Will we gaslight our daughters?

One of my very first memories is of a mall, it was FrederickTowne mall, in the state of maryland, not too far out of washington d.c., I was maybe 4 or 5 years old, I hadn’t started school, yet.

Mall culture was relatively new, it was the late 70s, and my parents would take my brother and me to the mall on Friday nights, and everyone else was there. I also remember a winter coat that I was wearing, it was likely around Christmas, because the mall was packed. It was so packed that everyone was moving, as a group, and if you wanted to look into a storefront or go into a store, you had to kind of step out of the crowd at the correct time, and if coming out of a store, you had to wait for a break in the foot traffic before finding a gap to jump into.

The pet store caught my eye, as we were walking past, it was next door to hickory farms, which was a store that my parents always went into, so I stepped out from the crowd, wanting to look in the window to see the puppies or ferrets that were always there. In my child’s mind, I think that I only looked for a minute, it couldn’t have been all that long, but when I looked back up, they were gone.

I can still see this part of the memory, it is so clear, of my viewpoint, where I was pushed by the crowd, up against the pet store window, and I realized that I had lost my parents. As I looked around frantically, and I didn’t see them, I immediately began to cry. And it didn’t take very long before I was full on, panic crying, trying to contain what I guess was my first glimpse of terror. There was no way I was going to find them, not in this packed crowd, and I panicked.

So here is 5 year old me, crying, alone, in a packed mall, and there are 3 people in my view, seemingly out of nowhere. Two elderly women, one elderly man. One of the women had a cane, all 3 had grey hair, and immediately, the women bent over and asked me what was wrong? Why was I crying?

So I am trying to tell them that I am lost, that I just wanted to look in the window, and it was just a minute, but honestly, I don’t know what words came out of my 5 year old mouth because my only clear memory of any words were those two women saying that they would help me, that they were sure that we would find my parents, and they each took one of my hands, instructing me to look around, and asking me what my parents looked like.

I think that we might have moved maybe 2 feet, and I saw my parents coming. They had turned around to look for me as soon as they noticed I was gone.

My parents thanked them for helping me, and I turned around to try to thank them, too, but now, I was sobbing with relief and I don’t think that I said any actual words, lol. But I clearly remember being grateful, and as I looked, I saw those two women, and the man that was with them, he had stepped off to the side and had stayed a little bit away while they were interacting with me. While I had immediately seen him, he disappeared from my view and I didn’t notice him again, and I likely wouldn’t have remembered him at all, but for him appearing next to the women after my parents reappeared.

Looking back now, I would guess that maybe dealing with children lay within the purview of women.

Or maybe he was socially signaling that he was not interested in a random little girl.

Regardless, we have told our little children that, if you are lost, find a woman. I am 49 years old today. Without asking, I know that this was common among Gen X, when we were little and lost, find a woman.

No one told us why it was a woman we should look to.

No one had to tell us.

And every little girl eventually discovers on her own why grown males are unsafe.

And some of us, I am sure, already knew why males were unsafe.

What will we tell our daughters now?

If you haven’t seen, ireland has decided that girls in primary and secondary schools no longer deserve the safety and privacy of sex specific toilets. Not to single out the UK, because goddess knows that rape is everywhere, but they have seen an explosion of boys raping, sexually harassing, and bullying girls.* And the response from the male rulers is to make escape from boys impossible.

Males are gaslighting us when they claim that they mean no harm by removing our private spaces.

Males see the evidence, and the PROOF. And yet, they continue to throw women to their brothers by providing the legal force necessary for males to invade rape crisis centers, women’s pools, women’s toilets, and women’s prisons.

The worst of the gaslighting is what we do to ourselves when we insist that “the public will peak” and “as soon as the general public catches on, this will change, males will stop”.

Of course, most people know that, when you put male criminals into a female prison, that males will rape and abuse those female inmates. And it’s likely that a lot of people think that is wrong.

Males insure supremacy by doing immoral, violent, degenerate things. It’s who they are. Males lie, manipulate, obscure. Truth and reality is their enemy, which is why they refuse to tolerate those things.

Males don’t care about what is fair or right, those concepts run counter to what they want. So why do we constantly think that, at some point, males will see that we are right?


Males know that males in female prisons will rape. Males have witnessed it, just like the rest of us.

