Reframe your trauma, ladies. You’re upsetting the boys.

The male inability to deal with reality is laughable, especially when males choose to enact the unending violence that shapes every aspect of our lives.

That hairy palmed ManApe, Benjamin Boyce, uses the phrase “reframe your trauma” so often, it’s like he gets paid a nickel for every time he can work it into a fucking conversation.

“Did he really want to hurt you by raping you? Maybe you need to REFRAME YOUR TRAUMA, and just view it as his inability to control his attraction to you because you are just so sexy.”

“Did he really drug your drink? Maybe you need to REFRAME YOUR TRAUMA, and realize that he was just shy and was afraid to approach you while you were conscious.”

“Do you really think that rape jokes aren’t funny? Just REFRAME YOUR TRAUMA, LADIES, and realize that rape is funny because men say that it is.”

Males have been reframing their violence and sexual terrorism for all of time. Males frequently “reframe” rape, usually by claiming that it never happened or she actually wanted it.

Predictably, males are tired of lying, so they are attempting to make us do the work for them, and they have named it reFraMiNg yOuR tRaUMa.

Benji prioritizes this particular incel/MRA mandate to such a degree that it was addressed by commenters in one of the videos he recently streamed with Meghan Murphy……….

……..wherein YouTube user, Izzy Fox, references Benji’s dismissive treatment of Kara Dansky in one of his previous videos surrounding male sexual terrorism, with the male solution being on women to “reframe” it, and never on males to stop.

I replied to Izzy Fox………

…….and a dick dragger decided to remind me that reality makes for sad penis, and he took it upon himself to attempt to police me into “reframing” male sexual terrorism. Let’s take a closer look at his argument…….

Thank GAWD, this male has shown us all the “crux of the problem”. Obviously, the problem is when little girls grow into women and make judgements on the male sexual terrorism that males choose to enact onto us.

When males sexually abuse little girls, the problem is not the male. After all, he is just exerting his right to sexually terrorize any little girl that he sees.

The problem with male sexual terrorism is singular, and it is us. Our insistence on talking about it, drawing attention to it, and begging males to stop.

And his last sentence about males being at the mercy of women or how women rule everything and males are just victims of super, all powerful women, I am not even going to address that, because any male that actually makes that ludicrous argument is obviously developmentally deficient to the point that the simplest of tasks, like tying his own shoes, is an unknowable mystery.

I don’t generally listen to males talk about anything, for obvious reasons, so I was not surprised that this “reframe your trauma” argument has been around for a while, and I had missed it.

Mridul Wadhwa, the nasty male that left his political party in protest when it backed an amendment that protected the right of women and girls to specifically request female attendants as support after males rape/sexually terrorize them, and was rewarded for his brave and stunning stance with a CEO position at Rape Crisis Scotland that was legally reserved for a WOMAN, recently said this about women and girls who want privacy from males after being violently attacked by one…..

But I think the other thing is that sexual violence happens to bigoted people as well. And so, you know, it is not discerning crime. But these spaces are also for you. But if you bring unacceptable beliefs that are discriminatory in nature, we will begin to work with you on your journey of recovery from trauma. But please also expect to be challenged on your prejudices, because how can you heal from trauma and build a new relationship with your trauma, because you can’t forget, and you can’t go back to life before traumatic incident or traumatic incidents. And some of us never, ever had a life before traumatic incidents. But if you have to reframe your trauma, I think it is important as part of that reframing, having a more positive relationship with it, where it becomes a story that empowers you and allows you to go and do other more beautiful things with your life, you also have to rethink your relationship with prejudice. Otherwise, you can’t really, in my view, recover from trauma and I think that’s a very important message that I am often discussing with my colleagues that in various places. Because you know, to me, therapy is political, and it isn’t always seen as that.

Mridul Wadhwa, Guilty Feminist podcast

From For Women Scotland, linked in post

Let’s just take a minute to ruminate on all that fucking misogyny, sexism, and straight up fucking hatred of women that is displayed in this cocksucker’s pathetic centering of males and their fetish to further traumatize women and girls who have been sexually terrorized by males, by calling female victims bigots, based solely on their need to avoid males directly after being victimized by one.

