Please, tell me how you are. Let’s talk about ourselves!

I have had a couple of deaths, recently, so my online time has been limited. Hopefully, things will be settling down, in the next few days.

I want to know how everyone is doing, are you getting by ok? Something annoying you? Are you tired? Aggravated? Are you happy? Things going well? Let me know.*

A few weeks ago, everywhere that I did my weekly shopping, there were signs up, saying “please pay with exact change, if you can, please, thank you”. Last week, those signs changed to say “pay with exact change or card, otherwise, fuck off”.

I am a cash person. In my experience, most poor women are cash people, we always have a little stash of cash for emergencies, for ourselves and our kids/sisters/animals, etc.

So you know what is happening? I can’t use my fucking cash. Anywhere. I have a little bit of stimulus money left that I am trying to save for an emergency in my bank account, and I am being forced to spend it. Combine that with the fact that wells Fargo, which took my decades old bank account from wachovia, has decided that my town didn’t need a physical branch when the XY CEOs wanted another yacht, and as a result, I have no bank from which to get any fucking change.

So my emergency cash is unusable. And I kind of think that this is more disaster capitalism, that males are taking the opportunity to crack down on cash usage, because cash is power, and when you take the ability to use cash, you are taking their power.

Imagine if you are trying to escape an abuser. Or get shoes for your kids. Or food. And all you have is cash. This is just an inconvenience for me, but I can see how this could be deadly for some Women and girls.

And I don’t get to go out that much, I always look forward to my bi weekly trips out. And males have managed to ruin that, too.

Please check in, let us know how you are doing.


*There are a few women that we routinely hear from that I haven’t seen for a few weeks. I know most of the regular women here, and I hesitate to put their user name into a post, I know who works in education, who has their own business, who has kids, who has pets, etc. But I don’t like to use names without permission, unless it’s in reference to a public blog post.

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  1. I’m quite well. Just stuck at home until the university allows me to re-enter the campus. So I’m catching up on my reading and watching some interesting lectures. I don’t like e-money either. Some years ago, the Indian Prime Minister announced “demonetization” without warning, and issued new currency notes. So the poor people without bank accounts were completely screwed over, and everyone had to queue up in front of ATMs or banks, or use e-money.

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  2. I’m doing all right. I’m sorry the cash shortage is affecting you so badly.

    When my children’s father and I went through divorce mediation last summer, the two things he wanted to fight about were (1) he wanted to get another woman to move in with him and the kids immediately, which the court frowns upon, and (2) he wanted to keep one of our cats full-time and for me to keep the other cat full-time. (1) is a whole ‘nother story, but for (2) they got us to compromise by trading the cat he wanted back and forth each week. We did this for an entire year and he just last week told me to go ahead and keep her (he said it’s because she doesn’t like traveling, which is true, but I suspect the real reason is that his girlfriend started refusing to clean the litter box). I am squeeeee because kittyyyyyyyy!!!! So now I have 2 cats and 1 dog 24/7. They are all such good little paws. My kids are also good although one of them has been having eating problems. I work full time so there is remote management involved but overall I can’t complain about my life. I’m outraged at what is going on in the outside world though. I really feel for (a) young adults who are trying to launch into a world of chaos, (b) parents of very young children who are trying to navigate a world of chaos amidst tap dancing chickens and (c) children worldwide who are being exploited for political gain.

    But yeah personally I’m OK so that’s one less person to worry about?

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  3. I have a pit bull. His name is Doyle. But I mostly call him booger or boogie.

    He has had cancer for over a year, and oddly, the cancer has not been a big deal. But he was feeling very badly last November, right before Thanksgiving, so I took him to the vet, thinking that it was his cancer finally catching him.

    The cancer was still there, of course, but it wasn’t what was making him feel badly. It turns out that his heart was pretty enlarged. He wasn’t in any horrible pain, or anything, he was just exhausted, his heart was enlarged and it pumping was just wearing him out.

    So the vet gave me heart medicine, and he suggested only 2 weeks worth of medicine because he thought that 2 weeks was a very generous estimate. I asked for 30 days, I donate unused medicine for poor people that love dogs that need medicine, or rescue dogs that the vet treats, and I just thought that I would donate what I had left out of the 30 days of heart pills.

