Proud to be a Karen.

A good explanation of who Karen is, can be found here. From that link, from time magazine……….

“Karen” has become synonymous with the persona of an annoying entitled, woman, according to the internet’s meme database, KnowYourMeme, which says the meme may have first come about because of its association with Mean Girls’ ditzy, popular high school character Karen Smith.

Bolding is mine.

Let’s just take a second to bask in that great big irony that is male centered society calling women ANNOYING and ENTITLED.

Karens laughing at the annoying, entitled menz.

Karen is almost universally white, as well, because everything is our fault.

The bad economy, male terrorism, wars, hangnails, cancer, hangovers, erectile dysfunction, whatever the problem is, you can bet that it’s KAREN.

Meanwhile, governments that are majority white and male create scarcity, utilize austerity, and hoard resources, distributing them among themselves, leaving a pile of bodies of the people that they are murdering with their greed. The bodies are mostly female, but alas, there is no universally named meme for the white males that consume and destroy everything in their wake.

Women always are saddled with blame from male society, that is always structured in a way that insures males have all of the power, yet, they fault women for every bad decision, managing to avoid any responsibility. Nothing is ever the fault of males. This applies to all patriarchal societies, no matter race, ethnicity, religion, etc.

But in the majority of industrial countries, it is the evil white woman. She runs everything, holds all resources, has resting bitch face. She is responsible for racism, she controls the male supremacy movement. Whatever white males do, he is just a helpless puppet in the hands of the true puppet master, who is KAREN.

Let’s look at who and what Karen really is.

As storyendingnever states in her blog post, “Ask a White Woman”…………………..

But here’s the thing. When you look at reality and how people behave when not fired up by agenda, you will notice that all people know that white women are the most harmless, most innocuous, and possibly the most do-gooder, free-help-providing and activating people in the world. White women are safe.

She continues………

I am always asked for information, directions, reassurance. I am always assumed to be the docent in a museum, the librarian in a library, the local person. I’m never in uniform. I don’t necessarily walk around with an air of confidence or knowing. I am not especially tall or striking in appearance. But I am safe to approach. People just know that I won’t beat them, rape them, murder them, steal their money, take them hostage.

And there is a historical precedent for white women being viewed this way.

Women that fought to end slavery. A bunch of Karens.

Astronauts. Thirteen Karens.*

Planned Parenthood. Founded by 3 Karens.

And here is video of a Karen, who valiantly disrupted a party celebrating that misogynist, sexist XY troll that hates women, especially when they are pregnant.

Karen is usually depicted as yelling at helpless employees for no good reason, demanding discounts unreasonably, or asking to see the manager.

And while I know that there are definitely women that can be complete assholes, we all know that women, by and large, do not stomp around in public, throwing tantrums. Karen is a basic male tool, used to keep the unfuckable, over 30 year old white woman, from getting too uppity. We are to be quiet, to blend in, and to never make a fuss, because a woman that has an opinion and the courage to not only vocalize it, but to be angry while doing it, makes boners sad, floppy, and irritated.

I am Karen. I have opinions. I am annoyingly entitled to reproductive freedom, basic necessities, and liberation from male rule, not just for me, but for all women and girls and I talk about it, and I am naturally a loud talker, so that makes the boners extra floppy and extra sad.

And when I leave instructions for menstrual jars in public restrooms, like I do every time I go out, I sign them as KAREN. Karen is the new Jane.

I am also working on a comprehensive list of why PIV is part and parcel of the centuries long male exploitation of women, and why we should avoid it, if possible. I will be leaving it in restrooms, too, and also signing it as KAREN.

I am proud to be in a group of women that is articulate, unafraid, and scares males so badly that they had to turn us into a fucking meme, as if standing up for myself and my sisters is something to be ashamed of. So when a male accuses me of being a Karen, or says “ok, Karen”, I understand that this is just another one of multiple ways in which he thinks he is putting me in my place in an attempt to shut me down, because he is afraid of what we will do if he doesn’t successfully shame us into silence.

