XY Horribly Fail Women and Girls. Patriarchy rewards the failure XY.

Before we dive into this particular incident of male violence and sexual terrorism of women and girls, I think that this is the first time in the history of this blog where I am giving a trigger warning. While I leave out a lot of detail, this case centers on male rape of a little girl and 3 murders, all of which are unusually grisly. Also, this is pretty heavy on text, I had trouble finding pictures to properly fit the narrative.


In memoriam to Jennifer Hawke-Petit, Haley Petit, and Michaela (KK) Petit.


I saw a documentary on the cheshire murders on youtube a while back, but it popped up on hbomax for me, recently, and it’s got a twist there at the very end that will surprise absolutely no one. (If you haven’t seen it, there’s more than enough info here for you to know what’s going on. Unless you don’t want to see spoilers.)

So we have billy petit, husband to Jennifer Hawke-petit, and she had 2 daughters, Haley, who was just accepted to dartmouth university, was 17, and Michaela, who was 11 at the time of her murder.

One Sunday Evening in July of 2007, Jennifer took Michaela to a local grocery to purchase ingredients for a dinner that Michaela was going to prepare that night for the family. This is what dickapedia says about this routine daily activity and the events that were set off in the store…….

During their trip to the grocery store, Joshua Komisarjevsky noticed them and took interest, who followed them home.[13][14] Prosecutors argued at the trial that Komisarjevsky was motivated by money and his interest in Michaela, whom he later sexually assaulted.[15]

So when dickapedia says “took interest”, they are trying to protect the male love of sexual terrorism. The truth is that this male, Josh, saw an 11 year old girl that he wanted to rape, and seeing her at a store was enough to make him act on pleasing his dick, by following an unsuspecting woman and her daughter home so that he could find their house for the sole purpose of returning later that evening and sexually terrorizing 2 girls and their mother before murdering the 3 of them.

Josh didn’t “sexually assault” Michaela. He RAPED her. Mealy mouthed males attempting to minimalize their sexual terrorism, as usual.

This is the scary reality of being female in manworld. Any one of us can be in the proximity of some random XY who gets an erection and decides to punish the closest woman for it. And we don’t know until it’s too late.

Too much of the hbomax doc centers on poor Josh, the male that raped and murdered Michaela, and murdered her mother and sister. He’s adopted, he is smart, GENIUS, EVEN, and I hope that he is murdered soon because he is vile. He was mistakenly paroled out of prison in April of 2007. He raped and murdered the petits 3 months later.

So we have an explanation of how Josh was let out on parole accidentally, FAILURE OF MALES #1. Lots of male failure here, like everywhere. And we have the dead female bodies to prove it.

All the males escape and live to torture women another day.

So after Josh makes his plan, he gets his boyfriend, Steve hayes, another criminal, to help him. Steve was a burglar, he had not been violent up until this point, that male law was aware of. Male law was shocked that Steve participated in this crime in the way he did. MALE FAILURE #2.

According to Josh’s male therapist, josh wanted to go onto to “better things” and they were “close”. MALE FAILURE #3.

They do their raping, they force jennifer to go to a bank and get them some money, while one of them stays in the house with the father and the 2 girls. Jennifer alerts someone at the bank who notifies the police. Josh and Steve set fire to the house with the 3 dead female people and the alive dad in it, and they leave the house, while it’s burning.

This crime happens overnight. It is HOURS. Hours of rape, and torture, of fear and pain for Michaela, Jennifer, and Haley.

The 2 criminal rapists offer to plead guilty in exchange for life in prison, which the prosecutor in connecticut turns down in favor of seeking the death penalty.

At this point in the documentary, it is painfully clear that something is wrong, and the police seem to be especially haughty and arrogant in that way that males have when they have failed, but are trying really hard to act like they succeeded.


The court, in what I am guessing was a flaccid, pathetic little attempt at protecting the male police, put a gag order on all parties involved in the trial so that no one would be able to talk to the media.

Steve’s brother, matthew, tells the story of exactly what Steve did. Steve raped jennifer Hawke-petit, before choking her to death, and then he tied the girls to their beds before pouring gasoline on them and setting them on fire.

