He set your house on fire. Why would you expect him to put it out?

Sisters. I give you the state of montana.

For my sisters that do not reside in the states, or are otherwise unaware of what the patriarchal government of the states has been up to today, the Women’s liberation front, aka WoLF, offers this synopsis, and the most important parts are as follows……

This executive order directs federal agencies to do two things. First, federal agencies are now required to interpret “sex” as also including “sexual orientation and gender identity” in their own internal regulations and workplace policies. Second, agencies are directed to perform a comprehensive assessment of all regulations under their purview, and create a plan with 100 days to “revise, suspend, or rescind such agency actions, or promulgate [propose] new agency actions” that will impose this interpretation onto all American employers, institutions, and individuals, with no exceptions.

In a nutshell, what this means is that trannies are to be protected immediately within governmental agencies, and that all businesses, schools, homeless shelters, and any and all structures within the states will be forced to do the same within 100 days.

This means that when males demand entrance into our private spaces, whatever precious few spaces that we have had in the past, we are to bow down and humbly offer the males anything that they demand, and not grumble or complain, because this hurts manfeelings.

As if this wasn’t enough, Biden’s “Executive Order On Advancing Racial Equity and Support for Underserved Communities Through the Federal Government” broadly promises a commitment to “advancing equity” for “underserved communities.” The order names multiple underserved communities, including:

“Black, Latino, and Indigenous and Native American persons, Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders and other persons of color; members of religious minorities; lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer (LGBTQ+) persons; persons with disabilities; persons who live in rural areas; and persons otherwise adversely affected by persistent poverty or inequality.”

Women, the largest group of people adversely affected by persistent inequality, were not mentioned in the order. Further, the order also states that agencies must develop systems to advance equity “with respect to race, ethnicity, religion, income, geography, gender identity, sexual orientation, and disability.” This means that agencies are prevented from considering the needs of women and girls alongside the needs of men who claim to have a “female gender identity.”

Bolding mine.

I am not sure how anyone can be surprised at this turn of events. We all know that the house has been on fire for a very long time. Seeing it burnt to the ground is not exactly shocking news.

Sadly, the infighting among women that is everywhere that this is being discussed is also not shocking.

Patriarchal government exists to do exactly one thing, to advantage males on the backs of women and girls. This executive order is the perfect implementation of patriarchal law in action.

Males hold our rights, and they use their government to enforce that. That is why our bodies are regulated and controlled by the state. That is why a male can impregnate a woman by rape, and his government will grant him “father’s” rights.

That’s why courts, who uphold pornography as male free speech, frequently let rapists go free and worry about ruining the rapist’s life when they feel that they are unable to immediately free him.

It’s why courts punish prostituted women, but ignore the male rapists that purchase them, and ignore male pimps.

So can someone please explain to me how patriarchal government is going to reverse this decision? And put the needs of women and girls first? When that is the one thing that patriarchy will never do?

This legislation, that has been issued by executive order, thereby avoiding any public discussion that would have been inevitable with congressional implementation, IS NOT A MISUNDERSTANDING OR A MISTAKE. This is patriarchy functioning exactly as it is intended to, exactly as it has for thousands of years.

Again, I am confused by women that claim to be radical feminist, that are petitioning male government, as if male government is just confused about what it is doing. Patriarchy gives to males at our expense. This legislation is a perfect example of that.

The average person may not know what this legislation means. But every patriarchal politician knows exactly what it means and what it will do.

This is not our government. It is not for us. It will not protect us.

If you can see the patriarchy, then this isn’t news to you.

If you deny the existence of the patriarchy, then it’s understandable that you would petition the government, even though women have no constitutional rights or protections.

If you are a radical feminist that sees the patriarchy, but believes that patriarchy will reverse course and do something for you, can you please explain your position to me? Because women everywhere seem to think that this legislation is a mistake, or that patriarchal government just doesn’t understand what they are doing, and that the patriarchal courts are going to address their concerns.

Begging males to please stop the oppression has not worked for over 5000 years.

Women that claim to feel as if they are without representation, you feel that way because you do not have representation. Do you really believe that you are supposed to have representation in a government that exists to take from you and give to males?

Male government will never save us. We will have to do that for ourselves. And we are more than capable.


20 thoughts on “He set your house on fire. Why would you expect him to put it out?

  1. To CRE, re: “next generation saving the world.” Yes, absolutely.  It reminds me of the diary entries I read by a woman in the early 1900s who was abused by her husband and miserable, but took solace in her belief that her sons would one day treat women better. I mean, I understand it, because women are essentially powerless and they want to have some power and hope, but after all this time you’d think we could stop deluding ourselves so thoroughly.

    To RFS: I agree with your analysis. Thank you for writing about this subject. I was wrong about CB, but I guess part of me was hoping that she was right and that this EO wouldn’t play out the way we know it will. There’s still a part of me that clings to delusion as well. :/

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  2. Part of radical Feminism is apparently, referring to nice trannies as she and her, because I suppose that the radical Feminist stance is that women can bestow womanhood upon a male, so long as he is nice enough…..