Males know that boys are raping little girls, and that it’s happening younger and younger, and they know that it’s directly related to porn.

Males know that they can never morph into a female body.

Males know that they are cheating when they resort to stealing spots on women and girls teams.


Males know exactly what they are doing, and they are doing it with forethought and malice.

Why do we gaslight ourselves? In service of males?

Why do we think that our spaces will be protected “in the courts”? When those same courts uphold the paid rape of pornography and prostitution? When those same courts refuse to prosecute rape? When those same courts exert the male ownership rights of control over each and every female body?

I can’t speak to other countries, but in the states, women asked for basic constitutional protection, the same rights that males enjoy, and males loudly and clearly said NO. Why do women speak of constitutional rights, when those were very clearly denied to us? Are we gaslighting ourselves? Or do we just not know?

I don’t know very much about Iran, but I have seen women say that recently, within the last few decades, women had made great strides in their personal freedom, which manifested quite often in their clothing, that they could wear jeans and t shirts, at one very recent time. And I saw this video over the weekend, from a woman who was driving a car while not wearing a hijab, please just take a minute and look.

Random males on the street, including some clerics, stopped her, to punish her.

And we all know how males punish disobedient women and girls. Don’t we?

And I wonder what women thought, back in those times, just a few years ago, really, when they were wearing blue jeans and t shirts and their hair was uncovered.

Did they think that they held some autonomy?

Did they think that they were making progress?

Did they think that males were losing their violent hold over them?

What did they tell their daughters? When males decided that it should be only and always males that decide how women dress? Again?

I am not judging iranian women, I am not judging any women.

I just think that it’s past time for the gaslighting to stop.

It’s time to stop assigning good intentions to males, when there so clearly are none present.

It’s time to stop telling ourselves, and each other, and especially our daughters, that male violence, male dominance, and male rule is just a matter of misunderstandings, or properly explaining, or nurture versus nature.

Males are eradicating women’s private spaces is sexual terrorism. Male lives improve with every instance of sexual terrorism that patriarchy enacts at women and girls.

Males have access to ALL of the toilets. All of the changing rooms.

Males now have additional opportunities in the form of women’s shortlists and scholarships. Males now, once again, have access to all of the opportunities.

All of us who have ever ducked into a women’s restroom, to get away from a male that is following or harassing us, are the last women who will ever enjoy that right. Sexual terrorism enacted onto us by males means that males, once again, own all of the space.

Girls don’t know what it means to have a private space, away from boys. Boys are welcomed into the girls restroom at school because males own them and have decided to allow them in.

I think it was around 4th grade, I was 8 or 9 years old, when boys decided that it would be funny to tell random girls that “your pussy stinks”. I can’t imagine dealing with boys in toilets when struggling with periods, that are a brand new phenomenon, or goddess forbid, having to shit, or worse, having to use the facilities while a nasty male is shitting.

Male sexual terrorism requires the complete denial of the physical reality of biology. Males know who is male and who is female, but they get everything by pretending that they don’t.

Back to my original story, when I was lost in the mall, and my mother instructed me to look for a woman. What will you tell your daughter now?

In public schools, boys and girls are being taught that being female is a feeling. What will you tell her?

Will you tell her that she should be wary of all people?

Even though only the penis draggers are a threat?

What words will you use?

Males have created this myth that we can’t possibly know who has what genitalia. Even though the straight males have never accidentally raped a dick dragger.

Males have shown repeatedly that they will put their dick into literally anything. Women don’t attempt to fuck animals or babies or dead people, like males so routinely do.

Of course, males can put their nasty dick anywhere, because their biology is beyond useless. But for those of us who can become pregnant, what will you tell your daughters?

Because you will know, just like males know, who the breeding chattel are.

What will you tell them? About the dick draggers?

What will you tell them when all of the college scholarships marked for girls end up awarded to loser dick draggers?

And if they manage to go to college, what will you tell them about their lack of privacy?

At some point, there will just be “dorms” and “showers” because biological sex no longer exists. What does not exist cannot be named.

If you tell them that you enjoyed some personal freedom, some bodily autonomy, some spaces where you knew that you could have privacy from invasive, creeping males, what will you tell them about losing those spaces?

Will you tell them that male government was trying to protect weak, failure males?

Or will you tell them the truth.

Will you tell them that males are, as a class, sexual terrorists?

