Protect yourself, sisters. Female Lives Matter.

The domestic violence statistics from the National Domestic Violence Hotline are all about how PEOPLE suffer from this thing that we call DOMESTIC VIOLENCE, that appears to just occur without any kind of pattern, rhyme or reason, and about how lots of PEOPLE suffer from INTIMATE PARTNER VIOLENCE, as if PEOPLE are just inexplicably and unexpectedly violent.*

But after we get the few male friendly sentences out of the way, the truth of it begins to come out, with statistics like these……..

Females ages 18 to 24 and 25 to 34 generally experienced the highest rates of intimate partner violence.[viii]
From 1994 to 2010, about 4 in 5 victims of intimate partner violence were female
Nearly 1 in 5 women (18.3%) and 1 in 71 men (1.4%) have been raped in their lifetime (by any perpetrator).[i]
One in 6 women (16.2%) and 1 in 19 men (5.2%) in the United States have experienced stalking victimization at some point during their lifetime in which they felt very fearful or believed that they or someone close to them would be harmed or killed (by any perpetrator).[i]

The pattern of MALE VIOLENCE becomes obvious.

Russian males kill 38 women per DAY because the women are in close proximity to them. (Male systems keep stats on the things that kill women the most, but they record their femicide stats separately because if they included femicide in the stats of what women die of the most frequently, male murder of women would quickly become the number 1 killer of women instead of heart disease. It’s more male manipulation of facts to hide their violence.)

The UN reports that 50,000 women are murdered by males per year, for various reasons, the main one being that males are just unhinged and have a love of murdering women and girls. And of course, males are increasing their femicide, yet, we are not allowed to talk about it, lest XY everywhere begin histerical cries of lies about how males never kill us, or we deserved it, or what about this or that or this, too????????? Distract and derail is the tool of the ruling class, divert, deny, while they add to the pile of female bodies daily.

And we have all seen the daily articles about males ramping up violence during the pandemic, women and girls being trapped at home, unable to escape violent males in their house. And in articles like this, we have plenty of these comments from women…………

No big deal, they were already drinking at home and guys in MIlwaukee were abusing at home and now several women are dead because you’re supposed to “stay in” or get fined $1000. I’d hate to ask mayor barrett if the shelters are closed. The only agencies open I know of in my county are the Salvation Army and child protection services, but Milwaukee has had the interesting typicality of low number of places to help battered women. Most usually have to flee to relatives or move away, especially to Madison or Fox cities if nowhere else.

In the states, women are being murdered by the male medical system in multiple ways, including rising maternal mortality rates, and lack of abortion access.

Women are murdered by males daily, just for being in close proximity to males. Sons murdering their mothers. Males murdering wives or girlfriends. Fathers murder daughters. And when male government frees violent males from prisons because of coronavirus, males go right back to murdering women and girls.

So I am wondering.


But we are expected to take to the streets, and get involved in more male violence to protest males killing other males?

An innocent woman is murdered by males, while she is asleep in her fucking house. But no one takes to the streets until males murder another male.

In fact, when we try to even just talk about how many of us die daily at the hands of murderous males, we are told to shut up. We are told that it never happens, or that Women do it, too, or blahblahblah. There is always some male reason that we are not permitted to address the murderous violence from males that all of us live under daily.

ALL MALES ARE ABOVE ALL WOMEN. Period. I will always side with women, ALL WOMEN, of any race, religion, ethnicity, whatever, I will always choose women over males because ALL MALES BENEFIT FROM BEING MALE. And all males participate in the subjugation of all women.

Sisters. Please, please, put yourself first. Protect yourself. Stay out of male bullshit. Males killing other males is a MALE problem, it is theirs to solve.

Please do not put your own life in jeopardy in defense of males that watch their brothers kill us daily and do nothing. Involving yourself to defend males that will never defend you just makes you a target for male violence. Please don’t risk this kind of injury for males.

We are told every day, in a million ways, that our lives do not matter, but they do. Protect yourself. Avoid male violence. ALL OF IT. Males choosing to murder each other has nothing to do with us. You can let them sort themselves out. We owe them nothing.



*There’s a study floating around that males misread and manipulate, about domestic violence between lesbian women. The study shows that lesbian women have been victims of domestic violence, and males quote the study without reading it. Reading it shows that the domestic violence suffered by the vast majority of lesbian women was when they were in previous relationships with MALES. So males that misquote the study are either stupid or manipulative. Most likely, they are both.

