XY stupid.

So, I saw this commercial yesterday, about an HIV drug……

……….and in the commercial, it says that it “has not been studied in people who are assigned female at birth.”

But, as you can clearly see in the commercial, there are people who appear to be female.

So let’s take a look at the information page for health professionals……….,….

Limitation of Use: DESCOVY FOR PrEP® is not indicated in individuals at risk of HIV-1 from receptive vaginal sex because effectiveness in this population has not been evaluated.

Who are these “individuals at risk……from RECEPTIVE VAGINAL SEX”?

What are these creatures who are “assigned female at birth”?

Hey, sisters. Do you remember when the patriarchal medical systems used to test drugs only on males?

Well, we have a win for feminism, right? Because now, when drugs are tested, the male medical establishment now includes women!

They sometimes don’t test for vagina recepticles! And they leave out AFAB!

But WOMEN are included!

In more manstupid news, we have a 22 year old young woman that received over 300 stories in a week as a response to her own experiences in rape culture.

The metropolitan police are going to investigate, though…..

The Met’s lead for rape and sexual offences, Det Supt Mel Laremore, said: “It is deeply concerning to see the number of accounts published on this website, many of which appear to relate to previous or current experiences within educational settings in London and across the country.

We take all allegations of sexual assault very seriously. We understand the complex and varied reasons why many victim-survivors do not contact law enforcement, but I want to personally reassure anyone who needs our help that we are absolutely here for you.”

People who were abused years ago should………..

The metropolitan police are on the case! For “people” who have been sexually terrorized by other “people”.

I am not from the UK, but I think that this is the same metropolitan police department that has legalized rape as a perk for their male officers, who, apparently, are bullied into sex by random women and are unable to escape fucking them.

There are now thousands of stories on a place called “everyone is invited”, the majority of which are young women who have been sexually terrorized by males.

You wouldn’t know that, though, because of language like this…..

Experiences range from being drugged and raped at parties to explicit images being shared over messaging platforms.

Who is doing all of this drugging and raping?????

We all know it’s MALES. The dick draggers, the penis possessors, the ball scratchers, the XY, the fucking MALES.

This has blown up into over 8000 incidents.

There’s a lot of talk about “victims” and “young people”, as if we are unable to recognize the same old male sexual terrorism that is always aimed at girls and women, until this……..

Robert Halfon, chairman of the House of Commons education select committee, called for a “full independent inquiry to find out why so many female students have suffered from sexual abuse and harassment”.

FINALLY. We finally get a fucking admission from this XY that sexual terrorism is from males victimizing female people.


In other good news for troons, MRAs are troon friendly!

Let’s meet a 21 year old ladydick who has risen to some kind of peen leader in his local he-man woman haters club……

On her YouTube channel, she draws well-meaning but often misguided praise from her MRA fans (“You are so beautiful and intelligent I start doubting my heterosexuality,” “You’re even prettier than a real woman,” “You have the best hair”), and a respectable 3,000 subscribers.

I don’t have to look to see if the XY that is all YOU PERRTIER THAN A REAL WOMAN was called a bigot or told to die in a fire or choke on a lady dick, or if he was met with the ever present, religious chant of TWAW.

This article also features Blair white, whom is pretty highly respected by some women, some even claiming radical feminism, because Blair doesn’t pretend to be a “real woman”, and stays away from female spaces and thinks that other XY should stay in their own lane, too.

But like all ladyLARPers, he puts his misogyny and general hatred of women out on display, for the enjoyment of his brothers….

Meyer and White agree their criticisms of feminism, and support for MRAs, did not develop despite being transgender but because of it. White says after living part of her life as a man and part as a woman, she believes she unequivocally receives more societal privilege as a woman than a man. She says as a woman people are kinder, care more about her feelings, and are more willing to sacrifice on her behalf.

The “societal privilege” that Blair mentions seems to be the “pussy privilege” that males claim as a real thing.

But notice how Mr. White says NOTHING about being paid a fair wage, having bodily autonomy, or how males own 99% of the worldwide wealth.

He says nothing about how males have an iron hold on advantages and opportunities.

He says nothing about the girls aborted just for lacking a dick in utero.

