My experience at a medical clinic staffed 100% by Women

Goddess knows, everyone here has heard me complaining about psoriasis. I started menopause and now, after a lifetime of perfectly fine skin, I have horrible flairs in the winter, for the past 3 years. But every summer, my skin clears and I get a break before it comes back, usually in January.

This year, not only is it not clearing, it goes in cycles of getting really bad, improving a bit, then getting really bad, again. My case is severe, when I have it, it covers much more than 20% of my body, and I have 4 types. Luckily, it hasn’t spread, but it’s painful.

The biologics from big pharma are really expensive, the cheapest cash price that I could find runs around $4000 per month, and it only works while you take it. Doctors visits are additional costs. I am in the states, health insurance for me averages about $700 per month, and most insurance refuses to pay for psoriasis meds because they consider psoriasis to be “cosmetic”.

Yesterday morning, I was in tears when Mr. Jayne came in from work, I hadn’t slept in a few days, from the pain and the itching. It’s gross, it’s nasty, and sometimes, nothing relieves it, and it should be mostly gone by now.* It’s June. I am usually much better by June.

Mr. Jayne tells me (not for the first time) to go to an urgent care, see if they can do anything for me. But I can’t think of a single thing that they can do, because I can’t afford the drugs that treat psoriasis, and I likely wouldn’t take them, even if I could.

So I am emailing with my best internet friend and she suggests that maybe steroids would help me. I hadn’t thought of that in my misery, but when she said that, that gave me a little hope that something relatively inexpensive would maybe give me a little relief, even if it’s only temporary.

Knowing what will help you makes no difference. In the states, health “care” is for profit. So if you want steroids, and you have insurance, many times, a doctor will run a bunch of tests that you don’t need just so he can get that sweet insurance cash. And if you try to resist, he will refuse to treat you for what you need.

If you are cash paying, like me, doctors are likely to refuse to give you the treatment that you need just because you ask for it. See, he is DOCKTOR. You don’t tell mr. DOCKTOR what you need, DOCKTOR tells YOU. If he finds you too uppity, he will punish you by withholding treatment.

Because he still gets your little bit of cash. If he can keep you sick, he knows he will likely get more cash next time.

So you are gambling.

You understand.

But in my county, we have an urgent care clinic that is staffed by only women, much like this one.** And I was desperate enough to gamble the price of a visit, and I was very comfortable gambling it on a clinic staffed with only women.

So I looked online at their website, and I made myself an appointment for this morning at 10 am, at about 1 am this morning.

Arriving right on time, I filled out 2 papers, paid $99, and waited maybe 2 minutes before a nurse came for me. She weighed me, confirming that I am chubby, with a BMI of 34, which might be bad, I don’t know. She took my blood pressure and pulse, which were all good, she had a look at my psoriasis legs, and some of the inverse, and then I waited about 5 minutes for doctor Brittany.

Doctor Brittany asked me questions, and I think that she is the first doctor that ever listened to me. I didn’t have to strip naked, either. I just moved my clothes around.

She looked at my legs, my right one is particularly bad. She asked me if I had a diagnosis of psoriasis, which I do, but I wasn’t going to pay for medical records, $25 per page,*** from my doctor from over 10 years ago.

I told her that I am hoping that some steroids would give me a little jump start to clearing it up. She said it looks painful, and would I mind if she tested me for diabetes. She left and sent in another woman to do the diabetes finger prick thing.

The finger prick woman left, and Dr. Brittany came back immediately, with a prescription for Prednisone and a prescription for triamcinolon 0.1% steroid cream. I asked if the cream would help with the itching, and she said “Wait! Did you want something for the itching? Let me get you something for that, too”. She came right back with a prescription for hydroxyzine, which she had called in to the Walmart across the street along with the first 2.

And then she asked me if I wanted a shot, too, of steroids, and I was all YES! I asked her how much it costs, and she told me not to worry about it.

The last thing Dr. Brittany said was that if my prescriptions were too expensive, to call her back and she would do something different. (The total of the 3 medicines was just under $40).

There was no losing weight fixes all female issues. There was no “it doesn’t hurt, use some Vaseline” or “how much sugar do you eat”. There was only a really competent, empathetic doctor that heard what I said and trusted my assessment of my own body.