Then we hear from a fucking REVEREND that knows josh, because both of his daughters have had relationships with Josh. We then hear from Caroline, which I assume is one of his daughters, and she reads letters that she received from Josh while he was in jail. She was shocked that Josh ended up raping a little girl, because every time he tied her up and beat her while fucking her, he was the perfect gentleman. She was almost always the “submissive one”. He was her “soulmate”.

Caroline looks very young. According to her father, that was what josh liked about her.

Then we hear about how steve lived in his mother’s one bedroom apartment with her, and another grown brother that isn’t matthew. NotMatthew resented that Steve was taking up space in the living room of their mother’s one bedroom apartment, because he wanted to be the only mooch, I guess. (Why do so many males live off of their mothers for eternity? So pathetic.)

So Steve has a fight with his brother, and makes a plan to kill himself in a hotel room by drug overdose. He fails (MALE FAILURE #4), so he goes to an AA meeting, which is where he meets Josh.

Then we see a vigil for the petits, held in January. Mr. Petit looks like he is doing really well. He didn’t manage to save jennifer or her daughters, so say hello to MALE FAILURE #5.

So some journalists had requested materials about the timeline of this crime, and upon reviewing the documents, they immediately see that the police had more than enough opportunity to either stop the car after jennifer had left the bank, or to even go to the house before jennifer returned home. MALE FAILURE #6

The 911 call was redacted to protect witnesses. But we heard the call at the beginning of the doc, where we hear the manager from the bank very clearly and succinctly tell 911 exactly what jennifer has conveyed to her. There was absolutely no question about what exactly was happening. MALE FAILURE #7

So the police originally claim that the house was already engulfed in flames when they arrived, as the 2 rapists were leaving the house. (MALE FAILURE #8) Jennifer’s sister relentlessly worked on finding an accurate timeline because the original story made no sense to her.

When mr. Petit saved himself by hopping out of the basement, bleeding from a head wound and tied at the ankles and wrists, he claims to have seen what he thought to be police in the wooded areas of his backyard. (MALE FAILURE #9)

At this point, it becomes clear that police were at the house well before it went up in flames. So everyone is trying to make sense of why they stood around, outside, jerking each other’s dicks while 2 rapists were freely going about the business of murdering jennifer, haley, and Michaela. (MALE FAILURE #10)

Jennifer’s sister, Cindy, and parents repeatedly contacted the police department, only to be ignored or blown off. Cindy finally concluded that the police department had done something wrong and was attempting to cover it up.

Then we see footage of the town manager praising the police and fire department, saying that if not for their stellar and capable man work, that this could have been a fucking MUCH WORSE TRAGEDY.

I guess it would have been a fucking MUCH WORSE TRAGEDY if a dick dragger would have stubbed a fucking toe.

It’s impossible that any idiot male would willfully ignore that there was absolutely no worse MALE CASCADE OF FUCKING FAILURES to affect Jennifer, Haley, and Michaela, then for males to be burning down their house with them still in it after raping Michaela, and having the the inept, cowardly, braindead male police force standing outside, drooling on themselves in fear of apprehending the rapists before they could rape and murder all of the female Petits.


It comes out that the police were already at the house when jennifer returned from the bank. The timeline shows that police were at the house for AT LEAST 30 MINUTES before the fire.

In that 30 minutes, Jennifer Hawke-petit was raped and choked to death.

In that 30 minutes, those rapists poured gasoline on haley and Michaela, who were tied to their beds. And the house was set on fire.

Haley and Michaela were still alive when the rapists struck the match to start the blaze.

The police were outside the ENTIRE FUCKING TIME.*

Then we hear from Mr. Petit, which I don’t care about, not even a little bit. All of this male violence and male failure, and he is just another dick dragger that has escaped unscathed. He is a FAILURE. He is just nasty.

Then we sit through dick draggers debating the death penalty. They really love to hear themselves talk, especially when they are pretending to care about the women and girls that they so routinely murder and rape and fail to protect.

A couple of years pass because males are insanely inept, retarded, and slow, but while we wait, we see the petit house being demolished to make room for a girly flower garden as a memorial for jennifer and her 2 daughters, so the world will remember that all of the males in the vacinity were sucking each other off, to insure ample time for their 2 boyfriends to rape and murder 3 female human beings inside the house. The garden is a typical male response that is trying so hard to convey that they REALLY CARE. FOR REALZ.

