In Support of Males.

The males need support, y’all.

So today, GLAAD, which is one of the alphabet soup organizations that support (pretty much only) males, released an open letter in support of males that are being victimized by women and girls that refuse to bow to the mighty, but ever dainty, ladydick.

Let’s have a look at the oppression that is suffered by males when women refuse to worship at the ladypeen………

In observance of Women’s History Month and Transgender Day of Visibility, we write this letter as feminist leaders in advocacy, business, entertainment, media, politics, and social justice who stand as, with, and for transgender and nonbinary people. Trans women and girls have been an integral part of the fight for gender liberation. We uphold that truth and denounce the ongoing anti-transgender rhetoric and efforts we witness in various industries.

Does anyone here care about “gender liberation”?

I care about liberating women and girls from male oppression. Who gives a fuck about gender, which is just a stereotypical set of roles that males created to place themselves at the top of their invented, mythical hierarchy?

As far as the Truth, males wouldn’t know the truth if it slapped them in their ugly manface.


We acknowledge with clarity and strength that transgender women are women and that transgender girls are girls. And we believe that honoring the diversity of women’s experiences is a strength, not a detriment to the feminist cause. All of us deserve the same access, freedoms, and opportunities. We deserve equal access to education, employment, healthcare, housing, recreation, and public accommodations. And we must respect each person’s right to bodily autonomy and self-determination.

Uh, nope.

Transsexuals are male. Sorry that reality hurts your manfeels.

Everyone deserves equal opportunity. But opportunity and advantage in all areas is held by males. Even when that male is in a skirt.

Women do not enjoy bodily autonomy, as each uterus is under male control, almost always by the patriarchal state. Just one more way that the dick draggers, the penis possessors, aka MALES, oppress women.

It is time for the long history of assaults (legislative, physical, social, and verbal) against trans women and girls to end. For far too long, lawmakers have worked to strip trans women of their civil liberties—in 2021, once again, we’ve seen a wave of bigoted governmental policies and legislation. Many of these laws target the rights of girls to play school sports or criminalize doctors for treating trans youth and their families. The women’s movement has seen doctors targeted before for providing us with necessary medical care and services, and we refuse to let youth endure that now. Plus, we know that anti-trans sports bans are as unnecessary as they are harmful—and that women athletes at both the professional and college levels support inclusion.


Transsexuals are still welcome to play on the team of their biological sex. Boys are still welcome to play on the boys team. Men can still play on the men’s teams.

Males are not allowed to play on women’s and girl’s teams.

Males playing on their own teams does not mean that males are banned from sports.

Once again……

These bigoted efforts are also aided by a contingent of self-identified feminists, who have been promoting damaging and violent ideas about trans people for years in the United States and internationally. Their vitriol is, in fact, not feminist at all. True feminists do not wish to limit any woman’s identity or freedom to fully be herself. Allowing transphobic rhetoric to go unchecked also strengthens the legislative efforts of anti-trans politicians—who now cloak their bigotry in language about protecting or supporting women.

Safeguarding women’s and girl’s spaces from male instrusion is not bigoted. It is not anti feminist.

We do not promote “violent ideas about transpeople” by demanding that our spaces remain our own.

Isn’t it interesting that males claim that our refusal to submit to the transsexuals male demands to be recognized as female is a “violent idea”?

When I just posted a link yesterday to the statistics of 137 women and girls being murdered around the world daily by males in their immediate environment? Husbands, fathers, sons, brothers, uncles, all among males that murder women and girls in their immediate environments.

There weren’t 137 transsexuals murdered last year. Or the year before that.

And the few murdered transsexuals were murdered by other MALES.

Six women every hour.

Murdered by penis possessors.

A dead woman or girl every ten fucking minutes.

Perhaps males are unable to recognize violence when they are murdering us.

But boys, trust me when I say, it’s not violent for women and girls to create boundaries away from you.


Further, all verbal attacks support the ongoing epidemic of murder and violence plaguing Black and Latinx trans women. 2020 was the deadliest year on record for the transgender community, seeing more than 44 killings, and, so far, there have been at least nine deaths reported this year.

Once again, women creating and protecting boundaries against penis havers, which have been around since women fought for us to have them, some of them over a century ago, is not a “verbal attack”.

And while it is a shame that males insist on murdering other males, all of this male violence is not because women have boundaries, lol.

What histerical, emotional, manipulation.

Forty four transsexuals being murdered by males is tragic. Males have murdered more women and girls than that in the time it is taking me to write this post, so, obviously, I am more concerned with protecting women and girls, who don’t murder anyone, generally speaking.