    When I went back for a refill, 30 days later, in December, the vet suggested again that I only get 2 weeks worth, to which I asked for 30 days, again.

    And this dog made a MIRACULOUS recovery. He is 13 or 14, he reverted back to a big old puppy. He likes going places, he likes going to the vet, he likes going to get a bath, he likes laying on the front step. I ordered these little duck sausage dog treats, he goes absolutely batshit for those. So much so, that when fed ex delivers the box, he will try to open it if I don’t get to it right away.

    But time catches up to all of us. And we are swiftly running out of time. He has been extra tired for the past few days, and I can feel his heart beating, it’s a mostly normal beat when he exhales, but when he inhales, it beats double time. His heart is tired, and that is making him tired. And my heart is breaking.

    I didn’t take him to the vet this past week because I knew what he would say. And because Doyle is not in any pain. If he is in pain, then I really don’t have a choice. He is very tired, but he is able to rest comfortably.

    So tomorrow, which is Saturday, I will buy him a big steak and cook it rare, just like he likes. And I will snuggle him and tell him what a good boy he is, and how much I love him. And then, on Monday morning, I will take him to the vet, and I expect that we will say our last good byes.

    I never wanted a pit bull. He was dumped here when I was a foster home for a local dog rescue. I don’t trust anyone that seeks out a pit bull because those people are usually male and looking for a status symbol or a dog to fight. I certainly wouldn’t go looking for one. But he is a very good dog and he is Goofy and stubborn and really, really smart, and he is snuggly, loyal, and he is afraid of everything. And he has been just a pure little delightful joy in a derpy doggy package.

    So this is my weekend. The ending is always so hard. But I wouldn’t trade one second of all of the years of love and joy that he gave me. The pain at the end is worth it. But Jesus. It is just devastating.

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    1. I’m so sorry about your doggy!! Omg that made me cry. That is so painful. Sorry about the other deaths too. It seems like bad things always come in a row. I grew up with my dog since I got her when I was 9. She was a Lhasa Apso and was so perfect and precious. She lived to 18.5 years old. It was my first death and I had no idea how to deal with it. I didn’t want to make the decision to have her euthanized and I thought she would go on her own, but eventually I had to take her in for the shot and I feel bad for making her wait so long. That was about 8 years ago now and still hurts thinking about her not being with me.

      I’ve been so so tired lately and have only been able to stay awake for a couple hours at a time. I’ll wake up, take a shower, feel starving and eat a bunch of food, and I’m already falling back asleep. I normally only get like this for a few days at a time, typically on my period, but it’s been over a week and I still am constantly about to fall asleep.

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  4. Honestly, I’m super depressed. It feels like this is the beginning of the end. Even if we manage to beat coronavirus and its economic consequences, global warming will do us in.

    Also, it feels like there is a concerted effort to purge women’s voices from the public sphere ( reddit and twitter for example) and that’s got me down.

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    1. I have a lot of doom and gloom moments. Although, I have read that this can be a side effect of menopause.

      I agree about our voices being purged, and I would go further, it seems like we are being purged from the public sphere altogether. And that is bleak.

      But I can still find moments of joy. I have my dogs, which are good for cuddles and pets. I got a box of fancy Italian cookies, and I am going to eat some of them while I watch YouTube while I am not wearing pants.

      Try to find a few moments of joy. Don’t let them take everything.

      Also, ignore my advice, if it annoys you, since you didn’t ask for it. And I am happy to see you.

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      1. lol @ ‘not wearing pants’ while also not wearing pants 😉 Let’s form a club.

        In response to both of you above, it is interesting to watch the ebb and flow of oppressions across time and place. How many times in history have women ‘seen it coming’ – was it possible like it is today (provided you have your eyes open and are willing to face reality even if it sucks scrote)? Even with some advanced warning – and yes, I think there is worse to come for women in the near future – is it possible to prevent it? I don’t think so; there isn’t a critical mass of women willing to stand up.