Steve hayes goes to trial first, Josh is tried separately. While they are striking the jury, steve overdoses and is in a medically induced coma. Everything stalls until steve recovers and is judged as competent to stand trial.

We take a break from Steve to listen to some of what josh told the police after his arrest. There are also texts between the 2 boyfriends. They go on a date of drinking at a bar before going to the house. Josh is trying really hard to frame his chance sighting of an 11 year old girl that he decides to rape as a burglary gone wrong. Then some old white dude says that Josh was doomed by “biology and fate”.

Poor, poor joshy. His choice to rape a little girl cannot possibly be his fault! Joshy is a victim of “biology and fate”, you see. He was an orphan, he was adopted by a financially stable, that seemed to be very well off, family, he was given anything that he needed and a lot of what he wanted, he had safety and security, but goshdarned biology and fate ruined his life.

He was sexually abused by a male.

It’s a good thing that girls are never sexually abused, isn’t it.

Jesus fuck a cracker. How vile and vapid.

Back to josh talking to police, when Steve commands him to hit mr. Petit with a bat. He refers to Michaela as KK, which is Jennifer and Haley’s nickname for her.

Then we hear from an ex girlfriend, who is passively defending josh, I think.

Then some other male tells us that Steve was worried about leaving dna in the house, since they had to be in there long enough for the bank to open, when Josh tells him that fire destroys everything, that they could get the petit family out of the house and then burn it down.

Steven goes to fill up gas cans and comes back to find that Josh has changed Michaela’s clothing because he had raped her. The cameras at the gas station coincide with pornographic pictures of Michaela on Josh’s phone. The times match.

This male telling us about the photos describes the first set. The second set were taken by Josh while jennifer was at the bank, this XY refused to describe them because they were so horrible.

Then some males tell us that Josh wanted to take meds and get help, but his parents wouldn’t let him. So more males defending him.

Josh was in a choir and then the army reserves before he became a full on pedophile rapist.

We are brought back to josh talking to the police, and he goes into detail about raping Michaela while steve takes Jennifer to the bank. He is oddly describing his pedophilic rape of an 11 year old girl as if he has just had a super successful hook up with a woman who can legally consent.

Steve returns from the bank with Jennifer, only to be met by Josh, who says that he has left dna evidence in the house by choosing to rape Michaela, so now, in the service of fairness, Steve has to kill Jennifer.

In case it isn’t clear, this is steve’s story at his trial.

Essentially, they are each blaming each other for the murders. But they still claim their own rapes.

Like the proud, cowardly males that they are.

Steve claims that while he is looking out of the windows, he sees the police, and realizes that Jennifer must have called the police while she was at the bank. So he totally loses control of his temper, and he is so out of control that he accidentally strangles her, and in yet another weird accident, he accidentally rapes her.

While the police are outside.

Blowing each other, swallowing each other’s nasty sperm, or doing whatever it is that police males do so that they can ignore their brothers that are raping and murdering women and girls.

Back to josh yammering, that while steve is spreading gasoline everywhere, joshy realizes that he FORGOT TO UNTIE THE GIRLS! I MEAN, CAN YOU BELIEVE IT! HE JUST DIDN’T THINK OF IT!

Wow. Lots of weird accidents and oopsies with these 2, it’s like the fucking 3 stooges.

Josh notices the police outside while steve is lighting the match. And Josh is telling about how he ran for the door, that he “fucked up” and there was no reason for the petit women and girls to die, but goshdarned it, steve was all murdery and with his own bad fate and biology and all, it was just a mistake.

The jury was shown pictures of Jennifer, Haley and Michaela.

The police were gently questioned, but never held accountable. Dead female bodies do not matter to the police. Besides, mr. Petit supported the police.

Because of course he did.

No one cares about dead women and girls.

They were both found guilty of multiple things, at the time of the documentary, Steven was being held in isolation, and the male telling steve’s story was just so sad about poor suffering Steve.

Poor Steve has nightmares, you know.

Some male on the defense team told a story about how, after Josh bashed mr. Petit on the head and tied him up, supposedly at steve’s command, that he ever so gently and sweetly took care of Mr petit, by getting him a blankey and extra pillows and even propping up his injured head!

Josh was very, very, very concerned about mr. Petit’s comfort. He said so in his confession.

And right after he tucked mr. Petit in, and kissed his little boo-boos, he then raped Michaela. And talked about it like they were on a fucking date.

