C0v1d questions answered. Sort of.

I mentioned this video elsewhere, and my interest in it is mostly the tone and the general delivery.

I am not keen on posting males, but I make an exception in this case because it’s really interesting that so many people are refusing to take the vaccine, that it is impossible for the media and general big pharma supporters to continue to screech COVID DENIER ANTI VACCER SCIENCE HATER because the screeching has not been as effective as males once thought it would be, mostly because those of us with reasonable concerns and questions have just stopped talking.

And we still refuse vaccination.

It seems to be a mix of crazy (like crazy jesus people thinking the vaccines contain parts from fetuses) and information from “experts” and “scientists” who shoot down claims of side effects, deaths, etc.

The rational national is a Canadian XY who talks a lot about politics in the states. This one is interesting to me because he talks about how big pharma has conflicting ties to people in the biden administration, and how money rules who gets what.

But we should still trust the conflicting interests who all make an ass of money from the government throwing billions at big pharma to put out a vaccine in record time. All with legal protection from any ill effects, at any time, even years down the road.

The last thing that I want to say is that I am sick to fucking death of being dismissed by males who have decided that whatever women say does not fucking matter. David packman, another youtube XY, who seems to be somewhat sane, as in he wonders why anyone would have to wear a mask while they are outside, alone, but he is still hawking the vaccine as necessary and safe, had a video up today that was basically “yeah, uh, women are having menstrual cycle issues after taking the vaccine, they are worried about their fertility, but no king believes them or cares, women are just histerical and always wrong, and no one with a penis believes Women, because who really cares anyway, so stop being crazy anti vaccers, ladies! If you drop dead or become infertile, no worries, we will just find another woman to breed, you crazy karen’s. Pfft. Stop annoying the penis, it busy.”

(I am married to a man who listens to progressive male youtubers about politics because he is represented in government, having the penis, and all. I catch what they are saying, sometimes.)


6 thoughts on “C0v1d questions answered. Sort of.

  1. Didn’t watch the vids, sorry but I’m tired of listening to males.

    This is good news though, they’ve gotten so sloppy with their propaganda. I find it interesting (and by interesting I mean infuriating) that they only talk about fertility, and not the most likely outcome, debilitating pain from endo/any autoimmune disease, and coerced dependancy on big pharma after we become forever-sick.

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  2. My husband watched David Pakman every single day. In fact, he probably still does, but I jumped ship so I don’t know about it any more. I actually liked Pakman compared with the other talking heads. Used to be kind of nice playing Sims with Pakman on in the background. I don’t miss him enough to look up this video though.

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    1. I don’t have a big issue with pakman, as pundits go, he is monotone. He never raises his voice, and he has a really dry sense of humor, and he strikes me as being honest about most things.

      I vetoed sam seder about a year ago. That fuckwad straight up mocks women and girls, he parades the obvious enjoyment that he gets from the mistreatment of Women and Girls.

      And Mr. Jayne avoids any TWAW mythology, because that triggers a tirade from me, lol.

      Ultimately, I discount every single thing that comes out of the mouth of any male that parrots “males can totes become girls”. That obvious lie renders any other opinion baseless, as far as I am concerned. And I have yet to hear from any leftist or progressive male pundit that dick is never female. They are all either liars or just scarily fucking stupid.


  3. All males have people to take care of them when they are sick. Almost no females have that. So males can STFU about all of it. It doesn’t affect them one way or the other, as far as being taken care of and being made comfortable, whether they get COVID or not, or whether the vaccines have side effects or not. I think your take on this is interesting, that they have had to change their response to vaccine “hesitancy” and can’t just dismiss us out of hand anymore. That’s certainly an interesting development. I watched about half of the John Oliver vid above, before his fucking arrogance got to me. lol. If you want to link to the other vid you mention, I will probably watch some of it. Thank you for posting about COVID. I am glad you are questioning whether the vax is in your best interest, considering that you are already so sick. Psoriasis sounds miserable. I shudder to think of it getting worse than you have described. Has anyone said anything about vax hesitant people with preexisting conditions yet? All I have heard is that they are being blamed for whatever happens, and that “normal” people don’t have to worry about it. Typical.

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    1. “Has anyone said anything about vax hesitant people with preexisting conditions yet?”

      No, I’ve yet to see anything about this in the mainstream media. I did search for it now and I see that cancer patients and autoimmune patients are encouraged to get it.

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  4. I didn’t link david pakman because I can’t listen to males, anymore, today. I automatically tune male voices out after about 90 seconds, they literally become just a noise to me. But I will link it, if anyone wants it.

    Also. I have the AI that is psoriasis. It usually begins to clear up at this time of year and I will have almost no symptoms until December. That’s how it’s been since it showed itself, during menopause, about 4 years ago.

    It is out of fucking control and I am miserable.

    I am not interested in taking ANYTHING unless it has been tested on menopausal women who have psoriasis, and I want to know the effects for a decade, at minimum. I can’t do anything that might potentially make it worse, I just can’t.

    Too many menopausal women have had menstrual type bleeding start after vaccination. I haven’t had a period in over 2 years, and while I understand that ruling males do not care about that and claim that it is no big deal, I fucking disagree.

    So no. I am not going to do it. Until males force me.

    But they will have to force me.

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