        So the question becomes one of how to weather whatever shit storm is coming and it is a-coming. RFS, this was an excellent post to get women talking about their realities at the moment and some excellent stuff was touched on. Money – key in a scrotal society. Outlets for protest and communication and touching base with the sane insane. Housing security. Access to basic needs. And contingency plans – you might feel you are ‘okay’ now, but when things get worse, what are you going to do? I mean really – what are you going to do? Have you made an accounting of ready resources, possible resources, and desperate measures? Have you thought about what you are willing to do to survive? What are you not willing to do?

        I’m not a paranoid person by nature. I’m not hyperbolic or an exaggerator or hand-wringer. I try to call it as I see it and get real about solutions – creative solutions. I think there are far worse things to come, and your personal planning needs to start yesterday. I’m fascinated by how fragile male houses of cards (aka ‘patriarchal societies’) actually are. Things break down very easily, and when they do, a new definition of crazy becomes the new normal. We already see how black men are handling things. How are women going to react when they finally reach their breaking points?

        I’m curious to hear from anotherwomaninhell about all of this, as she is very motivated to find solutions. Her energy is infectious, and I think we need a dose of her at the moment.

        Anyhow, Iris, I totally hear you and feel for you. It is hard not to get down, pissed off, and frankly, feeling a little (or a lot) helpless, especially in light of the fact that so many idiot women-of-the-patriarchy keep trying to tell us that we are free and equal now. No need to fight and all that fucking shite.

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      2. Wow thank you story ending! That’s the best compliment anyone’s ever given me, someone specifically wants to hear my thoughts and I have infectious energy! I’m not used to that. I’m so used to being ignored or called retarded. I feel so exhausted right now. I’ve been sleeping for days and days and just eating and falling back asleep. Trying to load up on vitamins now and get back to things and hopefully I can stay awake now.

        Everything is so fucking hard when you start out with nothing and don’t have family resources to give you a head start. Some of my cousins inherited a bunch of money from their rich grandpa and their dads have good jobs and can buy them whatever too. Their grandpa got rich doing something in some third world country so obviously it was some kind of shady shit. I keep thinking about what I would do if I had a rich grandpa to die and leave me his blood money instead of being left nothing. I would immediately buy an old church right now and invite any women who want to come live there and work with me so I could get stuff started right away. I keep seeing all these people buying old churches for way cheap. Then I’d have lots of space and can have people to work with to get started and I could get out of here quickly. Then I’d start looking for land and planning building stuff. But everything is a constant challenge if you have nothing to start with. I also keep thinking about what bullshit this idea is that if you give the rich people more money they will create stuff and create jobs. If they could do that then they would be doing it already because they are already rich. If the government started working to help poor people with funding for their ideas and provided secure housing to live in there would be an explosion of new innovative ideas from people who have the drive to make things better because they see clearly what shit everything is.

        Anyway working along with everything. I talked to someone recently who is a grant writer and she told me all about applying for grants. I need to find the means to get some land and some stuff going on and I can run with it. My thoughts are very jumbled up from pain and stress so writing everything out and talking everything out on the blogs helps me get things clearer so I can get everything in order to do it.

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  5. I’m doing ok. If anyone needs a boost that you know of I’d be happy to contribute, just set up a gofundme or something? I also wrote about the cash thing, called it the Cashless Con, but I will spare you the link this time 🙂 Suffice it to say, it has fuck all to do with hygiene and everything to do with Capitalism.

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  6. I’ll be writing about it soon, but I just left the US for Canada on the 14th. Student visa ran out, and I couldn’t travel anywhere else from the fly-blacklisted US. So now, I’m in forced quarantine for 2 weeks. Trapped in a hotel room, no exposure to sun (Vit D) or outdoors. Inadequate food. If I wasn’t sick going in, I’ll be sick once I’m done here.