His first sentence, where he states that “sexual violence happens to bigoted people” is common malespeak, as if sexual violence just springs up, out of nowhere happening to random people. He has REFRAMED the male choice to enact sexual terrorism onto women and girls as this unknowable, unpredictable random act with random agents and random victims, insinuating that males are not the majority of perpetrators, and that males are not specifically targeting women and girls.

Doesn’t he seem like a great choice to oversee a WOMEN’S rape crisis center?

Moving on, let’s take another minute to appreciate that while Mr. CEO refers to women attempting to avoid males after male inflicted sexual violence as bigots who are being unjustly discriminatory/prejudiced against males, that his centers absolutely allow males who have been victimized by other males to request the biological sex of any staff attending to them…..

……….which I can only assume works just as well in reverse, meaning that any male who is looking to force a woman to interact with him in a variety of questionable and/or intimate ways, can claim to be a victim of male violence and request that only women attend to him.

But one thing that we can all be sure of is that a male can demand anything that he wants, and their penis brothers will never call him a bigot.

The “bigots” Wadhwa identifies are women who want female only spaces in rape or domestic violence shelter and female only counselling. In a series of bizarre and insulting arguments, Wadhwa claims that women shouldn’t be concerned about male people in supposedly female spaces because we already operate in “a man’s world” and, outlandishly seems to suggest that because a planning officer or a finance minister might be male, women have no excuse to resist the presence of men in spaces specifically designed to protect women at an extreme moment: “my argument is that men are already in these women’s spaces, like, for example, a Rape Crisis Centre or a Women’s Aid, because who is making the decisions about how much money we get. About who you know, who gives us planning permission, it is not women alone.”

From For Women Scotland, linked in post

So this mouth breather’s argument is that males control the resources necessary to aid women and girls who are targeted by males that choose to violently terrorize them, and that male generosity should be rewarded by female victims allowing yet more males access to them while they are attempting to recover from male terrorism.

Typical male logic.

Reframing of trauma is a therapy tool that is well defined to be utilized as a means to help victims to heal, so in yet more typical male logic and manipulation, males have hijacked the concept and reversed it into a predatory male tactic that demands that women and girls prioritize males and their predatory behavior at all times, but especially when we are most vulnerable……….

They also worried Wadhwa had reinvented or misunderstood the concept of “reframing trauma” which is supposed to enable a survivor to understand their natural response to attack and “reframe” any residual guilt they might feel in not having fought off the attacker or for having frozen. It is not supposed to be a vehicle for re-education or for making victims think they carry “prejudice” as suggested in the opening extract.

From For Women Scotland, linked in post

Males always, always push their pathetic bullshit onto women and girls, and they manipulate or otherwise force us into accepting it.

While I do like this response to the male demands that we reframe our trauma……..

…….it assumes that males are unable to understand that they are hurting us.

Males absolutely understand when they hurt us. They are not confused. Males enjoy causing suffering, pain, and fear on a global scale. Male dominance is not accidental, it is intentional and used by males to secure the miserable, myopic existence that they inexplicably choose.

Women and girls are their preferred target. That will never change.


6 thoughts on “Reframe your trauma, ladies. You’re upsetting the boys.

  1. I agree wholeheartedly with your assessment of Wadhwa here; he is an extremely dangerous man to have such power over victims of male violence at their most vulnerable.
    He has here issued warnings to the female victims of male VAWG that their fears (‘bigotry’) are both valid (he’s living proof, a veritable snake in their midst), and unacceptable to him because their rape is his political playground, and their sex class is his personal right as a male.
    I do think that you are wrong about one thing though; when he says that men are already working in rape crisis centres, he is not framing an argument, rather he is raising a false flag to the men who control the funding and planning of such centres; he is telling them ‘ these #itches say all men are violent abusers, so use your power against them, just like I do.’
    It is a rally cry to his fellow males, in the hope that some are patriarchal enough to ignore what is right and respond with their limbic brain, rather than with their reason or professional and personal ethics.
    He is appealing to the worst in men because he is the worst in men; a worm tongue.

