Who wants to tell doctors that women do NOT urinate from our vagina?

Here is the official definition for female and male from medicine.net.

Notice how the male definition has remained unchanged, while female has been redefined by males to include “physical appearance”. Additionally, males conveniently omitted their Y chromosome.

This definition has been on that website (which is affiliated with web md, iirc) since sometime last year.

Women have been largely ignored by male medicine for centuries, since males have declared themselves to (falsely) be the default human, and they have relegated us as “non-men” or incubators for their personal use.

We constantly hear about dicks. From childhood, males are obsessed with their dick, with drawing it random places, with showing it, comparing it with other males, constantly touching it and calling attention to it, and adult males threaten women and girls with it, it seems like they are obsessed with finding holes to put it in, just any hole, males are not terribly discerning.

In comparison, our reproductive systems and genitals have been largely ignored, even though every human being comes from a woman. When males forcibly took over medicine from women, they did things like creating the chainsaw to use on birthing women.

Typical male innovation. Big, violent, and stupid.

But it seems that the male medical system has outdone itself with misogynist ignorance. Doctors are now claiming that women urinate from our vagina.

Mosaic Care is the ultimate culmination of male medical violence, ignorance, misogyny, and fantasy. They can totally remove a male’s dick and replace it with a shiny new vagina! For realzies! Let’s have a look!

Before we continue, know that while there are pictures on that site, I will NOT be linking to any pictures, here. I will link only to text.

Mosaic is a clinic for transsexual surgery located in San Francisco, California, here in the states. It appears that they perform every sort of genital mutilation that can be provided, but let’s start with dick removal, followed by the installation of a brand new vagina. It’s referred to as “transfemme” surgery, and there’s some interesting information under the FAQ page, after they tell males to remove their ball sack hair and other bits of advice. For example, under the “why am I bleeding” section……

If you are having bleeding after the first week, make sure you are dilating the vagina and not the urethra. If you are dilating correctly, please call the office or after hours nurse.

From Mosaic FAQ page, linked in post

And again, under the next section, also about bleeding….

First 3 months: Intermittent bleeding can occur postoperatively as part of healing within the first 3 months after surgery. Please make sure you are dilating the vagina and not the urethra. Also check for signs of a bladder infection ( see FAQs and Videos on Bladder Health/ Gyn 101)

From Mosaic FAQ page, linked in post

You know how our vagina slams shut if we neglect to shove a rod into it daily? Right after we purchase it?

You don’t?


A vagina is one small part of the entire female reproductive system, its main purpose is to birth children, it is self cleaning, and does not need to be forcibly kept open. The arrogant ignorance based in massive woman hating that is this type of fantastical lying is just astounding.

A male chopping of his dick and creating a wound that he forcibly prevents from healing is not a woman, his wound is not a vagina. The fact that males think that a functional vagina is a hole for a dick to fuck speaks volumes about exactly how males view us.

But I now understand why males think that women urinate from the vagina. As a woman who has used tampons, dildos, and even had my fingers in my own vagina, I have never once worried about accidentally inserting anything into my urethra because women are born with a completely separate opening for urination.

What in the fuck is Mosaic telling people? How is it even possible to accidentally stick something into a urethra?

It’s just so fucking gross. Dudes will really stick their dicks into anything.

And we now have doctors referring to this crotch wound as a vagina, and instructing crazy males about how they might accidentally be inserting random things into their vAgiNa uReTHra hole, because it’s all the same hole.

And then, there’s this, under the “why do I have to douche, I heard douching is bad” section…….

For skin grafted vaginas vs natal vaginas, there is a lack of lubrication, self cleaning oven effect, and natal acidic pH which keeps the flora in check.

Skin grafted vaginas tend to be more basic with a pH of 7 vs natal vaginas with an optimal pH of 4.4

To compensate for the above, douching is needed to flush out skin cells, dried up lube, and overgrowth of bacteria that like to hang out in basic pH vagina.

This is why douches are acidic

From Mosaic FAQ page, linked in post

There are not different kinds of vaginas, for fuck’s sake. Vaginas are the only organ that self cleans, other than eye balls.

I love how that description is desperately trying to convince idiot males that it’s just a diFFeRenT kInD of vAgiNa, but it’s totally exactly the same, just a little different, but the same! Exactly!

Douching is bad for women, which is why we shouldn’t do it. But if we choose to douche, we have never accidentally douched our urethra, that is a total impossibility.

Under the “how to orgasm” section on the same page….

