No one is surprised.

I was working on a follow up post to my last piece about the brave and stunning penis at the Wi Spa when it came over AP that Bill Cosby has been freed and his conviction overturned.

I have read that he was treated unfairly, and that a prosecuting attorney had promised not to prosecute him (????????) and that when that one retired, that the next one had no right to prosecute him, based on that promise.

Can you hear the knuckle dragging, mouth breathing, penis havers of every race, religion, and economic class celebrating? I can. Because males love to rape women, and they love to rub our faces in it.

I have seen a few women saying that one of us needs to take him out. And I agree. I hope a rapist male shares the joys of rape with bill, because bill should get to experience all of the joy of the activity that he loves so much, that he raped dozens of women. This includes being drugged, just like he did to women, and if his old, disgusting, crusty, rapist ass dies, oh, well. I guess he shouldn’t have asked to be raped.

I don’t want to hear about how black males have a hard life. Males are males are males are males. They are all just interchangeable, violent, bags of shit that will always, always protect each other’s power to rape, abuse, own, control, and murder women.

Fuck bill Cosby, and anyone that is celebrating his release.

Fuck the male “justice” system, that males use to protect their right to rape and murder women.

Fuck the male media, who protects penis, first and foremost.

Fuck anyone who thinks that begging males or their patriarchal systems to attempt to treat us as something other than fucktoilets will ever work.

It’s been 5000 years of begging males, I don’t beg males for FUCK ALL. Males eat that shit up, it gives them something to laugh at before they go back to raping women and girls.

For any woman who is thinking about going out and marching for black males when a white cop kills one, remember what white males did for rapist bill. And how the males that you know reacted to rapist bill being fucking set free.


7 thoughts on “No one is surprised.

  1. All I can say is, they seem to be trying to get our central nervous systems to pop, and/or we are being distracted from something. How much more are women expected to take? How much more can we physically, mentally and emotionally endure before something bad happens? What will that even look like? Or is it just another day in patriarchy, trying and succeeding in breaking women?

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    1. All the dudes, all over social media, denigrating the women that he raped, calling them “golddigger”. And how they all consented.

      Are they all rich? Where is all that gold?

      And if they consented, why were they drugged?

      And more importantly, why did he admit that he drugged and raped women?

      I am ready to burn this shit to the ground.

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