What happens next is a bunch of mansemantics, which amount to JOSHY GOOD, STEVEY BAD. And Mr. Petit at a motorcycle rally of some kind. And more death penalty debate.

Josh, who was a genius with a photographic memory at the beginning of this doc, becomes a stupid dupe that is so retarded, that he is unable to make his own decisions about anything. At least, this is what his defense tells the jury.

The last 10 minutes of the doc is spent waiting to see if these 2 will get life in prison or the death penalty.

November 8th, 2010 steve’s jury gave him the death penalty.

December 9th, 2011 Josh’s jury gave him the death penalty.

In the states, there are automatic appeals on all death penalty cases, they take years, in most cases.

One year after sentencing, Steve asked the state to put him to death immediately.

The state declined.

In April of 2012, Connecticut abolished the death penalty for all future cases, making it unlikely that these 2 rapists will ever be executed.

Rapist steven hayes has been busy harassing the prison he is in, first he decided in 2014 that he is now an Orthodox Jewish rapist, and he sued because he demanded food especially made for orthodox rapists, but shockingly, his repeated orders for special takeout were ignored.

And now, he is a transsexual orthodox Jewish rapist. Because of fucking course he is, he is a R.A.P.I.S.T.

The same male system that stood by and did nothing to save Jennifer Petit and her daughters has now made it possible for this murderous rapist to request and possibly receive access to women in female prisons because his government protects him and his right to rape, by reclassifying males falsely and incorrectly as Woman.

And this is proof that males love rape. Rape being highly valued by males as sexual terrorism and violence against women is so deeply ingrained, that they will reward the few rapists that are sentenced to prison with access to female prisoners solely so that the rapists have a marginalized group of women to rape, who cannot escape. Males house male rapists in female prisons on purpose, with intent, knowing that rapists will rape the captive women. And males enjoy this. Males enjoy terrorizing women and girls. Male hatred of Women rules their entire existence.

And the patriarch of the petits, the male who was unable to protect Jennifer, Haley, and Michaela from the 2 males that raped and murdered them, while he was laying, tied up, in submission to the couple of thugs that very easily took over his house, his bank account, and the woman and girls that depended on him for protection, has completely recovered. He has even gotten new stuff to replace what stronger males took from him, including a house, and another wife and at least one child.

I mean. He has his stuff until he is too weak and feeble to protect it/them, From other males who can clearly see his inability to fulfill his few patriarchal duties.

*In the states, the paid activity of males who are “police officers” is not even in the top 20 most dangerous jobs. Garbage collectors, roofers, fishermen, iron workers, farmers, are just a few of many jobs that are much more dangerous. And this story shows us why and how police officers have a safe, cushy, easy “job”. Jennifer, Haley, and Mikaela were raped and murdered while the police stood outside, in safety, only to be celebrated as heroes (LOL) by their superiors, who praised their inept, impotent, lazy, ineffective, non-existent skill set that is standing nearby while males rape and murder women and girls. “Male protection” is a myth, males routinely stand by while abusive males attack and horribly injure women, pissing themselves in fear, happy to let the woman be killed or crippled, so long as he is spared having to fight another male. Even the police. Especially the police.


14 thoughts on “XY Horribly Fail Women and Girls. Patriarchy rewards the failure XY.

  1. Galubi gang when? Why did female only gangs vanish? Women who have arrest records and are shut out of “respectable life” could probably make a living out of being hired thugs for women’s justice.

    Or at this point, women who live with men should collectively, quietly decide to put testosterone blocking meds into mens food. Reading these stories has become so tiring…

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    1. I know that there are still some female gangs around. There’s at least one in LA, and there’s at least one in India, I have read about both of those.

      The biggest issue that we have always had is boymoms. And I am not hating on mothers or children, I am just stating a fact.

      The second issue that we have is more recent, and that is that males now outnumber us, globally. That’s actually more dire, because it has made male violence irreversible, at this point. Even if we stopped giving life to male children, right now, it’s too late. They will outnumber us from now on, and their numbers will only grow while they continue to diminish ours, as they always have, with murder and sex selection of males.

      Human existence is over, at this point, we have maybe a hundred years, or so, based solely on male behavior. That doesn’t take into account the damages that males continue to do daily to nature and the planet.