I am an unstoppable female force, I am proud and not afraid. Along with claiming what is mine, I encourage my sisters to do the same. I am loud, take up space, unapologetic, intelligent, I will not be a doormat to any male and it is my personal mission to subvert their systems and means of subjugating us.

I am Karen. And anyone that doesn’t like it can go fuck themselves.

Jayne (aka Karen. Killing boners since 1972.)

*I didn’t want to put it in the post proper, but it was a Karen that funded the first female astronauts when NASA refused to do so. I talked about the Mercury 13 in a radical wrap up post, and the article linked there named the woman that provided the funding. But I couldn’t find the wrap up, and when I attempted to find her name, all I could find was that Mercury 13 were “privately funded”.

38 thoughts on “Proud to be a Karen.

  1. Yes to this post!!! I love Karen!!

    The consequence of vilifying “Karens” is that you have scads of terrified white Milennial women who will do anything to avoid being “Karen” once they age out of PrimeFuckBot status, prompting even more cock-worshiping masochist-seeming self-harm on their part in addition to all the violence (known by most of this society as “just sex”) that penises eagerly dole out on their body, spirit, and selfhood.

    The flip side of Karen is that the cock-of-color, particularly the black and middle eastern cock, is considered both harmless and oh-so-victimized. Women who state truth–that men victimize women–are either told that they are “choosing” victimhood and should “embrace a survivor narrative” or that they’re privileged white Karens and it’s the cock of color that is the REAL victim!!! Sometimes both (and curiously, no one ever tells cock of color that it’s pathetic to claim that they were subject to violence and seek reprisal rather than a cutesy hashtag shared with Hollywood Barbies and a #pinkpussyhat on top).

    But Cat forbid that a white woman is subject to violence (ie that special form of violence that is now only known as “sex without consent” which really means “female system error, must override”) at the hands of a cock of color, particularly the superspecialoppressed black or middle eastern Muslim cock. She will be seen as a liar trying to get an innocent black or Muslim man in trouble in a racist-but-not-at-all-woman-hating justice system, even by feminists, and a racist for refusing to “unpack her white privilege knapsack” by “enthusiastically consenting” to his cock in her “fannypack”.

    I’ve heard young white women discussing street harrassment. Even when I was in my early twenties, it was a feminist sin to mention that not all races and socio-economic groups were equal opportunity verbal abuse street artists, and I was dressed down in a Women’s Studies Class for this discretion. Like everything else related to the daily hell of existing without penis, this gaslighting DARVO shit has gotten worse. Apparently it’s now “racist” to not respond politely to a black man’s harassment because it would imply that you think he’s a rapist!

    So, in the hell that is this milennium, it is a worse crime to think that someone who tells you he wants to assault you is actually capable of assaulting you and may have indeed assaulted some other woman/women in the past than it is to be verbally threatened with assault, or even assaulted outright.

    Because poor black men, and sexxx is natural, sex is fun, sexxx is best when you at least pretend you consent unless he likes consensual rape fantasy funtimes, which is totes great, because there’s no better cure for hating being used as a fucksock against your will by…being used as a fucksack while pretending it is your choice while pretending it’s not your choice…HOLY SHIT, third wave/intersectionality/being tortured is fun if penis gets hard/yer racist if you don’t take cock because not all cock is white/I Hate White Women “feminism” is like a lobotomy’n’LSD cocktail, emphasis on cock. COCK-tale.

    Meanwhile the poor cocks of color are responsible (along with a few equally repellent cocks of less color) for innumerable sadistic woman-hate rants that make up what the youngsters call “music” nowadays. Can you imagine a Karen– a Karen who had more talent in her middle finger as a six year old than these misogynist sociopaths will ever have–being signed to a record label, much less being popular enough and permitted to be on the radio? OK, Karen Carpenter, but that was in a comparably more enlightened age…but she still ended up dying of anorexia which was brought on by some cock commenting on her body. And they didn’t let her drum anymore either. So, imagine further, a 2020 Karen who replaced every anti-woman slur and description of torture-by-penis in the average rap(e) song and replaced it with a racial slur and descriptions of lynchings she enjoys.