It was Audre Lorde who said, “I am not free while any woman is unfree, even when her shackles are very different from my own.” Since the dawn of feminism, our movements have experienced our fair share of inflection points. We continue to reckon with a history that has often excluded women of color, of different sexual orientations, socioeconomic statuses, ages, body types, religions and regions, and who are disabled. However, the feminist movement has largely expanded in beautiful and powerful ways. We have more language and understanding than ever before to describe how our unique experiences are threaded in the larger tapestry of womanhood.

Feminism is for women and girls.

There are all types of women and girls. Different races, ethnicities, different economic and educational backgrounds, different religions.

Feminism is for all women and girls.

Feminism excludes MALES. If you have a dick, there’s your first clue that you are a male.

But we all know who is male. But if you have any question, ask Harvey weinstein, bill cosby, or any of the many serial rapists and/or killers who target women and girls.

Not a single victim has a dick.

Males know exactly who to rape, who to pay less.

Males knew exactly who to keep our of education, who to deny autonomy to. Males sold women and girls into marriage, males force women and girls to give birth.

We all know who the women and girls are.

We all know that this person is a male, even though he is referred to as a woman through the entire article.

We all must fight against the unnecessary and unethical barriers placed on trans women and girls by lawmakers and those who co-opt the feminist label in the name of division and hatred. Our feminism must be unapologetically expansive so that we can leave the door open for future generations.

Nope, sorry, boys, I don’t care about the males. Males always do just fine.

Feminism will not be including you.

Whatever movements or ideologies you manage to force yourselves into will not be feminism.

In honor of Transgender Day of Visibility and Women’s History Month, we welcome all women and non-binary people to co-sign our open letter. Click here to do that. If you’d like to be added to the public list of notable people and organizations below, email

I do not honor males. Not now. Not ever.

The truth is that you are going to take whatever you want to take, your patriarchal government will give you whatever you want. And you will punish those of us that refuse to submit.

I mean, it wasn’t that long ago that your sex dragged disobedient women out of their homes and burned them for the crime of owning their own property and living lives that refused to cater to and center males.

Males murdered large numbers of us, just to take from us what they decided was rightfully theirs, for no other reason other than greed.

Males took what was ours.

Males murdered us while taking.

How quickly we forget.

This is how they broke our grandmothers.


8 thoughts on “In Support of Males.

  1. I am in favor of getting rid of as many peens as possible. The less peen, the less rape.

    I’d trust a dood who had his dick blown off during “boys will be boys” hijinks at Chemistry Camp, or a dood who was born with intractable, Viagra-proof erectile dysfunction (wish this was a thing, and that it could be contagious) plus micropenis before I’d trust any be-peened individual, including those who want to do what males want to do with their dicks while trying to call the torture (hetero sex) what it isn’t (just gals being woke pals!).

    Loving your dick and wanting to stick it in women=Typical male, nothing genderspecial about it. Any slightest inclination of dysphoria plus “identification” with women would lead to de-peening, pronto, given how Dick is the number one cause of suffering for females. Funny how the peens seem to always stay attached, though!

    Hi Jayne and CRE! I also just caught up with CRE’s blog too. I’m so glad I’m not alone in my feelings about the coronabullshit, and recognizing the fallacies used with regard to the mRNA medical experiment that CRE mentions (appeal to authority, post hoc ergo propter hoc), although I keep missing the commenting window. CRE, as an attorney, do you have any idea how this will play out for those of us who don’t want to be guinea pigs for the sociopaths but still want to, say, fly on a plane or go in a store? And Jayne, I absolutely agree with what you said about hating restaurants becoming drive throughs at CRE’s. I feel like, aside from the medical experimentation, this whole thing was a way to create mass isolation, destroy the economy, and doom us all to effectively have no public life, to the tune of more billions for the dot com-holes. I used to enjoy merely walking around pet stores with my dog, buying bones and cat toys. Now, the pet stores are unstocked and rarely open, and buying pet stuff online (exactly what we’re conditioned to do given the situation) is not fun at all.

    The whole thing was so obviously a farce from the getgo given the whole “mask mandate”: “no entering a business (or walking down Main Street) without inducing hypoxia via any old piece of cloth you’ve got lying around your house, because without that miraculously virus-proof despite its porosity ‘facial covering’ you’re a sociopath grandma-killer.”

