What do they hear? Dolphin squeaks? Is it like Charlie Brown’s teacher?

Before we get going, I wanted to send a shout to all of my sisters who emailed me, in the past 10 days, or so, and let you know that I have finally checked my email and I think that I have responded to everyone. Email is the first task that goes to the wayside, when I feel badly because there’s so much in there that deserves attention. I am sorry that my response took so long.

Onward, to today’s chat………

I am officially a (hetero) separatist. Seriously.

I want to know what males hear when I speak. This is becoming a serious bug up my fucking ass.

I want to move into my shed. I have money set aside to make it a nice, livable structure. And I am seriously fucking annoyed at how the XY have fucking kept women and girls out of these particular skill sets, all because it’s fucking powerful knowledge.

If you want to know what positions are powerful, look around and see how many males are doing it. How many males are politicians, judges, attorneys, doctors, electricians? How many males are strippers, prostitutes, “camboys”?

Me. All the fucking time.

If you are unfamiliar with how mobile homes are structured, they sit off of the ground, at least a few feet. In the floors, there are support beams that run across the width to support the (usually) cheap floorboards, that are covered with vinyl tile.

My bathroom floor is mostly gone. The support beams are visible. Since I couldn’t find a fucking male to work on my shed, I have made it a priority to obtain a board that is cut like this……….

That will cover the floor and keep a lot of cold air from getting in this winter, since I am stuck here because males are stupid. I do not want it bolted down. I do not want to fix the bathroom floor because I don’t want to fucking live here any fucking more. I just need a stopgap to make me a baseline of comfortable until I can move into the shed.

Now, I am asking you. Am I speaking English? Is this really complicated? Am I communicating clearly?

Do you all understand what I am saying?

I have run through so many fucking males about this. Apparently, I don’t know what I want. Or I don’t know what I am talking about. Or what I want isn’t possible. Or what I want isn’t a good idea.

When the male came and laid down the gravel for my shed, he had some people with him, 2 other males and a woman. When I paid him, he introduced me to all of them and I looked at the woman and said “it’s good to see these men have someone to keep them straight” or something along those lines. She immediately was all “oh. No, no, no, NO, I don’t know anything about anything, at all, I am just here helping, So and So, he really knows what he is doing, I am just helping.” (These are the general statements, I can’t remember specifics, it’s been a while, but you get the idea).

But her general tone had a sort of panic, underneath, I could clearly hear it. I recognized it because I have had that tone present in my own voice, years ago, when I was married to my first husband, who chose to enact violence randomly and unpredictably, as a mechanism to terrorize me. I have also heard that tone in other women, too many times to count. I don’t know if she is being subjected to male terrorism, she didn’t say, but if I had to guess, well………

Everyone here knows what my guess would be.

I know all of you know exactly what I am talking about.

I remember thinking that I need to be careful about what I say to other women in front of males, because of the male inclination to punish women for what ANY woman says or does that hurts his manfeelings. I genuinely worried about her, for a bit, and I hope that she is doing ok.

So this contractor ghosted me, after putting me off 3 times. He was coming but something always came up, and on the 3rd time, I stopped contacting him. He named me a price for the gravel, and I didn’t haggle, I just paid it. Even though it was several feet too fucking short. Beforehand, I asked him if a check would be ok or would he prefer cash? He said a check would be fine. He did the work, I told him it looked good and thanked him before writing him a check, that he cashed the next day without incident.

Can you guess where this is going?

I ran into a mutual acquaintance a while back, and she mentioned this particular contractor. I had already forgotten about him, to be honest, but she told me that he ghosted me because I am a SEXIST. My immediate reaction was to rewind in my mind to see where I had been treating a woman/women unfairly. Because males can’t be victims of sexism, lol.

We live in reality, though, while so many males…………. don’t.

He told people that I told a “sexist joke”. I had to think on it, for a minute, because I didn’t interact with him, at all, for the most part, the gravel only took a few hours, my dogs and I stayed in the house, out of the way, until the job was completed and I paid. Apparently, what I said to the woman about supervising males, or whatever it was, was a male idea of a sexist joke.

So he punished me. Instead of being an adult and telling me that he wouldn’t be available to do the rest of the work, or maybe telling me the truth, that I offended him, or making up any excuse for why he wouldn’t be finishing my work, he purposely strung me along, so I wouldn’t look for anyone else to do the work, in a manipulative, pathetic, and sad little floppy male effort to put me in my place. And I have to wonder if he warned other males, other contractors, because I am still having trouble getting another contractor, even a terrible one.

So also. Word has gotten out that I am a sexist misandrist.

I am pretty proud of that, I am considering getting myself a trophy declaring myself MISANDRIST O’ THE YEAR.

And I thought about all of the jobs that I have had, where I put up with sexual harassment, groping, sexual comments about me and other women, the “jokes” that males always make, not always in our presence, but sometimes, they go out of their way to make a misogynist, sexist, woman hating joke right in front of our face, and if you don’t laugh along, then males (and their handmaids) will ask you what your problem is? Don’t you get humor? Because those jokes are always funny. And women who refuse to laugh along are just humorless bitches.

