Wrap Up. The new barefoot and pregnant, everyone knows, the physical inferiority of the Y, get mean, and 2 girls with their best friend.

Excellent critical analysis on FDS reddit critiquing the observation that “sex work” is the new patriarchal path to keeping Women in the master’s house, without financial options.

My favorite comment from that thread, so far…..


A clear and concise piece reminding us that we all know what a woman is………

Literally everybody knows what a woman is. Nobody is confused. When those trans activists say “trans women are women”, they aren’t arguing trans women are literally women or even for a new definition of “woman”. They’re arguing for the absolute destruction of women’s right to assert boundaries, and they aren’t confused about who’s boundaries they’re challenging. They’re arguing against the entitlement of those of us born with vaginas to ever say “no” to those born with penises. Rename the people born with vaginas to “chairs” and they’ll rail against the boundaries of “chairs” as being exclusionary and bigoted. Their claims and arguments have become increasingly incoherent over the last few years precisely because the supreme right of the penis-people to access who and whatever they like has always been their endgame, not reason. They will shift goalposts, contradict themselves and lie in order to deceive the general public and use threats of violence against those of us who see through them, even against other trans people who dissent. This is the 21st century anti-feminist backlash and it’s important to engage it on that understanding.


Text of an article in this thread that is behind a paywall about the physical inferiority of males, and how the coronavirus has been so deadly to the weak XY.


A reminder to women and girls, to get angry and get MEAN…………

Women are told to be nice because it makes us docile. We are told to be nice because it makes us more malleable, more easily folded and tucked away. Kindness makes us easier to manipulate. And that’s what patriarchy wants. It wants us meek, passive, submissive, easy to handle, and easy to abuse.

So. To all of that, I say: fuck that. Absolutely, 100%, fuck that.


Finally, these 2 girls, and the dog that they rescued…….

“The best thing about her is everything.”😊😊😊😊


3 thoughts on “Wrap Up. The new barefoot and pregnant, everyone knows, the physical inferiority of the Y, get mean, and 2 girls with their best friend.

  1. I’m not sure whether I loved the video of the girls with their dog or the link to the essay about women knocking it off with the niceness all the time. And what the constant demand for niceness actually means. Spoiler, it’s not anything good for women. Ive always loved reading you and I will sign on for patreon when I get back from town.

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  2. Hell-Ohhhh
    Sorry to highjack this particular post.
    I’m not sure how often people go back to read the comments in previous posts, etc.
    Apologies if these have been mentioned previously somewhere.

    Re: Women’s voices on the goings-on:

    (She discusses women’s health within commentary)

    (The host is a dipshit but he doesn’t speak much)

    (I recommend starting @ 5:20 as the beginning is obnoxious AF)


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