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    1. … As these centres are now being passed over for funding in favour of so-called ‘inclusive’ service providers, it looks like he may have hit his target.
      I read somewhere else that he said that the Scottish rape crisis centre had to be ‘decontaminated’ of its previous incarnation as a single-sex service provider. Fascists and totalitarians always use such dehumanising language; Rwanda *had to be cleared of* ‘cockroaches’; the Warsaw ghetto and Gaza of ‘little rats’…
      this guy knows his stuff, I will give him that.

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  2. Is there as single scrote owner on this planet who is NOT an insufferable pool of rancid diarrhea?
    Sometimes I feel like I’m the only adult in the room. I mean honestly, who in their right mind could look at that ugly scrote who lied his way into leading a WOMEN’S RAPE CRISIS CENTRE!!!!! And think that he has anything of value to add to any conversation?
    As the twitter quote says: “why can’t scrotes reframe their trauma and accept that they contribute nothing of value to society?”

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  3. I already stated this a different way on your other post, but women need to “reframe their trauma” by stopping the faking shit they do, namely, pretending to like a dick in them. This pretense keeps a good 75% of the nonsense going. Why do women do it? Well, cuz they *get stuff* by faking it. Keep providing him with the “surround sound” porno hub, “ladies.” It’s just one of the reasons he actually believes that rape is pleasurable.

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    1. I am married for 20 years, and I stopped PIV 7 years ago. I have written about it at length, and I am sure that it’s a big part of why my marriage is ending.

      Stopping PIV gave me time to reflect on what I want, and how I feel. That’s an important experience, because we are taught from early childhood that PIV is so important, it’s the most important thing in a relationship with a male, and throughout our lives, we are repeatedly reminded that PIV needs to be done, on male demand, because he has NEEDS and it’s our responsibility to meet that need. Did you just have a baby? Hurry up, tend to his penis, because if you don’t, he will find another woman to do it in your place, and it will be your fault. Sexual trauma from rape? Get into therapy, so that you can learn to love the PIV, because stopping it is not an option! Are you menopausal? Or just tired? Well, if you want to keep your man, you better ENTHUSIASTICALLY and regularly be jumping on his dick! Make him feel like you want his dick, because otherwise, he will find someone else to provide him vaginal access, because PIV is his right.

      Honestly, after stopping PIV, by choice and with intent, my feelings about it have totally changed. I can’t understand why any woman would want a dick inside of her. Most males have only a casual relationship with hygiene, at best, and if you want to get pregnant, PIV isn’t necessary. As far as orgasming, the clitoris is OUTSIDE, which is how most women orgasm. PIV is unnecessary, and if women would take some time to critically consider why it’s so important to allow a male to put his dick inside of her, most women would likely opt out.

      With that being said, the treatment that I have received is less than civil, by almost everyone, including hetero women. It’s frustrating, because I am not asking any woman to never engage in PIV, I have asked women to just think about it critically, to ask why is it so necessary? Why is it classed as a NEED? What would be the reaction of males, especially their own male, if they decided that they wanted to take a break from PIV? What if they raised their sons to understand that PIV is not necessary? What if we asked males to clearly define why PIV is their “right” or “need”?

      I have never, not one time, felt like I have lost a thing by refusing PIV. In fact, it’s the opposite, being free of PIV has made for a much more peaceful existence, for me.

      But I can’t get anyone to consider it. Women mostly immediately begin to tell me how natural PIV is, and what a big expression of love, it is. They just regurgitate every male created point that they have internalized from a lifetime of living in a man’s world. In most cases, when I have tried to keep the conversation going, they stop responding. I had one woman tell me that men would never be asked to give up their great sex life, as if we are all equal. One woman was all “well,you can deny your man,but me and my man are going to be over here,making wonderful, beautiful love”. (These have all been in “radical feminist” spaces)

      And I constantly get males leaving me comments here, about how I must not really love my husband because I deny him his PIV right, that they certainly wouldn’t allow their wife to stop PIV, they call me a million different slurs, including nonsense ones, like whore (lol), they insult my husband, how he is not a “real man” because he “allows” me to say no to his dick.

      I agree with you. One hundred percent. I just don’t know how we could get women to understand.

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