46 thoughts on “Protect yourself, sisters. Female Lives Matter.

  1. I have been wondering how many male protesters go home at night after a full day of chanting “I can’t breathe” and then strangle their girlfriends or wives in the bedroom.

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  2. I will also put this here for food for thought WRT men’s lies and the extent of those lies. The conspiratards believe that some of these events are actually staged using “crisis actors” and they aren’t even real at all. I’ve heard them speculate that George Floyd wasn’t even killed, and that all of them, including the cops, were all paid actors. One of the cop’s neighbors apparently thought he was a realtor. How could anyone live next to a cop and not know he was a cop? A lower level of deceit is also possible, that the killing was real but it was planned in order to incite chaos, which was needed and wanted for whatever reason. Once you consider that these are real possibilities, anything becomes possible. I’m not saying I believe either version but I do believe that they are both possible. The reason I believe they are possible is bc I know men lie and that the extent of their lies is unknowable to normal people, and certainly way beyond what most people esp women could or would ever imagine bc we do not lie like men do, and we don’t have the power to make people believe it. The social and political capital necessary to create reality, IOW. Men have that power though. I would believe pretty much anything before I would believe that we are being told the actual real truth about 99% of anything that ever happens, including all of this.

    About the crisis actors, before YouTube and Google started censoring “alternate news” and “alternate history” sites, I was able to research Sandy Hook fairly extensively and what I found made me believe that Sandy Hook didn’t actually happen. I am unconvinced that any children died, and I am unconvinced that Adam Lanza was even a real person. I found the story about Lanza and his mother very strange from the beginning as an attorney, because of the way Lanza’s mother’s estate was handled and that was many years before I know of any theories that SH didn’t even happen at all. Somehow, even though these things normally take months if not years, they basically found that Lanza’s mother was negligent and gave all her assets to the victim’s families. Case closed. This all happened in a matter of weeks or months, not years. No one else had an interest in the estate and objected to any of this? No appeals? Not in this universe. Granted, I was still very traumatized and destablized from Hurricane Sandy at the time and my sense of time was warped. But even at the time I thought that didn’t make an ounce of rational sense. In the George Floyd case, I just read something today that gave me that same feeling. Apparently the cop who knelt on GF’s neck and killed him, his wife is divorcing him and wants to change her name. ORLY? Where is the “stand by your man” shit these cops’ wives almost always pull when this shit happens? That man had about 2 dozen prior complaints against him and she decides to leave this time? What about his pension and other things she is probably entitled to if he is found innocent? If he is as much as a monster as he seems, she probably stayed with him all this time for the money, at least partially. Why leave now, and why change her name? It is very easy for women to disappear with a name change, that works against us most times and is the whole reason women take men’s names when we marry. So no one from our previous lives can find us. We are dead to the world after that. Does she just want to disappear? Is she getting death threats? Or does she not even exist? I honestly wonder. I don’t believe any of these scanarios is the truth, only that they are all possible. Because men fucking lie.

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    1. Males make it impossible to know the truth. Anything is possible, and I am with you, that I don’t believe any of the theories, but any one of them is possible.

      Males very much create the reality. It’s one of many perks of male supremacy. Males declare that they are actually women, and since they are the ruling class, trannies are codified into male law as being female. Contrast that to women, as we insist that material reality matters and that women are adult human female, and we are ignored. We are not ignored because we are wrong, we are ignored because we are the slave caste. Just for one example.

      Males have a social contract with each other, much like the social contract that all males have created and enforce with women. White males, being at the top, allow other males certain freedoms in exchange for being granted some male privilege. Part of their deal is that a lot of black males are going to be paid less than white males (but more than Women), that black males can have some colleges dedicated to them, if they can manage to get a higher education on their own or with very little help from white male government, and a few other perks specific to black males, but black males have to understand that quite a lot of them are going to be victims of white male law, they will be imprisoned for non violent drug offenses, and sometimes, a white male is going to murder one of them.

      Males sacrifice each other, all to uphold the heirarchy, even as they sacrifice us. They don’t care about each other any more than they care about us. Selfish to the fucking core. There’s something really wrong with them.

