros.

Ok, sisters, are we all ready to lick some male boots in endless gratitude? BecauseVirginia males threw us a crumb! I mean, sure, this male virtue signal does absolutely nothing for us, but we are still expected to line up and worship at the government dick that so generously say that they recognize us as human, but DARN IT, male government just can’t really do anything about it, not in a legal sense, not in any way that improves the lives of women, but GOLLY GEE, those males sure did try! And they will be expecting their equality trophies and “of course I love women, I fucked one once” cookies!

To anyone that expects that any woman should beg males for a seat at their ignorant, planet destroying, war mongering, misogynistic, sexist table of dick circle jerking, I say FUCK YOU.

See, we did this already, in the 70s. Women did all of the work of marching, explaining and endlessly asking, and when we turned our back on you to leave your worthless asses, then you begged and pleaded with us to please please PLEASE STAY, that you were trying so very hard to recognize us as human, but that we couldn’t expect you to change overnight, you just weren’t ready for ALL of that change, and that you would give us our humanity in bits and pieces, over time, and surely, you told us that we should try to be more understanding and patient with you poor, stupid males, that if we just waited, that we would see that your intentions were good, and that you would throw us a few bones, mainly Roe v. Wade, and we decided to put our faith in your non existent “good intentions”.

Males could have cleared all abortion law from the books, since human bodies are not to be legislated, certainly, male bodies are not legislated for any reason. And less than a year later, males passed this, the Hyde amendment, which leaves your dumb ass male boot in the door of female humanity and autonomy, not to allow women bodily autonomy, but too insure male control and ownership over our bodies.

So, fuck you.

And we see male manipulating bullshit. Every time we get too loud, and you begin shitting yourselves in collective male fear of losing your domestic fuckslaves, you throw us a bone to shut us up. Like when we have momentum like this, then we get a bone like this tossed at us, in a male attempt to distract, as if things are changing, if only we work harder, and talk louder, as if women can change the hatred, envy, jealousy and rage that males choose to throw at us by participating in male government, by asking males to stop raping us, stop denigrating us, stop enslaving us.

The chosen behavior of males, and their use of their government to protect their chosen violence and disregard for us, cannot be changed by ANYTHING THAT WOMEN DO OR DON’T DO.

It’s been 5000 years of patriarchal rule. That is abysmal progress, even for idiot males. I mean, this is the class of people that are unable to practice basic life skills and are unable to tell who is female.

I have had enough. Males can fuck off.

We don’t need males for anything. At all.

The only reason that males exist is because a woman generously and selflessly shared her body with him for 9 months, and cared for him until he was old enough to trap another woman into an intimate relationship with him, to take over mommy duties.

We should stop giving life to males by giving birth to them until the ones already here learn some fucking respect for the humans that gave them their pathetic lives, which are all WOMEN.

Also. Males can go fuck themselves.


20 thoughts on “To Virginia: No, thanks, bros.

  1. Sorry to go all pedantically anal retentive on this one but it’s more important than is being put in the media and I have had a whole bottle of wine at this point so am not pedantic or anally retentive enough right now.

    The background to the ERA (in laymen’s terms) was it was proposed as an amendment to the US constitution back around 1919, 1920 accepting women as equal citizens to men. It needed 38 US states to ratify it.

    In 2020, finally, about a 100 years later ,the 38th state finally ratified it (ie Virginia). Unfortunately, in the meantime a few States put up legislation repealing the original ratification (about 7 I think) however there was no constitutional basis for them to do so it didn’t count.

    Of course the menz were extremely unhappy about the fact that 100 years after a proposed amendment to the constitution was punted up, it finally got through so they looked for a loophole to ensure there would be no constitutional amendment that made women equal.

    They are now saying that the time for this amendment to get through expired about 10 or 15 years ago. There is nothing in the constitution that backs this of course, however we are in a time an place right now where after about 100 years, an amendment that was proposed that would constitutionally enshrine women as equals to men is being spiked, yet again. I get where you are coming from above, all of you.

    But this one is as serious as it gets as far as our laws go. We are still fucked. You can buy semi automatics under the 2nd amendment but women still aren’t constitutionally equal.

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  2. It slays me to hear you sound hopeless, Jayney:-(=You’re the most upbeat of them all

    Seeing as i don’t believe that there was Ever a time we were free, I wonder this:

    Why on Earth do we continue to exist in this superior form>?Why didn’t we devolve down to a soul-less, talent-less Y-level?…Why do we keep being born with all this super-femaleness,,,when it has no outlet??!! I mean” LOOk @ how frail we’re with AI today&yet…still there in spirit

    It’s truly like a hell dimension we’re trapped in & reborn till we ascend to some higher plane. In fact, wanna bet that this was a concept through up by a female, which holy Buddhist Xys poached..?

    People say that auties’re from some other planet metaphorically but i’m feeling like this more& more& have since childhood.
    Like i witness glimpses of something ELSE that’s supposed to be here,but we’re trapped down below in the mud as perfection is unstable. But u can still see the blueprint of symmetry in our body shapes, a snowflake, water drop. And yet – because these things’re organic, they’re never QUITE right – they never achieve perfect symmetry. A human hand cannot draw a perfect circle ,but we admire symmetry as a sign of facial beauty

    Perfectionists ‘re people ,who’re frustrated by this impossibility.& they’re told they have a mental illness. Being a perfectionist creates anxiety,but why on earth do so many people have this drive ?