    Also, one last time, THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS PASSING.

    For fucks sake, I am not a fucking woman because I fucking PASS.


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  3. Women were blamed for Trump, and this time they did the “right thing” and are rewarded with a fucking tranny in charge of healthcare and with sex based protections being erased. Are we ever going to give up on this good girl bullshit? Women and girls are not treated like shit because we do the wrong thing. We are treated like the sex class because that’s what we are.

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    1. I saw that Radical Feminism by the Sea, the FB page run by Cathy Brennan, claims that WoLF’s interpretation was inaccurate. CB has been opposed to WoLF for a while, though, and she said the Bostock ruling did not hurt females’ legal protection. (I may have gotten some of that wrong; apologies if so.) Glad to see you chime in here, CRE, because the whole CB / WoLF feud has left me a little confused as to the legal implications of the executive order.


      1. I was not speaking as an attorney, and discrimination and executive orders aren’t my area of expertise. I didn’t know there was a controversy about the interpretation. What does CB think WoLF got wrong? Honestly if there is a fight between CB and WoLF I wouldn’t even know whose side to take bc they are both manipulative assholes. CB probably has more experience but I also know she lies, and that she is not a radical feminist.

        I was speaking generally about the progressives, who are salivating at the thought of removing women’s rights in general in favor of trannies. The tranny assistant health secretary is more upsetting to me than women’s sports disappearing, but it’s all part of the same trend. If radical feminists didn’t see this coming, I don’t know why.

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      2. I have no interest in WoLF, and I am even less interested in CB.

        But I linked to the WoLF explanation because it’s clear and correct. And I have to question the common sense of anyone claiming that bostock or this executive order will not adversely affect women and girls.

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      3. I wrote about the bostock decision, which was claiming to be limited in scope, and the decision specifically stated that bathroom use, locker room use and all other issues were NOT being decided in this case. The only thing that was supposed to be decided in this case is that if a male claims that he has magically morphed into a woman, that he can’t be fired for following female specific dress codes and for otherwise performing at being a woman.

        But in practice, when a dude throws on a dress, and the supreme court has backed his demands, when he demands to use the woman’s toilet, the employer is not going to deny his demands to invade women’s privacy, because we all know that the invasion of our private spaces is the point. The employer is going to fear being sued for denying the trannies innate sense of being a woman that requires he put his penis in the ladies room.

        For everyone that says that this will be challenged in courts, as if male courts are going to side with women and girls, that’s a level of cognitive dissonance that is astounding. Males know exactly what they are doing and why they are doing it. Those same courts punish women who kill their abusers in self defense, uphold pornography as freedom of male speech, legislate female bodies, and refuse to stop rape.

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    2. CB hasn’t elaborated how she thinks WoLF got it wrong with the executive order on the above FB page, but she will explain it in a public zoom call (I won’t be attending, ha). She is a Biden supporter (!) and seems to take at face value the claim that the EO is focused only on preventing discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity, though I’m not sure how she thinks legally protecting GI won’t hurt females. I remember in late 2019 when Ceres’ Revenge called WoLF a fraudulent front organization for the right wing, and I believe CB agreed/s with that. So that stance may be informing her interpretation(?). I waded through CB’s FB postings to find out her stance on the Bostock ruling.  Wow, I agree with you on your assessment.

      I’m obviously way out of my league here, but I agree with the analysis posted by RFS about the executive order. I’d thought CB was a radical feminist, but I was wrong.  As flawed as WoLF is, I don’t trust someone who contacts Jezebel to do a smear piece on WoLF leaders. The resulting article was gleefully titled “Inside the Fight Tearing TERFs Apart.” 

      Sorry to bring up old news. Y’all probably know all this already. I’m still catching up.

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      1. I don’t have any really big problem with WoLF, I don’t know a whole lot about them. My issue, and it’s a personal opinion, is that our resources are so minimal, that I don’t want any of my few precious shareable resources to go to a national organization that spends money to go beg males in a patriarchal court system that exists to advantage males at our expense. I can and do share what I can, and I do it every week, and as much as I can. If I can give 20 bucks to a woman that I know here on my blog, or ten bucks to a woman in my immediate physical vacinity, or a ride to a woman who is walking, or foster a dog for a woman who is going into a dv shelter and she is afraid to leave her dog with the abuser that she is fleeing and the shelter won’t accept her dog, or if I can donate clothes to dv shelters, which are all things that I have done and currently do, among other things, then this makes a difference to those women. And sometimes, it makes a bigger difference to that woman in front of me than anything that WoLF will do for her.

        And that might make me sound arrogant. I do not have a high opinion of charities. Especially the national and global ones.

        I was not aware of what CB did or was doing, and it’s especially heinous to drag other women in public by going to jezebel.

