Wrap Up, July 30, 2020. #SayHerName #FemaleLivesMatter. Women with THE virus aren’t sick, they are “hysterical”. Russian patriarchy bans women from hundreds of jobs because they are penisless.

Male government in Nova Scotia has decided to have the inquiry into the male that shot 22 people this past April in private. Women’s groups are demanding that the inquiry be public.

At the WNBA opening game of the season, both teams returned to their locker rooms during the playing of the national anthem, in protest of the male choice to murder Breonna Taylor, whose name was placed all over the arena. The season is being dedicated to Taylor, and the focus is on SAY HER NAME, which centers black women. (Although, weirdly, the “black (male) lives matter” movement has to be mentioned, every time, because SAY HER NAME can’t get too much focus, or something).

Male medical systems are gaslighting women with coronavirus by claiming that women aren’t really sick, that they are just stressed economically, tired, suffering acid reflux, or maybe have a vitamin deficiency, or anxiety.

Coronavirus increases the already present risk of fatal blood clots in Women taking the birth control pill.

Russia has a list of jobs that women are banned from entering, in order to protect their uterus (like truck driving, for example). The United Nations suggested that Russia review the list, but they didn’t suggest getting rid of the list. And when a male is in a job that is denied to women, here is what happens when he declares that he is a woman.

Finally, female warriors depicted a little more realistically then male versions.


22 thoughts on “Wrap Up, July 30, 2020. #SayHerName #FemaleLivesMatter. Women with THE virus aren’t sick, they are “hysterical”. Russian patriarchy bans women from hundreds of jobs because they are penisless.

  1. Reproductive worry’s silly in the Land of Only Children. Without its’ Asian part , Russia shan’t have even its’ measly 1.6 fert. rate\\
    Also, fathers’re kicked out there without a 2-week notice. For it’s also the land of Single Mums. laws like this’re nothing but a case of desperation -/to have SOME hetero stronghold over women @ all

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  2. My cousin just got engaged… This will be her fourth marriage. She’s a year younger than me, so only 33. That is so fucking weird to me how she keeps getting married to some new guy and then getting tired of him and getting a new one right away. She had one of them buy her a car and pay for plastic surgery. They buy her all kinds of stuff and take her everywhere. It’s hard for me to understand her getting with some new dude all the time and her getting married for the forth time already. But she gets to live a nice life and is able to have a good business because she was never worried about survival and got to focus everything on doing stuff for herself.

    It’s all a very odd mentality that I can’t really understand. She adopts all these animals too and then gives them to friends and family after a while. They all get good lifelong homes with someone she gives them to but she never keeps them. One of my cats was one she adopted from the shelter when she lived by me and she put him outside and just left on trips and didn’t worry about him. He kept following me and my dog home and decided to move in. It seems like she has no real attachment to anyone other than like her parents and sister and she’s able to just go through life getting these guys to buy her everything until she’s bored with them and be able to be focused and be social for her business because she’s free to do only things that benefit her and afford anything she wants at all. Honestly I wish I would have gotten a rich dude before I got disgusted with them and then dumped him and gotten a good start in building things up for myself with someone actually being able to really help me. I find them too awful now to consider it.


    1. That’s one of the financial opportunities that Patriarchal society offers to women.

      I am not saying that it’s right or wrong, just that it is an opportunity. That’s part of the social contract that males created. That a male will give you some financial security if you will be his hole available for fucking on demand.

      And males cry about gold diggers, when that is one of the financial options that they created, lol.

      Also, getting a male to financially support you is really rare. For a male to consider letting a woman dig his gold (LOL), they have some pretty set criteria. My guess is that she is going to have to try to settle on one and stick with it, because only younger women can hop between males. Fuckability is a very real factor for those type of XY, especially since males are looking at her as a dick investment.

      Males that are able to support themselves are few and far between, and a male that is ok with financially supporting a woman are even more rare.

      All that being said, I have always financially supported myself, until very recently. It’s much better to support yourself, if you can.

      There’s an old saying, that women that marry for money earn every penny. Truth. I have never been interested in doing that. I am ok to stay poor.

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      1. She can support herself though because since she never had to worry about survival she had plenty of opportunity to make a successful business for herself and her mom and sister all work with her so she’s had every opportunity to thrive. Then she gets these guys who spend all this money on this luxury lifestyle and she’s able to do whatever she wants and take all kinds of vacations anywhere. So she’s fine without them and there’s no pressure that she has to stay with any of them who aren’t completely pleasing her. I can’t imagine her doing anything on demand either. Just finds some dude to play with him for a while and have him treat her to stuff until she gets tired of him I guess.