    What if our world is somebody else’s Upside Down? i can see where a Fallen World from Garden of eden’d originate. Maybe it’s a version of the Big Bang///

    NO, I’m not on anything -just in a weird, pining mood of yonder:_(

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    1. Kayuga, I feel exactly like you do. That this place is BAD, but there are other, better dimensions/realities/etc. I can’t make sense of this feeling and am even worse at explaining it, but I just wanted to thank you for your comment, which was so well articulated.


  3. Shockingly,NZ law hasnt changed since !~Any NZer wishing to abort – ‘d need to hop over to Aus. ..and they call NZ progressive & us conservative!! Huh?

    _________Why don’t all the menz concerned for dead behbeez _line up over there ,ready to snip the plums off, eh? Nobody but fringe rads ever addresses the root cause .Everyone else acts like D in V is like air & water to humankind. I’ve never done it & no limbs ‘ve fallen off me somehow!..ain’t that strange~>??//

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      1. I think they should have their precious peens rendered to a size where they cannot rape, as well as sterilization (enough jizz in sperm banks already to continue this overpopulated hell-hole) AND have their hormones altered should they become too aggressive during puberty.
        Pronging and the consequence of impregnation have not been controlled by social means–quite the opposite, in fact. It’s time for a biological solution to the ongoing problem of 50 percent of the population living in fear and acquiescing to dehumanizing acts in the hope of protection from forced submission to even more frequent and/or brutal dehumanizing acts.
        Women are only seen as sexualized punching bags for the peen’s pleasure. Cutting the peen down to clitoral size and decreasing the testosterone of the still-asshole dudes will change the whole culture. Without sexxxayfuntorturetimes dominating every movie, song, video game, news story, ad,etc, women will unquestionably stop trying to play the stupid funfem game (or the alternative, the right wing preg4eva game), and men have one last chance to see women as fellow humans, without their rapegun gleefully hijacking any shreds of empathy or morality.
        That’s my optimism–downsize the peen, and men might be salvageable. The few good men I’ve met have one thing in common–the belief that fucking is unnecessary, overrated, and unfair for women, a low “sex” drive, and a distaste for violence and penis stand-ins like big ‘splosions/grand theft dickbrain/wargasm the sequel/pornstitution etc etc, yet are also not bitchy misogynist appearance-obsessed superficial dick-worshiping faggots either.
        Til the day that all humans have the same size erectile tissue, a size that cannot be used to impale another’s ano-genitalia, females will be fucked, literally and figuratively.

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  4. I agree. Things would change really rapidly, if only more than say 20 % of all women would just think, do and behave consequently like you and me. Getting out of dudes way, not listening to dudes stupid brabble and empty promises and just live a good life without them. But unfortunately most women don’t seem able to give up their hope to be “loooooved” by a dude one day. They just never learn about dudes and reality. Not even after 5 divorces and 6 children without a father, being violated, poor and with no money. NO! They still hope, that ONE day…….

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    1. It would be very easy to put them in their place.

      That’s what’s so maddening. It wouldn’t take very many of us, either.

      And it wouldn’t take very long.



      1. that love is built of the bonding experiences Women now have a little bit of space to create with men. Which isn’t something you can do when you spend your whole life on the ground being kicked&wondering whether your beloved’s dood-goo ‘ll murder you @ birth no.2 or 15

        US being lifted up just that wee bit –created the modern phenomenon of Hetero-Relationships. That + the 14th century,when Euro-males got bored of straight up rape+indenture …&decided to pretty it up, bird-style! Hence the invention of ROmance\Courtly Love

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    2. I know. I’m afraid that attaching themselves to men is the only way most women have a sense of identity. We know it isn’t for sex. Men are terrible sex partners unless they are with another man of course 😉

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      1. I think that it is also survival. And trying to enjoy a little bit of your own existence.

        My female friends know that I don’t engage in PIV, and more than one of them has asked me how I did that. In my mind, I didn’t understand the big mystery, at first, I just stopped. I mean, I told my husband, and I was prepared for him to leave, and he chose to stay.

        Mostly, they would tell me some version of “my husband would never allow that”, which, in and of itself should enrage women everywhere. But what they meant is that their husband would leave them (and their kids) without financial means, or that their husbands or boyfriends would rape them.

        I imagine that if women refused PIV in large numbers, males would start murdering us, even more than they do now. And they would start even more rape, openly.

        So males have created a system where we really can’t escape them. They hold almost all resources and they hold all social and societal power. We also know that we will never be freed.

        Knowing that, when we ask women to detach from males, we are asking them to give up access to resources needed for survival and risk bodily injury or death. We only get one life, and I can see why women would choose to stay a servant while being able to steal a few moments of joy, here and there, rather than fight a losing cause, and have only misery.


    1. See, I GET the monogamous prostitution aspect of it. What enrages me is:

      the Left Wing Woman response of being ‘totes into males’ for the sake of it! What the hell compeled my mater into the 28 extra coupling partners, when she only got resources out of 2 of them & doesn’t need anymore. Why is she STill @ it?? I can only think of violence protection. It’s scary to be in a single-female home,but it seems scarier having an entitled dood around

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