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    2. The race baiting is also being converted into “pro-Biden, a true leader” narrative. It seemed like before the whiplash-causing pivot in the national conversation, the corona virus numbers seemed to be dwindeling, and then….OH LOOK RACSIM!!11 happened. Also, violent protests and rioting are a great excuse to bring in domestic military occupation…..I forget what that’s called…. oh yea Martial Law.

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    3. I would definitely believe anything before this stuff we’re told. It’s so strange how you see women who know and admit how we live in a system of lies and torture talk about “anti-science” people being stupid, especially anti-vax. Like you know this is all lies but are not willing to question that maybe their “science” isn’t all that great either?

      When all the shootings started getting really bad I remember seeing conspiracy stuff saying that there were the same people in all these same shootings and showed their pictures and they really did look the same. I have a harder time believing they didn’t just kill people though, like I can believe they killed that George Floyd on purpose easier than believing they staged it all. Why bother with that work? We’re all expendable to them.


  3. All of the above is why I am a Lesbian Separatist. You can literally die waiting for the y-chromo ‘humin’ population to give a shit about anything Female. Including and especially Life.

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  4. Also, I don’t know what to make of the apparent fact that no one cares about COVID19 and social distancing anymore. What’s up with that? Are they going to use the protests to create the next wave of infections and lock everything down again? I’m really waiting to see what the next manifestation of the pandemic will be, we know it’s not over, not by a long shot. Even tho everyone seems to have moved on, extremely suddenly. Hmm.

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    1. Yea. That was one of the first things I thought—these protests will be used as the cause of the dreaded “second wave” and our masters will pull our strings again.

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  5. All males are about “ALL LIVES MATTER” when domestic violence or other male against female violence is the issue. But saying ALL LIVES MATTER in other contexts is right out, obviously. The hypocrisy is right there to see if anyone actually cared. Also, men lie, and that means all men, including black men. So we can’t even know what it is we are involving ourselves in when we associate with these groups and events bc it’s impossible to sort out the male lies from the truth. Another reason not to get involved.

    Here is a vid by a conspiratard that appears to show a white male cop (Umbrellaman) smashing windows which is what incited the first looting, apparently. And another clip may or may not show cops vandalizing their own vehicle in order to blame it on the protesters; it may also show that the cops were trying to remove the already shattered glass to drive it out of the area, I’ve heard both explanations. Male corporatists and authority figures may or may not have delivered palettes of bricks along the protest route for men to throw. Oh sorry, for PLANTED STATE AGENTS and other agent provocateurs to throw. Not the regular protesters bc the protests were nonviolent. We know for a fact that they do plant cops and others in these things to incite violence and make things worse. How are we supposed to even know what’s going on when they all fucking lie? Here is the link to the vid, I think the Umbrellaman narrative, and the palettes of bricks (WTAF) is compelling.

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    1. This is why I don’t bother beyond chatting about what males do in a casual manner. They purposely disseminate misinformation, so much of it that it’s impossible to parcel it out in any real way. I know that they are lying, I just don’t know exactly how much or what about.

      I watched that video, and I saw a few protests that were during the day, those had quite a few women present, but I didn’t see many women at the night protests. Males seem to really like the looting, the violence, the fires, the mayhem and destruction. They don’t look uncomfortable at all. They seem content.

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      1. That’s an excellet policy, to only consider what they do in a general and casual way and to not spend too much time on it. Writing about it, thinking about it, acting on it, “it” being what we are being told by them that they are doing, when we know they lie, makes no sense and is a complete waste of time. Imagine dedicating youe entire life to politics, or activism, or whatever, when you only know some tiny fraction of the truth and basing your actions on something so unreliable. How demoralizing.

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  6. Thank you. I am so sick and tired of seeing people excuse the looting and being like “no revolution was peaceful” and “looting is due to frustration.” Okay why is it just men? Why loot and vandalize an ABORTION CLINIC? In St. Louis a few years ago during a protest against a cop, they vandalized the LIBRARY I worked at. Yeah, real fucking revolutionary. And they only protest police brutality when it impacts men. Not when women are killed. They only mention the women in protests when a MALE is finally killed. She is an afterthought. And Black (Male) Lives Matters has not once had a protest against women being raped by the cops, or the prison to prostitution pipeline – both of which particularly impact WOC. Wonder how many of these looting and vandalizing males benefits from these pipelines? And do people know what happens to women and children in violent revolutions? Do they know what pointless male violence leads to? More pointless male violence in which women and children get hurt because eventually society breaks down.