Will you tell them that males subjugate women and girls with violence, much of it sexual violence, because of their fear that women are superior?

Will you tell them that males will allow us little bits of freedom, until that freedom makes them feel inferior?

Will you tell them that males cannot function without dominating everything in their line of sight?

And that part of the male existence is to use sexual terrorism directed at women and girls, partially by revoking our rights to privacy? Which is intentionally restricting our movements? In an effort to keep us enslaved to and dependent on males? (Also known as the “protection racket”)

Will you tell them that males have done this across all time and space? That women and girls exist solely for male use? And that women can’t change males? A mother can’t raise a non violent, non oppressive male.

It’s a disservice to all women when we act as if we can somehow teach males to be kind, or fair, or somehow raise sons that will save us. Unless you think that women could have changed this, before, but just failed or chose not to.

Males will never be decent, kind, or non violent. Males rule the world on the enslavement of women and girls because that is exactly HOW THEY WANT IT TO BE.

Males encourage and facilitate rape, porn, prostitution, because they LIKE IT.

Males have revoked and are revoking our rights to privacy because they can and because they want to.

There is no nuance. There is no effort to protect weak, inadequate males by forcing women to shield them.

All of this, males invading ever single space of ours, taking any meager gains that males have permitted us, is because males hate women. Males hate girls. They shape our existence through various types of force for their own personal use.

Male dominance, sexual terrorism, and ownership of women is the issue. It has always been the issue. It’s the problem that needs to be addressed, in total.

So please know that if you tell your daughters that they should beg male systems to please treat them fairly, as women have been begging for thousands of years, know that you are gaslighting them.

The truth is that asking the master to free the slave has never worked, not one time, not in all of history.

So are you going to tell her the truth?

Or are you going to tell her NotAllMen? Or to create petitions? Or to beg the master to give her her freedom? Like generations of us have spent our lives doing?

What will you tell your daughters?


*I have linked to these stories repeatedly in other posts.

10 thoughts on “Will we gaslight our daughters?

  1. I don’t think they had my best interests in mind and they both knew it. It was more like, “who does she think she is that she can reject the WAY it’s supposed to be?” That I didn’t want to emulate them was deeply disturbing and seen as a rejection of them. There was/is serious penis-worship among the women in my extended family. It didn’t seem to go away despite my father’s abuse of her for 17 years and my sisters and me. How do you live with a man who threatens the life of your children and you for that long and then push your daughters to go down the same path? It’s just fucking insane. A kind of willful blindness and/or just total brokenness. I chose to have zero children. I couldn’t have pretended anything about the so-called advantages of taking a mate to any daughter of mine. Knowing what the culture does to grind humans into fodder, I was just unwilling to supply more bodies. So much of our destructive cultural machine continues because of the wholesale, epic gaslighting smeared all over it. I’ll take a healthy overdose of truth and reality over the web of lies we are bombarded with daily. The lies are just crazy-making and bad for anyone’s mental health. I wonder why so many people think truth is the real enemy. I see it as false protection. Believing lies is the quickest way to lose yourself for good. Temporary relief, at best.
    Thanks for the compliment. I did and do make out okay. Without any support from family and despite it all, I have learned to appreciate the part of myself that resists the nonsense and pressure to go along just to make peace. Often what passes for peace is just collusion with one’s own diminished existence. Self betrayal in exchange for a big zero.

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    1. I read a comment from a woman, somewhere around the internet, who told the story of when she and her mother would have to hide from her father, when he would go into a rage, which was a common occurrence in her house. She said that she asked her mother if they could leave him, just run away, and she asked her mother why she was staying, just to be terrorized in her own home.

      Her mother explained that the violent manrage was the very reason that she stayed, because he was violent enough to protect them, in case of another male attacking her or her daughter.

      That’s what some women tell themselves and their daughters.

      And we all know that theory falls apart, under even the tiniest bit of scrutiny.

      There’s a thread over on reddit this morning, where males are bonding over porn, they are laughing about porn stars who have died, and how they still masturbate to dead women, and isn’t that hilarious, that they have the superpower that is getting an erection over dead women.

      That’s the kind of information that we need to be giving to our daughters, when they ask us about relationships with males. I think that instead of women telling younger women and girls our own thoughts, just show them the words coming right out of nasty male mouths, because what one of us is, we all are.