And I don’t know that I can adequately describe the atmosphere of a medical office totally devoid of staffed penis. It was so peaceful. I didn’t have to worry about a male making inappropriate comments about my body,**** or getting irritated by what I was requesting, or constantly looking at his phone or paperwork while I was telling him what I needed.

I was in and out in less than an hour. That has never happened in a male doctor’s office.

The entire experience was relaxed, from the women that greeted me, until I left. I am so glad that I gambled on women. I was not disappointed.

Always seek out the women, the original healers. You likely will also be glad that you did.

*I haven’t had menstrual bleeding in almost 2 years. I had vaginal bleeding a few days last week. Isn’t that……. interesting.

**It was probably that exact one.

***For profit corporations. It’s the entire patriarchal medical system in the states.

****I once had a male gynocologist refer to my genitals as a “monkey”. I was 15.

Jayne 🤒🙂💉💊🔬📝😉

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  2. I don’t know why my first comment has got stuck in moderation, while the other two have appeared. May be wordpress really marked that as spam?


  3. (Continuing..)
    Coming to the sudden bleeding, *something* mysterious IS happening. Artificially mutated viruses, crappy “vaccines” that cause the vaccinated ones to shed protein spikes which harm them AND anyone who comes near them – they all sound very believable now. Women are noticing menstrual changes or menopausal bleeding even if they had merely been near a vaccinated person, even if they themselves haven’t taken the vaccine.

    *Something* is afoot – it could be coming from the vaccine or from something that we don’t yet know about. God protect us all. Please be careful sis.

    And I’m shell shocked at the “comment” that the male doctor made at you! I hope he rotted to death.. I’m glad that you have now found a peaceful, safe, good hospital to go to. Even just going to that friendly, all-female space which has understanding, knowledgeable & professional women would feel like a therapeutic treatment. Wishing you all the very best again for getting well soon!

    Take care, sisters!

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    1. I don’t go out much, maybe twice a week, and I go by that 6 foot rule because I love that. But there has got to be something to that shedding idea.

      My husband works with the public. Neither of us has been vaccinated, but he sees people 32 hours a week. And he is in my house.

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      1. Ok. I’m not sure if those spikes can be shed only by the vaccinated or even by those who got those spikes from the vaccinated. If it is the second case, I think a very huge number of people would have got attacked by those spikes. Don’t know what mysterious things are going on. All we can do is to try to eat and stay as healthy as we can.. But that may not be a complete shield against all that’s happening. *shudder* . God save us.
        Take care, again!

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    2. Thank you for talking about the shot. That is Dr. Tenpenny, I have seen her before on a show about Morgellons. She is on all the right wing nutter podcasts, after I watched the link you left, I found an interview with her on Jeff Rense. Rense, as far as I can tell, is a complete nutter, but he is the only one who will interview Dana Durnford, the Nuclear Proctologist. And I think Dana is spot on. Things are so fucked up at this point, I never thought I would be listening to Christian fundies to get the real news. Tenpenny is a Christian too. I’ve started just hearing “natural law” or “nature” when they talk about “God” and that seems to help. Anyway. Tenpenny is talking about girl babies and toddlers passing blood clots out of their vaginas, after being around people who have had the shot. Something mysterious is afoot for sure. From what I gather, things are expected to get really gnarly this fall, during the normal flu season, when the vaxxed are exposed to the virus in the wild. That’s what killed all the lab animals in the animal trials, from what I’ve heard. And the black fungus. What a horrible way to go. Some people have to have one or both eyes removed, because the fungus infects their eyes and makes them go blind. What a nightmare we are witnessing. I think Tenpenny thinks there is nothing you can do once you get the shot to reverse its effects, but Judy Mikovits has said its reversible using Vit D, Vit C and the other things that are supposedly also the natural prevention/remedy for the virus itself. I don’t have links, but everyone who is talking about covid alt therapies basically talks about the same thing so it’s not hard to find.