There are 2 erogenous spots: the clitoris and the G-spot ( where the prostate is located) approximately 4cm inside the vagina on the top/anterior/bladder side of the vagina. Gently rubbing these spots separately or together will help you find your way to an orgasm.

Experimenting with either touching these spots directly, gently at first since these areas may be extremely sensitive (or numb depending when you are trying during your first year of nerve regeneration), or gently touching, rubbing massaging the areas around the clitoris and the G-spot may work for you.

From the Mosaic FAQ page, linked in post

…. doctors are now claiming that the G spot is actually a prostate gland.

Doctors have been claiming for some time that cutting off the head of a dick and supergluing it back onto a male’s crotch is identical to a clitoris, when a clitoris has thousands of nerves that extend down into our thighs and around into our lower back, and a clitoral orgasm involves multiple parts of our reproductive systems responding and contracting.

But of course, males hate our clitoris, it is the only organ that exists for sexual pleasure, there is nothing like it on the male body. Their hatred stems from envy, they are murderously envious of our clitoris and our womb, precisely because they know that they cannot replicate it or steal it.

On the gender non-conforming page, it seems that a dumbass male can keep his penis, but just add a vagina. Which I think makes it a real possiblity for him to go fuck himself.

There are also some terms that I am pretty sure mean that a person can have all of their genitals removed, in the case that they want a total non-binary crotch, which I can only guess is for those who want to look like a Ken doll.

I considered looking them up, but why waste my time? It’s all incorrect, manipulative, deception.

Finally, let’s end with this guy’s story, which is common but routinely covered up…..


6 thoughts on “Who wants to tell doctors that women do NOT urinate from our vagina?

  1. Ugh. I went to the site and I looked at the pictures…. Have these “surgeons” ever actually SEEN a vulva?
    Their creations look like something out of a horror movie.
    In the “transfemme” (whatever the hell that means!) section the “labia minora” look like over stuffed sausages sewn to the sides of an anus and the “labia majora” are…non existent.
    I have seen probably hundreds of vulvas (I worked in labour and delivery and also had a practicum (3 months “working” when in school) in gyne-oncology aka cancer of the lady parts. I’ve seen vulvas in all sorts of distress and of all shapes and sizes and I have NEVER seen anything like that.
    It’s insulting and offensive that these people think that these grotesque caricatures of vulvas is “indistinguishable” from the real thing.
    As for the metoidoplasty….WTAF?


  2. I literally thought I had an intersex condition and freaked out over possibly getting myself pregnant because I thought discharge was semen coming out of me. And I had an education in a liberal first world place. That’s how shit female health knowledge is.

    Honestly I don’t give a shit if they invert their penis, in fact I encourage it, I love it. Either their sex drive dissapears bc no more functioning dick, or they off themselves.

    “males hate our clitoris, it is the only organ that exists for sexual pleasure, there is nothing like it on the male body.”
    Mens orgasm place and reproduction place is literally the same and yet they try to tell women that WE are the ones only meant for reproduction? Women have a clit for reproduction free pleasure. What a joke.

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  3. How effed up and totally self-loathing one must be to offer yourself up for mutilation. Not wanting to see anything more that I can’t unseen (had enough of that in this lifetime) I didn’t click on any links. I’ve read about this and heard descriptions of this surgical mutilation already. I will say, you made me laugh when you suggested it would be possible for them to now go fuck themselves, literally as well. Just another kind of horrid fuster kluck.

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  4. 2 things that women can do instead of endlessly kvetching:
    1) stop pretending to like a dick in you, including doing the porno sounds to go with *his* orgasm. (This will never happen, of course, since women luv manipulating males via their faked orgasms. The few honest women would be too embarrassed to admit that they’d be play-acting for years or decades.).
    2) If more women started claiming to “identify” as male, you’d see how quickly menz would be up in arms about the tranny crap. No one needs to try to get a dick to “identify,” which is the built-in beauty of the lunacy wrought by the Bolsheviki running this here asylum. Women really do need to grow out of the Big Mommy mentality & get a bit more creative in their thinking.
    Thanks for writing this article.

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  5. Awful! Instead of removing their dick and drilling a hole into their body, it would be much much better, if 90% of all males would remove their obsession with their dicks from their small brains. It would be healthier too. But who knows how big their hole (empty space) in their brain would be afterwards. Huge, I suppose, as more than 80% of their thinking is devoted to their dick and Sex. They are all mad. Besides Sex, money, dick and power, there is just nothing left in that small brain.

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