    See, this is why the third wavers go ballistic when anyone tries to make an analogy between racial oppression and oppression of female humans. Because when you do, the double standards are so fucking obvious. Fictional racist rapping Karen wouldn’t exist, non racist Karens are vilified, and yet young men and women alike sing joyfully along to shit that would correctly be deemed hate speech that encourages violence against an oppressed group if even one of these songs replaced the misogynist slurs/violence with slurs/violence directed at any other group of people that contained “real humans” (men) in its membership. Member-ship has its privileges.

    Great post.

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    1. Yeah women are the only group it’s still acceptable to have hate speech against. Not only acceptable but it’s highly profitable and ever pervasive entertainment. But if you say anything about it you’re the one being “sensitive.”

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      1. Conversely, you say anything at all about males, no matter if it’s factual, males screech MISANDRYYYYYYYYYYY.

        I think that they just don’t know what is funny/can’t take a joke. Males are funny because they are stupid. I can’t help noticing.

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    2. YES!

      I dislike ALL males, I don’t care what country, race or whatever, I dislike them all the same.

      Conversely, I will choose women over males every single time, no matter race, country or whatever.

      I was sexually assaulted a few years ago by a black male. The black women that I know were fine with me speaking about it. The white women informed me that I should not be quite so mad because black male.

      I am just not going to virtue signal to males about anything. I run my mouth so much in an effort to encourage other women to do the same.

      Also. Welcome FriendofValerie/Karen!

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      1. Jayne, your experience is exactly what I’m talking about. I’m so pissed about what happened to you, and the sadly now-predictable reaction of women who have exchanged their empathy for bullshit “I’m not racist! Rape is only bad (or even, rape is only realrape) if done by white cock!” Wokepoints.

        I wish I could rip off the dude’s Weapon of Mass Destruction and shove it down his throat.

        Last time I visited this rare bastion of sanity and intelligence on the internet, you mentioned that you were working on a poem and/or post about PiV and asked if you could incorporate some of my epically long comment. I said hell yes! Is that still upcoming? If not, nbd.

        Hey anotherwomaninhell, excellent name, I agree with what you said.

        Anyone here read “Dietland”? Stupid ass title, but a good read. I’m trying not to spoiler here, but in the book, a “group” known as Jennifer engages in some great guerrilla counterterrorism against rapist cock and it’s morally impaired puppeteers. Jayne’s (great and also legal, so the penis (in)justice system can’t do shit) workings as Karen reminded me of this.

        Karen love!

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      2. Russian anecdote for ya PIV entry:

        gynaecologist;s being tried for a prostitute;s murder &they cant figure out his motive
        His testimony goes thus:

        “You honour, I perform 20 abortions a day. Then I go home & the wife asks for 1,saying we can’t afford a 3rd.

        My younger daughter wants me to put in IUD :*she;s going to camp*

        Older daughter wants hers taken out ,cos she wants a baby

        Then i go back to work & deal with every genital warts+AIDS tests.

        Day in>day out
        So when the whore sashays up to me &says “want some?

        I snapped 🧑🏼‍🦲…….

        THE end

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      3. Imagine how much more stressed he would have been if he had to take obligatory dick and had to worry about getting pregnant, or better yet, actually get pregnant. Also, this guy has daughters……poor things.


      4. It;s a bitter Anecdote : a genre -where things may be funny or sad, or socially observant. Like a modern fable

        ^so someone made this up, but it shows an awareness (utterly lacking elsewhere )that the fall-out of all this sexy fun =dire.