        And finally, you aren’t bringing up old news, and now, with a lot of love, I am going to tell you to stop apologizing. You are free to talk about whatever you want to, and when you talk, you are free to act like you own the space and use whatever words you want to and while you are talking loudly, you are free to assert your opinions like it’s all about you because it IS all about what you want to say. And then, you should be really, really proud of whatever thoughts you have conveyed, and how loudly you conveyed them.

        Take up space like you own it. I spend my life celebrating when I do pretty much anything. If you have ever witnessed a male changing a lightbulb or making a sandwich, then I am sure that you have seen how they celebrate being the hero of their own stories for doing the smallest things because they are idiots. So I celebrate myself, but I do it better. And more often. It’s just one more thing that I can do much better than any floppy crotch. And that concludes my ted talk.😄

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      2. I didn’t know about the feud or the Jezebel hit piece. I read it just now. CB seems to want to distance herself from the argument that trans people are protected under existing discrimination laws including sex stereotypes (the crossdressing issue) and probably mental health stigma too, there are many ways that what trans experience are the same as what others experience and these things have already been decided. CB seems to not think so anymore. If she has changed her mind, I’m sure she has an agenda and that her agenda centers gay people including gay males. Her background is in gay and lesbian issues, not feminism and certainly not radical feminism. Her thing is about burning existing organizations to the ground so that they can be built back better, which means whatever she wants it to mean. That said, WoLF is known for draining the radfem community of their meager resources a few times a year so that they can’t do anything else besides help WoLF litigate for female humanity, and by that I mean, so WoLF can pay its mainstream for-profit lawyers and not get into trouble for not paying its bills. This leaves women with nothing left over to help actual women with their day to day needs, obviously. What WoLF can’t cover with RF contributions, it gets from right-wing orgs who get control over the substance of the legal arguments in return. What a fucking shitshow. I guess I’m not in the loop anymore, but it seems like it’s the same as it ever was.

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      3. It’s about as effective as it ever was, too.

        My impression, as an outsider, is that women who have resources and could actually act to create a positive change for women without resources, end up acting like males. They sit on their resources, and they take care of themselves, and they stand in a spotlight, performing as if they are doing Greatness!!!!, but they are actually just attention whoring.

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  4. One of the top posts on ovarit this morning is instructing women to control their anger, speak rationally, because I think that the theory is that males will grant human status to women if we just explain correctly.

    Can anyone think of an instance where this has worked? Even once?

    Does anyone believe that males hold supremacy because we haven’t been able to rationally and calmly explain to them why they shouldn’t do that?

    Why on earth does anyone think that males will grant us any kind of human status this time?

    This penis invasion is set to benefit all males. The same way that rape benefits all males. The same way that porn benefits all males.

    Males already insist that rape never happens. Their courts support them most of the time.

    We begged them to please keep males out of female prisons because we knew that those males would rape. Males told us NOT ALL TRANSWOMEN and put their brothers into female prisons.

    When those trannies got CAUGHT raping, did the patriarchy suddenly reverse course? Or did they continue to put rapists into female prisons?

    This is not about women being rational, or calm, or kind. This is about males doing exactly what they want to do.

    Women being hurt by males is not some weird, unexpected side effect of patriarchal policy. It is the unavoidable outcome of males viewing us as objects for their own use, and legislating their power to use us however they see fit.

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    1. So true.

      I’ve been spending too much time on Ovarit. I get frustrated with the less than radical women there, but I keep going back because there are so few spaces where these topics can be discussed. But it is disappointing when they cry about the poor males or tell each other to stop being bad, angry women.

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      1. I also find the attitude on Ovarit of “the next generation will change things for the better” amusing. Why would Generation Z, who are simply products of previous generations’ brainwashing, suddenly become enlightened and change the world for the better?

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      2. I noticed that some women on ovarit were knocking the women on spinster for being “too angry”, lol.

        I just saw on spinster where wikipedia took down a bunch of Women’s pages, maybe a dozen, or so. I specifically remember the timeline of women’s sports in the united states and the timeline of women’s military service in the united states, I can’t remember the others, offhand.

        I just can’t understand why anyone would beg the abuser to stop abusing. And then police the abused group to be nice to the abuser and keep on explaining and begging.

        Especially when the abuser turns into a spastic, threatening maniac when we dare mention that he is abusing us.

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      3. You said that much more diplomatically than I ever have, but that’s exactly the problem with expecting anything different out of the “next generation.” From what I can tell, this is deluded bullshit being spewed largely by het women to justify their fucking, and having children with men. Of course, under the current paradigm, there are approximately 3 groups of women who are having and raising children: male pleasing sluts, rape victims, and dick-worshipping Western medical enthusiasts who let doctors impregnate them. Where, exactly, the next generation is supposed to get this imagined revolutionary impulse and related necessary skillset is left up to the imagination, or we are not supposed to think about it at all.

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  5. Pussy church of modern witchcraft had the right idea but went about it all wrong. I think they were really just trying to make a statement. They intentionally called all this attention to themselves and they knew people wouldn’t like what they are doing. It needs to be quiet and productive, building power in the background.

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