    I communicated with the govt of Canada earlier and explained that I have no family, no home in Canada, no friends welcoming me to isolate with them, not eligible for the stimulus money (which is much more than Americans get) – I haven’t lived here in 10 years, and even then I was homeless – and they said that the govt would put me up in a designated quarantine accommodation and supply me with food – all paid for. I arrived and apparently, that is not the case AT ALL. Whadya know, the government lies. So, I am forced to pay for accommodation that is well beyond my means – a place I would have never chosen because it is too expensive, and I have to pay for food, but I am not allowed to go out to get ‘affordable food’ because I am not allowed outside. If I don’t comply, I get fined $5,000 dollars or more, or go to jail for breaking the Virus Quarantine Law or whatever they’re calling it. I don’t have a problem with isolating – I’m community-minded that way; but I am poor and alone and female and unemployed, and my fucking ‘socialist’ government doesn’t give a flying fuck that I can’t afford what they are enforcing. Like in the past. Nothing has changed. There is a reason I don’t live in Canada and haven’t done for years – the government supports and gives resources to rapists, war criminals, violent trans, and honour-killer-FGM Muslim immigrants, but fucks local-born women over again and again. This isn’t the first time Canada has tried to bankrupt me. I’m starting to think that working in China is looking good again. And if people knew how shitty it is to work in China, and how long it took me to escape that country, it says a lot that I am considering going back.

    I hate this male world. Their fucking domination of the economic system, their disregard for and attack on women who don’t follow society’s gender roles, and their goddamn diseases. If it isn’t a rape-transmitted venereal disease, then its a messing-with-animals disease that males brought into being somehow. Viruses are direct from males fucking with nature.

    Now that I’ve ranted, I will say that despite how it sounded, I am faring pretty well, psychologically, and hope that everyone knows that despite certain feminist hang-outs closing down, they can still come here to talk and there is stuff to read that hasn’t (yet) been banned/censored. Be well, sisters.

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      1. I do, but I’ll be okay. Like you, I’m a cash stasher. And I’m super thrifty and strategic. Things all women should be taught from a young age because when things get dicey, life is much more dangerous for women and girls than for males.

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      2. Ok, well, I am happy to share some of my stimulus money, at least enough for a meal, or 2.

        If you change your mind, you let me know. My email is at Gmail. Respond after you write down my email, I am going to delete this exchange. But please, think about it because I really enjoy sharing with women, and I rarely have the money. But I do now. For a little bit.

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      3. You are truly sweet and amazing. This is one thing that I admire about Americans. Generous to a fault. And I have always stood by that, despite what people say and whatever else is going on in the US. People like to focus on the capitalism, but seldom look at folks on the ground and how they interact with their communities.

        I believe I will be fine. But the gesture is so incredibly appreciated.

        It’s funny, I feel the same way as you. I have a little money sitting in China that I have been unable to easily access, so I have left it with a young, financially insecure young woman whom I trust completely. I told her to use the money if she needs it – she lost her job at a university cafe during the Chinese virus shut down. Life has gone mostly back to normal, but the universities have stayed closed – so her job is gone and both of her parents are in the hospital. That is a hard place to be in, and certainly a harder place than I feel I am in. But like you said, I enjoy sharing with women if I have a little extra – at this point, some of my extra is sitting in China, so she can use it if she needs it.

        If only we could make this a universal thing. Only in a male dominated society do people live in poverty and where asking for help is a shameful thing.

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      4. I think that sometimes, we don’t ask for help because we know we won’t get it. I wouldn’t bother asking a male because they are selfish and enjoy causing misery with their greed. They create the scarcity, they don’t want to relieve it. But we don’t ask women because most of us are poor. So many times that I wished that I had money to give to a woman who needed it, and I didn’t have it to give.

        But the stimulus was really like a gift, because my income was not affected, there was even a little bit of additional hazard pay for a few weeks. So I wanted to share a lot of it, as much as possible.

        My offer to you stands, as long as I have a little bit to spare. Women like us are VITAL, we are important, maybe more than we know. I want to support all of us, as much as possible, in any way that I can.

        And I hope that you leave your post up, with the survey link. Every little bit helps.

        Enjoy your quarantine. Also, Justin treadaeu or whatever the fuck his name is, he is a first class fuckstick. I don’t understand the women that LURV him. He is slimy.