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    1. Women are often at the forefront of any protest of male ‘oppression’. I narrowly avoided a black lives matter march in Seattle a few years ago, and all I saw in the front of the gang were white female faces.

      The same women seldom stand up for other women, and often work against the very feminists who have made the few female freedoms we have possible.

      And the men never stand up for women, let alone return the favour.

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      1. One thing that I know is that they are not permitted to prioritize women.

        Anytime any one of us tries to center women, here come the males, mansplaining about how racism or classism or literally any other male cause is more important than the lives and safety of women. Those of us that refuse to buy into the male narrative that we should remain at the very bottom of the list are routinely punished. You know this well. Lots of us do.

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      2. All of these isms and so-called phobias come directly from woman hate. It is so easy to see once you stop fucking men and birthing males, and supporting male leaders and ‘oppressed’ males. You just can’t end racism (by whatever race against whatever race) or homo/lesbophobia, etc, until you liberate women from men and end woman-hatred. Stop seeing women as inferior and gay-phobia is non-existent. Stop controlling women’s bodies and racism doesn’t make sense. Stop enforcing heterosexuality and women don’t get raped or beaten or killed anymore.

        It took a long time for me to see this – as they don’t teach it in history class (for obvious reasons).

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      3. Radical Feminism has always claimed that all male bullshit stems from their fear of women and their hatred of us.

        But the truth is that males love their heirarchy. They love the racism, they love the order, and they believe that, at some point, they will be on the top.

        If black males ruled in the same way that the white ones do, things would be the same for all women as they are now. If every white male dropped dead, leaving all the rest, a different race of male would take over, and the hatred of women would continue without interruption. Males entire existence is based in misogyny. ALL OF THEM.

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      4. Yes, it become so clear that white guilt is designed for white WOMEN. White men don’t really seem to buy it…cuz they know that it’s bs and that ,being male, THEY are not obliged to anyone. Better to let the white women carry the burden and pay the price for the sins of white men.

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      5. The rage being directed at white women right now (and increasingly over the last few decades) is extremely scary. It’s coming from non-white women, non-white men, white men, and even white women themselves. Women are raised from birth to feel guilty and ashamed for existing, but the hatred white girls are growing up with these days is alarming. And it becomes internalized since talking about it is NOT ALLOWED because facts are racist.

        A white man barred from my local supermarket today because he refused to wear a mask started screaming “Fuck you, you white bitch!!!” at the woman who wouldn’t let him in the store. I doubt he would have pulled that with a non-white woman or a man of any race. White women are fair game for anything and everything. Our failure to protest (because we are censored and gaslit) is proof positive to the world that we are guilty of everything heaped on us and accepting of our ill treatment.

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      6. I am working on a post about white women. Again.

        There was an article over on Bored Panda recently about OMG KAREN IS ALL OF THE EVIL, EVERYONE HATES KAREN, LET’S LOOK AT ALL OF THE MEMES MAKING FUN OF STOOPID KAREN LOLZ. There was one picture used repeatedly, of 4 women just sitting in a booth in a restaurant, just eating. That one picture is used repeatedly with captions about how stupid and evil Karen is. They are literally just existing.

        There’s another one of 3 women standing in line at a store, just standing. It’s so obvious, it’s just hatred of white women.

        I fucking WISH that I had the power that is falsely assigned to me, lol. And you are right, it is EVERYONE, but I am not going to fall on my fucking white lady sword. Especially since whenever some random asshole needs assistance in public, I am the one approached and infringed upon. No one hates my Karen ass, then, do they.

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      7. Haha, I’m writing one as well – half way through. It is part of my “White Girl series” that I started a few years ago. I’m not going to stop – there are so few of us that aren’t self-flagellating. The world has gone mad, but really, it is nothing new. In times of stress, the hoi polloi, fuelled by the powers that be, looks for the least powerful group to blame. Throughout time, these groups have been physically hurt, killed, stigmatized, (raped if they are women), etc because they have absolutely no way of fighting back. Note that the weakest group at this point of world crisis is not a) Jews, b) Muslims, c) trans, d) black women or other WOC, or gypsies – pick your historically vulnerable groups. It is white women. And this isn’t the first time white women have been brutalized in the name of scapegoatery, and it won’t be the last. I want to document this rapidly escalating horror show as long as I can before we are shut down.