      The truth is that 99.9% of males shouldn’t be existing. I don’t really understand why so many women fight against the very few of us that plainly state that. Maybe because they know that their sons or fathers or other males that they prioritize are in that group, and they know it.

      And it is always shocking to me how so many women, usually mothers, will insist that heterosexual relationships are necessary, and they treat “fathers” as if it is only fair to include them in all aspects of pregnancy and child rearing, as if the male contribution is equal, lol. Also, it’s astounding how many women defend marriage, as if it is this natural thing that just popped up from nowhere. Even if you leave out the history of marriage and why males invented it, and how they have used it, just the very fact that males have created this institution for the express purpose of binding us to them in such a way should raise questions. That there exists a legal male invention that makes it almost impossible to get away from them if we decide to should tell you plainly that males want to trap you, because they know that all of us will eventually want to escape them. Males can leave a marriage pretty easily. Women are very often trapped.

      The fact that males need to force our dependency onto them speaks volumes. It’s almost as if we wouldn’t bother with them at all if we didn’t have to.

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  2. Yes that’s exactly it. What qualities would it instill in a daughter who knew the whole truth? Would she be paralyzed with fear? Because frankly, that’s a completely valid response to women’s station, which is horrific and terrifying. Telling her she can be whatever she wants and do whatever she wants is a lie. But how can you tell a young person that they are limited, even if it’s true? And what if she would have been the exception, the one that made it, the token? Would her chances of “making it” suffer because she knew about external limitations and how it’s almost impossible to overcome them? Maybe, but telling her she is likely to make it is like telling her she is likely to win the lottery. Just like finding a good man is like winning the lottery: technically possible, but extremely unlikely. Where does “mental health” fit into all this? Is it abusive to be so brutally honest when it’s completely forseeable that anyone would mentally break if they knew the whole truth? And never recover, because it will always be true? What does mental health even mean, anyway? Women as a class are fucking crazy because of what we are put through. But trauma on women is just seen as femininity (normalized IOW) so it hardly registers. Would traumatizing her with the truth just make her even more feminine? That would probably be the opposite of what was intended. These are really big questions.

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  3. Mothers seem to be only capable of lying and gaslighting, sadly. Considering the ways one becomes a mother in this culture, by being male pleasing, by being raped, by stealing another woman’s child, or by letting patriarchal medicine experiment on them, it seems as if the women who end up with children are the least likely to acknowledge any of this. Plus, if they didn’t think their super awesome genes needed to be propagated, they might not have had kids at all, so naturally they want grandkids, so they are wishing the same things for their daughters (to be male pleasing, to be raped, etc).

    Out of these 4 types of mothers, I would put my money on the rape victims to be more aware than the others, but they are traumatized and saddled with unwanted children, which doesn’t leave a lot of mental or physical energy left to be revolutionary, does it. Maybe women in other cultures can become mothers under less patriarchal circumstances, but patriarchy is more or less global, so maybe not. Western mothers certainly seem incapable of doing anything revolutionary, due to the ways they become mothers, but maybe other mothers are not so compromised. I am open to the possibility, but I think Western mothers are a lost cause. And therefore, that Western culture is a lost cause. The things you want to happen are just not going to happen here, by design. Acknowledging all the terrible things you mention here, only leads to one conclusion (doesn’t it?) which is that bringing life into this world is wrong. But is that something we can (or should) be honest with young girls about? That she should have never been born? That’s a lot to digest, but I think it’s the real, whole truth, without gaslighting. Can anyone’s daughter handle that?

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    1. And it’s not like it’s an abstract to say, you should have never been born. The reality for almost all (well, all) mothers under patriarchy is that, due to patriarchy, as females, I don’t have the resources to protect you (my daughter), and you won’t have the resources to protect yourself, and no one else really cares, so you won’t ever be safe and you won’t have a fulfilling life. I mean, I’m almost 50 so I can kind of deal with that reality mentally, even though it is terrifying. I’m just trying to imagine how that conversation would happen in real life, and whether that’s a conversation that should even happen, even though it seems to be the unvarnished truth, like you say, with no gaslighting. What do you think?

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      1. I think that the truth is always better.

        Our mothers tell us bits and pieces of the truth. Like telling little girls to find a woman when she is lost. The truth is that a woman is much less likely to hurt a girl, compared to a male. But maybe my mother should have straight out told me the entire truth, instead of just telling me to find a woman because she said so.