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  4. (Continuing..)
    A former colleague of mine had been prescribed a steroid cream for some mild issue (dryness or something – I don’t remember). She used it generously without knowing it was a steroid cream, and it made things worse – it became painful, with redness & swelling. She stopped it cold turkey. A short while later she had to visit a family member in another city, and she saw a famous lady dermatologist there. That doctor told her that it was a steroid cream, and that steroid creams mustn’t be used indiscriminately, and mustn’t be stopped cold turkey. She advised that she mix the steroid cream with a moisturizer she is comfortable with, and then use it. And also that she very gradually lower the amount of steroid cream mixed in, and then stop slowly. I don’t know if this applies to you (or if it would be counter productive in your case!!). But, if the hospital allows free consultations – either online or in-person – for 3-5 days after a paid consultation, then cautiously ask the doctor about it, IF you are comfortable and IF you feel ok with mixing creams. (Some docs get angry if we ask about alternate/modified treatments. Also, if you haven’t used any moisturizer in the recent past, you may not know which one suits your skin..). In any case, ask the doctor for as much details as possible, and ask her any questions you have.
    Ok, enough with my rant on steroids. (Continued..)


    1. I am glad that you mentioned the cream! I was wondering about it, because I have never used it before.

      I was reading the insert, and it says that you shouldn’t stop using it cold turkey, and that it needs to be tappered off because it absorbs into your system.

      As a result, I am using it very carefully, only on my psoriasis, which really is everywhere, but I am using it very sparingly. It’s a really big jar, it will probably last forever, and I always use lotions sparingly, because they ones I try to use are so expensive, except the Vaseline.

      My pharmacist, who was also female, was very kind. I can call her back with any questions, she invited me to, which I can do. They always ask if you have questions when you pick it up, but how can I have questions when I haven’t even looked at it? She gave me some general directions, and told me that I could call her.

      Thank you for the posts, they are helpful!

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  5. Oh sis, I’m sorry, I just *have* to litter your blog with my comments now, after reading this post. (I usually don’t leave comments, as I’m no big writer, and won’t be adding much of value.)

    I’m breaking my rant into multiple comments – just in case wordpress sees a super-long comment & auto deletes it thinking it is spam.

    First, about your current health & treatment (I’m no doctor, and this is unsolicited – please feel free to skip!!).
    I hope the Dr. Brittany will be tapering down the steroid dosage – like 0.5 mg (or 5mg?) for 1 or 2 weeks, 0.25 mg (or 2.5?) for the next 1 or 2 weeks, and so one down to one pill on alternate days, and gradually stop it. That’s the way it was prescribed to women I know here, for other autoimmune issues, since prolonged steroid use isn’t advisable. (They’ll later continue with other NSAID or immuno-suppressive medications and other horror.)

    I’m not scaring you off the treatment – under careful, informed guidance, steroids (short-term usage) can give a lot of relief. I wish you all the very best with it. But just keep the following things in mind if you are going for long term use.

    You might have heard that “mucormycosis” (a fungal infection that infects nasal tract, and later causes jaws to rot) is striking people who were treated for covid here. Here are a couple of links:

    While they still aren’t sure about the cause, one of the suspects is the steroid use on covid patients. Though it is not conclusive, they have good reason to suspect it (among other things), since steroids suppress immune response, and make the body vulnerable to infections.

    Steroids (atleast oral steroids) also are said to destroy the beneficial bacteria in the gut, and allow the resistant pathogenic ones to take over. The good bacteria in our body are the pillars of our immune system (without whom the immune infrastructure simply won’t be able to detect pathogenic invaders), and they also help seal the gut lining and do other good stuff – so it is not good at all to let them be rampaged on.
    I think injected steroids, which you had opted for, may not kill gut bacteriae, but could still be having the concerns associated with general steroid use. A very good doctor should be able to guide you carefully. (Continued..)

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    1. I appreciate your concern! I know that steroids can be dangerous. But my dosage is low and short. I had the shot, and I have no idea how much it was or if it will affect me for very long. She gave me a 5 days course of steroids, 5 pills, 20 grams each. There’s no tapering, and I am guessing that she gave me so little because I might go back if I get bad, again. She had already called in the prescription when she offered me the shot.

      I have heard about that fungus. I have not had covid, and I have not been sick, so no worries for me there, I don’t think. I am also not too worried about my gut, because honestly, that can eventually be corrected, I will risk that because even if I only get a little break off feeling good, I am happy to take that gamble.

