Tell me how you are doing.

While our sisters in Saudi Arabia were recently gifted by males with a few of the rights that males continue to hold by force, those “rights” are much less extensive than they appeared to be, and the women that moved to take their right to legally drive a car from males are still in prison, to this day.

But males created a robot that Saudi Arabia has granted “100% rights” to, 100% rights meaning male rights, of course…………

………. because it is more human than the women that gave them life and take care of their basic needs for the entirety of their nasty XY lives.

Globally, we are being erased by males.

I joined spinster (just add a .xyz to the end of the word, if you want to join) and I am glad that I did. Spinster is set up in a similar way to twitter, but it’s somewhat private, and while it’s not a directive, I get the distinct impression that screenshots of spinster material would be frowned upon, which is the only reason that I refuse to screenshot interesting posts.

But I can still tell you about them.

A feminist group in Peru posted this cartoon to their Facebook page……..

………..which is translated as “don’t worry, I am a woman”.

The group was permanently removed from facebook.

There was a woman on spinster that posted about her 2 teenage daughters, both in high school, who she noticed going directly to the bathroom when they return home from school. When she questioned them about it, they told her that boys are now in the girls bathrooms, and they are uncomfortable using the toilets, as a result.

I snagged this image from a recent post of deadwildroses about how women in the US military need to submit to ladydick……

Males demand that women treat them with “dignity and respect”, even when they are flopping their nasty ass dicks in our most private spaces.

Males chose to turn their dick into a weapon. If a male threatens me by pulling his nasty dick out in my presence, I will treat it as the threat that he intends it to be.

This male colonization is just almost unbelievably destructive to women and girls. The misogyny, the sexism, the hatred that males have for us has grown so quickly and has just consumed so much, it’s shocking in its scope. I used to think that the total destruction of all things female was something that I might see at the very end of my lifetime, and by then, it would likely still be just the very beginning.

But now, I am not so sure.

Males have always been a cancer, killing and consuming everything in their path. We all know that any hope that we have isn’t with males. Our hope has to be with women.

Unfortunately, the vast majority of women think that appealing to males and their government will somehow yield a favorable result.

Because asking males to treat us fairly, as human beings, always works out so well for us.

So many american women voted for biden, even knowing that he had pledged to erase them within the first 100 days.

I have seen women organize to flood the white house website, to beg and plead with the very male that erased them, with emails explaining to biden exactly what he did.

How can any woman think that this erasure of women is some kind of accident?

How can anyone think that this is all just a big misunderstanding?

It’s a gross underestimation of males to assign non-existent good intentions to them when they are eradicating you.

And male allies can be such easy heroes, can’t they. All they have to do is say that they side with us, while they sit back and reap all the benefits of the sex caste being forced into even more dependency to them.

Males never lose anything. We absolutely could issue consequences to them. But we choose to beg them instead.

If you are feeling hopeless, you aren’t alone, I am feeling hopeless, too. Feel free to unload in the comments. (If this post shows up in the reader, the most recent one didn’t.)


7 thoughts on “Tell me how you are doing.

  1. I relate to feeling hopeless. More censorship of women every day, more erasure of women, and living conditions worsening all the time for women globally.

    I wrote my mom and sister a very level-headed letter explaining how I’ve been researching gender identity politics extensively, and how it’s a regressive, misogynistic movement. I spelled out what it might mean for female prisoners, rape victims and battered women, students and female sports. They’re both liberal feminists, more or less. My mom already knew of my beliefs, and agrees somewhat, but she’s tired of hearing about it. She wishes I’d focus my energy on something that would bring “positive change.”

    My sister, who I’d never spoken to about this before? No response. Of course, her ignoring me is not super unusual. Ever since she got married 20 years ago, she’s aligned herself with her husband’s family and has little to do with me or our mom. My sister did, however, send me a text expressing her excitement over Kamala Harris a few weeks ago. But radio silence over the trans issue.

    But she has a teenage daughter, and I thought maybe she’d care. I guess adhering to what corporate America says is “progressive” is more important than learning about issues affecting the safety of her daughter and other girls and women.

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    1. You know what. I am sick of it, too.

      And I know that you are sick of it, too.

      Women in prison are tired of it. Girls in school sports are tired of it.

      Personally, I am sick of hearing about harris, and how OHEMGEE, FEMINISM WINNING.

      The women like your mom and sister, and all of the women like them, can be totally fine with males putting their rapist brothers into prisons and shelters because they think that they will never end up there. It’s just another version of “as long as you rape her, and I am safe, it’s all ok”.

