Comfort Women are Transphobic Bigots that murder males (in skirts) by discussing their enslavement and rape.

*Credit to Dead Wild Roses, which is where I first saw this image this morning.

I have read many, many stories of and about many, many women.

Women that have been damaged by males in a million different ways.

I have read exactly 6 pages of a book about comfort Women. I just can’t do it.

In those 6 pages, I read about how a lot of them were little girls, that they were classed by MALES as inventory, and “shipped” back and forth, for males to rape, along with other supplies.

They were on the list, among the other items that males use for war, like ammunition, food, etc.

And when they asked for justice, males were all BUTBUTBUT THESE WOMEN ARE CRAZY, WE NEVER RAPED A BUNCH OF LITTLE GIRLS!!!

Males lied and said over and over that this MASS RAPE OF WOMEN AND LITTLE GIRLS NEVER HAPPENED, even when the women provided evidence.

And now, the problem with comfort Women is NOT that males are rapists that have raped for decades, always deny rape, always justify it, never stop it, and legally protect the male right to rape.

The problem is that when Women discuss it, the fact that males rape women and girls is somehow EXCLUSIONARY.

I am really sorry that trannies feel excluded from male rape. Honestly, I am really sorry about that. I think that it’s a fabulous idea, if males would exclude women and girls from rape, and just rape each other.

If males would exclusively rape other males in dresses, I would be happy to be excluded. It would be safety for us, for women and girls.

Maybe we should start a petition.

I reverse searched the image.

The women on Twitter aren’t having it.


7 thoughts on “Comfort Women are Transphobic Bigots that murder males (in skirts) by discussing their enslavement and rape.

  1. I am always bothered by this made up name “comfort women.” Let’s don’t call it what it is ever, you know, instead some gooey euphemism sandwiching the word comfort (so nice) to women. Were the women comforted much do yah think? For eons women and children have been traded as commodities by dickheads. So comforting it must be for them to not have to chase their victims down fleeing through one village or another. Just a distraction from their primary campaigns of killing, pillaging and conquering. Recreational rape it must be if you attach the word comfort to it…makes them seem more willing. This is so sickening on so many levels. I liked how the dictionary defines chattel slavery as “the kind that existed in the Us before the civil war.” Right, because no one buys and sells women and children here anymore?
    As for Storyending’s description of the memorial to these women, I am certain it is just fodder for more boners delighting in the pictorial display of women’s suffering. Just say no to graphic public memorials. They are for the dickheads. At least they should have to read long explanatory text to get their little members to rise.
    Tranny’s feelings or thoughts on this issue just don’t matter.

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    1. “gooey euphemism” – yes this. Male control of language. Make something sound innocuous. Define something vaguely so it means everything and nothing. Or just appropriate terms that have are starting to give women too much attention. So many ways men control the narrative and disallow women their right to speak their reality.

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  2. I lived in Nanjing, China for a year – the place where the Japanese spent 6 weeks brutally gang raping, torturing and then killing every woman (bayonetting the vag, was a common method) they could get their hands on. They also killed soldiers and other people – the men usually get the focus and requisite sadness when this event in history is discussed.

    The Japanese put money into building a rather decent museum and memorial in Nanjing and I brought some of my students there one time. There are two little sections – one talking about the rape-fest, and another talking about the comfort women. I tried to get into the corner of the former to read the placards – there were also massive photos of nude live and dead women plastering the walls with the naughty bits covered. I couldn’t even get close to the display – it was 3 deep in Chinese men pushing and shoving, trying to get in close to see any potential rapes in action or some good coverage of naked tit or twat. Not one really stayed long enough to read the material available. Men are visual people, see. I was fucking disgusted. By the Japanese, by the Chinese – by all men no matter what colour their dicks are.

    Rape is comfort. Rape is love. Rape is natural and necessary. These are the things men sell to us. They can’t help it and they can’t live without it, they say. And most women accept it.

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  3. Yes if trannies would put their bodies in between men and females, including girls and women, that would be the best, most useful thing they could possibly do. It might even justify their existence. Go for it dudes, do it IRL tho, and not just on Twitter. Fucking keyboard commandos need to spend awhile in meatspace with cis males instead of talking to/at women on the internet. And trolling #sexnotgender and replying without even reading, is my guess, altho it also would not surprise me at all if they did read, knew that they were shitting on comfort women for excluding trannies, and did it anyway. Because all trannies want to be raped, obviously. If they didn’t want to be raped, they would continue to present as men.


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