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      5. I hear you. It probably exists, but we need a secure underground network where women can give and take as needed. Kind of what a government is supposed to do (moreso under a socialist structure), but it doesn’t work. Basically what you’d expect when men run things. And as I said, it probably exists, but underground, so you don’t really hear about it unless you connect with the right women.

        I am leaving the post up, and put it on my blog sidebar so that it stays front and centre. I always feel a bit slimy talking about ‘online work’ of this nature, as there are so many scams out there. But this one is legit. It won’t make people rich, but it is extra money that women especially need. I am not a hard core user as I was mostly busy with school, at least until a few months ago, but I know you can easily cash out $20 or more per day if you have nothing better to do and fit the demographics they’re looking for (which vary depending on the study).

        Yes, I agree. Trudeau is a milquetoast douchebag. His father, who was Prime Minister years ago was loved, and I think like so many men, he has capitalized on that kind of male privilege boys’ club bullshit. He is also younger and better looking (whatev, meh – they’re all disgusting to me) than what we’ve had in the past. He is way too soft on shit that needs to be taken care of, especially China, who is holding two Canadians hostage in retaliation for us acting on the behalf of the US and arresting that Huawei CFO. She is under house arrest in one of her multiple multi-million dollar homes Canada has allowed her to buy (note that foreigners are not allowed to buy homes in China, ahem), while the Canadian hostages are being held in jail with no access to lawyers and a single visit from the embassy per month. They’ve been charged with one of the two things foreigners are always charged with in China: espionage (in their case) or drugs. I was still in China when this started.

        Sorry, off on a tangent there. Trudeau has done nothing to secure the release of these folks. He has stood up to Trump regarding keeping the border secure and keeping the virus contained. But he is letting trans bullshit through and seems to be involved in all the typical money scandals that all male politicians inevitably get called out for (but seldom punished).

        Like the US, we can’t seem to elect a woman as head of state. Not that the right kind of woman would thrive in a male system or even want to try for the job. But still. North America is fucking behind when it comes to women’s rights and providing role models for girls.

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      6. That would be amazing to have some sort of method to give and get money between women. When you get stuck in poverty it is so hard to get out. I have so many ideas that I know will work but it’s like I get stuck doing some bullshit stuff to make a few dollars to pay my immediate bills and stuff like toiletries and cat supplies. It is so hard to advance when you are caught up in just trying to get by. I’ve thought about doing a GoFundMe before to help get more things I need to get my business up and running because I got all kinds of stuff but didn’t know what I was doing so it wasn’t that organized and still need specific stuff, but it’s like some weird shameful thing to ask for help and the people who want to help others are usually the poor ones. Whenever someone needs help it really hurts because I want to help but I need help too. I want to be successful enough to go beyond me not having to worry and to be able to actually help others like I’ve never really been able to help before with more than a few dollars. Everytime I give a few dollars to someone or donate to help animal rescue it pisses me off that this should not be needed at all for the poorest people to give their money because all these rich fuckers are hoarding everything. Everything is very hard to figure out alone and we need more working together somehow.

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  7. Thanks for checking in. I don’t always know what to say. Everything right now has this dreamlike/nightmarish quality to it. I used to feel I was in a nightmare when I was in an abusive relationship several years back but then I felt alone in a way I do not right now. Kind of funny as I live alone now. I guess now I get to be more selective about the company I keep. I am grateful for voices of sanity amidst all the turmoil.

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  8. Havng a helluva time in too many ways to count. But still managing to sleep indoors, eat, and take my meds. Wondering, why did I have to live to see this? Would rather have taken an early departure.

    And the terrible thoughts of “what happens if … ” and “what happens when? …. ” that torture me in the middle of the night. Watching my daughters’ life come to its valiant but tortured end.

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    1. I am agnostic atheist. Which is a lazy position, I suppose, it really comes down to “don’t know, don’t care”.

