Meet YouTuber babyradfem. With a dance party bonus.

If you are not familiar with babyradfem on YouTube, you absolutely should be. She (I believe that it’s 2 women) posts older videos from the 70s featuring the 2nd wave feminist women who absolutely knew their stuff. Here’s a few screen shots of her material…….

She keeps having to move her channel around because of histerical male crycries over literally nothing. I don’t think that her channel is monetized, I don’t recall ever seeing any commercials, but I know that she would appreciate the support of views.

And just a little bonus note……….

I don’t care that much about patriarchal politics, if at all, but I can appreciate the hilarity of a floppy, old, white, rapist crybaby that tantrums when things don’t break his way, and I am always here for a moment of celebration with my sisters.


Here is some 80s dance music……..

……from the fabulous Patty Smyth as she heads up iconic 80s band, Scandal, for us to do some 80s dancing………

Like this…..

Or maybe like this…..

In some celebration, 80s style!

Love to my sisters everywhere,

Jayne (dancing 80s style since 1972)😏

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