Open letter to the Women’s Prize

To the directors and trustees, We write to you as concerned readers and authors. Originally, the Women’s Prize was established to recognise the contribution of female writers who were overlooked by other major literary awards. The founder launched it in response to the all-male shortlist for the 1991 Booker Prize. Over the years, the Women’s […]

Open letter to the Women’s Prize

3 thoughts on “Open letter to the Women’s Prize

  1. I didn’t realize it was THAT book. Fucking disgusting. Women are so stupid for falling for this shit. Maybe if most women weren’t completely soaked in porn, things like this would stand out for them as unacceptable, no matter who wrote it. I hope this dood does get obliterated by a cock, or whatever the cock is dragging behind it. Yep, I hope he gets murdered.

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    1. And it gets better.

      Quite a few women are shielding the troon, shaming all of the bigoty terfs for refusing to give ladydick an award meant for women.

      I have seen some women saying that anyone that has complained or protested is all but promising him a win, as a backlash to the protest.

      But if we are quiet, then he wins without dispute.

      Either way we go, males are always going to win.

      There are handmaids that bought a bunch of copies of that nasty book to give away, because the male has hurt feels.

      Between this and California, I am so enraged that I am almost rendered immobile.

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  2. Please sign it, if you can.

    Anyone remember that post about the troon that compared HIV infection to getting impregnated? Because pregnancy can kill you? Just like HIV?

    And how one of the bestest parts of being a woman is potentially being “obliterated” by cock?

    Yeah. That book has won a WOMAN’S FICTION AWARD.

    So please. Sign if you can.

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