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      1. I’m seeing a change in boymoms, atleast in my area, young males have become so useless that even boymoms are becoming fedup. As the years went on my mom and my mom’s friends have started to yell and punish their sons more and more. Women either have a backbone, or they snap from mistreatment and develop a backbone. The degrading Y chromosome is very clear moms can’t deny it anymore.

        The high number of males doesn’t worry me, since elites have a depop agenda via bioweapons. Men have poorer health and have a naturally shitty immune system. Cancer, radiation, alzheimer’s and heart disease will take care of them.

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      2. I hope you are correct about boymoms. It’s very possible that I only see the ones that are denigrating teenage girls for being uppity bitches and denying their teenage boys that are totally girls, too, from girls sports and locker rooms, because there do seem to be a lot of those.

        I am not sure that I agree about the population control, although you very well may be right. As a person who has lived my entire life in the states, where women are forced to give birth and raise babies that they don’t want, even women who are impregnated by male stranger rape, and the rapists being given “father’s” rights every time that they demand it, it seems like abortion and birth control would not be so strangleholded if depopulation were a goal. But maybe the extra population to be killed off is worth the erection caused by sexual terrorism of Women and Girls. Maybe it even makes the erection happier. Wouldn’t surprise me.

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      3. I find the depop agenda idea confusing too. Men are always afraid of being snapped out of existence. No amount of control on female reproduction is ever enough for them. There is no shortage of people, globally, and the amount of unwanted and/or ambivalent pregnancies is as high as it ever was, as far as I can tell, altho the lockdowns have supposedly brought down the numbers due to hookups and stranger rape. And the conspiracy theorists consistently refuse to acknowledge patriarchy. But at the same time, what the hell is going on with the global pollution making life (well, health, anyway) impossible? What the hell is going on with “fertility” due to plastics and now the COVID vaxxes that are affecting women’s “periods” (also an issue of fertility)? It’s confusing. Idk what the hell is going on, and whether they want more of us, or less, or more/less of a certain kind, or what.

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      4. I don’t think the conspiratards have it all explained, because well, most are males and males want to hide their ass. From what I’ve gathered elites want to make people live shorter lives, with more health problems, and get their new ‘stock’ (immigrants, refugees) from poorer countries where ppl are used to slavery. They are focused on causing infertility instead of just letting women have reproductive control, because well, they are male, and no matter what their ideology they don’t want us to have control over our own bodies. And the more suffering (period pains, endometriosis, pcos) the better for their peepee’s. Meanwhile the conservative mid power males want to keep their broodmares, so they take away repro rights every other week. But hey atleast they’re concerned for women’s health, since they still want to use us for broodmaring. How kind. 🤢

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      5. Yes, there has to be a long game here somewhere that normal people can’t see. We don’t even know who our great grandparents or great-greats were, but the elites know their own histories going back thousands of years. They carry on the long game that was started hundreds if not thousands of years ago. We must seem like retarded children to them, with how sophisticated we are, and how sophisticated our “theories” are about what they are up to. The ones I trust are the ones who admit they don’t know what’s really going on, and that most of it is unknowable by us.

        Why do they want less people though? Why would they want less labor, and less soldiers, and less prostitutes, and less cannon fodder? I really don’t get it. I’m sure you are right about maximizing the suffering to especially women though. Like letting us chase medicalized “fertility” treatments at the same time they are making us infertile on purpose. It’s so gross, I wish women would catch on to the suffering aspect and just opt out. A lot of this suffering is really not mandatory, if you just think about it a little and say NO.

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      6. I really think that the long game is to end up with males and “women”, and everyone has a penis because penis draggers are the real humans that totally love and prioritize each other because males are all faggots.

        There will be a few menstruators, or uterus bearers, because unfortunately, while too many of us refused to submit, to be permitted to exist in a little bit of male given freedom, toilets will still need to be cleaned (especially since penis is nasty and can’t seem to piss without making a fucking mess), males will still need to be born, and more menstruators will need to be born, and while only the most fuckable menstruators will be allowed to be bred, males are already used to killing girl babies just for being female.

        So basically, a faggot central planet, with a few broodmares, for breeding, maid service, and raping. Which will not last 2 full generations.

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    2. I, too, never understood how the elites’ supposed depop ideas could co-exist with the unrelenting pressure on people to have children and breed on the left and right. But as CRE said, I’m sure it’s something hidden from us that we can’t see. I definitely understand WHY the ruling males would want fewer people on the planet, though. Because high population density sucks, and they can only use so many slaves.