      But I do hope that my spirit (or energy, life force, whatever is inside of this body that moves it) doesn’t just end. Maybe it’s just empty hope, but I still hope that when I die, that I actually leave this body, and go somewhere else, hopefully better. Maybe because there are Women there, and animals (especially dogs), that I just so desperately want to see again. Or meet for the first time, even! My paternal grandmother died before I could meet her, my oldest sister said that my grandmother would hang garlic around her neck to ward off evil spirits. And she hated men! I cannot believe that I missed her by just a few years, she sounds like my kind of woman.

      Anyway. Perhaps I will see you there. Maybe we will all see each other there. It’s a nice dream, either way.

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  9. My friend just texted me that our town is boycotting our local Walmart. They are mandating masks and refusing cash, too. This is crazy. I’m glad you mention how a cashless society will affect women. I guess I would suggest buying money orders, if they are still selling them, they would rather have to take cash, otherwise what’s the point? The post office sells them (or did) as well as most grocery stores and bank branches. If anywhere is still selling gift cards, and still take cash, that’s another option. Are there gift card vending machines? I haven’t seen one in my little town but I think that’s a thing? But if no one is taking cash anymore, gift cards and money orders will pretty much be obsolete eventually. If they aren’t already. This is just becoming more and more unbelievable as it goes on.

    It was already difficult to get a bank account before if you had any money problems, or were overdrawn at another bank. You have to get square with all your banks before anyone will let you open a new account. If you can never get square, you can never get another account. Paypal worked for a lot of Etsy sellers for many years, bc you didn’t need a bank account to have and use a Paypal account, it was money in, money out without ever needing to pass through a bank. But Etsy stopped that maybe 2 years ago and started processing Paypal payments in-house, meaning, you had to have a bank account to have the Paypal funds deposited into after that. A lot of sellers went out of business. It was really maddening to see the Karens on Etsy not understanding what the problem was bc it didn’t affect them. Maybe now it will, now that their husbands are out of work and/or their accounts are overdrawn. Not that Karens are the worst people on the planet, but I think criticising them in that case is warranted. It was embarassing to see people not understand how anything works just bc it didn’t directly affect them that day. Anyway. I’m so sorry about the effect this is going to have on women who are already struggling. And it was such a fast change for something so drastic. Cash is legal tender, I don’t see how it’s even legal to refuse cash for any transaction. There might be legal challenges to this, but it won’t happen anytime soon, probably. Or they will just say that “public health” trumps all. This has been a frightening development, and not one that anyone I know saw coming. Pandemic was very low on the list of incoming disasters on every channel I paid attention to.

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    1. My bank account is linked to a direct deposit, which is almost impossible to switch to another account. Not to mention that every workplace now offers direct deposit for free, or a debit card for those unable to get a bank account, some for the reasons that you listed, and you are charged every time you use the fucking card. And every person at my husband’s work that attempts to sign up for direct deposit is told that their account number is wrong, or their request can’t be processed, a million reasons that signing up for direct deposit is impossible, so please, just get the expensive debit card, or risk missing a couple of paychecks while corporate tries really hard to get you your direct deposit. Eventually.

      I keep thinking about the women in India, from a few years ago, when Indian government recalled most of their currency. Citizens were given less than 2 days to turn in their cash for the new cash, and any old currency would be worthless after the 2 days. I have read about so many women that hid money for their kids because the “provider” didn’t care if the kids had adequate food or clothing. So they are hiding money that will be useless in a few days, it’s a secret, but you know, those helpful XY sought those women out and bought the old currency from them. For pennies on the fucking dollar, of course.

      Males control us with money. Can you imagine this world in a few years, women won’t have the financial ability to leave their homes, and with trannies in every female space, we wouldn’t have anywhere safe to go, anyway. I mean, trannies will still have freedom, being male, and all.

      I see what you mean about money orders, but those, too, would have to be exact change, because stores are refusing to give change. Gift cards would work.

      But we may just be speculating over nothing.

