Why I no longer support the Nordic model.

Terri Strange and Bev Jo talked about being against the Nordic model at this video link, if my memory serves me correctly. The short argument, as I understand it, is that the Nordic model is not a feminist solution to the rape of women and girls that males have named “sex work”, because it is reform. And we are not interested in reform, we are interested in liberating women and girls that are enslaved in prostitution. And that solution can only be ABOLITION.

In the past few days, I have embraced this viewpoint, entirely. We have the murder of Marylene Levesque, when she was prostituted to an XY on parole because his “sexual needs” must be met. And there must be a woman available to do that for him, and even though he was blatantly unsafe, the male murdered her because OMG SEX WORK IS STIGMATIZED BY PRUDEY PRUDES, and males murder because prudes shame their boner, or whatever pathetic XY “logic” that males can use to push their choice to murder us onto us, in that age old, male excuse of “she had it coming/she asked for it/my violence is because women exist”.

Then, we had the story aboutIrish women that want to exit prostitution, but are unable to because they need money to survive, and while males are all “you can leave, ladies”, they are not providing any way for these women to survive.

WE CANNOT ASK THE RAPISTS TO STOP THE RAPING. That is the flaw in the Nordic model. It relies on patriarchal systems, which exist to protect the wants of males, to free us from rape. Males use their systems, all of them, to protect their rights, and their right to rape women and girls is one of the rights that males cherish the most.

Male systems are not only not interested in stopping rape, they actively put male rapists into female prisons just to enable the criminal males a pool of female rape victims that are unable to escape, and they are called bigots for trying.

The proof that males love rape and will use every available means to keep on raping women and girls is legion, every woman here knows it. Understanding that we live under male rule, and that patriarchy functions to only one purpose, and that purpose is to advantage males off of our forced servitude to them, it becomes painfully clear that we are asking male systems to protect us from male violence when those very systems enable male violence, and keep it going.

Asking male systems to stop male raping of women and girls is the opposite of what male systems were created to do.

The only solution is ABOLITION. NOW. Males are not going to stop raping, they have been very clear. I mean, they will not attempt to end rape, at all, we might as well demand what we really need, since we will be ignored, anyway.


4 thoughts on “Why I no longer support the Nordic model.

  1. I did not watch the video as it is 3 hours long.
    Please can you outline the reasoning for abandoning NM.
    My understanding is that the buyers will be punished just as much under NM as any abolitionist policy. I do not think it is right to punish prostituted women.


    1. Hi, Olivia, I don’t expect anyone to watch the video, I just wanted to make sure that I credited Terri and Bev Jo as my original source.

      The Nordic model is prostitution reform. It is supposed to help women to leave prostitution, and of course, it does not criminalize the prostituted women, only the male buyers and the pimps.

      All of that sounds good in theory, until we see how males enforce it. Males will never provide adequate resources for prostituted women to escape. And males intentionally withhold resources in order to insure that there will be an underclass of women for them to purchase to rape.

      Nordic model might be an ok thing, but only if Women could control it. But we can’t, because patriarchal government is in control of it. And males hold all of the resources.

      If males wanted to free us, we would be free. The Nordic model is just another manipulation for males to hide behind, as if they are really trying, oh so hard, but they just can’t get the Nordic model to work! They really, really want to help prostituted women, but they just can’t figure it out!

      We can’t trust the systems that protect males right to rape to suddenly work to revoke that right. That’s crazy.

      We need abolition NOW. And that means offering every single prostituted woman and girl safety, the ability to stop prostituting, and the resources to help them move into other jobs or ways of taking care of themselves, along with whatever support they need.

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      1. I’m against the Nordic model for the reasons you outlined above and because if one woman is for sale – all of us are for sale.
        Abolition or nothing.

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