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      2. Yeah I was never into the thought of marrying some dude for money and then feeling indepted to him and worrying about him acting like I owed him. I ended up having to rely on my ex anyway with how things worked out and he couldn’t really afford it and become a huge asshole about it. Now I’m like damn I should have just gotten a rich guy to buy me stuff until I was done with him lol. They are too fucking gross at best if they’re not dangerous and I’m too disgusted to deal with them now and definitely don’t want to date any.

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      3. Rich males are fucking terrifying. I wouldn’t want to be anywhere near one for any reason, let alone live with one. It’s far better to be with powerless men who will not have institutions or the community or other powerful people behind him, and believing his version events over yours, if it ever comes down to it. Call me cynical, but I suspect there is more to your cousin’s story than she is telling you. If she isn’t experiencing any negative consequences from essentially fucking over powerful men, it would be highly unusual, if not a miracle. This story is exceptional in any event. I wouldn’t count on being able to recreate it.

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      4. I have to say, I have never heard of a woman who could support herself and just used males for shits and giggles, repeatedly with no consequences.

        I mean, I have heard male MRAs tell that story. This is the first and only time I have heard it from a woman.

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      5. I’m definitely not going to try to recreate it lol. They all just disgust me at this point. I don’t think any of her dudes see anything as her fucking them over though they are just thrilled to get to be with her because she’s fun and easygoing and she doesn’t even have to rely on any them anyway and has plenty of money of her own. She’s not trying to get money or anything from anyone just is used to people with money and expects it and then things never last with the guys. I definitely don’t think she wants anything to end with them either, that’s why she keeps marrying all these guys and hoping for the best otherwise she wouldn’t do all that commitment. It’s not like she’s marrying them and taking money from them afterwards.

        They just have enough money that they have a high standard of living and then they part amicably when the relationship ends and were happy to get to be with her. I don’t think any of them are rich exactly or highly connected, but definitely rich compared to anything I’ve ever seen with well paying jobs. She is well off too on her own now with no obligation to do anything she doesn’t want to, she has her mom and sister who built a business with her and got to have lots of support from her spouses so was never stuck in any sort of survival situation and got a real opportunity to work on stuff for herself. She actually even won a bunch of money in the lottery at one point, then her and the second husband eloped. So her and whatever guy she’s with are able to afford to do whatever they want with both their incomes.

        She always worked really hard earning money for herself, but obviously lots of people do and they usually don’t get to keep it because they don’t have enough support from other people. I was dumb enough to get involved with some broke dumbass who was given everything in life, in a system built for him with parents ready and able to fund anything he wanted to do and he still couldn’t succeed. I thought we could build ourselves up working together. His mom had to keep giving him money for our living and he resented me for it and for having to work so hard and having nothing left over. He blamed me for being sick and having a bunch of bad stuff happen to me and not being able to earn much money because he was so desperate to figure out how to earn enough money to provide a decent life.

        If you’re going to get involved with them at all you should at least pick one who can earn a good amount of money to live on or it’s definitely not worth it for sure since they probably will stop loving you once it gets too hard anyway if men are really even capable of love. I had to keep spending my tiny amounts of money I had to work so hard for and he still got so mad and horrible to me that it wasn’t enough and he still had to get money from his mom in addition to all the money he earned. We moved into a house from an apartment with more expensive rent prematurely obviously, he lost the job that he had and things didn’t work out as well as he hoped and he was still having to make so much money and ending up broke. He wouldn’t work with me to figure anything out together as a team but he just expected me to find some good job to be able to pay part of our expenses with him even though I was very ill, so injured I could barely move, and had no car and after a while my phone was even dying and couldn’t afford a new one. And somehow I was supposed to figure out how to make money with all this while barely being able to get out of bed a lot of the time. I couldn’t even finish my degree for a long time because everything kept dragging on with illness.

        He became so awful to me near the end of things because he had to keep spending all the money he earned and couldn’t make enough like it was my fault for being sick. It was so fucked up and it’s like what’s even wrong with a guy who is given everything from his parents who will give him money to start everything and is smart and healthy but still can’t do well? And then he blames it on his sick woman who had to struggle through everything in life and came from a poor crazy family. He made me feel bad like I was letting him down not paying any significant part of our expenses but now I’m wondering why I didn’t have higher standards. He was happy to take me places and buy me gifts and I felt like that was a lot but it’s really because I’ve come from a poor family. Plenty of dudes who have good income will buy their partners cars and everything they need. It’s really fucked up how he guilted me so much for everything he did for me like I was some drain on him but it was because he was a loser.


  3. I keep wondering to myself how such a small group of mentally ill men changed Western reality (policy, law, etc) to radically. When I am not immersed in the sheer horror of what it means for women and children, I am utterly fascinated by the enthusiasm with which people support this absolute insanity. But the truth of it is this. Think about how other groups of mentally ill men have not changed policy and law. Paranoid schizophrenics, for example. The world has not responded in support of the idea that power lines are controlling our minds or the government has implanted silver wires in all of our forearms, or what have you. The only reason this mentally ill group of men have so quickly changed policy in government, the school system, etc. is that policy makers very clearly know how much these changes control and destroy the power of and completely derail the efforts of women and girls. If women weren’t so severely affected by what trannies have proposed, I don’t think they would have made the ‘progress’ they have.