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      1. Ok. Good that it is a short dose.. Do take care! I can understand the anxiety to get some relief from the flares! Wish you all the best again!

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  6. Aren’t female drs/dentists great? No groping, preaching, or being treated like a braindead idiot just because you tell them what’s wrong with you and what you think will fix it. Last time I had a male dentist he was doing some more elaborate stuff and I accidentally swallowed a goo I wasn’t supposed to. Even with two female assistants there he made a joke about swallowing cum. No fucking shame. (He was indian, no racism but indian men always seem the most openly depraved in my experience, even if they weren’t raised in india).

    And what could I do, he had blades and needles around my forced open with a plastic block mouth. They get off on it. It’s torture-lite. Female dentists for life.

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    1. Why are males so fucking nasty? And boring, always some manner of rape joke. Jesus.

      I am looking for a female dentist. I found one, but she only does high dollar work, like root canals, implants, fixing other dentist mistakes, etc. So I am still looking, because I need different services.

      I got new glasses about 14 months ago, and I searched until I found a female eye doctor. Even then, she shares office space with a male, and I had to roll the dice, since it was walk in. I went and got her on the first try. But I was prepared to walk out if they didn’t let me wait for her.

      I had a female mechanic, in the 90s, when I still lived in ATL. She was the best mechanic that I ever had.

      I always try to find women to spend money with because even if they are an asshole, at least I still don’t have to deal with penis and the jokes, ignorance, and shitty attitude that seems to always come with it.

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    2. Ewww! Nasty scum of a “dentist”. I’m Indian, and I your observation isn’t racist at all!!. XO from a sis in India.
      Indian men who are raised and are still living in India can’t get as much leeway here (as of now, at least) as that creepy dentist. Their mindset would be the same, but due to cultural restrictions, there is a higher chance that such jokes won’t be tolerated here. But again, if there is no male witness to their comments, no one would believe the woman if she told anyone that he made vulgar comments. That can make make them bolder, but somehow there is a silver of a chance that news about their behavior/words can leak and be believed somehow, so there is a slightly less chance of emboldened joking here. Once these men get to a place which is apparently more “lenient” (?), they “let go” with full force.

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      1. I choose all women over any male, regardless of race, ethnicity, religion, whatever, because all males are misogynist, their race and culture just has different kinds of misogyny.

        Where I live, in the southeast states, we have a pretty good sized Indian population, I have never seen an Indian woman that I know of, at least, but I have seen many indian males, and the ones that I know own businesses. There’s one that I used to go in, and when the old white asshole that owned it sold it to some Indian guys, those guys had a big problem with women. (The old white male employed a really kind woman, she was who I dealt with every time)

        Their problem was so bad, that they obviously didn’t want to talk to a nasty woman. If they had been shy, I could have tolerated it, but that wasn’t it. If I had to ask a question, they mumbled, wouldn’t make eye contact, and the irritation was rolling off of them.

        I stopped going in there, so I sent my husband up there the next time that I needed something that had to come from there and he came back empty handed. I asked him why he didn’t buy what I needed, and he said that when he went to pay, that the male asked my fucking husband if my white ass male husband knew where he could find some white prostitutes.

        My husband said something like “nope, I do not. And if you continue to alienate women, where they are too uncomfortable to come into your store, your business won’t last here”, and he left without buying anything.

        I despise indian males. I despise black males. And especially white ones. I start off despising them, and they usually don’t come back from that because they are just baseline dispicable.

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      2. Whaaaaat? Just w.h.a.a…..t? Really,,, I am dumbstruck.
        Shows what is actually going on in their heads, even though they are forced to “behave” (a lil bit) here. Not that we thought they are angels – coz, we know that any decent behaviour is mostly forced or circumstantial. They let that mask slip many many times that even socially un-savvy women like me know who they are. But asking a total random stranger for a prostituted woman might have been daring _here_, in their native country, where everyone knows their face, their parents and their employer (who might consider such behavior as counter productive) – if they know that the guy is an idiot like they are, then they’ll fully open up and ask for all their evil stuff, but taking that risk with a stranger is less likely to happen here. Once they are overseas, and no one knows their address, and they think every male in that place is a voracious po-n consumer (which is somewhat true), look at how the floodgates open, and the full evil in their mind comes out……
        I hope you had found an alternative for that shop. I don’t think the quality of items in that shop would have been great anyways – with these idiots in charge.

