Wrap Up. LadyPen@s Edition.

This dude is all about supporting cis Women, so long as “real” women are the center. He is also a rapist, as you can find at this link.


I laughed out loud at the comment that said that this dude really took one for the team……….


Then, this funny little picture, explaining how gender works…..


And I believe it was user diver of the heart that suggested the youtube channel by Sekhmet She-Owl, but she is very good, if you have the time to give her a listen.


Jayne 😉

2 thoughts on “Wrap Up. LadyPen@s Edition.

  1. Doesn’t that make him a “gen*tal fetishist” as per TRA law books?? Did any TRA call him out on it? I bet not though. (Even if one of them stupidly shot himself in his foot by calling out their arch supporter, this dude still would not have “peak-transed” and come over to the other side. It would be stupid to expect that of him).

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