      The conspiratards defend having 5 children and say that the planet’s not overpopulated, but I beg to differ. It’s much nicer living where there are fewer people, and planetary resources are finite. Although when you say that, the dumbest conspiratards think you’re advocating for killing off existing people rather than just having no or fewer kids.

      Sunny, do you think the new injections are just intended to cause more suffering, and not kill people off? Or do you count them among the bioweapons intended to decrease the population? I suppose it would be easier to poison the water or food if they wanted to kill a lot of people quickly.

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      1. I think it’s both, they want to cause more suffering (autoimmune disorders, cancers), and also ‘get rid’ of the old ‘useless’ stock (elderly, disabled). Also they can’t outright poison everyone or else the jig will be up and their peasants would revolt. Death by a thousand cuts (5Goo, gmos, pharma, pollution, etc) makes it so no one thing can incriminate them. And if you link it all together and talk about how it all works, then you’re seen as a crazy conspircy theorist.

        Personally I think elites are just in an old dick cult, all their desires and rituals are so Male. They like torturing, using people as tools, coercion, and playing God. Even if they did have some great secret calling that they passed down for generations, it’s probably more male bullshit.

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  2. Thank you for your honest reporting. You’re right that this was failure upon failure of males. That they can turn their failures into successes is evidence that they are in charge of this shitshow and can do whatever they want, including making people think whatever they want them to think. And almost no one thinks this is a problem. An older female writer I know was a reporter a long time ago and she ended up quitting bc of the ways these things are reported in the news. The last straw for her was when a man invaded a woman’s home and murdered her in front of her little girl. The news reported that the girl was “unharmed.” Can you think of much that would be MORE harmful than having your mother murdered in front of you by some sadistic worthless man? Of course, that was when reporters were actually expected to be doing investigative journalism, or at least, some women who got into the profession expected that they would be doing investigative journalism and were very disappointed and disillusioned when they realized what the job actually entailed. The propaganda/stenography aspect of the media seems more obvious now. And OF COURSE this guy ended up being a tranny. OF COURSE he did. You’re right, the surprise twist ending that surprised no one. No one that reads here, anyway.

    One of my first memories of watching television was a 70s/80s made for TV movie, maybe a miniseries, with Nancy MacKeon who played a woman who was stalked by a man, maybe a boyfriend, who ended up nearly killing her. She ended up paralyzed after the guy curb stomped her in front of her own house for a half an hour with the cops standing right there watching. One of them I think picked up the guy’s gun and locked it in the trunk of his police car, but no one actually did anything to stop what was happening right in front of them. The only possible conclusion/s is that they were incompetent, or that they were enjoying the show. Or, maybe they were letting the guy get it “out of his system” before they intervened, bc that is men’s courtesy to other men, or maybe they were afraid of having the guy coming full tilt at them, so they used her as a human shield. Are they cowards? Evil sadists? Incompetent asshats? All of the above? Just being alive while female is more dangerous than anything these assholes will ever encounter. As you say, being a cop isn’t even that dangerous of a job. Pretty much anything is more dangerous than that, unless it’s not dangerous at all.

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      1. You are talking about tracy thurman.

        She is the last link in the post.

        Being that we are Gen X, and “lifetime movies” is a distinct part of our cultural experience, it ends up being a reference that we all immediately recognize. In fact, one of my first exposures to troons was in a lifetime movie, I have talked about that, because it was almost prophetic.

        Anyway, I linked to tracy thurman because I remember that movie, like it was yesterday. Do you remember how it was implied that the (male) system just really, really, really, really, wanted to protect tracy, but this was just a weird, individual unfortunate series of events that no one could have ever predicted? And that even though she did everything right, she requested and received restraining orders, she called the police, whenever the abuser would stand across the street from her apartment, deliberately dragging his dick right along the perimeter of the restraining order, just to intimidate her?

        The “curb stomping” scene was the culmination of males parading this mythical lie that law enforcement existed as a neutral system that supposedly functioned to “serve and protect” everyone equally, which was just a paper thin veneer over it’s true purpose, which was to oppress, in the service of male supremacy first, and all of the other male generated inequalities right behind the priority of the mighty penis.