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      3. I haven’t been back, and neither has Mr. Jayne.

        I will not give money to any male that I know rapes women for pay. And Mr. Jayne did exactly what he knew that I would want him to do. I spend money to misogynists every day. But not any dime that I have access to will go to a male that has said that he will use that money for rape. No.

        He probably thought that all males are fine with women being prostituted, and like you say, he would be correct in that assessment a lot of the time. But none of those males would ever be living in MY house.

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      4. Oh yeah! I 100% know you wouldn’t have gone back to that place ever!:) I had meant that I hoped you were able to get the stuff from another place. I absolutely agree about not spending money in places where we know it would go to the pockets of rapey men!

        >> he would be correct in that assessment a lot of the time. But none of those males would ever be living in MY house.

        Salute that spirit!!

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  7. Jayne,
    Oh Shit I feel your pain with the psoriasis. I too am recently plagued by it. It started for me in Spring of 2017 after 6 months on a commonly prescribed anti-anxiety/depression medication. Because it started in my ear canal and caused 2 ear infections (another first for me) it went undetected until it showed up on my elbow. Now it is so aggressive and shows no signs of abating. After the first dose of covid vaccine it began to spread to places it had not. After the second dose 3 weeks later it literally fucking bloomed. This makes sense because the vaccine boosts your immune system and it is an autoimmune system issue–overactive. When I got the anti-depressent meds from a clinic for indigents, as I had no access to insurance or medical care, and had the subsequent ear infections treated there also, I was going through the aftermath of a relationship that turned into the clusterfuck of my life at age 62. I could never have imagined all of the consequences that emerged from the decision to involve myself in a relationship with a male after 12 years of not even looking at one.
    So, when I told the dermatologist that I thought it was the anti-depressant that triggered the psoriasis, I was poo-poohed. So I got on the internet and googled “skin issues associated with antidepressant medications.” I came upon this ghastly collection of published articles by doctors in Poland concerning serious skin issues connected to using seratonin uptake inhibitors. See for the publication.
    The Cortisone creams don’t work, I won’t take the immune suppressing drugs because I have two friends who had serious problems from them (one who ended up in the hospital for 12 weeks and nearly lost her leg after getting a small cut from a flying glass shard) and they burned me in the light treatment oven on my second treatment at the dermatologist’s. Dosed too high for my skin type. All of my doctors are females. I won’t see a male unless I’m dying and he’s the only available option. Now I am on medicare. Of the 3 topical treatments prescribed by the dermatologist they seem willing to cover them all. They just don’t help, and thin my skin so much it just bleeds if I look at it. It was never painful or itchy until after the vaccine.
    All my life I had dealt with recurring depression and anxiety without meds. I’m sorry I ever let that doc prescribe them for me or that I took them. How can you live as a woman in this culture without depression or anxiety if your the least bit alert to what goes on around you? You can’t. You would have to be sleepwalking through life.
    Our skin is the organ that protects us from pathogens entering our bodies. The way I see it, my skin seems to acknowledge a BIG FUCKING THREAT out there on all fronts. LOL. It isn’t wrong. I get some relief from Burt’s Bee’s Hand Salve in the metal tin. Mostly, I’m just living with it and this summer decided I wasn’t going to keep it covered up any more. If it bothers anyone else, tough! I’ll only cover it if I’m going to do some gardening so I don’t get dirt on the sores. When people ask about it, i.e. “WHAT’S THAT!!??, I tell them it’s leprosy. Meanwhile, I find I now have to vacuum myself off of the floor all too often. I did see a recipe for cream made from Comfrey leaves. I planted Comfrey root in my little patch of garden this year and I’m going to make some when the leaves are bigger.

