He really was asking for it. Also. Can still hear the ROAR.

Sirani died at the age of 27 in “unknown circumstances”.

She supported her parents and siblings with her skill and she educated over a dozen other female artists.

Timoclea kills the captain of Alexander the great

Timoclea was a prominent Theban citizen. During Alexander’s Balkan campaign of 335 BC, she was raped by Alexander’s captain, who then asked her where any hidden money might be. She led him into the garden, where she pointed to the well. When he leaned over to look, she pushed him in and then stoned him to death.


Maybe you already know about Olivia Wise.

She was 16 in 2013 when she died of terminal brain cancer.

Here she is, shortly before her death, covering katy perry’s Roar….

I got the eye of the tiger, a fighter
Dancing through the fire
‘Cause I am a champion
And you’re gonna hear me roar

I hope that my sisters around the world have a great Saturday!


9 thoughts on “He really was asking for it. Also. Can still hear the ROAR.

  1. Yep, plenty of women all throughout “his”story have enacted justice on their attackers. The male sex keeps it quiet. Just like they tell us not to fight when we’re assaulted. I remember seeing an old movie which they had re-named The Ladies Club (for fuck sake) from a book called The Sisterhood which was about castrating rapists. This was probably in the 80s. I’ve tried to find if it was based on a true story, but it took me ages just to find the film and the name of the book at all. Stories of women who fight and find justice are heavily suppressed. Stories of rape and violence porn are heavily marketed.

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    1. Someone once told me that groups of women had actually stopped male war by denying PIV en masse. In fact, I read about a group of women denying PIV as a way of fighting whatever bullshit the resident males were participating in, and it’s been in the recent past. I think that it was the women in one of the island nations. I kind of dismissed it because I don’t know why now. I am going to try to find it.

      Also, some of the sufferagettes were violent. We aren’t supposed to know that, and when it comes up, even in Feminist groups, women will try to shut the conversation down, lol. I shouldn’t laugh, but it makes no sense. Like, males film the most violent rapes and sell them to each other for profit as wanking material, but SSSSSHHHHHH LADIES REFUSE TO BE VIOLENT, NON VIOLENT IS THE ONLY WAY.


      I haven’t seen the wonder woman movies, but mr. Jayne has watched them on hbomax, and at the end of one of them, WW was all LOVE IS THE ONLY WAY!!!!! NOT VIOLENCE!!!! LOVE!!!!!! I had no context, I didn’t know what movie it was until I asked him, but he asked me why I was laughing. It was obvious that it was propoganda from males directed at female people, I couldn’t see the screen, but even just in my perephrial attention, I could hear a bunch of war/fighting and then, at the end of it, to hear a woman be all BUT LOVE MUST BE THE ANSWER!!

      I wish that someone had told me that it’s not only appropriate, but a must, to fight a male that is violent, if he is hurting you. I can’t think of any reason why we tell girls to try to be kind as a way to mitigate a male that is violently attacking them. That kindness just makes it easier for the male.

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      1. Yeah, I have avoided Wonder Woman, it just looked like a lot of blech, and it seems I was right to avoid. And of course women were and are violent when they have to be, the only thing that would stop me from using violence to stop a violent man is an inability to win. And, as my mother used to say, everyone has to sleep.

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  2. Yes, female warrior groups who revenge rape and killings on women and little girls only exist in India in some places. Finally. In western countries this is not common yet. Violence seems to be the only language many males understand. I don’t think we should all kill them. But female warrior groups who take law into their hands would be a good idea. It would change things rapidly I guess. Just bobitt them would probably do.

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    1. Wow, thats cool. Do you know, how did those women in india organised their groups, tho? I really think women liberation severely lacks offline activism. Its like while internet discourse distracts us, we are being robbed of our material spaces and facilities.

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