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      8. Agreed that the hate against white women/”Karens” lately is really scary. The response that my liberal friends had to Amy Cooper was vastly disproportionate to any reaction they’ve ever had to the white males who actually created and maintain the racist power structure. 

        I live in a small town in a very red state with a mostly-white population. Lots of liberals have been moving here, and some of them started a local political action group. Those doing the work are 90% white women. The women have organized several protests and rallies already to support our small local community of POC. We don’t have any problems with crime or excessive force here, but these women have still reached out to law enforcement in the area seeking to improve community policing.

        And to agree with storyending’s earlier comments, these very same liberal women have also been working AGAINST women’s rights. I’m in the only state that has banned men from competing in women’s sports, and these women are fighting to get the men added back in. It’s so frustrating and maddening. Here we have right wing local government officials fighting FOR women’s rights (some of them male), and liberal women fighting AGAINST their own rights. And most of the liberal dissenters trying to talk sense into these women are male! I’m seriously starting to wonder if some sort of mind control is being deployed against the population. How did we get to this bizarro world?

        Anyway. These same women also organized a women’s march here a few years ago. This was before I knew what else they were about, but I still didn’t go, because the march was for nothing. They didn’t name men or patriarchy as the problem. No mention of male violence or anything that needed to be changed. No mention of women, either! They literally described it as a family-friendly, peaceful walk in support of human rights. They sought to change nothing. And nothing is what they achieved. Whew, thanks for letting me vent. Good to find like-minded women here!

        p.s. Did anyone else hear Megan Murphy talk about how the Karen are peaceful, historically oppressed indigenous people of Myanmar?

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      9. That is really scary. I’m not liberal or conservative. Hell, I’m not even American, but I’m strangely at the point where I’ll take a conservative over a ‘liberal’ any day of the week. They are rabid, reactionary, mantra- and slogan-driven, all wrapped up in a nearly (or maybe completely – are we there yet?) unassailable mantle of human rightsyness. If you oppose them, you are obviously looking to oppress someone because look at what they are fighting for! I’ve come to hate the words: privilege, phobia, trigger and the like simply because they have been so abused by liberal ‘do-gooders’.

        I feel very sorry about your town and what these woman have done to it. If you dig into it, you can see how the psychology works – how the oppressed fight so hard to keep themselves under the boot. Ultimately, it is men responsible for this embarrassing behaviour, but I do hold adult women accountable for their idiocy. I’m fine with people hurting themselves for whatever reason, but these women – and likely, these are women with a degree of protection in place (husbands, incomes, secure homes, children, etca – are harming all women with their actions.

        When the trans stuff started heating up, so many woke feminists kept referring to ‘peak trans’ believing that we’d seen the worst of it. We haven’t, and I thing this anti-white-woman movement is only really beginning. I seriously worry.

        I’ll have to check out the Myanmar thing – I was there last summer for a few weeks on my way out of life in China, and it’s a pretty interesting place. I don’t personally believe in these magical peaceful people who still have male dominance in place. The misogyny is always there even if they aren’t setting fires to cars. The same has been said of indigenous North American tribes – peaceful and ‘equal’ – but I remember reading that some of these tribes were documented to have cut the noses off women who committed adultery and the same treatment didn’t happen to men. I just don’t believe in the goodness of men.

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      10. I’m strangely at the point where I’ll take a conservative over a liberal too, and I never thought the day would come that I’d say that! Reading Right Wing Women by Andrea Dworkin many years ago was a turning point where I gradually started to think that both parties were equally bad for women, but now I think that the party of female erasure is worse. (I can’t wait for one of them to come knocking at my door during the next local election cycle, so that I can ask them to explain where babies come from. At this point, I don’t think they can.)

        You’re probably right about there not being magical peaceful people, although I have to admit that I hold out hope that there are, or have been. It’s just struck me that the Karen people are an actual ethnic minority group that none of the dudes viciously using the word Karen know or care about.

        And I need to look more into the psychology of why the oppressed fight to keep themselves under the boot, because I just don’t get it.

