Some Good News. And a PSA. Maybe a chat.

Time for a little happy, sisters.

Let’s start with good deeds done by the satanic temple, beginning with their most popular charity drive…..

………that also has my favorite poster to go with it. My second favorite is this one…..

If you are interested in learning about the satanic temple, I recommend the documentary, Hail Satan?, you can find it on hulu and a few other places around the web.


Iraqi women are finding creative ways to make money from home during the pandemic.


The gender critical women that were shut down at the shitshow known as reddit have regrouped in their own space called Ovarit, which as I understand it, has no male control via ownership or adverts.


Anything you want to chat about? Read any good books? See any good movies?

Mad about something? Want to complain? Or ask questions?

Or maybe brag about any accomplishments?

Inviting you to do it, if you like!


PSA: If you own a car, and you live in a place where male government will only allow you to own a car if you pay them yearly, in taxes, and part of that is having a license plate, I learned a valuable lesson in the past few days.


Learn your plate number and commit it to memory.

Because if you don’t do this, you risk having a random male steal your plate and replace it with his expired plates. And when you don’t notice it, and a cop runs your plate, he will see that the plate doesn’t match your car, and he will take the plate, leaving you to drive without any plates until you can go to the DMV to get replacements.

He can also write you multiple tickets for hundreds of dollars, and some of them, you may have to pay. I received 2 tickets, one that will be thrown out for “expired plates”, I hope, because my plates were not expired and even though he was presented with my current registration, proving that I do have current plates, he wrote the ticket, anyway.

The second ticket is for “wrong plates”, which is, in fact, correct. I didn’t notice that some XY had stolen my good plates and replaced them with his expired plates. I am fully expecting to have to pay that ticket. Male court is not known for its generosity or fairness.

Each of these tickets is $232. EACH.

Police, in the states, is not about protection, it’s about revenue. I can’t remember the last time I even was pulled over. I have always managed to pay all the taxes, insurance, and driver’s fees that male law extorts by demand and threats, and I am likely still going to be forced to pay a fine due to a male stealing my plates.

So check your plates on your car. Every time you drive it.


12 thoughts on “Some Good News. And a PSA. Maybe a chat.

  1. I think a backup channel of theirs is still up. If you search “babyradfem” on YT you’ll find a channel called “FEH MUH NIST archives” and it still has second wave videos. I’m not sure if it’s everything though. I think they got a lot of those videos from Kanopy, a streaming service that you can access via a library card. It has a lot of old, rare, or artsy material. I need to set up an account with them.

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  2. Ugh, sorry to hear about your plates. That’s awful! I’d be mad, too. Male government is so unjust.

    I’ve been worried about losing more radical feminist spaces. The last RF space on reddit (Pink Pill feminism) was just banned 2 weeks after it went public (it had been private for several months), and a RF youtube channel was banned this week as well.

    I’ve only been into radical feminism a couple of years (I’ve been a man hater to varying degrees my whole life, though), and lately I’ve realized how many RF blogs were shut down. Now I’m paranoid we’re going to lose more blogs and other content. Finding like-minded women has been a life line, and I fear losing it.

    It seems like some women just disappear, too, like some bloggers or women I’d seen comment on old blogs, or a few youtube creators who shut their channels down. I wonder where they go. Maybe some women get so hopeless about it all and just eventually choose to stop participating? I would understand, if so.Β 
    I suppose sometimes women feel hurt by other women in the community and pull back. I’ve felt a little of that in groups I’ve been in, and it hurts more coming from other radical women. Part of that is just the imperfect nature of online communication, I think.

    I’m feeling really lonely, and I imagine many other women are, too. I’m angry we don’t have a female culture of our own. I wish we could support each other in real life. Or at the very least, be free to have as many online spaces without males as we want, and without fear of getting silenced.

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    1. Our existence is artificially engineered and perpetuated by males to make us fearful of everything and distrustful of everything and everyone, but we are manipulated into being especially distrustful of each other.

      I try really hard to support women wherever they are, because all of us are trapped, in some way. Being in a marriage to a male is unforgivable, to some women, and while I agree with them, that het marriage is not a feminist act, and I wish that I could choose differently, I can’t. I was married for over 10 years before I even discovered radical Feminism, and my relationship with my husband is a good one, and it enables me to center other women, sometimes I can help out a little financially to women who are in need, and I can help Women in other ways, as well, especially right in my own area.

      I suppose that the radical Feminist thing to do would be to borrow money from I don’t know who and divorce him and starve to death, I suppose. I am 50 years old and college educated and I haven’t been able to find any kind of job, at all, in well over 5 years. And the fact that I am in this position, and many other women are in the same position, dependent on males for resources that we need for survival, is evidence that patriarchy is functioning just as males intended it.

      I lost a friend over this very thing, recently, she suddenly decided that I am unworthy of her friendship because I am married. I don’t know any woman that escapes male involvement completely, I mean, if you work, if you are in college, if you go to the doctor, buy groceries, rent, buy property to grow your own food, buy seeds, pay taxes on that property, you are dealing with males to do all of that.