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    3. “choosing” victimhood and should “embrace a survivor narrative” – this!!!,
      and my other favourite response to stating facts about your actual victimization:
      “At least you’re not…. (insert non-white status or other accepted oppression here)” Gaslighting. Most women are properly bitch-slapped into silence after a few rounds of this.

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      1. Yes, it’s such utter horse shitte when someone shares about an awful and traumatic experience, to then respond with “well, so-and-so has it worse”. Like, there will ALWAYs be someone in the world that has it worse….HOW is that relevant? Let’s all go find THE MOST OPPRESSEDEST person in the world and hold her up and say, “okay! NO ONE can talk about anything bad that happened to them, because THIS lady has it THE WORST!” And only she is allowed to talk about her pain and suffering.

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      2. I saw someone saying imagine if people did that about being happy with good things the way they do about being upset with bad things, so like if you accomplished something you were really happy about someone would say “well what are you so happy about, look at all this other person has to be happy about.”

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  2. Well, I’ll be a toe on a foot in a grave – I learn something new every day. White bitch has a name, and it is Karen! I am probably the only person on the internet who doesn’t follow, use, like or understand memes, which is why I’ve never heard of Karen by name until this point. Seriously, I’ll run across a meme (by accident), and I just don’t get it. I don’t find them funny or useful. Blank look, doesn’t compute, all that. I’ve tried understanding how they came about and what exactly they are – the explanation that has made the most sense to me is: they are “parasites or viruses of the mind” (Encyclopaedia Britannica). Nuf said.

    But on a more serious note – when I wrote that post ‘ask a white woman’ something like 4 years ago, it was hard to publish. I still have a minor remnant of programmed twinge/cringe when I go back and read it again. I thought then that it would be taken by the majority of readers as some racist princess diatribe, the main reaction being ‘your white privilege makes people see you as safe’, without seeing the flip side of that ‘white privilege’ that unsurprisingly doesn’t apply to men. Luckily, I got over that reluctance. Deprogramming is a long process, but possible. Anyhow, I’ve always thought about a companion piece entitled ‘hurt a white woman’, because that goes hand in hand with a white woman’s status in this world. Karen is seen as safe, but she is also seen as easy prey, too. You can’t separate those. You can ask her questions because she won’t attack you, but she also owes you her time and energy for free. It is expected. Karen will nod, smile, help, reassure, even if she is hurting inside, physically in pain, or dealing with serious personal bullshit. Anyone can intrude on Karen’s space without asking her. And on the more extreme end of that continuum, Karen is a rich, white bitch who caused everyone’s problems, so… you can insult her, rob her, rape her, and she’ll likely defend you and side with you instead of report you because she fights for the oppressed. It doesn’t help that Western (especially white) women are seen internationally as sex-crazed whores thanks to the entertainment industrial complex – that plays a greater role in punishing Karen that most people see or are willing to admit.

    But proud to be a Karen, yes.

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    1. Meme is originally an anthropology term meaning the smallest units of culture capable of replicating themselves. So it carried into internet culture by manifesting as these pictures and phrases that convey ideas.

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    2. White women are the official Western patriarchal punching bag.

      And while I know that I don’t have to clarify for you or most of the women here, I will clarify it for those who are too intellectually limited to understand that I am NOT saying that white women are treated much worse than women who are not white.

      Race, ethnicity, country and many other factors play into how Women are treated globally by males. But it is ALWAYS males on top, and it is ALWAYS women and girls on the bottom, being mined by males, because males are violent, inept and ignorant.

      Karen is part of the experience of white women, and all of us are eventually part of the boner killing, inconvenient group of women that males hate. All women age into that group, and are punished by males for it, males have named the white ones Karen.

      I invite all women to join me as Karen, though. I am making Karen equal opportunity. 😊

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    3. Storyendingnever, I am so happy to see you here. Your blog (along with radfemspiraling, nomorepapertowels, kaguya, and cannabisrefugeesesquire) was another bastion of sanity for me, and it was great to see you back. Glad you got out of China, your experience sounds horrifying.