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      1. Yes, money orders would be for bills like utilities and rent if they don’t take cash. Something you know the exact amount and don’t need change. Just get a receipt, tho, as if it were cash. And keep the stub until you know you’ve been credited for the payment, if not longer. The runaround bullshit is maddening. How shady that your husband’s employer is fucking around with debit cards with fees. Omg. A fee to use your own fucking money! Just bc it’s made of plastic doesn’t mean it’s a credit card ffs. Disgusting. I just heard that the governor mandated masks in public for the entire state of Colorado, starting tonight at midnight. We will see how that goes. It seems like we are headed for another shutdown honestly. If things are so bad that we need masks 100% of the time, I don’t see how they could keep things open for long. And this cashless thing is beyond disturbing. I don’t think it would be possible to overstate how huge this is. These are drastic changes that are happening almost overnight. What’s next, is the question on my mind, and I can’t even imagine the answer. I never thought we would be where we are in a million years.

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      2. Ok, I gotcha, I wasn’t thinking about utilities, but I should have been, because I pay those in cash, I always did until the office closed, and then I went to getting a money order at Walmart to leave it in the drop box.

        If they need exact fucking change for a money order, I am screwed.

        And yep, the debit card that replaces the paycheck has to be paid for, at least,the bank that has inserted itself into something just to mine poor people for more cash has to be paid. When Mr. J went to work at this national corporation 5 years ago, the corporation insisted that something was wrong with our account, when we have been on direct deposit for years, and tried to push him to take the debit card, and I insisted that NOPE, they can threaten to hold your pay and act all confused, but I am not going to be bullied into paying a bank to use your earned fucking income from your job. And he is the only male, every other employee is a woman, and they all have the debit card, and they all say the same thing, that they went for as long as they could, waiting for the direct deposit to be figured out, but finally ended up taking the debit card because they needed money. They are charged a fee for each use, but I think that most of them just withdraw it all at once, so they only have one fee.

        And then they have cash. Which now, they can’t use.

        If there’s another shut down, then they will have to do a stimulus for people that aren’t corporations. I am hoping that poor males will just take care of the rich ones. Honestly. Let them kill each other, that will solve some problems immediately.

        There are a bunch of retailers that are mandating face mask usage starting Monday, and some others starting on August first. This is where superior males have lead us. They are just so fucking frighteningly stupid. I have no idea where we are going next, but since males are leading, wherever it is will only be worse.

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      3. There is a requirement here for masks in all buildings. You can still use cash though most places. It’s only a few places that have said no cash. I use my credit card most of the time but have spent cash a few times from selling stuff out of my house and spending it before I had time to go to the bank.

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  10. I mean gendercritical was fine like 5 years ago. It has (had?) changed to be pro-male but still better than 99% shit on reddit. Old posts were badass. blackpillfeminism was my favourite, posts such as “all men are rapists deep down” etc. Now I guess I forgot how to write in English because I can’t even write what I want so I don’t write.

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    1. GenderCritical was important as a source, at least, for me, because there were so many women that would find stories and post links.

      They did become very male centered, which makes the male decision to shut them down even more enraging. There were no threats to males, no wishes or fantasies of raping males, beating males, murdering or choking males. It was Women mostly just hoping that males would someday, maybe, respect them, just a little, and maybe that males would stop choosing to be so violent.

      But we are only allowed to discuss male approved topics in a male approved way. Because males hold our rights. so.

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    2. Yes, I got onto blackpill, and I thought it wasn’t radical enough. But apparently too womanly for men to tolerate it. Unless cock is directly supported these days, women are not allowed to speak in public. Blogs are tolerated unless they get too much traffic and allow comments. But I suppose if enough men complain about a lady-blog, away it goes.

      Check out – someone mentioned it on here in another post, and it is the lady-reddit-like space. I’ve hung out there a bit, and even though males are allowed to register, I haven’t yet seen the disease they usually spread on it.

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      1. Blackpillfeminism is still alive on other platforms. There is a Facebook group and discord groups. So they can’t quite shut us up because women will just gather somewhere else and that’s a bit encouraging.

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  11. I am pissed off, thanks to coronavirus I am still unemployed. Amazing subreddits such as pinkpilledfeminism, gendercritical and the amazing blackpillfeminism have been banned and I can’t find even find any old anti-male posts on reddit. There is almost no anti-male space on the internet, even private nati-male blogs are so rare to even find. I hate men even more.

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