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      11. It’s the psychology that has always interested me – manipulation, propaganda, self-sabotage, gaslighting. Cult programming, govt brainwashing, fascist and other extreme mass movements. Fascinating, and really, it’s simple, but very effective. People are very easy to control. You need a few techniques to fit different personalities and levels of intelligence, but it is simple. It is especially interesting to go back over your own influences before you started waking up and deprogramming. You wonder how you ever fell for the party line given how ridiculous something sounds now.

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      12. Are the Karen tribe the ones who engage in body-mutilating “beautifying” practices? The women wear metal rings on their neck to stretch them long. it makes their neck muscles weak and their husbands punish them by removing the rings. the women’s neck flops over and she struggles to breath.

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    2. All of the attacks on abortion clinics and not a single peep from a dick dragger. Males own us in bits and pieces, our reproductive systems are in control of the male state, and we are told to shut up about it, as if male ownership of our bodies is just fine with all males.

      Males don’t just ignore our problems. They actively cause them. Because they benefit from owning us and controlling us.

      Males don’t need me to defend them. And I refuse to defend males, who refuse to see me as human. If they all dropped dead, the Violence would stop. I just don’t care about what they choose to do to each other. Not our problem.

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  7. And yet no one is rioting in the streets to protest the much bigger widespread (pandemic) problem of women getting raped, beaten and killed. By men of all colours, including blacks and cops. Anyone notice that?

    I may knit a pink twat hat though… That’ll show ’em.

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    1. Males murder us daily, for absolutely no reason. Where is our revolution? Our riots? Our protests?

      I will die before I protest anything to help a fucking male. And I do not discriminate. None of them will be getting a thing from me.

      These males that want me to give a shit when they murder each other, when their place in the male heirarchy seems to be not the sweet deal that white males have sold them, are the same males that will call women baby killers and claim that rape never happens.

      I mean, I hate that males choose to be so fucking murderous, but that’s not my problem beyond trying to help women and girls. The best thing that we can do is let males work it out. It’s safest for us.

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      1. Sadly, it’s always women who shit on me for not participating in male or racial (same thing) ralleys/protests.

        Your advice is good – stay out of the way. Anything I do to help women and girls is done in a non-organized way, no fanfare or recognition needed. One chick at a time, usually. Attention is not always the best thing to seek when you’re female and trying to chip away at the establishment.

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      2. Black dick-draggers (love the moniker!) do rule many countries/ ~which distinguish themselves for the following:

        1)the last bastion of explosive birthrate
        3)rockets placed into vaginas
        4)covered-up XXs in the hottest place on Earth, ~where folk sleep outdoors
        5)global worst in HDI
        6)AIDS [I suspect the lovely dears spread it by boning monkeys, or via blood thru poaching]
        7)denial of schooling for girls
        8)zero invention
        9)ongoing unrest w. Kalashnikovs in hand
        11)womyn being barred from ritual places here Very Special dudes congregate
        12)spotty – to -non-existent BC
        13)child brides
        14)fistula those brides’;re prone to
        15)castigation of those w. fistula

        U get my drift here

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      3. Don’t forget the little boy armies of Uganda, Congo, etc. Charming little tykes.

        There is a white, British, lesbian feminist blogger, whom I followed for a little bit, and then unfollowed (won’t name her as I don’t like to shit publicly on women I don’t agree with 100% unless they are doing very serious damage and need to be called out – she is possibly on the edge, but not that influential, IMO). She is pro-natalist (a breeder herself when she was still ‘straight’) and anti-white and wants white women to spread their legs for anyone but white men and breed breed breed the white out of the world. Talk about self-hatred, and someone who really doesn’t get the point that taking out one race of men won’t fix the problem. The problem is not race, but sex. Another will always take the place of the deposed and poop on women.

        Anyhow, she claims that every torture and horror that non-white men around the world rain down upon the population (women) was taught to them by white men. She is deluded and willfully ignorant, of course. Doesn’t know her history, it seems. Scrotes of all colours are quite capable of thinking up ways to hurt women and children, and themselves, and there are plenty of inventive tortures that are very regional and ancient and have nothing to do with the West. Your list provides a few of the many, many examples. Go to Asia, and you see their version of lady-hell, home-grown. No group of males has the market on depravity. It boggles my mind that these silly lib-fems don’t see that in their so-called anti-racism, they are so much more racist than anyone else. Innocent and noble savage theory and all that.

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      4. This is what drives me the craziest, it’s that so many people whine and cry so fucking loudly about the symptom and refuse to see the actual problem.

