Texas extends legal protection/reward for all males to engage in male sexual terrorism.

If you are familiar with the 1977 feminist fiction text, The Women’s Room, you may be familiar with a tiny piece of that book that has stayed with me for years after reading it.

Marilyn Finch’s inspiration for The Women’s Room came from her observations of second wave feminism. While the story is fiction, the events were based on some of her experiences, and the experiences of women that she knew. Believable and realistic, still very relevant today, it’s a really good read.

The portion of the story that still rolls around in my brain, many years after reading it, centers around a woman who was endlessly frustrated by the forced submission of women in patriarchal society, and the inaction of women, either from complacency or unwillingness to demand liberation from males.

At the end of the book, as the narrator is telling us about the lives of the characters and where the women ended up, she tells us that this particular woman got together with a few like minded sisters, who proceeded to arm themselves with guns, and attempt to free a woman who had been found guilty of murdering her abusive husband. The plan consisted of waiting at the back entrance of the courthouse for security guards to escort the convicted woman from court to the van, which was waiting to take her to prison.

The details are a little hazy, but what ends up happening is that this group of 5 or 6 women approach the guards and the prisoner, and while attempting to free her from the guards, shots are fired, and our character is killed in the fight.

This character and her story has stayed with me for many reasons. Mostly because I relate to (sometimes) regrettable actions born of frustration and the sheer unfairness of being positioned in patriarchy as objects existing solely for male use. Futility at our collective inability to be free of male bullshit can be enraging. Like many of us, I understand that rage. It’s a predictable response.

But this particular action of attempting to free a woman who has been sentenced unfairly by patriarchal courts for killing her abuser, carried out by a few women with guns, was doomed to fail. This character was not a stupid woman, she had to know this, that she essentially was putting herself into a situation that the only outcome would be her own death. She martyred herself for the feminist cause.

Upon first reading of her story, my initial thoughts were that this woman wasted her life. Males record history. Males will painstakingly record every dead male that died in one of their wars, for one example. They will bring dead males back from foreign countries that serve in their military, even if it’s only pieces of a soldier. In older war, like the civil war, males recorded every death on each side for posterity, so ancestors would be aware for all of history that these males were such honorable individuals of high importance, never to be forgotten, no matter what side they fought for.

Contrast that to when males burned women for being a little too free of them, for being a little too autonomous, for being a little too liberated, even briefly, from the male boot of violent ownership and control. Males burned many women, no one really knows how many, it could be thousands, hundreds of thousands, some estimates go into millions of women burned by males, just because males like to murder women.

Males loved lighting the match and setting it to the woman that, many times, he had raped as punishment. He could likely still be enjoying her screams of pain and terror when he had already forgotten her name.

Males record history. Males care so little for the women that they chose to murder out of pure desire to do it, we only know the names of a few of those women. And one male, at least, we know his name, because that one dick dragger comes up in every conversation about witches because ONE TIME A MALE WAS CRUSHED TO DEATH BY OTHER MALES FOR BEING A WITCH, DON’T FORGET MALE SUFFERING.

That character from The Women’s Room was doomed to be forgotten, soon after the failure. Males erase our stories from history, it’s part of their hatred of women. Do you think that males burned scores of women, and that no woman fought back? Do you think that women didn’t fight on behalf of each other? Or themselves?

Think again, because I know that women fought those males. I don’t know how many women fought, I know that they weren’t successful at freeing themselves or each other, but I know that some women stood up and tried to fight back. Those warrior women were a priority for males to erase. While males ignored most of the women that they gleefully murdered, they intentionally erased any woman who would defy them or try to fight them, insuring that those women would forever be denied the dignity that was owed them for their bravery.

Males do not permit women to have a legacy. This is yet another major benefit encompassed by males making themselves alone responsible for recording our history. Males are the heroes in their version of history, and too often, they diminish us in order to make themselves appear strong, brave, intelligent, righteous, and all other noble qualities that males are unable to manifest alone, without a woman to use as a prop.

These are the thoughts that float through my mind when males commit an act that is so atrocious and vicious towards women and girls, that it exposes a depth to their hatred of us that they have managed to hide.