He says nothing about menstrual huts, or fgm, or trafficking being mostly women and girls.

As far as the “privilege” he claims to be getting, with people males being”kinder” to him, “sacrificing” for him, or pretending to care about his feelings, well. All of that male chivalry is the direct result of his femininity performance meeting male standards.

He can get back to me about the state of that “privilege” when his body is no longer 26, when he has given birth to children, when he is in menopause, and he is no longer the visual representation of the appropriate, male approved fucktoilet………..

The troon twins bang on a bit more about how this whole “narrative” that is just so sad, that women pretend to be victimized by males should be closely examined, before they get back into how female privilege is the reason that women have doors held open for them by males, or something, while missing this important bit of the global lived experience of being female…..

More than half of women and girls killed by men are murdered by their current or previous partners, according to UN data.

The latest UN figures show that 137 women across the world are killed every day by a partner or member of their own family – a total of 50,000 women a year murdered by people they know and should be able to trust.

Are you enjoying all of that female privilege?

I know I am.

In our last bit of female privilege enjoyment, let’s meet Vicky, who responded to the terfy inquisition from her trade union by writing this letter on a Twitter thread, posted here in it’s entirety………..

No, I wouldn’t like to talk about it. I have not said one thing that is transphobic (which has become a meaningless word as it is used so often). I proudly stand for the rights of women and the single-sex exemptions that are enshrined in equality law, and if that is considered transphobic then the problem is with the definition not with my stance.

I believe in biological reality and do not subscribe to the notion of gender identity especially when it damages women and girls – the oppression of women is based on biology not gender identity and this movement is seeking to remove not only every protection women and girls have but to redefine what it means to be female.

The left is eating itself with identity politics and it pains me to witness it. Centuries of oppression and fighting to even be recognised as deserving of equality have been eroded in just a few years. Ask yourself this question, is it OK for me to identify as black because I feel black and I listen to Bob Malrley? Would it be fine for me to then claim to be more oppressed than those who don’t get to choose the colour of their skin? Is it OK for a person to claim to be disabled because they “feel disabled” and claim all the protections and systems put in place to allow disabled people to be equal within society? If the answer to those questions is no (rightly so) then why is it OK for a man to claim womanhood based on how he feels and what he wears?

Women and girls cannot identify out of their oppression in the same way that black and disabled people cannot identify out of theirs. I would never and will never discriminate against anyone nor would I treat anyone any differently based on their identity, in fact I have campaigned for LGBT rights and will continue to do so. I have been a left wing trade unionist and feminist my whole life and I will not apologise for my belief that a person who is born male cannot magically change sex and become more oppressed than females. I don’t think you or any man (no disrespect) can understand how upsetting it is to see so many left wing men, who have spent the past 5 years telling women like myself, to shut up, sit down, don’t talk, and calling them bigots, transphobes and TERFs for standing for their rights, suddenly “stand in solidarity with women and girls” because it is the latest cause celebre. The hypocrisy is mind-blowing and the intellectual disconnect involved in this is staggering.

I am not and never have been transphobic but I am also not a menstruator, chest feeder, vagina haver, I am a woman and all of the violence and sexual harassment I have faced at the hands of men has been because I was born female, not because I have a gender identity. The LGB movement has been sidelined for trans rights and queer theory – the two motions for national conference forwarded by the LGBTQ+ conference are both about trans issues which says it all – what about the young girls struggling to come to terms with being lesbians as well as being sexualised by society, who speaks for them now? Who is protecting them from the harm that being called a bigot for not wanting to have a relationship with a pre-op trans-identifying male is causing them? Who is standing for young homosexual boys as they struggle in a world of toxic masculintiy to come to terms with their sexuality when they are being told that if they like ‘girl’ things then they are “born in the wrong body” and must really be a woman?

We talked last night about free speech, I am guessing that only applies in certain situations. How come every other group gets to define what is “…….phobic” but women and girls must be told what misogyny and sexism is? If these views are problematic then do what you need to do but I will not apologise for standing for women.

……and Twitter proceeded to suspend her. For hate speech.

Jayne 🔥

11 thoughts on “XY stupid.