        That problem is MALE. The problem is a dick and a fucking Y chromosome. Across all of time and space it has always been male. And males are hiding it, erasing it, covering it, and shout down anyone that tries to address it.

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      5. Exactamundo. People love whining and they also seldom do anything else than what is easiest. Right now, it is easy to ‘fight racism, raaaar!’ It won’t work, mind you. And of course, you already know that that isn’t the root of the problem people are whining about. Real solutions aren’t that easy or quick to implement. And scapegoating the innocent never works either. But I suppose both feel super good. I have no idea. I’ve never been one for the easy road or passing the buck or hopping on the train to Pretendville or its brother city, Denialton. I’ll take the hard cold facts any day, even if there is nothing that can be done about them without a ton of backing.

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      6. “I’ll take the hard cold facts any day, even if there is nothing that can be done about them without a ton of backing.”

        I feel safer and sane-er knowing the horrific truth, because then I at least have a chance to protect myself/avoid it to some degree. Denial, most other women’s choice of coping it seems, will just get you more of the same thing…you never learn. I was just thinking this today…that the more truth I know…the more I know myself and my own innate values. If I had no idea what was real going on in the world, I would also have no idea where I would stand on any issue. Feeling my own fire grow inside me in response to learning more and more of that disgusting abyss….. It’s my soul telling me WHO I AM.

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    2. I’ve got to disabuse u ladies of the notion that anybody cares about white sins. In fact, my hunch is that nobody even treats them as such outside of the laughably masochistic western thinking.

      I say this as a non-westerner by birth. Those sins ‘re most probably seen for what they are: good old-fashioned (male conquest) no different to any thru time & space

      But since those nutters ‘re feeling so damn guilty for no reason – anyone with brain cells ‘d take advantage. I absolutely would if I qualified as a minority , & not belonged to a weird, no-race-land


      1. the only dif. between males of ethnic cohorts – is whether they’re openly violent , or crafty & the ratio.

        1 set of Semitics is unbelievably crafty – inventors of the 1st sky daddy. they stuck to euros like a leech, dangled some fab spoils in front of them – & collab w. them TO THIS DAY, but they position themselves like Oz behind a curtain. White hate ‘d never be as intense – if the goyim themselves invented it. nope : the great+powerful OZ DID

        the other is a mindlessly violent+girl-rapey bunch of sheep-fuckers, who never invented as much as a pencil cos they don’t let all the inventive talent attached to ovaries – breathe. their sole achievement is ability to stifle all thinking & turn adherents into the greatest drones of humankind.

        i’m certain now that the human development of any particular ethnicities – is solely dependent on the level to which males employed craftiness {by letting women live a little ~then poach the fruits of their intellectual labour +humanity}. The lib-femmy nature of Soviet egalitarianism very much used craftiness to a high level &Russia still does . But its’ ratio to outright stupidity – open violence>balances that out

        I used to wonder why our indigenous never went past Stone Age. & the answer lies in female cranial trauma- it was so frequent that they had no room to do anything worthwhile. So their fuckers lost their continent due to being vile shits to their creators- since they got no tech to be able to defend . & NOW they whine about the sins of the PALE darn it . “U’d still have your land, u apish monsters – if u had the sense to let your better half DO SOMETHING

        ^THIS is my highly un-PC opinion of the Aboriginal

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      2. Males separate themselves by race, just to have a reason to compete with each other, and they always turn the competition into dominance and violence.

        It’s like males are just killing machines, designed to kill, and it’s impossible for them to just kind of exist contentedly. In the last centuries, we have had fewer than 300 years of peace. Largely because males can’t stand peace or joy. They must find “reasons” to kill each other, and race and ethnicity is the laziest way to do that.

        So white males battle with Jewish males battle with Arab males battle with Muslim males battle with Christian males battle with black males etc. They love violence and hatred. Evidence of that is everywhere.

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  8. I keep wondering ” the Russian stats/.Are they just more honest than Westerners, I wonder? Mexico is higher , but I’m sure that the highest places’d be the ones that don’t keep tabs – like the one right next to us {PNG}

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    1. Males always lie to make themselves look better.

      If the lie that they think makes them look better is 38 per day, I can only imagine what the truth is.

      I don’t know the population of Russia, I suppose percentage would be the way to go for comparison purposes.

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