    Anyone see the article where a former VP of a Big Pharma Corp predicts that the vax will essentially serve as a depopulation tool? I wish there were some of what CRE calls ‘conspiratards’ that weren’t peened or peen-aligned (and often religious right types to boot) OR pushing added fear porn (this shit is scary enough on its face) because all of the mainstream news regarding you-know-what is such bullshit that I can smell it from my screen.

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    1. Hi Antinatalist it’s good to see you. Like most professionals, my expertise is extremely compartmentalized. I know there is a constitutional right for competent adults to refuse unwanted medical care, as well as the right to travel and associate freely, but I also know that calling a state of emergency/public health emergency puts our rights on hold as far as the government is concerned. Airlines and restaurants and whatnot don’t have to honor our constitutional rights at all, except when they do. I know that vaccines have been consequence-free for vaccine manufacturers and disseminators for a long time and that there is a special victims fund set up for vaccine injuries. It’s been like that for a long time, decades. Idk if there have been any developments in that area or not, the last I knew anything about it was when we talked about it in law school. The tards talk about a new law under Obama that made government propaganda (official lies) against American citizens legal. I don’t know anything more about it than that. I think generally speaking, coercion is easier than brute force, so I think everything will be coercion based, as long as it gets them the results they want. If they tied the vax to UBI would many people be able to resist? Or if they tied it to so-called “privileges” or even to what used to be rights? I honestly don’t know what’s likely to happen. Personally, I think it’s all a distraction from something even worse, lol. I’m sorry I missed the opportunity to have you comment about it on my blog, I hope you will say more about what you think is going on, because there is so little out there anyway, and nearly everything the least bit critical of COVID is all soaked in peen. What do you think is going on/likely to happen?

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  2. I love his meaningless distinction between “self-identified feminists” and “True feminists”. LOL I guess only men get to decide what’s what, and who’s what, as usual. I listened to a recent interview of Jennifer Bilek (given by Derrick Jensen) on the topic of the push to trans, well trans everyone, transhuman included. New “trans surgeries” are pretty fucking horrific. Dis-fucking-turbing. It’s on the Deep Dreen Resistance YouTube channel.

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      1. I thought “Peen” would have been a funny typo, but that would be confusing bc it would imply that DGR resists peen, which they absolutely do not. I’m not even sure why they hate trannies so much when they love men unconditionally and put them front and center in their peen-friendly feminism. Except when there are violent trannies about, then the men of DGR find that their “place” is behind feminist women. lol. Like, physically behind them. Literally. DGR has also redefined feminism to mean, feminists that are not biological essentialists. Still trying to wrap my head around “anarchists” and others who think its acceptable to place their female comrades in harm’s way by impregnating them, and when I say in harm’s way I mean, males opening the door to state control of women’s pregnant bodies. I know this comment wasn’t about DGR but I have to troll them several times a year or I can’t live with myself.

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    1. I just made the conscious decision today, that I am no longer going to use the nonsense term, “transwoman”. Doesn’t it feel weird to tell a male that you are not a woman, and then refer to them as transwoman?

      I have used that word to communicate exactly who I am talking about. I don’t believe that transwoman is a woman, I don’t even believe that they are transwoman. They are deluded, narcissistic males. I am no longer using any form of our word.

      Males have always defined who we are, what we are allowed to do. And they murder those of us who refuse compliance.

      So. They can have feminism, the word. They can call whatever thing by whatever word they want to use. I have been called worse by males, most of us have.

      I will find that interview and I will link to it in my next post.

      I read about a guy having a stroke during facial “femenization” surgery, where he was having his facial bones shaved down to look as female as he could possibly look. He now has the classic stroke affect, where he can no longer use his right arm and half of his face sags.

      It is criminal, what these doctors are doing, especially to children.

      You can look around on the web and find the “bottom” surgeries, and none of them look like female genitals. Not a one.

      In fact, yaniv posted pics of his on Twitter, to a female doctor that was not his surgeon, in my opinion, just to terrorize her. I don’t even know if it was actually his body, but the pics were gruesome. Of course, I saved them because I thought someone may want to see that mess, in fact, the device that I ran my wordpress blog on died, recently. I have a theory that my tablet storing those pics made it want to die.

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  3. That letter has been signed by some people.

    Sarah paulson, whom I have loved, signed the letter. I also didn’t know that she had thrown JK rowling under the penis bus.

    But interestingly, but not suprisingly, troons are coming for her on Twitter because she has refused to put pronouns in her bio.

    Male hatred cannot be appeased. It only escalates.

    Women can submit and obey, even worship, yet, males will still come for you because they hate you, just as much as they hate the rest of us.

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