      Yes to what you said. While the mainstream “feminist” project now seems to be “all women are ‘beautiful ‘, ie sluts who love being impaled and tortured by cock!!!! Don’t slut shame, cause being a slut is awesome!!!!” , white women are seen simultaneously as responsible for racism, deserving of punishment for refusing to make “reparations” by being pronged by every dick of color, and even at fault for making non-white women lose their “self esteem” by not being the ideal sexxxxay torture victim by men.

      I also am sick of these third wave dicklovers misdefine terms like “women’s sexuality” when they really mean “any act in the service of eliciting boners and jizz”, ie men’s sexuality. It blows my mind that most women under 40 think that this IS female sexuality, believe that this is their ultimate power, and convince themselves and each other that as long as they feel “empowered and sexxxy”, men aren’t getting one over on them big time.

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      1. Thank you so much for your kind words. I’m happy to be writing again. I just couldn’t for a while and then I got preoccupied. But I ran into kaguya and radfemspiraling recently, and got inspired again.

        You make an excellent point that I don’t think I have touched on before in a serious way. That whole power for women = sex appeal. It affects everything, and it is disturbing that it is not just for women of child-bearing age (which evolutionary biologists would argue would be the natural purpose of tarting up and pandering to men). No, sex appeal is for girl children and old women now, too. I’m not sure if you’ve seen that Netflix show, Grace and Frankie, but this theme runs though it. I have really mixed feelings. I’m happy to see two older women with their own show (although they have said publicly that the two male actors playing supporting roles are being paid the same as they are – they shouldn’t be), their primary themes are having sexual relationships with all the accompanying angst about whether they are attractive enough for men, and running a company producing dildos so that old women can masturbate, even with arthritis. I dunno. I am pro-masturbation and think it is a much better solution than to fuck everything that moves, but I wish that older women weren’t being pressured to be something they are not in order to be relevant.

        Incidentally, it was black PhD student I was dating back in the ’90s who was the first to let me know that while he and all men had economic, political, etc power, women had this thing called ‘sexual power’, which we should be satisfied with. I was 25 and hadn’t thought about that before and what it actually translated to. It actually now reminds me of the argument put forth by people in the BDSM community that it is actually the ‘slaves’ that hold all the power, not the dominants/masters. Mind fuck.

        Anyhow, so nice to connect with you :)))

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      2. “it was black PhD student I was dating back in the ’90s who was the first to let me know that while he and all men had economic, political, etc power, women had this thing called ‘sexual power’”

        yea, that is a common black/african male lie. It can be found in some african groups today, and it can be found in just about every african-decended culture in the western hemisphere. It’s such a major reversal. And then built on that, black men convince black women that white women are to blame for all the evil things white men do because white women supposedly “manipulate white men with their sexual powers”. Like, oh the poor helpless white men. And the poor helpless black men being seduced by white women pppfft. please. another fucking reversal.

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      3. STORY, my dear friend🧓🏼 👐🏻 🤗 🤠.Great to actually interact with u!!

        As for dildos,,oh dear. U;d think that Grace&Frankie,d just give each other oral&me voy. That,along with prolonged cuddling would fulfill me greatly!

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  3. It almost seems as if they are mad that any women have any resources or social capital at all. That there are any resources whatsoever flowing from white men to the white women they associate with/abuse/enslave/destroy is unacceptable. All women are supposed to have nothing all the time. And if white women dare hold any male up to any standard whatsoever, we deserve what we get, from the men ejaculating into our soup ala Fight Club or any other punishment men can dream up. Trevor and Kyle will be there to punish Karen and Becky but Trevor and Kyle will never get what’s coming to them, and might even have to share their resources with their own women at some point, assuming any woman will have them. Which they, sadly, probably will. It seems to me that the only thing wrong with white women having resources is to whatever extent they lord it over other women who don’t have any. And of course to the extent that all accumulated wealth is based on the rape and demolition of the natural world and of other people, which it is. And that’s a problem. Albeit not one Karen and Becky created but it is a problem. Funny how the Karen meme took off but Valarie Solanas’s male-as-parasite never did. That’s the only thing I’ve ever seen that did name men’s “annoying and entitled” tendency to consume and destroy everything they come into contact with and the piles of bodies they leave behind.