        Iirc, I haven’t verified it, but I read somewhere that the NRA was formed the same year that slavery was abolished. Males act as if these are just random events, lol, it’s toddler level reasoning, but since they enforce their false, deceptive narratives with violence and threat of violence, including the deceptive spin that males put onto history, while also using their systems to silence truth and reality, ESPECIALLY if they look violent and stupid in that reality, then there’s only the truth remaining, when you can remove male histeria and view only their actions with obvious intent attached.

        There are an entire generation of girls that grew up with lifetime movies. You and I are 2 random women of millions who heard about tracy thurman via lifetime movies, and to add some cultural context, this was around the time that the second wave was enjoying some gains that women had gotten from the patriarchal government, including changes in laws that were intended to protect women and girls from abuse and sexual terrorism, things like restraining orders, and women’s shelters, and law enforcement being trained to help women in domestic violence situations, instead of the status quo, which was that males could beat and rape the women and girls in their homes, with impunity because, up until then, it was a “family matter”, and males ran their castles as authoritarian kings.

        The story that males were telling was to just look at how males are helping to protect women from male violence! Males don’t want to trap women with murderous husbands! Women are demanding that law enforcement work for women, too, and law enforcement is listening! Enjoy your equality, ladies!

        You and I both thought of tracy thurman because tracy thurman was no accident. Unless you think that it’s just a coincidence that at a time when women were demanding that patriarchal systems should serve the female half of the population, which included very basic protections for us from male violence, that suddenly, law enforcement became a 3 stooges version of bumbling idiots, who were unable to enact very basic protections, and police officers were just so scared of physical confrontation with abusive males, that they would be portrayed as standing by, pissing themselves in terror, while they watched a typical male beat tracy thurman, and police watched him stomp her neck so badly that he crippled her.

        Male mythology says that women are protected in patriarchy, if we just follow male rule. Your father protects you, until your husband protects you, or unless you choose to refuse the husband protection, in which case, you are choosing to decline the protection. Then whatever males do to you is your own fault because you chose not to marry. When women tried to change that within the structure of patriarchy, we entrusted males to do something that they aren’t capable of doing. Males are incapable of stepping in and protecting women from male violence. Males will not undermine male supremacy, and expecting males to undermine male supremacy is foolish, as we have learned over the past 4 decades.

        So we have landed here, right where males have put us, where males are afraid of other males, even when their chosen employment is to “protect and serve”, and to be the heroes of patriarchal society because males will defend victims of male violence, because NotAllMen, and there are mostly good males that will police the bad males!

        But that’s not the reality, is it.

        The male narrative is that police officers were afraid to protect tracy thurman. Police officers shoot black people because they are afraid and in fear for their life, purely because they FEEL afraid.

        There’s a reason that the police stood around outside of the petit house, while jennifer and her daughters were raped and murdered. Those males chose not to save them from rapist, murderous males, after the male in the house failed his main patriarchal duty to protect his wife and daughters. Police were afraid to do their chosen job, they were too incompetent to do their chosen job, or they enjoy female suffering and death, so they just decided to enjoy the violence.

        Really, whatever reason they assisted the rapists by standing by and doing nothing doesn’t matter, because the result is the same. But if I had to guess the excuse that males would choose, it would be that they were afraid. Because males are just afraid of everything, all the time, it would be hilarious, if they didn’t murder and rape us in the process.

        Males are afraid, so they shoot unarmed people.

        Males are afraid, so they can’t confront violent males.

        Males are afraid, so they must be put in women’s prisons.

        Males are afraid, so they must use women’s restrooms.

        And when they don’t acknowledge their own failure, they attempt to distract from it by patting themselves on the back and yelling WE DO BESTEST JOB EVAR YAY MALES.

        There are endless and horrible repercussions for us, from this male narrative that rests on ineptitude and fear. When jennifer exited the bank, she had to think that help was coming. She likely understood that she was in danger of being killed, and her daughters were in that same danger, but at least, help was coming. Was she hoping that she and Haley and Michaela would escape unharmed, when the heroic males stormed into her house, to save them?

        What’s worse? Thinking that help never came? Or knowing that there are male police officers right outside of your house that are just waiting it out? And that, when she took her last breath, that cops had been standing around right outside her house for half a fucking hour?

        But that very male system says that it could have been worse. So.

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