4 thoughts on “Honor Her Fight. It was for us.

  1. Even a woman who has never been mistreated, has had every opportunity and is never hindered in what she wants to do – if there are such women – knows that women are seen as inferior. That’s painful enough.
    Some of those women try to deny or escape that pain by acting like a bee queen. They say “I made it so you can do it too if you want.”

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  2. Thousands of years of suffering in silence. I think it’s this unconscious collective pain all women carry. I wonder if those of us who are drawn to feminism — or just women who can see what men do to us — can tap into the pain more. That’s been my own experience of it.

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    1. I think that the collective pain is the generational trauma, likely carried in a part of our DNA.

      I think that some of us are just wired to look for answers and the truth of things, why structures are what they are, how they function, and why they function that way.

      My life is so free, compared to the women before me. A lot of women were forced to have children, and they fought for me, so I could choose.

      And I DID CHOOSE. I am proud of them, and grateful.

      I divorced an asshole, after I willingly married him. I am proud of my divorce. It was the best part of my first marriage. Women before me provided the escape.

      I am proud, and fortunate, to have lived in the most free time of women, in this country. It’s gone, now. But I know how lucky that I have been, how good I had it. And I am sad that so many of us are giving it away for all of us.

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      1. >collective plain is generational
        Well, yes it IS: epigenetics can be altered by ptsd symptoms, so trauma is literally inherited by the next generation. 😕😕😕 men have really messed up our gene expression, didnt they

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