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    1. Wow I forgot about Fight Club. What about the making soap with fat from the liposuction clinic so he could make soap and “sell the rich women’s fat asses back to them.” Then he put porn clips spliced into other movies at the theater. It’s so much more fucked up looking back at it.

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      1. Fight Club is basically 100% male hatred for Karens. The men beating the crap out of other men wasn’t even the point. And yes, the soapmaking tangent was so hateful. As if Karen’s vanity is the problem and not male necrophiles, in this case literally slogging around in medical waste and making women crazy with their male insanity.

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      2. Lol they were supposed to be so edgy and different going against “the man” but they were just doing regular men stuff. Hitting each other, doing disgusting things, and watching porn.

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      3. I don’t even remember what the point to all that was supposed to be. Like everything is about destruction so let’s go fuck stuff up? He was going to blow up buildings at the end for some reason. It’s all so typical of what they do anyway but it’s presented like they are doing something subversive. He was just a sad man jerking off into soup, making unwilling people see porn, and playing with medical waste.

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      4. We like destruction, let’s destroy and kill anything in our path, and act like it’s political or protest, but really, we just like destruction and the act of destroying because violence gives us a boner.

        That’s the entire male existence in a single sentence.

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    2. Right as usual, CannabisRefugeeEsquire. Trevor and Kyle always escape any culpability because blaming Karen gives rise to guilt-free rape of white women for leftist dicks of any melanin percentage. It reminds me of some shit video I heard about (I DESPISE the poor excuse for “popular music” nowadays and will not subject myself to it) where some black woman “artist” depicted her torturing some white woman in a video and was praised for how awesome it was for her sticking it to “the man”, er, I mean The Evil Karen. You can’t make this shit up.
      I wish those women subscribing to “third wave” interSEXXAYtionality would realize–whether WoC or young white women desperate of aging into Karens–is that dividing women by race facilitates the male end goal of universal rapism. What unites all colors of men? Their sociopathic, sadistic penile desires, The United Colors of PenisSwarm. Dividing women, not men, by race–which Third Wave Intercoursextional “Feminism” does so well–is feeding right into this.

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      1. You may be thinking of “Bitch better have my money” by Rhianna. If not, well add that to the same category of “sticking it to the man by doing violence to his white woman pet”.


  4. I leave lists of the rights of women that transmania is eliminating (thank you Gallus Mag who was censored for writing about it). Here in Aus it’s not that hard to get an abortion. Yet. But it’s good to have access to this information and I am printing it just in case.

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  5. Oh also, btw, I was reading one of your posts about women not going through men to access abortion. I have some info that I made into a small print out that I put in women’s restrooms, and other women-only spaces. It has several safe and cheap methods to inducing miscarriage/abortion that even the most impoverished, man-controlled women can do/access. I can share this with you if you like. I’ll probably share it on my blog as well eventually. but I mostly prefer to keep it off the internet and only/mostly in the physical hands of only women, ya know.

    But TBF, while I honestly think that there is next to no chance that women can steer this shitship around, I do find it to be an electrifying possibility that if women all stopped having men’s progeny…..we actually could bring this nightmare to a screeching halt.

    I don’t have faith in women, though. I don’t…..but I still post these papers sometimes when I like to think there’s a chance that every single woman on this planet would actually boldly SEE, and bravely STOMP on the brakes that Mother Nature gave her the right to STOMP on.