      I am sorry, diver, that’s really difficult to live with. But women that are critical of males and their systems are in the minority. And those women that are totally ok and wish to focus on “positive things” while women are being extincted by males are a huge part of the issue. They are apparently very comfortable with blood on their hands.

      I couldn’t live like that. But there’s nothing you can do to make them care.

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  2. before 5 days a young woman in Saudi Arabia named qamar was killed by her 2 brothers for having a public snapchat account the woman’s sister spoke and exposed the crime her brothers did on social media with all proofs hoping this will gave her sister the justice she deserves but instead of that our retarded male government arrested the sister forced her to delete all her social media account and took her phone male cops insulted and Hit her , the sisters mother made a Vedio crying and begging the government to bring her only daughter ( the other one got killed by her sons ) back to her the mother also wanted the government to punish her criminal sons. but it didn’t happen because suddenly the father said he’s forgiven his little boys for killing his daughter ( in Saudi Arabia the murdered victim’s family in law got the right to stop punishing the criminal / this is taken from Islamic sharia law btw) the mother and the sister didn’t forgive them and wanted them to be punished by death but it doesn’t matter women’s opinions doesn’t matter it’s always what’s the father wants happens even though mothers care and knows what’s rights for their children more than them. also the sister said her father don’t seems to care about what happened to his daughter. now there’s news that the sister is out of prison and back to her mother but the criminals didn’t get what they deserve yet Of course they won’t women lives don’t matter for these assholes. all I’m trying to say is don’t trust males governments i can’t trust a government even if there were only 1 male in it. FUCK ALL MEN FUCK MBS FUCK BIDEN. * also sorry for my bad English I’m still learning *

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    1. We give males life. We take care of them like babies.

      And they thank us by murdering us.

      Your English is very good! You communicate very clearly. And English is not an easy language to learn, you are doing fabulously!


      1. “We give males life. We take care of them like babies.

        And they thank us by murdering us”

        true they want always to take but never give

        “Your English is very good! You communicate very clearly. And English is not an easy language to learn, you are doing fabulously!”


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  3. I wouldn’t vote again if I were on the business end of a bayonet. I can’t anyway. I am a convicted felon because I didn’t put up with my male neighbor’s fucking stalking and harassment–so the state used a law ostensibly designed to “protect women” to convict me. Extremely long on details, but that’s the most basic element. The state stalked me and committed violence against me, but that’s OK. Because they can. And then lie and gas-light about it after the fact. I am currently fighting my “conviction” in federal court after having “lost” in the state of NC and the state supreme court refused to hear my appeal. I filed for federal habeas corpus and Joe Biden’s senate era helped the conservative courts destroy this ancient “right” to wrongful arrest. I had to wait a year to end up having to defend myself at “summary judgement” state, since you are no longer given an attorney when you can’t afford one unless it is a death penalty case. Still no word as to whether I “won” this round.

    The DA’s office and ADA’s who “convicted” me were three WOMEN. The appellate court lead judge also a WOMAN with two limp-dick male associates who “allowed” my conviction to be upheld. Voting would be sorta like that…election that bourgeois POS Harris who did the same as was done to me by NC’s women. Of course, there are 15,160 untested rape kits but a never ending supply of money for the state to continue fighting me even in federal court. Funny how THAT works.

    My case is the EPITOME of IDPOL, as a black male was allowed to be a MALE to me but I could not call him a frog or defend myself in any way, including putting up video cameras pointed at his property I was JAILED for….doing nothing to…so I couldn’t be falsely jailed ever again. But I was (along with my husband) for putting up the cameras after being falsely arrested for a “racial crime” the first time. My neighbor ultimately drove his car into mine in passing me illegally in the neighborhood and scraped the entire side of my car. My daughter was with me. Of course the saggy-sack police did NOTHING, even though I was awaiting trial for the first set of false charges. Until I e-mailed them again, breaking their balls for it. Then I was arrested (along with my husband) for moving my curtains in my own home and jailed and not released until being placed on an ankle monitor for 5 months to show up at the original trial with it adorning my ankle. I was thrown in jail 6 times falsely and the ADA’s were WOMEN. Furthermore, the judge who jailed me after that cock drove into me was the same judge who did NOT give a TRO to four petitioners against their neighbor, three of whom were murdered by the same the FOLLOWING day. But what I got for NOTHING would curl your hair.

