Women Resist Sexual Terrorism. Mansplaination failure ensues.

The Wi Spa is a Korean spa in Los Angeles, and if you aren’t familiar with Korean spas, they are usually universally sexed spaces, meaning that the entire spa is divided by biological sex. It’s not only the changing rooms, there are pools, saunas, etc. where most people are naked, and this includes children.

We can immediately understand why women and their daughters need privacy from penis in a space like this.

Unless you are the state government of California, who loves male sexual terrorism so much, that it is enabled in every establishment across the state.

Some women became understandably angry at a male who was flashing his penis at this spa, not only for themselves, but for young girls who were also subject to the penis flashing, and this is what happened when they took their concerns to the front desk………

……….. only to be told that California law protects male sexual terrorism of women and girls, and that males are legally protected for the express purpose of showing their penis wherever they so choose because all of society is built around the only thing that matters, which is penis.

These women are not having it, there are a LOT of angry women. Their argument is the only one that matters, which is “it has a penis, it’s a male”.

The absolute best part of this video is when this guy shows up………

………..he is like a troon superhero, he is the protector of the peen, the savior of the scrotes, spreading the sacred gospel of the girly gonads, he is CAPTAIN GURL DICK, defender of dicks and the right of dicks to be everywhere, even right in the faces of women and girls because that is all that is right and sacred in his cock central world.

Take a good look, sisters, and remember his face because Captain Gurl Dick stepped up to the woman who was recording and attempted to educate her about the fact that the penis that she (and all of the other women) were oppressing is not a mandick, that she was being histerical over nothing because what she actually saw was a girldick, and these are 2 completely different kinds of dick! He is a dick expert, after all, he is even a captain!

And she is not having his bullshit, either, and it’s hilarious how his ugly ass manface begins to fall in shock and disappointment when he realizes that he is unable to put her in her place with his idiotic, typical HURDUR IT GURLDICK, THO argument.

He is unable to respond to a woman who isn’t afraid of him and refuses to back down, and he ends the interaction with the epic male comeback of “sorry you had to see a penis”.

What an epic show of male intellect.

This is what we need to put into practice, as women. There is no nuance. There is no girldick. There’s no such thing as trans because there is no such thing as gender.

Testosterone levels, lipstick, performance of the toxic sex role stereotypes that males invented and refer to as “femininity”, male feelings, etc. are not what makes an adult human female.

When we engage in male arguments, our participation implies that the argument is valid.

There is no valid argument for a dick dragger to claim that he is female because it is not possible to change sex. End of.

It has a penis, it is and forever will be MALE. End of.

This spa has had this problem with dick draggers for a couple of years…..

……..and this argument makes no sense. The virtue signaling negates the fact that males do not belong in female spaces, no matter what they call themselves.

Women can still stand up for ourselves and each other in the states. For now. Let’s do it while male law still permits us to do so, because standing up for yourself like this in Scotland and Canada can get you arrested and charged with a hate crime against males.

It has a penis, it’s male. End of.

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4 thoughts on “Women Resist Sexual Terrorism. Mansplaination failure ensues.

  1. You hit a home run here, this is brilliant: “There is no nuance. There is no girldick. There’s no such thing as trans because there is no such thing as gender . . . . When we engage in male arguments, our participation implies that the argument is valid.”

    I was holding my breath the first time I watched this, fearing that some other woman would side with Captain Gurl Dick and attack our hero. But nobody did that. In fact, at least one other woman (finally) supported our hero. The whole deal was perfect. This needs to happen, and be recorded, every time there’s a perv perving in women’s space. You can’t enforce an unjust law when almost nobody cooperates and when somebody almost always gets disruptive. You just can’t arrest them all, and it’s a horrible look for you. Women are not supposed to have this information.

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    1. When this bullshit first started, I couldn’t understand what the fuck was even happening, because while I was accepting of males wearing dresses, or cosmetics, or whatever, and I didn’t even care if they called themselves “transwomen”, but I was gobsmacked that other women were claiming that these males were actually women.

      The first time I was called a TERF, it was because I was like “ok, but we all know that these are just dudes wearing dresses, right. Lol”. Women who I had been acquaintanted with online for years were suddenly screaming at me, lol.

      I can’t get over how so many of us just refuse to say NOPE. There’s no complexity, this is not complicated, those are excuses that males throw out to keep us distracted with explaining and coddling the confused males, and while that is happening, males are taking whatever they want. A confused male is not confused, he is distracting you so he can pick your fucking pocket.

      There was a woman demanding her money back, and there was a woman speaking to mansplainer from behind the woman who was recording. It’s my impression that the majority of the women lined up against the wall, behind the woman recording, were also angry about the dick. I hope I am right. And I hope that this happens more and is documented, because media won’t cover it.

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