Until now.

Until the misogynist males of Texas.

Instead of having the government enforce the law, the bill turns the reins over to private citizens — who are newly empowered to sue abortion providers or anyone who helps someone get an abortion after a fetal “heartbeat” has been detected. The person would not have to be connected to someone who had an abortion or to a provider to sue.

Proponents of the new law hope to get around the legal challenges that have tied up abortion restrictions in the courts. While abortion providers typically sue the state to stop a restrictive abortion law from taking effect, there’s no state official enforcing Senate Bill 8 — so there’s no one to sue, the bill’s proponents say.

“It’s a very unique law and it’s a very clever law,” said Josh Blackman, a constitutional law professor at South Texas College of Law Houston. “Planned Parenthood can’t go to court and sue Attorney General [Ken] Paxton like they usually would because he has no role in enforcing the statute. They have to basically sit and wait to be sued.”

Texas Tribune, linked in post

The most idiotic part of this is the claim that this law which was written by the male state, by males who took a break from sucking each other’s cocks just long enough to invent this law, and the patriarchal politicians voted in this law, BUT……..

……the male state has absolutely NOTHING TO DO WITH THIS LAW, that they invented, wrote, voted for and legislated.

Perhaps males believe that this woman hating bullshit just popped up, out of the ether, kind of like their pathetic god supposedly spontaneously created Adam? That this bill just materialized out of nothing? Right on their desks?

Also note that no one is interested in punishing the jizzer who impregnated a woman or a girl. He is free. Just like always.

Let’s take a closer look at the first part of the quote above………

Instead of having the government enforce the law, the bill turns the reins over to private citizens — who are newly empowered to sue abortion providers or anyone who helps someone get an abortion after a fetal “heartbeat” has been detected. The person would not have to be connected to someone who had an abortion or to a provider to sue.

Texas Tribune, linked in post

It’s possible that males lack the basic understanding of exactly what they have unleashed, here.

But it’s more likely that they knew exactly what they were doing. And chose to do it with intentional malice.

Texas has just given males a horrible ownership over all women and girls.

This is going to end up being yet another case of women and girls having to prove that we ARE NOT/DID NOT. In the same way that males create and enforce rape legislation that is based in the false male belief that we are in a constant state of consent, so instead of proving that the rapist raped, we are forced to prove that we DID NOT CONSENT.

Any male, at any time, can point at any woman and accuse her of having had an abortion. And it will not be on him to prove that we are/were pregnant or had an abortion, it will be on us to prove that we did not/are not.

We all know exactly what that looks like. We all know exactly what that means.

And the Supreme Court, which has been packed with right wing/conservative picks, is refusing to hear anything about it. And we are told that this patriarchal government obviously represents us, because some of the judges and politicians are not Caucasian, and some of them are female, we are expected to forget that all politicians are patriarchal politicians in a fucking patriarchy, and patriarchy exists to do one thing, to uphold male dominance, and advantage males at OUR EXPENSE.

The functional definition of patriarchy is that it PROTECTS MALES. By it’s very definition, it will never protect us, it exists only to do the opposite.

When I first heard about this 2 days ago, I knew that the rest of the South would jump on this legislation, to give all males the right to harass and punish any woman or girl, at any time, by accusing her of having had an abortion. Florida, of course, was first in line.

Pregnancy and childbirth is not a fucking group activity. Individual women’s bodies are not public property, subject to search on demand of any random male. Her body is her own business, not anyone else’s.

Males don’t die in pregnancy and childbirth. Males never write laws governing dick draggers, male bodies are never regulated, like property is, like women and girls routinely are. Unbelievably, males contribute ONE FRACTION OF 1% to procreation, yet, they stupidly, arrogantly think that they should make all of the decisions, none of which concerns males.

Any woman that wants to protect herself has only one option, to never allow another nasty dick into her body. Just like males still do “virginity tests” in different parts of the world, that are based in some magical, mythical male ability to accurately recognize if a woman has ever had PIV, even though that’s impossible to tell, this law will end up punishing women who miscarry, who give birth, who get pregnant, because this law is not based in accuracy.