    I love your blog. I am a Marxist-Leninist communist and not a feminist, but your rad fem page is always a must-read for me. My “identity” LOL, has much overlap with the original women’s liberation movement (none of the liberal take-over BS that overtook it, though.)

    As far as the issue of “rights” I am not as surprised as others about them. They are simply an idealist myth to keep the proles believing in fairy tales. Rights that exist in material reality would not be illusory and what we have in these classical liberal political economy fascist states are and have always been simply privileges commensurate with the ability to PAY for them. This applies to “women’s rights” as well as “free speech” or any other make-believe. We are simply the lowest level of the caste system with the ruling class at the top. And the most necessary control for them to exert is on the reproduction of the labor force to exploit. To control women is to control everything. Can’t raise armies to wage imperial war upon others if women can’t birth cannon fodder to fight, or workers to work to death in the countries ours will rape and pillage. Even with all the money in the world (and they almost have it all now) without our reproductive capacity they would have NOTHING. No consumers, workers, cannon fodder, exploited for surrogacy or paid rape female bodies….nothing. As long as private PROPERTY exists this will remain the case.

    So, my answer is revolution. Most people find that reality distasteful. I am not one of them. Without economic equality for all, there will always exist the ability for accumulation and exploitation by “rulers”. People who continue to vote for their oppressors to oppress them are useful idiots. And if people want “political statement” then not voting for your own oppressors is one starting point.

    Cheers, sister!

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    1. It’s enraging to me, that our only recourse to deal with males is to have to go through even more males and their systems that legally protect their bloated, imaginary superiority. And while I don’t blame women for male oppression/violence, I absolutely do judge women that kneel to and worship dick so that they can enjoy some favor from males, so long as they will throw other women under the bus. It’s like a souped up, especially sickening version of the “cool girl” for women with an education over the age of 25.

      I am sorry that males have been so gross to you. And I hope that you can get yourself free from their legal trap.

      Outside of Nancy pelosi, which should be for obvious reasons, kamala harris is the worst woman to pretend as if she cares about women and girls. She hates women almost as much as males do, and has built a successful patriarchal career from shitting on the poorest women. I mean, it should be obvious that for any woman to reach one of the highest positions in patriarchy, that she must find favor with males that will gift her with that position. And the easiest way to get male head pats is to throw women and girls into the dumpster.

      We are all just supposed to forget that she knows that biden is a rapist. But that’s ok, because CAREER. And she is not only female, she is a WOC. She ticks more than one politically correct box, so we are supposed to weep with fucking joy! That a woman is in one of the highest patriarchal positions! Because the only thing that matters is that males put her there as a reward! Let’s not mention how she earned that reward!

      I can’t remember what I put on my about me page, it has been so long ago that I wrote it, but I don’t call myself a radical Feminist, anymore, because I don’t think that there is such a thing. I refer to this blog as “radical Feminist Discourse” because my beliefs align with historically radical feminist ideology, but radical Feminism was driven by activism. Males have taken over activism, so it has been rendered effectively useless. All Feminist activism comes down to expending huge amounts of energy begging males. I don’t beg males for fuckall.

      I agree with your assessment of “rights” actually being privileges attached to money, in the current political systems. I don’t really align with any political ideology because they are all male. And in all of them, we are the fucktoilet class.

      And I am of 2 minds about revolution. Most of the time, I am for it, as in a female revolution. In theory, women could attempt to bring males into line with non violent means, mostly just removing our servitude and reproductive services. But the chance that males would respond to that with violence is 100%. I mean, these are males, the only things that they understand are erections and violence.

      And most days, I am ok with that.

      But I am a almost 50 year old childfree woman with a husband (aka male protector).

      It’s been my observation that women that are not afraid to confront male violence with their own bodies will back down if people that they love, or even just know, are threatened. For example, the woman that I talked about in the post, who’s daughters are afraid to use the restroom at school. In my mind, I was thinking that if it were my daughters, that I would try to lobby other parents to protest, and if that failed, I would go to the school alone and show my ass for everything that it’s worth, because my daughters deserve a fucking bathroom that is dick free.

      But then I thought about the backlash that wouldn’t fall on me. It would fall onto the girls. Can you imagine what kids at school would do to the girls? I can.

      My first husband kept me in line by threatening my dogs.

      That’s where I have trouble holding onto resentment of women for doing nothing, or staying within existing structures. It’s fear that keeps them there. And I can understand that.

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