A few bits of fun. We need a little happy break.

We could all use a little break, so here are a few bits of happy and joy, just for my sisters!

Go on a virtual vacation and tour some museums, zoos, and national parks from your couch. In your jammies. With a fur kid on your lap.

Enjoy this list of people doing kind things just to be doing them.

Read a brief story about Sunny, the golden retriever, and her person who are helping out an elderly neighbor.

Our sister, anotherwomaninhell, just started writing her own blog, consider paying her a visit!

Also, we will survive!

Also, too, I got all my sisters with me!

So let’s share a sister hug…………

While we try to find a little peace and joy for ourselves in each day.

Jayne (surviving since 1972)

13 thoughts on “A few bits of fun. We need a little happy break.

  1. I’m glad you are posting media for us to watch, and watching some yourself. I want to warn women about what they watch rn as we are all being traumatized via COVID19 and everything else. I’ve been watching the John Wick movies over and over and I think I’m legit trauma-bonded to Keanu Reeves now. :/ It’s crazy. And Happy Birthday! I’m an April birthday too. I’m a Taurus, tho. xx

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    1. Wow that’s crazy, we all have April birthdays! Kaguya said it’s her birthday too. How strange. Maybe more intelligent and rebellious women are born in the Spring from an abundance of nutrients and sunshine?


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