    I am so disappointed, nay, devastated, that the average woman on the street that pays attention to social issues has bought in so completely with policy that hurts her, her sisters and her daughters.

    But if I manage to compartmentalize the shock and horror, I am utterly and completely fascinated by the psychology of all involved in this disgusting movement. I have to think that understanding the psychology and being willing to weaponize it is the only way to dismantle the trans and bring a little sanity back to the West. Logic doesn’t work. Presenting scientific facts doesn’t work. Masters’ tools, I say.

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    1. I am totally fine with weaponizing, and in more ways than one. Have you thought at all about how to do that? Or any specific ideas?

      I am really just asking as a thought exercise, because anything that we do has to be on an individual level, mostly. I can’t remember if it was Alyssa Milano or Winona Ryder that tweeted out a few years ago that as a response to abortion restrictions, there should be a national sex strike, and ERMAHGERD, the hammer fell swift and fast on her. That was before I had a Twitter, in retrospect, I should have signed up and supported her, iirc, she had to recant, the backlash was so severe.

      You are right, logic doesn’t work, facts don’t work, truth doesn’t work because males aren’t colonizing us and stealing from us, owning and controlling us because they are right, everybody knows that they are not right. But males don’t retain control because they are right, they retain it because they are willing to use physical force and violence. And the only way to respond to Violence is with violence. It’s the only thing that males understand. They are too intellectually deficient to understand reason.

      I will say this, though. Women have responded before with violence, and males have tried to erase it, so I am absolutely, one hundred percent certain, that there were probably many times that we responded with violence, and males have intentionally kept it out of history. I do not believe for a second that all of the women that males burned as witches didn’t physically fight back, maybe not all of them, but more than a few, I would bet my life on it. I mean, look at their history narrative, they lie constantly to make themselves look better.

      But this trannie bullshit is the natural conclusion to male pathology and to their delusions of grandeur and superiority. They are such a frightening toxic mix of arrogant and ignorant, that they have bought into their own bullshit about the performance of femininity being the most important thing, the thing that makes them feel special, the thing that defines their existence, especially in relation to each other. Combine that with their existential dread of being worthless, and hating us for their uselessness, so of course, they have found a way to replace us, even if they are not really able to replace us completely, they have replaced us in the only way that matters to them, as a subservient fuck toy that chooses to be a fuck toy, that basks in being treated like an on demand sex toy, and responds in the only way that is acceptable to males, enthusiastically responding to male dominance with even more submission. Women have been fighting that forever, so of course, males have decided to just do it themselves, they have created the perfect environment for it. I mean, trannies have been saying forever that they are the REAL women, that their broholes are superior to our nasty vaginas, that they are the standard of woman that males love, and they are right. Males created femininity, so of course, they perform it better. And most of them are closet faggots, and now, they created a loophole and are perpetuating it, that they can still be straight because males can be women and dick can be ladydick.

      We are at the natural conclusion of male sickness and dominance. And the women that are going along with the madness are sacrificing their daughters. It’s insanity.

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      1. Yes, I agree that anything that could or would be done would have to be on an individual level. It would have to be under the radar. There aren’t really any safe spaces to organize these days, and women seem to have too difficult a time coming to a consensus about what should be done to actually pose a real threat to men (other than the threat men make up about us in their tiny brains). Funny, men can all agree on raping and controlling, but woman can’t agree on what female slavery means (or that it even exists) and how to solve the XY problem. Not evidence of women’s inability to come together, but of the extent to which we are all mindfucked to some degree. Convincing a women (entire societies of women) to accept a lifetime of rape is one helluva brainwashing program success story.

        So yeah, individual endeavours.

        I think an individual woman working under the radar anonymously, but in a very public way (think Banksy, but but focused on female liberation) could create a lot of effective havoc. I have ideas, but none that I will talk about in public.

        The biggest problem with women speaking out individually or in groups in a non-anonymous way is that women will destroy them before any male would even try. In fact, self-proclaimed feminists will destroy these women most effectively. Most so-called ‘feminists’ are like cream cheese or cotton candy – offering flavour that is still offensive to many, attractive to a few, but there is no substance there at all. Empty calories. Give these women something real to deal with and they backpeddle and drown the messenger, distancing themselves from someone who could have been a great leader and very effective. It makes me wonder whether women really do want freedom – I think taking ‘liberation’ out of the 2nd wave’s movement was a really telling action and turned 99% of what most women have done since into pablum. A few notable exceptions, but mostly, women don’t want liberation at all, but concepts that can’t possibly exist with men in the picture (e.g., equality, peace, etc).