      I think that all male fetuses should be aborted, but I don’t attempt to punish women that have boy children. I make no secret of my stance, but I also don’t assume that any woman freely chooses to have children, it doesn’t matter why she has kids, Feminism is for women and so it’s for her, too. Outside of talking about opting out of PIV, which is an important discussion to have, in my opinion, I rarely talk about my husband at all. And when he does come up, I certainly don’t not-my-nigel him, I don’t pretend he is wonderful or that my relationship with him is the most important thing. And while I like him, I wouldn’t inflict him onto other women or demand that they like him or respect him, or whatever, I mean, he is white and male, so he is always going to be ok.

      It’s hurtful to be dismissed by other women. And it’s frustrating. Males keep supremacy by protecting each other, no matter what, even if they hate each other, they are united in their misogyny and sexism. Women can’t unite in that way, we are too quick to abandon each other for falling short or not measuring up to impossible standards. Which is why I don’t really get involved in feminist groups, anymore. Women are angry, rightfully so, but we are too eager to turn it on each other, not out of any premeditated malice, but out of frustration.

      I look for reasons to support and/or celebrate other women, no matter what. Women already have to deal with so much judgement, I want to accept them where they are, however they are, because we so often don’t get that. And it’s important, for someone else to tell us that we are ok, we are doing the best that we can, and have it be acknowledged.

      I encourage you to get involved over on ovarit. That community seems active and I am sure that you will enjoy it, if you aren’t already signed up.

      What channel got ended? Can you say? If you don’t want to say, just ignore the question.

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      1. It was babyradfem. She has the termination letter on her twitter. It was for nudity!

        I’m sorry you’ve lost a friend because you’re married. 😦 I think Sin Big caught some flak on her youtube because she was married to a man. You’re right — we’re quick to turn on each other, and it’s depressing, and exactly what men want.

        One of the things I love about your blog is how you support and accept other women so readily. It’s refreshing, and I think it’s in the true spirit of what a women’s liberation movement should be.

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      2. Well, fuck it. I love babyradfem. She (I think that it’s actually 2 women) has been having to move around different channels due to males reporting her content. Her content was so important, too, that channel was the only one that I knew of that posted original second wave videos.

        Sin bigger is one of my favorite internet sisters, I didn’t know that she got shit for being involved with a male, but I am not surprised. I am not big on hiding things or lying, and I am not ashamed of being married, especially since I like my relationship, and I proudly refuse PIV and Mr Jayne respects and supports my stance. But sometimes, I wonder if I should have kept this one aspect private, just for privacy’s sake, because I am judged so harshly for it. My support of women doesn’t matter, my behavior doesn’t matter, how much I center women doesn’t matter, and that’s just the way that is, with some women.

        So I must return my radical feminist card, lol. I think that I am going to be ok, though. Perhaps I should form a support group πŸ˜‹πŸ˜„

        I am sorry that you are feeling lonely, but remember, there’s plenty of women floating around online that would be very happy to become acquainted with you. I enjoy your comments and your company. I am always happy to see you.

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  3. I know of men, by men for men in the courts, but I’m hoping you have a chance of beating both tickets. But it’s the hassle too. And you’re going to have to interact with males and male systems more than you like. And sit there and wait, but at least that will give you a chance to observe the judge and court and decide how to play it. I don’t blame you for being pissed.

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    1. I am beyond happy to know about my plates being wrong, that’s info that I needed. And I live in a tiny town, the dmv is always empty, it’s the fastest place to go. It took me all of 10 minutes to replace the plates, and it was only $6, and I could have gotten that waved if I had taken the time to report them stolen. Stupidly, I thought that the tickets would prove that.

      I don’t have $464. I don’t know anyone who has $464. But I have a mother in law that has $464. If I didn’t have her, I guess I would be going to jail, or whatever happens when you get tickets that you don’t pay.

      It’s punishing people for being poor, which is bad enough, but it’s really fucking bad when you didn’t do anything wrong. Common sense should tell anyone that my registration was current, I certainly wouldn’t steal an expired plate and replace my own legal and current plate, lol. But it’s not about me, or if I did anything wrong. It’s about how much the male government can take from me by force. With males, that’s what it’s always about.

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    1. There are anti-theft license plate screws at home depot. I live in a dumpy Canadian province, so plate thefts are very common. The fact that the worthless scrote gave you TWO tickets for being the victim of a crime?! The police are good for nothing, except for protecting the rich and throwing the poor in jail… very rarely catching an actual bad guy like the broken clocks they are…

      Hang in there.

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      1. Thanks, sister.

        Right after I picked up my plates at the dmv, I drove straight to a mechanic, who used a drill and 3 heavy duty bolts to put it on. When my plate was stolen, whoever did it broke one of the 2 bolts that held it in place.

        I know he ran all of my information. He knew that I don’t go around, breaking laws, lol.

        Thank goddess that he is protecting society from me. And my stolen plates.πŸ™„πŸ˜‹


      2. That’s a really good point. She got two tickets for being the victim of a crime. Aren’t we only supposed to be punished for being a victim if it’s DV or rape/sexual assault? Bitter sarcasm.

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