  1. That drug advertisement is outrageous!!

    Yeah, the medical establishment is horribly misogynistic and male-centered. A lot of underpinnings of medicine and scientific “research” are based solely on MALE physiology. And of course it’s all 100% profit driven.

    But hey! I’m sure they totally got it right about the pandemic and the new mRNA injections! I mean, to think otherwise would make one a conspiracy theorist! Just sign me up for whatever Big Pharma offers up!

    Yep, I’m more than a little bitter about radfems embracing patriarchal medicine without batting an eye.

    Liked by 3 people

    1. My thing is that they are free to embrace it. I have no problem with that.

      What pisses me off is that we are not given the same courtesy. Ovarit removes any discussion of the vaccine that isn’t RAHRAHYAYAY.

      It drives me crazy. We are questioning the male, profit driven medical establishment, but not when it comes to covid! Not. Allowed.

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      1. I didn’t know that about Ovarit. Not surprising. I’m gotten attacked on radfem youtube channels for talking about it. I’m guessing they’ll realize they were wrong one day, and it will be too late. Not that any of us could fight this train wreck.

        The intention was to divide people even more, and they’ve succeeded.

        Liked by 2 people

      2. I am not a conspiracy minded person. I think, maybe, that males just do most of their heinous bullshit right out in the open, very thinly veiled, because they are too fucking inadequate to properly hide their bullshit.

        Right out on the open are multiple studies of how mRna vaccines haven’t been studied extensively because of the heinous effects. All of them were eventually stopped.

        Right out in the open, you see cases of vaccines, like polio, that where invented by some guy that didn’t make a penny, and took years to develop, with at least one heinous false start.

        Right out in the open, big pharma purchased blanket immunity protection from their government.

        Right out in the open, they projected billions in profit.

        Right out in the open, all of the lawsuits and fines from where big pharma has killed people.

        I don’t think there’s a conspiracy. I think that it’s a huge money grab.

        But if you talk about it, or even present evidence, then talking and presenting evidence becomes a problem.

        Which is the way with males, ALWAYS. Rape, femicide, the wage gap, none of these things are a problem. The problem is when uppity women won’t shut up about it.

        I just happened to catch a thread on ovarit that wasn’t about covid, but questions about the vaccine made it into the thread because a poster randomly mentioned her lack of faith in vaccine testing. She didn’t even mention covid. And along came a string of women with YOU AREN’T QUESTIONING THE COVID VACCINE, SURELY NOT.

        That devolved into the majority of women chastising a few vaccine critical women. In the course, a couple of women said that ovarit removed anything critical of covid response or vaccine.

        And then, that thread disappeared, lol. I just happened to see it, in real time.

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      3. Women in STEM seem to be a huge problem for radical feminism. They seem upset that their programmer bros, or lab bros, or MD bros, or whatever, are misogynistic and don’t promote women. But it seems like all they care about is their own ability to make extreme amounts of money in male dominated fields without “sexpests” bothering them. Not a lot of criticism of STEM itself. Or, none, and none is allowed either bc they outright ban it.

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  2. I would like to write (or read) a comprehensive post about Big Pharma drugs being tested/not tested on women, but I doubt I have the energy to write that post myself. If drugs are being tested on women, that’s a problem for all the reasons it’s unethical to test pharmaceuticals on humans, and oppressed humans. If drugs aren’t being tested on women, that’s also a problem bc we are expected to (and do) ingest them. I took Accutane for cystic acne in my 20s and I had recurrent vaginal infections for the next 5-6 years iirc. Accutane is a chemo drug that was originally intended to treat cancer but didn’t work for cancer. Somehow they figured out it works for chronic boils, which it does. But since then I’ve been offered chemo for my AI disease, and I have to wonder what the side effects of having no immune system will be for women, meaning people who have vaginas that are completely dependent on a harmonious balance of bacteria and fungi to function properly. Men who were dying of AIDS had really bad thrush everywhere, and they don’t even have vaginas, that’s how awful and opportunistic thrush is. You aren’t even supposed to take chemo drugs for AI if you are “prone to infections” I think is the language they use, but aren’t all women “prone to infections” AS COMPARED TO MEN bc we have vaginas, and are being PIVed by men? They don’t say, women who are more prone to infections than other women, which is how we are invited to read that statement. They probably mean, as compared to men. But that’s not how they say it. So millions of women are on chemo for their AI diseases, and are missing work from the side effects of the meds AND from the symptoms of the original disease, which these drugs don’t cure bc AI disease is incurable. Try putting on a suit and sitting on a train for 6 hours a day with an untreatable recurrent vaginal infection. Try doing it while wearing an adult diaper, bc of Crohn’s incontinence. Does that not sound like absolute hell?