        Definitely, there have been women who have responded with violence. They’ve been erased by men, post-mortem-transed by the trannies, or destroyed or discredited by fellow feminists (e.g., Valerie Solanas). I still think women should use violence whenever they can as long as they do it in ways that won’t get them thrown in jail (unless they need food and a place to sleep, healthcare and more, I guess – this is my retirement plan, and I’m only half-joking). Violence is only effective when coupled with psychology/language to control or effect change. We’ve seen that with men. Brutalizing women only goes so far – they mindfuck us and control the language that affects us, as well, to make the violence stick in our memories and accept it as normal.

        Yep, I agree – the trans situation is the XY natural conclusion. It is the only way men can fuck themselves and not be the gay that lives in all men.

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      2. I think that the single most important thing that we can do is stop being polite to the random ones in public.

        Imagine if we all, or a big chunk of us, didn’t smile at them, thank them for holding the door, ignore them if they try to engage us at all.

        I do that. I only speak to them when I can’t avoid it, and then, I am verbally aggressive, because that is the only thing that they seem to understand.

        Most of them try to manipulate me with how sad I make them when I refuse that sweet male approval that they are attempting to gift to me. But some get angry. Which is really funny, most of the time.

        I used to wonder if Women really want to be liberated, too. But the women that side with males, or refuse to subvert male dominance, I think that they are the most scared. I think that it was Yvonne that said it plainly here, recently, that if enough of us refused to fuck, cohabitate, and pair up with males, that they would force us to, en masse. All of us know this because males have done it before, we were all property of males, at one time. It wouldn’t take much for them to do that again, and blame us for not doing as they tell us.

        So I don’t know. What can we really do. Except enjoy the company of like minded women.

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      3. I stopped being polite to them for the most part, one of the most freeing things I’ve ever done to let myself not worry about that. It’s hard because I want to be nice to people who haven’t done anything wrong to me, but I just know what to expect from showing any basic politeness to men that it will lead to something unpleasant.

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      4. Yes, wasting energy on men does little for women. Men’s reactions to us can turn on a dime, and it doesn’t really matter what you do to get them to react negatively. Anything can be provocation in their eyes, even doing nothing or ignoring them.

        You mentioned the door-holding – remember when women started getting mad when men held the door for them back whenever it was (the 80’s? who knows) and men got all upset at the bad feminists? (traditional women got very vocal and upset about it too, in the way they do about women who wear pants suits…) Yeah, men react to everything. Things that don’t hurt them other than their big manly feelings. But unlike women, those hurt feelings often turn into violent backlash. They get sad, and then they get violent.

        I think Yvonne is probably correct. Although not written into any modern constitution, there is blanket understanding and acceptance that women are not full humans with bodily and intellectual independence. And there is blanket understanding and acceptance that men can expect any manner of services from women and denial of those services warrants enforcement by any means necessary.

        Luckily/unluckily, women will never rise en masse and take the action needed to end this slavery. So we can find tiny places to gather and talk, age into invisibility as ungracefully as we wish, and hopefully take action on an individual level that serve to tickle the mind and make us feel that we have done our part before we go to the worms.

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  4. The UN “ruled in her favor, rebuked the Russian government for its baseless appeal to protecting women’s fertility” – so this she-male is planning on getting pregnant, eh?

    So the male takes lady status then uses his male privilege to win a court battle that caused him to lose his male job cuz he’s a lady. So now he’s a lady doing a man’s job… (head exploding with the non-logic of it all).

    Next headline will show that he is unable to get pregnant because Russia was, in fact, correct that this job destroy’s women’s fertility. He will take them to court to win money because he isn’t lady-fertile anymore (he was before though!!!) He won’t have to prove he was lady-fertile; he can just say he felt like he could have become fertile despite the lack of uterus that the initial Russian ruling protecting.

    *brains all over the wall behind me*

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    1. So much of this story is infuriating.

      I read it because of the title, which explicitly is about WOMEN. So imagine my shock when it was not about women, it was woman related, the focus is on a fucking MALE.

      And when the UN said “baseless appeal to protecting women’s fertility”, did they mean that it’s baseless to deny women economic opportunity so that males can protect female fertility? Or is it only a baseless appeal to protecting women’s fertility when the woman has a ladydick?

      And dudebro won over $25,000 in his lawsuit, a lawsuit that women can’t even file. And here is where the universal female experience under male rule is important in our shared experience, because do males think that infertile women, or menopausal women, or childless women could get a job that males have barred women entry? MALES OPPRESS WOMEN BASED ON THEIR FUCKTOILET, SERVANT STATUS, AND THAT STATUS IS DETERMINED BY OUR FUCKING BIOLOGY. Creatures that have a dick and balls reserve all opportunity and advantage for themselves, at our expense. And it’s all because male bodies are worthless, and they know it.

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