    The medical system is so not about healing and I don’t think anyone working in it can step outside of it in any meaningful way without getting pushed out of it. As long as it is profit driven/profit centered and male dominated it will remain a liability for sick people. We don’t have the “greatest healthcare system in the world.” We have some sort of medical/pharmaceutical/industrial complex that grinds humans into dust and squeezes them when they are most vulnerable. Phuck that!
    I hope you get some relief from your visit and your meds. May it work for yours. There are different types of it and mine is plaque psoriasis and may be the beginnings of psoriatic arthritis to go along with my severe osteoarthritis.

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    1. There are 6 or 8 types of psoriasis. I have 4. The worse kind that I deal with is inverse, which is underneath the breasts and in the genital region, back to the anus. Let me tell you, it’s miserable.

      I have plaque all over my legs, my right leg being the worst, it’s at least 70% covered. Some days, showering is so painful, and it doesn’t hurt and/or itch all of the time, but a lot of the time, it does. One or the other. Sleeping is difficult.

      I had an initial flare, when I had a tubal and quit almost 20 years of birth control, at 35 years old. I didn’t know what it was, at first. My father had it, all my life. I was looking for a trigger, and finally found random women around the internet, a few years ago, who had connected their first flares with pregnancy, quiting birth control, and menopause.

      I had mine mostly under control until February. The morning after I found out my father died, I woke up with the inverse, that I had managed to keep almost completely at bay, until then. I have been in damage control ever since, it has steadily worsened. It hasn’t spread, but my scalp is so out of control, that for the first time, I am just barely keeping it from moving to my face and ears. And not all that successfully, I have a spot on my left temple, and around my ears is pretty bad, too. Although, I did find some oil on Amazon, specific to scalp, and if I use it every 2 or 3 days, with this rubber scalp scrubby thing that I also found on Amazon, my scalp is pretty clear. But washing oil out of your hair is a fucking chore.

      I have occasionally used that oil on my legs, when I just can’t stand it, it relieves the pain and itch temporarily.

      I have read in various places, that women who take the vaccine have some side effects (that no one cares about), including psoriasis flares, and I am not against anyone taking it, if they want to and if they can actually choose to, but I am telling you, I would rather be dead than do anything that even has just a slight chance of making my psoriasis worse. I have had many thoughts that my body is becoming close to be unlivable, and if I am able to stay in it. I can’t have it get worse. I just can’t.

      Along with what you were saying, AIs flair when your immune system is in overdrive, and mine is already there. It may be an environmental response. I don’t know, but it makes sense.

      I also refuse to take the biologics created to treat psoriasis, because they do completely kill your immune system. It’s how they work. And I am not surprised to hear about your friend almost loosing her leg, and I am sorry to hear that.

      You are right, our male medical system is not about healing. In some places, like ours, it’s about profit, and in ALL places, women are secondary and controlled by idiot males. Anyone that thinks that we have the greatest health care system in the world is either an idiot or has never been sick.

      That’s mostly why I refuse to take any new drugs, at all. Most prescription pain pills make me vomit, and I am afraid of side effects. In my 30s, after the tubal, the doctor prescribed me antidepressants, and they didn’t really do anything for me, and like you were saying, of course women are depressed, everything is shit and that’s how males want it, it’s normal for us to struggle, males benefit from that, no pill will fix that. Male created environment has produced all of the shit that we suffer from, but male medicine is going to fix it? By suppressing immune system? Manlogicks.

      I have defaulted to using Vaseline, I use a liquid soap from eucerin that smells horrible, like fish oil, but it is the only soap that doesn’t hurt my inverse psoriasis, it actually soothes it. I also use this diaper rash ointment (ointments work better for me than creams) on the inverse, it soothes it, which is really why I went to Vaseline, lotions may work, but nothing works as good as coconut oil, ointments, or other oily type things, for me. Although, I do use a dead sea mud soap, also from Amazon, on my arms, that have some psoriasis, but not bad, and around my hairline.

      I stand in the sun for about 20 minutes a day, I take the supplements, tumeric, vitamin k, and vitamin d, as well as this vitamin d supplement cream, once a day. I feel like I am holding it all, just at bay, but the last week or so, the unrelenting pain and discomfort has really gotten to me.

      After I posted this, I took one of the Prednisone (I have 5 days worth) and one of the hydrowhatzitz, and sister. I slept for about 6 hours, I could have slept longer, but I had to give my dogs their meds and dinner. And…..