        I also understand women wanting to instill confidence into their daughters, and strength, and it’s difficult to do that if they know the truth, that there’s no safety, or security, because males want it that way.

        I am still thinking about this.

        Scotland is going to be reviewing potential legislation that will get rid of age of consent. It’s as good as done, you can’t stop a moving train, especially when it is powered by the most important thing on earth, which is the collective erections of all males who are just frothing at the mouth to rape little girls without the trouble of going to court just to be let go. And women will fight it, I have absolutely no doubt.

        But they won’t fight it with the truth. And the truth is that, once again, this is legislation that males want. I mean, globally, males rape little girls so much that there had to be legislation created to stop them, for the male owners of the pure vagina needed their property protected. And legislation is weak and doesn’t stop male rape of little girls.

        But you know, women will go to court and kindly explain that really, males shouldn’t be raping little girls, and won’t males please toss this potential legislation out, because surely, the male government wants to protect little girls.

        And then the legislation will pass and women will proceed to beg to reverse it. Or it won’t pass this time, but it will next year.

        Why won’t women speak truth? Why won’t they say that we all know that males love to rape, especially little girls, and this legislation is paving the way for males to do exactly what they want. Let males explain that away. Let males dismiss that. I mean, they will, they will absolutely have their legal right to rape little girls eventually, not that they really need it, because they do it anyway.

        Sugarcoating helps no woman or girl. But I don’t know what it would look like, from mother to daughter, or the effect it would have, if any.

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      2. “Why won’t women speak truth?”

        I think what we say and how we say it matters, but not as much as what we do and don’t do. There are two time-tested, interrelated actions that have been effective in helping the powerless to exercise power over the masters: Going on strike and taking to the streets. So, lots of women would stop providing all sexual and housekeeping and physical/emotional-caretaking services; and instead put our bodies in the streets, where we would disrupt even more stuff than merely withholding our services would disrupt. (I think it’s worth gambling that they don’t want to kill us, or at least they don’t want to kill us all; they want us as slaves.) Not just for a day, but every day, until they substantially cave.

        Some women would die. It would not be the first time humans have sacrificed life for liberty.

        Then, when we go into court, we argue fairness and rights and liberty. Just give them an argument they can use in their rulings that they need to make because we have won in the homes and in the streets. The two things are related and both needed. It still won’t be perfect. But it could get better.

        The main challenge is mobilizing enough women who love their daughters so much that they’re willing to stop caretaking their males, for as long as it takes, regardless of how anybody feels in the moment. I don’t think this is impossible.

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      3. Most women will never put their lives on the line for liberation. Which is something I don’t understand at all. Apparently, we are not warriors in that way. We are all so intent on surviving, we don’t even care in what conditions, it seems. It’s really depressing. I think the big thing about SURVIVAL is that for one, when you don’t have your basic needs met, your lizard brain survival instinct is activated automatically and there is really no controlling that. I have experienced this myself. You end up trying to survive despite yourself. Like, why am I doing this? But I am compelled, at a base level, to survive in inhumane conditions I hate and that are endlessly painful. On a practical and emotional level, even suicide requires some level of comfort and privacy to pull off, which you don’t have if you don’t have anywhere to live.

        The other thing is, we are so isolated and alone, but we have dependents, so that if something happened to us, our dependents would not be cared for. Dependents meaning children and pets, mostly. It is terrifying to think about what will happen after we die because we know what we go through by the hour to keep kids and pets alive, and out of harm’s way, meaning, we have to actively protect them from men. Constantly. There is no community, we are not a class, we are a bunch of individuals who have all bitten off way more than we can reasonably chew when it comes to trying to keep things alive in a necrophilic culture. But if we don’t do it, who would?

        So it seems like in order for women to not be so concerned about survival, and willing to die for liberation, we would need resources, so that our lizard brains shut up, and community, so our dependents will be taken care of if we die. But if we had those things, we would already be liberated, wouldn’t we. If we had those things, maybe we would actually want to live afterall.