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    1. I am happy to see you. By coincidence, I found your YouTube channel! And I binged it a few days ago. More likely than not, I will be linking one of your videos.

      I think that males allow “feminist activism” so long as they control it, benefit from it, and keeps their boot on our necks. They allow us to spin our wheels, and wear ourselves out, trying, trying, begging, pleading, too tired to notice that it’s been 5000 years of male rule, and we still are not free.

      I mean, it’s not difficult. They don’t rape each other, they don’t put each other in jail for reproductive decisions, they don’t pay each other less, grope each other, they manage to treat each other as human, for the most part. They know we are human, and they treat us exactly as they mean to treat us.

      I know that women will never stomp the brakes. But if I can help individual women, even if I don’t know about it, that’s all that I want. I want individual women to know that they can assert their own rights, wants and needs.

      And YES, I would like that info. I will put my email in a separate post, so I can delete it after you get it.

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      1. Yes, also feel free to link any of my videos or posts, I try my best to give links to other writers/speakers because I want women to have as many resources as possible so they can think for themselves. Because it so easy for any of us to fall into the habit of only listening to “THE ONE” or who-ever, ya know.

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  6. “Karen” has been on my radar this past year as well , and you called it, right out the gates. A woman hating meme. I think it actually may have started with a Dane Cook joke way back in the early 2000s. He had a joke about “that friend” in every group that everyone hates….Karen, because Karen is such a Douche”… I’m paraphrasing, but I’ll go ahead and credit him with starting this woman-hating meme/female-scapegoat persona. People love to have a go-to woman to hate….. someone that they dementedly still call a “friend”, but who is really just a sacrificial lamb for everyone else to “bond together” out of having a common hatred for a contemptable woman.

    Yes, women do carry all the blame for men’s doing. Men love to claim how intelligent, wise, sophisticated, ingenious, stable, etc they are (as Solanas says they claim all female attributes for themselves), but then drop all that like a hot potato whenever they get caught or their feet held to the fire. And suddenly, they claim to be “just a man” (aka a helpless but wonderful/lovable sod who just CAN’T control himself). No one ever bothers to follow up with a question as to why such pitiful, weak-willed sods who can’t control themselves, should be allowed to control everything else.

    Of course WE know why they get to control everything in “society”. Because they manufactured all parts of “society” and built it on a foundation of broken/enslaved women. Yea, I said it. Men created “society”, or at least what has passed for society for thousands of years now…..the heaping piles of blood, plastic, shit, metal, toxins, and semen that men love to call “civilization” and constantly pat themselves and each other on the back for “creating”. I honestly even use the word “creating” ironically when referring to any of this man-made hell. Men aren’t capable of even knowing the true meaning of the word. Like most words, men just speak a sound that means nothing to them, except that they know that when they speak that sound women calm down and go under a spell, and men can keep manipulating/controlling us.

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    1. This is how males keep supremacy. They hold every single argument, at the same time.

      Males are superior, so they rule.

      Males are also so stupid, that women control them.

      I didn’t rape her! I don’t even know her!

      She wanted me to fuck her!

      I think that I wrote about this, at some point. Males contradict themselves constantly, they think that they never lose an argument because they are smart, when they are just manipulative. They don’t lose arguments because they hold opposite positions, sometimes within the same discussion.

      Males don’t rule with kindness, fairness, intellect or anything positive. They rule with force, violence and threat of violence. Violence is the only skill that males possess. It’s really the only one that they need.

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      1. Yes, It’s quite clear they just are making up the rules as they go, as well as have a distinct set of rules for “everyone” (actually just women), that never apply to men. Women….being such naturally wholesome creatures, we have a hard time fathoming that anyone could be so heinous. It is truly difficult for women to just SEE that men are so obviously a bum deal at best. Because we naturally project our own wholesomeness onto men, and of course then men “return the favor” by projecting their inhumanity onto us.

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