The privilege of being a white, female corpse.

Let’s all take a minute to appreciate the privilege of the most privileged class ever, the class of people who have all of the advantage, opportunity, the class that benefits from oppressing every other person on the fucking planet.

Obviously, I am referring to white women. White women are so fucking privileged, that we retain all of that sweet power, even when we are dead.

Gabby Petito is the catalyst that has brought a laser focus onto Missing White Woman Syndrome, which is where the ruling class of white women weaponize their trauma to make everything about themselves, even when they are dead.

What the hell is Gabby doing? Trying to make everything about herself? What a fucking Karen she is, going and getting herself murdered, drawing all of that attention to herself. What an attention whore. You know her corpse is enjoying all of the fucking privilege.

I am pretty sure that this is turning out exactly as she planned. Obviously, she just wanted everyone to feel sorry for her, and you know how silly white bitches are so dumb and vapid, that they will do anything for attention.

The majority of murder victims are male, and other people go missing and/or are murdered every day, but no one cares about them. We absolutely cannot continue to ignore how Missing White Woman Syndrome is a symptom of the NUMBER ONE PROBLEM facing our society, which is WHITE WOMEN.

The only solution is to clearly convey to white women that we see exactly what they are doing, that the iron clad control of white women will not be tolerated, especially when their favorite weapon is their own corpse.

Violence is not the problem. Who even really knows what violence is? Violence is impossible to track, there is absolutely no point in trying to find out anything about violence, who is commiting it, or how to stop it. Doing any of that just distracts from the real problem of white women.

White women are obviously the problem. Dead white women are the biggest problem of all.



15 thoughts on “The privilege of being a white, female corpse.

  1. As Joy Reid surely must know, young women’s bodies are used to sell every product, including news stories run by corporate entities like the one Reid works for. Especially thin, white, blond young women’s bodies. This is more of the same. I agree this kind of story is sexualized. It reminds me of the iconic image of David Lynch’s Twin Peaks: a pretty, blond teenager lying dead, naked, and wrapped in plastic. There was even a Twin Peaks fanzine called Wrapped in Plastic. The patriarchal mind loves seeing the girl who gives them an erection lying dead.

    It’s almost like men get to watch a snuff film while still telling themselves they’re not the type of man to watch a snuff film. And let’s be honest, a lot of women are so male-identified they enjoy this kind of thing, too. (I’m not talking about non-sexualized interest in the case for other reasons.)

    After George Floyd was choked to death, did Joy Reid mention all the women of every race who are regularly choked to death by men during sex, and how their killers get off the hook because  it was a “sex game?” A good part of the world erupted in protests when a man who served eight prison sentences was killed by the cops, but no one hears about the ten women murdered daily in the US. Did she mention how unfair it is that the 3700 women killed every year in the US go unnoticed, while the murder of 40 trans-identified men is portrayed as epidemic? Did she mention that a woman is 200 times more likely to be killed by a male partner than an unarmed black men is to be killed by a cop?  Since she cares so much about equitable media representation for every group and all.

    For context, Joy Reid gets paid $1.5 million a year. She doesn’t live in a dangerous neighborhood like my mom. She doesn’t walk home from work through unlit streets at night like my female cousin who can’t afford a car. “No one’s looking for us,” she said. Then she interviews two working-class women of color, as if their lives are all similar. Every poor, overworked white woman I know has a lot in common with the two working class women of color Joy Reid interviewed in her segment. The only woman whose life would be substantially different would be Joy Reid. 

    That’s not to erase racism, which is of course a huge problem. I’m sick of women fighting over male crumbs, and I’m sick of rich people with large platforms ignoring male violence against women, which is the real issue in this story.

    This is how the elites (male and male-identified women) keep the masses powerless. They don’t talk about power imbalances along sex and economic class lines. 

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    1. This is where feminist analysis has failed.

