Happening in real time. #superstraight #superlesbian #supergay #superbi

So a hubbub started recently, in the past few days, wherein the subreddit, TwoX, which is supposed to be a subreddit for women and women’s issues, has been taken over with males posting selfies in dresses and demanding that all of 2X praise their grand and wonderous ladydick and all it’s dainty lady glory.

There were some other things, too, but from my view, this is kind of the tipping point.

So while this was happening, apparently, the ladymen have come for the straight males, or the straight males noticed that to refuse to openly and gleefully suck the ladydick somehow causes the ladymen to drop dead or explode into the ether in great big pink glittery ladyconfetti, to be eternally doomed, or something, who knows.

So, straight males are not having it.

This is currently ongoing, so rather than wait for it to pass and retroactively write about it, I thought you may want to watch in real time.

The best place to do that is Ovarit.

The super hashtags that were recently created in response to the ladymen demanding to be validated by fucking are trending, I put them all in the title.

It’s Saturday morning in my area of the world, so I will be getting my popcorn and settling in to enjoy the show. You are welcome to join me.

Also, this is a funny cartoon thing that I am leaving here because it’s funny.

Happy Saturday!


16 thoughts on “Happening in real time. #superstraight #superlesbian #supergay #superbi

  1. @Rena. It’s SO stupid.

    I think even the FBI changed their definition of rape within the past ten years to reflect the new postmodern ideas of “women are just as bad as men.” At least men were slightly more honest in times past about how they’re the ones raping and terrorizing.


  2. I don’t see the upside of a global pulse of males flexing their heteroright to fuck actual pussy. I wish all men would stop fucking women. I can see why people are enjoying this, and I can see why some people have mixed feelings about it. But in the end, all I see is males reestablishing their right to objectify females as intercourse receptacles and I don’t think it will benefit women. How could it?


    1. I can see how some women are grateful.

      But this is not males supporting Women. This is males USING women in their own battles, which is the normal male behavior. Males are proping up women, performing support, but the reality is that males are just agreeing with the women because the position of women just happens to coincide with the heterosexual male position.

      There are women that are marveling that lesbians and straight males are on the same side, and the lesbians feel so supported! That never happens!

      Males are not supporting lesbians. This is yet another favor that males will not return. I mean, are males going to take all the lesbian porn off pornhub? Because there’s now equality between lesbians and straight males?

      These males have not shown up to support women. They could have done that years ago. They showed up to support the 16 year old boy that inadvertently started a shit storm on twitter and tiktok.

      Words don’t mean anything, anymore. There are women who call themselves radical Feminist while holding all conservative views, or who are shouting about equality. No one even mentions liberation, anymore, when liberation is freedom from male tyranny, and within that tyranny are many tools used by males, one of the main tools being DEPENDENCY.


      1. Our collective memory is so short. I wrote about the Cotton Ceiling almost 10 years ago. At the time, there were males that agreed with the lesbians position, and the men were saying that lesbians shouldn’t have to accept dick in their lesbian sex orgies, lol. I’m not sure how they got the impression that’s what the Cotton Ceiling was all about, but whatever. The men agreed with, and supported the lesbians then too. Nothing has changed in the TEN FUCKING YEARS SINCE THEN, except that it’s gotten worse. So, I don’t think feeling or being supported by males here is worth anyone’s gratitude. Their support wasn’t worth a hill of beans last time, and it won’t be this time either.

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  3. So the guy that started this is a 16 year old boy.

    He invented the coolest terms. Like transcel. And transplaining.

    Women have been using those terms for months, if not years.

    But he is receiving all of the praise because he is saving us. On twitter. And Reddit.

    This is what is meant by anyone claiming that we NEED male allies. And they obviously are not wrong. We are always unwilling to say NO. We explain and beg and plead while waiting for a male to come and save us. Which is just more dependency on males.

    I so badly want to be liberated from dependence on males.

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    1. One time I made a TERFy comment about how trans ideology hurts women and girls in an online women’s health group. One woman agreed with me and said, yeah and trans people hurt gay men, too! Then she explained the “Boxer Ceiling.” Nothing about the cotton ceiling. She was only worried about gay men.

      I guess people really think women are such a threat to men that trans-identified females will sexually assault or demand gay men have sex with them.

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      1. Lol I remember there was a case when a TIF got into some gay male space where they fucked each other in the ass and, because the gays were fooled by her male disguise, they fucked her in the ass too. Everyone on Tumblr was so MAD the moment they heard these news. Seriously, they were insisting that this girl was a “rapist”, that she “raped” the poor gays, etc, etc. You know, I am actually more than sure that it was impossible for the “raped” men to get any emotional/physical damage from this act. I don’t even know how one should call this type of sexual assault. Like all you had to do in order to avoid it was to check if the newbie twink is in fact a fucking tranny and kick her out or refuse to fuck her in the ass. It was gay males who were screwing her after all – they were the active participants, not her.
        But anyway the “trans men in grindr” discourse is another “both sexes are equally guilty and horrible” garbage. I would expect such judgement from outsiders, but from “radfems” 💀 really? Is epic trannybashing all they are interested in in? As if the traninis leave everything would get better. This is so incredibly stupid.

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      2. Isn’t it interesting that males love “equality” when they can use it to include women in the violence that they are responsible for?

        Yet, equitably distribution of literally anything else is not allowed by males.

        That’s why males hate liberation, and have tried to replace it with equality. Males can’t hijack liberation.

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    1. It’s funny watching males in dresses fight with other males.


      And straight guys are just like, NOPE.

      No threats of rape or murder, no calling dudes TERF. Just polite hatred. All around.

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