      I FEEL FUCKING FANTASTIC. I know steroids are bad for you, and I am not surprised because this shit is fucking MAGIC. Around my ears is clear. I had spots coming up on my arms, they are GONE. For the first time in weeks, my breasts don’t hurt, my genitals are almost completely clear. I didn’t wake myself up scratching, my hairline is clear, and for the first time in weeks, nothing hurts.

      I have psoriatic arthritis in my right foot, and in my right arm, and I don’t have any pain there, I can’t fucking believe it. My right leg, I still have the plaques, but they are not inflamed and itching. I am sitting here, feeling like a normal person and typing like a normal person, for the first time in months, and I am COMFORTABLE.

      I highly recommend it, lol. Not everyone can take steroids and I know you can’t use them often, but if you can, for a little break, I highly suggest it.

      My father, who had a 7th grade education, yet, being white and of prime working age through the 60s, 70s and 80s, gathered enough resources to leave his kids some money because YAY PATRIARCHY, and I am expecting to receive it later this year, hopefully by the end of summer. Nothing would make me happier that give you some misogynist patriarchal dead dad money if you need some cash to get some psoriasis treatment. I will let you know right here, at this comment, when I get it. I know you might not need it, and that’s fine. But I am looking to help some women with some of it because he hated women and I think that his money going to women is just a really good idea. It’s part of my charm.

      Thank you for the sympathy. I am back off to bed for some non-itchy sleep.😉

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      1. I’m happy you’re getting some relief and sleep! That is too kind of you to offer to share in your windfall. Set it aside for yourself. You never know what life will hand you in the future and you may need it. Doesn’t matter that it’s “misogynist patriarchal dead dad money,” or that they often only share it with women after they’re dead. Every single relationship I have had with men has left me financially reduced. His money is already going to help a woman—you! Having been poor as a child and through my twenties, and again after each of two marriages, I know having a bit of a financial cushion removes some of the psychological burden of living in a system that favors and rewards always the men first and the women later only if it suits them. This is increasingly evident as you grow older, or become disabled, and can no longer play in the system as it is designed for doling out resources; which is only to the “able-bodied” or those deemed useful to the patriarchy. It doesn’t relieve us of the emotional and physical fallout resulting from their presence on the planet, or the shit they perpetrate on us, however, it is better if you can eat, have shelter, and meet your basic necessities without having to beg them for assistance, or trade your soul for it. How many women stay in horrid, abusive, soul-sucking relationships because they have no financial resources to leave, and the men know this and control those resources to keep them stuck! Too many.

        Losing a parent is deeply triggering whether or not you had a loving close relationship with them. Parents are a kind of deep psychological anchor on a basic species level. If you loved/hated them it’s grief-relief you experience. I don’t know what it’s like to lose a parent that I had unambiguous love for—it’s just outside my wheelhouse of experience, as it must be for many who grew up in highly dysfunctional, abusive homes. Increasingly, I think that must be about 99.9% of people because the family is a microcosm of the society. It is not insulated from the overall environment despite institutional efforts to single out human victims of our culture and society as aberrant. The very system makes loving bonds impossible and instead substitutes betrayal-bonds. I guess a bond forged from repeated betrayals is the logical outcome in a society that forces/socializes/conditions us humans to bend to the dictates of power and control and only idealizes love between humans and other living creatures as something mythical and fantastical. Psychologically, I don’t think humans have evolved since we were watching firelight shadows flickering on the cave walls while the dinosaurs hung around just outside the opening waiting for their next protein snack to emerge. Technologically, yes there has been evolution and amazing adaptation. But the brain remains stunted and confused. This in large part because we have all been trained and conditioned to see ourselves as split/divided/separate both within ourselves, and from each other, in almost countless ways. Literally, broken in two. This, I think, is the primary betrayal from which all others emerge.

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      2. IDK, I wrote a long reply and it disappeared when I hit “post comment.” Can’t recreate it except keep that money for yourself. Men hoard money and control how it’s doled out to women. You may need it one day.

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    2. About being involved with a male.