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    1. I think I have mentioned before, that my ai is psoriasis, it flairs in winter, and virtually disappears in warm months.

      I have 4 of the 5 types of psoriasis. One of the worst types, inverse psoriasis, is the most painful. It also causes yeast infections in women. I don’t think that this is an official symptom, because psoriasis has not been studied, to my knowledge, in women.

      I didn’t even know that I had psoriasis until I got a tubal and stopped birth control after 30 years of taking it, solely to continue piv for the convenience of MALES. It’s genetic, my father had it, and when I suddenly got it, I checked around online and found women with the same issue, as well as women that flaired while pregnant, only to have it clear up after the pregnancy. The flair that came when I stopped birth control lasted about 2 years, then it completely went away.

      Until menopause. When menopause started, psoriasis flaired, and it has never completely gone away. The symptoms go away almost completely in warm weather, but I still have marks on my skin, they don’t bother me, but when the cold weather comes, I know exactly where the skin irritation will start, because the marks are where it gets bad before spreading.

      This is my 3rd year with psoriasis outbreaks. I haven’t had a period in about 18 months, I haven’t had a hot flash for almost a year, except for very occasionally. I am almost through menopause, which is really a great experience, except for the psoriasis, which seems to be getting worse.

      I tied it to menopause, which is something that ONLY women experience, but most of us will experience it, if we live long enough.

      Why? Why has this not been studied?

      When I first started menopause, I dropped weight. Menopause is different for each WOMAN, why has it not been studied extensively?

      Additionally, Dr. Jane Claire Jones, who is an OBGYN terf on Twitter, had a bunch of OBGYNs tweeting her that, at the time of their graduation, they had studied troons for almost 20% of their coursework, and reproduction in women for the remainder, with ZERO information or study on menopause. The new doctors were saying that in their new jobs, it was 50/50, between women needing regular reproductive care, including birth control, and MENOPAUSAL WOMEN.

      Not to mention that I don’t know if it is still the current case, but recently, hiv spread was the fastest in black women, here, in the US. But WOMEN were not even studied in the latest hiv drug.

      Males run everything and they hate women. The chainsaw was invented by males solely for the use of male practitioners on pregnant woman. Not much has fucking changed.

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    2. Also, the covid 19 vaccines are being given to pregnant women, and they are being given different advice.

      In some areas, it is encouraged, in some areas, they leave it up to the individual woman.

      There have been no long term studies. And women are having side effects that no one expected because these vaccines have been out less than a year.

      But the radical feminist defense of taking a new vaccine that the male medical system made in a record amount of time with no long term testing is SEE THE GREAT THINGS THAT BIG PHARMA CAN DO WHEN YOU THROW MONEY AT THEM? THEY NEVER DID IT BEFORE BECAUSE NO ONE WAS THROWING MONEY AT THEM, lol.

      Really? I guess that’s why big pharma has no cash flow, lol.

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    3. Also, too, I am sorry, cannabis. The mere mention of yeast infections sends me into a bloody fucking rage because I have had the same one, with varying levels of discomfort and pain, since December.

      It’s been a little bit of a strain on my sunny disposition.


      1. God that sounds horrific. I’m so sorry. 😦 Vaginal infections are so horrible. It’s hard to get a lot done when your vagina is miserable. It blows my mind that women don’t seem to take vaginal infections very seriously. Or UTIs for that matter. Absolute misery, and largely avoidable for most women. I didn’t know that psoriasis causes vaginal infections. You’re right, they probably never bothered to talk to an actual female that had it and what her symptoms were.

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