This law is based on the unrelenting, unstoppable, male need to dominate women, to punish women, to invade the body of any woman or girl he sees, and to insure that the right to sexually terrorize women and girls becomes even further codified into male law, and to include every single male in that same protected right.

Ideally, women would flee Texas in droves, and women who are unable to escape would immediately stop having PIV for any reason, if possible. But one thing is certain, and that is that women and girls should actively avoid interacting with any male, for any reason.

Because Texas just legislated male sexual terrorism of women and girls in order to make that right available to every single male in the state.

Every single male in the state of Texas is a state sanctioned sexual terrorist.

Yes. All men.


4 thoughts on “Texas extends legal protection/reward for all males to engage in male sexual terrorism.

  1. This legislation is disturbing on so many levels. Not only does it eliminate a woman’s right to choose abortion, thereby eliminating our bodily autonomy entirely, but it sets a precedent for modern day vigilantism that moves us even closer to all out totalitarianism. Abortion was already illegal in Texas if a heartbeat was detectable. This legislation, I think, just used women’s reproductive rights as a screen to lay the groundwork for eliminating government accountability all together. Next they’ll be crowning a king or papal authority and seceding from the US all together. I know many women don’t vote because they believe that it makes no difference to women under patriarchy, however, if it makes no difference then why does the GOP, and do corporations, spend so much money and effort to suppress the votes in poor and minority communities, to undermine participation in elections or civic engagement, and to erode public education? Well elections matter especially when federal and supreme court seats are vacant and you have a pussy-grabber in Chief filling those vacancies. It matters for many other issues as well. It really suits the power hungry oligarchy that so many citizens are cynical and disengaged, even outright ignorant of how government works. Gives them free reign to continue to structure things solely for their own ends. I was sent to Catholic schools, both primary and secondary. We learned Nothing about government…just endless bibble dribble and jesus mary joseph jive ad nauseum. Body equals bad; spirit equals good they repeated endlessly as they split us all in two and set up a lifelong internal battle. No more effective way to render people meek and willing subjects to all outside authority, which is of course always male and abusive. I don’t live in the South either. I guess none of this was necessary because everyone just answered to the pope. Lol.

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    1. When I arrive in hell, one of my first and greatest ambitions is to backhand Descartes. The consciousness/body split has helped bad philosophy along and all of the abuses that flow from there. When others are opining on the superiority of consciousness and spirit I always ask about their experiences as pure spirit. Say before they were even conceived. What can they tell me? And where are we without a body.
      As for this current nightmare of a law, it is setting the stage for vigilantism. It won’t just be lawsuits either. It will be assaults. How long before a woman is punished by beating for an abortion she may or may not have had by a person who may or may not have connections to her. Texas just opened hunting season on women.
      And how exactly can these lawsuits go forward in light of other HIPPA laws? Or privacy matters unless you think the woman down the street had an abortion? And how does the unconnected person prove that a strangers alleged abortion caused them harm that has to be addressed via tort. Can we now sue for anything that upsets us? Or only a strangers abortion. Destructive, useless and difficult to fight.

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  2. And yet, the cage door has been open for 48 yrs. How many women choose to go out that cage door? Not many. They complain about it, but they still lie down & pretend to like a dick in them. I find that most young women don’t give a crap about the strife our great-grandmothers went through in order for them to have any freedom at all. They seem ripe for the muzzies — yup, the burka is coming. Burka by day, doing the audio for his live porno/fuck-rape by night. If only it was just the menz that was keepin dem wimmins down.


  3. This is dumbfounding… I’m just hoping (only hoping) that his will give PP & ACLU something real to rally against (coz anyone can sue them, and PP/ACLU/etc will have to pay them at least $10K + lawyer fees. Not sure if ACLU can be sued, since they don’t directly provide abortions. But PP is definitely open to lawsuits now), and hopefully have much less time & money to cry hoarse on behalf of men who claim they are women, and to attack women who object. I mean, with $$$ involved, I think they’ll have to get serious about this – if I understood it right.

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