      I like mine. Obviously. I certainly don’t care if other women hate him, I hate him, sometimes, but he has never been violent, and he doesn’t watch porn or participate in sexual violence against women. So, yay, he meets the lowest bar.

      While I like him and enjoy his company, and I trust him to not hurt me, after 20 years, I do wonder if he is sapping me, if you know what I mean. And, let’s face it, nobody would be surprised if he snapped one day, lots of dudes with no previous (and obvious) problems snap and kill their wives and daughters.

      If I knew 20 years ago what I know today, my life would be completely different. I am sure a lot of women feel that way, especially self aware mothers of sons. But I would never become personally involved with a male, not ever again. And I would never recommend it to other women.

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  8. Decades ago, before menopause, I had nasty psoriasis, The woman doctor (this was in Canada) prescribed lidex cream (generic is fluocinonide), and coal tar soap. Worked a treat. Canada is single-payer free healthcare.

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    1. It sounds like you haven’t had any more flairs, and in that case, I am equal parts happy for you and jealous of you.😉

      I will definitely check into that cream, although, I hope that I won’t need to. I have used coal tar products, in soaps, shampoos and ointments, but it didn’t work too well for me. I really like the smell of coal tar, though.

      And single payer healthcare in Canada, I am also equal parts happy for you and jealous of you.

      When I came home today, I had many thoughts about how great it would be for all Americans to be able to walk into a clinic, like I did today, funded by taxes. But then we wouldn’t have money for all of the for profit wars. MURICA. Pfft.

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    1. He came into the room, where I was alone, sat down, gestured vaguely to my lap and said “so you want me to take a look at your monkey, I see you are having problems with it”.

      I very clearly remember being 15, being in that room. My regular gyno was on vacation, and I had an issue I can’t remember, now, maybe a yeast infection, or something. I lived with my dad and brother, so who was I going to ask.

      I told my dad I needed a gyno,he asked if I thought I needed the ER, I said nope, just a doctor. He took me, within just a day, or 2, and he really did try to put on an attitude of “no biggie, just taking my daughter to the gyno”. He did that for me. And for all of the cookies that males get when they actually do something. LOOK AT THAT MAN, DOING STUFF, AND FOR HIS DAUGHTER, ISN’T THAT JUST SUPER DUPER! LUCKY GIRL! SUPER DADDY.

      Males are just straight up scum. I immediately became scared, and I couldn’t name it, then, I can barely name it now. But I got up and mumbled “nevermind” and he blocked the door. Then he told me that he was just teasing, surely, I had to know that he was just teasing.

      I never looked at him again. I said something like “my dad is in the waiting room, I have to go”, and I was thinking about if my dad could hear me if I screamed. Looking back, now, that asshole probably didn’t realize that a MAN had brought me. Because when I said that, he moved out of the way and let me by.

      I walked past my dad, he followed me to the car, and here is where I know that I am my father’s daughter. Because I am aware of every penny, and I am not cheap, I am happy to pay for what I get, but if I didn’t get it, I don’t want to pay for it, so I asked him if he paid, and he said yes. I told him that he didn’t treat me, and that I would need to see my regular doctor when he returns. At which point my dad said that if I talked to the doctor, that he had to be paid, even if he couldn’t help me and decided that I could wait until my regular doctor returned.

      (My father was not cheap, but he did watch every penny. I understand that the hospital was charging him for things that he didn’t receive, when he checked his requested itemized bill, up until a few weeks before he died. They refunded him, and his medicare, when he threatened to sue.)

      My dad’s assessment of what had happened was incorrect, but I was to ashamed to go into it. He looked at me for a second before he asked me if he needed to go back in and have a talk with that doctor. I just wanted to go home and forget about it, while I was formulating a response, my dad asked me “did he hurt you”. And I truthfully said “no. I just want to go home”.

      And he took me to my regular doctor when he got back.

      And I carried the shame of that asshole male for fucking decades. I don’t carry manshame, anymore. He should be ashamed. I have nothing to be ashamed of.

      And that’s the story.

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      1. Oh, no.. it must have been *very* traumatizing…… poor child… I can’t imagine… Glad that you have beaten the trauma and are no longer carrying the shame which actually belongs to him, and not a bit to you.. XO.

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