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    2. I have recently been thinking a great deal about women lying to other women about the violence and hatred men have for women. As a child I couldn’t escape my awareness of the reality of male abusiveness. Next, I couldn’t understand why the women all tried to pretend it was something other than it was, and I was angry and hurt by the constant efforts of my mother and older sister to get me to focus on my appearance, you know clothes, makeup and all of the other crap the culture tells women is critical for pleasing men and for finding a husband. I thought to myself, and said aloud to them often, why would I want to attract that! But they were relentless in their efforts to direct me down the same path. The mixed messages to “be careful you don’t get raped” alongside the constant pressure to follow the prescribed path to marriage and children felt like a huge betrayal. It was and is a betrayal. So eager they were to throw me to the lions that when I refused an offer in my freshman year to go to prom with a senior who asked me, my mother and sister called him up and told him that I would be happy to go with him. My sister, eight years older, had gone to high school with his older sister. I was forced to go, dragged off to have my hair done, a dress and shoes picked out, and the whole nine yards. He was a creep. I intuitively sensed it. All objections I raised were over ruled and explained away as evidence that I was “just damaged” by the violence I grew up with. Their idea was to throw me under the bus with this asshole, who 13 years later would drug and rape me, to prove to me that “not all men” were like my father. These were not the only women in my life to minimize the behavior of men and to blame me for their violence and abusiveness. Women believing lies about what men can, will, and definitely do to women and children is a deep betrayal. Understanding why they do it doesn’t erase the harm in it.
      Instead of validating my perceptions of reality, they gaslit on an epic scale. They taught me that my perceptions were false when they were spot on accurate. They ostracized and excluded me when I persisted in pointing out the obvious holes in their positions, the ridiculousness of denying the monsters in the room. To this day I have no relationship with either of my two sisters. Their betrayals on top of hideous male betrayals of women’s basic humanity was just more insult added to deep injury. Mother’s should not gaslight their daughters ever. Truth can open up a path to something different whereas supporting lies just leads to more victims.

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      1. Is it possible that your sisters and your mother thought that they were just pushing you into the “best” way to survive?

        I am not second guessing your perception, I know exactly what you are talking about, and I have seen women pushing other women into interactions with males, and sometimes, it’s pushing us into (what some women see as the only way to) survival, and attempting to put a pretty face on the horrible indignity and outright abusiveness of it all.

        Sometimes, it’s just a “misery loves company” kind of deal.

        But a lot of times, our mothers just hate us. And sometimes, they want us to suffer the same fate, dependency on a male as a servant, just because they had to do it. I think that is what people would call bitter.

        Patriarchy creates horrible mothers. I would have been one of them, if I hadn’t been incredibly lucky and if I hadn’t enjoyed an amount of freedom that many women never see.

        One of the very first things that my mother told me was about rape. The most important thing was that if a male was going to rape me, that I had to find a way to make him kill me, because otherwise, god would hold me responsible for the sex outside of marriage act. The second thing was that she told me to yell FIRE, because if I yelled rape, no one would help me. I was maybe 6 or 7 years old. Maybe a little younger.

        If she could tell me that, why couldn’t she tell me the truth? Part of me understands that you don’t just walk up to a 7 year old girl and blurt out everything about males. But if you can say this, what my mother told me about rape, which in her case, I think that she was trying to protect me, as backwards and fucked up as it was, certainly she could have said “this is what rape is, males claim it never happens, but they choose it all of the time, avoid anything with a dick, as much as you can”.

        It’s one thing if we are pushed into pairing with a male for survival, which is almost always down to resource hoarding, but it’s quite another for a woman, ANY WOMAN, whoever she is, to call a boy to revoke your NO, and then force you into all those stupid femininity rituals with shoes and dresses, and also, while we are at it, you don’t have to tell me that boy was a creeper because the only male that would drag you to fucking prom after you told him no because your mother informed him that he should ignore your words, is a fucking bag of god-damned dicks.

        Seriously. What does that even look like in manworld? Is that some kind of a fucking win? “Hey, y’all, don’t my date look nice? She turned me down but her mom made her come with me I AM THE MAN”.

        We should be encouraging each other to find ways to live, thrive and survive however we see fit for ourselves. If a woman wants to be married or whatever, that’s fine, but girls should not only be taught that they can get by without a male, but if that’s what they want, we should be supporting that, and it should start with our fucking mothers.

        But many times, we make out alright, in the end. From what I know of you, you did ok. You take care of yourself. You should be proud. Because that is a win.

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