      All of the isms, racism, classism, etc., all of them, rest on sexism. All of the oppressions are supported on the backs of women. And all males support sexism, even poor males, minority males, because in a liberated society, everyone is free. And males would rather stay in a lower position on their hierarchy than allow women to be free.

      Everyone is upset when a black male is unjustly killed by the white police force, yet, no one cares about the women who are raped and/or killed by the same police force. Breonna Taylor was murdered by the police, while she was in her home, in her bed, she had never been in trouble with the police, yet, she was an afterthought in all of the George Floyd protests. She was murdered just a few weeks before him. No national outcry for her, though. Until a male was killed.

      Racism and classism are used as distractions against sexism. We ignore breonna Taylor because of the sexism at play. She was murdered by police because she was inadvertently in between 2 factions of warring males, which is a danger of having a male living in her house. If she had not been in an intimate relationship with a male, she would be alive today.

      But we aren’t allowed to acknowledge that because of the implications that it’s a bad idea to have a male living in your house. Male domination depends on the intimately pairing of individual women with males. And in this patriarchy, she is just another dead woman that no one really cares about.

      But patriarchy encourages useless activism that may be noisy, but it ultimately changes nothing. The George Floyd protests changed nothing, but it does further entrench that racism is the number one issue for black women, who are told that they must support black males above all else, because black males suffer from racism. So of course, they support their fathers, brothers, husbands, sons because they are being attacked (and sometimes killed) by white males.

      But black women are oppressed by all males, just like all other women. Black women are abused, raped, murdered by all males, just like all women. And males use our love for them against us, and we are constantly silenced if we attempt to unite all women to fight against all male domination because that will be a threat to hetero normative social dictates that are imperative to upholding male supremacy. Society divided along racial lines, or class lines, contain males and women fighting each other, it never challenges the first problem for women, which is always male dominance.

      If we had women, ALL WOMEN, focused on liberating each other, all on one side, the males on the other side would quickly fall off their false throne of power. We could knock them off with a feather. And all of the other oppressions would topple quickly.

      Unfortunately, we have too many women who think that classism or racism are the number one issue, and for whatever reason, they are convinced that these deserve attention, at least as much attention, as women’s liberation. Feminism includes ALL WOMEN, of all classes, races, religions, ethnicity, it covers ALL WOMEN. Focus on liberating women includes all of us, and would free all of us.

      That part of 2nd wave feminist theory has been squashed and never spoken about because it would change everything. We have lost the plot.

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      1. Jayne this is a really brilliant summation and analysis of the situation. If you added the internalized misogyny that further divides women I think this could be an incredible essay about how feminism is stymied.

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    1. Her paycheck depends on her position positively reflecting that of her male masters.

      I don’t blame her, to be honest. The women who refuse to support male domination pay the price, on an individual scale, as well as a social scale.

      I have paid that price, many times. Because the truth is that males only reward you for pandering to them until they decide to withdraw the reward. And they always withdraw it.

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      1. What’s the old Twain quote? A man will work very hard at not understanding something when his salary depends upon his not understanding it. No reason why this one wouldn’t apply to women too.

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  2. This focus on “missing white woman syndrome” is deflecting from the real issue that no one wants to talk about–male violence against women. Being white and having a media circus surrounding her death doesn’t make Gabby Pettito any less dead. It didn’t make Elizabeth Smart any less raped or any less traumatized.

    It is true that some disappearances get a lot of media attention while the majority don’t. It’s not just being white. If I disappeared tomorrow, no one outside my family would really care. I’m white, but I’m also old, unattractive, and disabled. This intense media focus seems to only happen to exceptionally pretty, young, blonde girls. I’m going to be honest, it feels prurient to me. That’s just my feeling and maybe I’m crazy. It seems like some people relish the pain, the torture, and the murder of beautiful girls. It’s almost pornographic. I feel bad even saying that. I don’t want to detract from the tragedy of what happened to Gabby and I hope saying this doesn’t detract from that. But it’s like the media knows these types of stories appeal to some people’s prurient interests, so they make a big deal of them. And the rest of us, who aren’t interested for those reasons, obviously are interested because of the tragedy of it. We can’t be upset about the tragedy of missing women we never hear about, so yes, we’re upset about the ones we do hear about.

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    1. It feels prurient because it is.

      Males control the media. The only women that exist in the male worldview are the ones that give them an erection, and that is almost always white females from birth to mid twenties. Those women and girls have the laser focus of males because males want to fuck them.

      Noticing that does not detract from Gabby’s murder. I mean, it’s disgusting, but that’s not your fault for noticing, it’s the fault of males for being obsessed with their dicks.

      But males also employ this strategy so that women who are not white, women who are in a lower economic class, women who are not as conventionally attractive as Gabby was, etc. will attack white women, and (some) white women will grovel and apologize and beg forgiveness for the position in the hierarchy where the masters have placed them.

      And in the states, males will murder another 7 women and/or girls in the next 24 hours, like they do every single day, and while they are throwing female corpses onto the pile, we will all be busy discussing uppity white women.

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    2. It’s been suggested that our cultural love of serial killer media from true crime through Hannibal Lector through your basic pulp dead or missing girl novel is at root about our prurient live of looking at the corpse of the dead woman. And they’re mostly dead white women.

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      1. You probably remember, in the 80s, all of the slasher films, featuring a male murderer of women, and women being viciously slaughtered.

        Those liked to center on teenagers being killed, but the vast majority of the murders were of women and girls, being explicitly torn apart by a male. And of course, just like today, it’s males who make the movies and write the scripts, with rare exception.

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      2. Thank you Jayne. That feels really good to hear.
        On topic is there anyway we can fix some of these things? Because somehow even though feminism is right, feminism is failing. Yes part of it is the backlash but part of it seems to be us/internalized misogyny. This is our challenge. I don’t know how to meet it.

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      3. I have been looking around at our situation, and there are more single women who are living alone than ever before, at least in the states. Marriage and birth rates are falling, mostly because women are avoiding entanglements with males, even those women who want to get married and have kids or whatever. We already have a pattern of widowed women who don’t marry again, while widowed males rush to replace their domestic servant.

        It seems like women are beginning to move away from intimate partnership with males without any feminist organization, at all, because males are just so fucking terrible.

        I hate to say this, but it’s what I think is true, as bad as it is. Males will never, under any circumstances, NEVER give up their control and ownership of women. They would literally choose death first, they are just that fucking broken and selfish. I don’t see any scenario wherein women are free as long as over 50% of the population is male (and they do outnumber us, for the first time in history, that’s how viciously violent they are). Unless there’s some major event that does target the Y chromosome, this is where we are, in our respective places in the world. Male violence never gets better (how can it? We aren’t allowed to acknowledge it), males only escalate their choice to violence.

        Women in the western world really do have a pretty decent deal, within the framework of global male supremacy and domination. The amount of autonomy that we enjoy will not be permitted to continue on indefinitely, male government is already rolling back whatever autonomy and freedom that they have allowed us to have. Eventually, my guess is that they will murder so many of us, that they will unintentionally end up extincting the human race, because there won’t be enough of us left to breed people at male command.

        I count myself in what I think is the luckiest group of women, generation X, where as a motherless girl, I went to planned Parenthood in my teens to find out about birth control, back when planned Parenthood didn’t apologize for centering women, I enjoyed a very decent public school education, and while I definitely experienced and still do experience sexism, I have a decent chance of surviving on my own, at my age, after a 2nd divorce. I know exactly what we are losing, because I have had to opportunity to enjoy those things, privacy in public spaces, I have had the honor and the privilege of being a volunteer for a dv shelter, I enjoyed an all girls high school, and I know many women who attended college on sports scholarships, I know many women who attended women’s colleges.

        These are my thoughts, which I admit are sad. But it’s what I think is happening.

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