Why are dogs better than women? Lock your wife and your dog in your car trunk for a few hours. When you let them out, which one is happy to see you? The dog will be happy to see you. Ergo, dogs are better than women.

My father’s favorite joke.

I once told my father, after having to suffer through this fucking joke about putting women and pets in a trunk for the millionth time because that’s supposed to be so fucking FUNNY, I responded that I would like to tell him a joke about women locking a male in a trunk, but women just don’t do those horrible things, and if we actually did do things like that to males, we wouldn’t joke about it, partially because males everywhere would crycry in mantrumy indignation at being the butt of a bad joke. Also, women don’t put pets in the trunk, either, and we certainly wouldn’t put a dog into a vehicle trunk with a male due to male proclivity to rape animals, if for no other reason. Additionally, I said that I was surprised that he found animal abuse to be funny, to which he became indignant and righteous and offended that I would ever accuse him of such a horrible thing. He wanted to know where I got such an outrageous accusation! How could I accuse him of joking about animal abuse.

I am like, “Harold. You don’t think it’s abuse to lock a dog in a trunk? That’s why you like that joke and find it so funny, (interrupting Harold) that I have heard it from you at least hundreds of times, if not thousands. You like it because your dog and your wife love you, but the dog will (interrupting Harold) docilely, obediently, submissively take your abuse without complaining or crying. Women don’t always submit to male abuse without complaint, not as often as dogs do. (Harold keeps trying to interrupt me, I just talk louder and keep on) That’s the humor that you love so much in that joke, it’s abusing women and animals who love you and made the mistake of trusting you. Isn’t that right.”

And then he informed me that I was humorless, while insisting that I had somehow offended him.

That’s part of male entitlement. Males feel entitled to make us laugh along to jokes about male terrorism directed at women and girls. And males are entitled to punish us, if we refuse, if we don’t receive the joke the way that a dog receives abuse when the male that locked him in the car trunk eventually lets him out, with joy and celebration of the hero who has set us free! With no mention or thought of the male being the one who put us there, in the first place.

And you know, he still told me that joke, all of the fucking time.

But of course, my sexist joke must be punished by some random dumbass XY who gave up a pretty large amount of money just to punish me for a silly statement. But really, I am glad of it, because I am picky about who I give money to, and I would rather live in my shoddy mobile home for the rest of my life than give that cocksucker another dime. I hope he starves.

I found another male, who owns a handyman type business, and of all of the ones that I called, he could get to me the soonest, which was November 8th, at the time. That was almost 2 weeks, I was willing to wait, and he asked me to send him pictures of the shed. So I texted the pictures, he asked me what I wanted done. I knew that he did everything, all of it, because I had asked him, so I told him that I needed electric, water, eventually a bathroom and kitchen, but my priority is steps to get up to the front porch.

He replied that steps shouldn’t be my priority, and my shed isn’t big enough to have a bathroom. I replied that steps will be done first, that I needed steps for stability, and he replied that I could “just use some concrete blocks for a while”. I let that go, for a minute, and I said that I have plenty of room for a bathroom, and then he asked me for the measurements AGAIN, and I told him, AGAIN, to which he told me that maybe I had room for a bathroom, that he would have a look at it and let me know.

I fucking will have steps. And I will have them FIRST.

Cleotis has hip problems. Acey has back, leg, and hip problems. I have 4 steps up to my current front door, I have had to carry acey and Jackie too many times to count, and cleotis needs help getting her butt lifted, especially when it rains.

My dogs are not able to use concrete blocks as fucking steps, not to mention it’s so easy for a clumsy ass male to fall, even with a clear, level path. I am stating here what I refuse to say to these arrogant ass males, because I am not explaining things to them. I don’t owe them a fucking explanation, they don’t fucking own me.

I know they don’t do this to other males. I know that they just say “yes, I will do that” or “no, I am not interested/can’t do that” when other males are paying them. Why do they want to force themselves onto us as a fucking daddy?

I mentioned in a recent post about the male that I met outside the hair salon that gave me the creeps at first sight. Another thing that made him unbearable is his inability to listen. I told him at the beginning of the conversation that the shed is sitting on a gravel pad, and it’s sitting on bricks, for now, a few inches over the gravel. He asked me SIX TIMES if the shed is sitting on concrete. He kept saying “is it sitting on concrete? Because that’s going to be expensive, I will have to break up the concrete under the shed to run power to it”. When he said the same thing a seventh time, I just told him “yeah, nevermind”.

What was he hearing? Women don’t have any issue conversing with me or understanding what I am saying. I know having a dick makes males stupid and boring, but does it also make them deaf?

So my friend at the salon knows a male that has done some work for her, she says he isn’t creepy, that he isn’t a thief and that he is dependable and does good work. He has a nickname, similar to Tiny, because he is short.

I talked with him, yesterday, over text. He said that he wants to look at the shed, and I asked him if he could meet me at 11 a.m. Friday morning at the salon where my friend works. This way, I don’t have some random strange male on my property, I can meet him, first. He agreed to meet me there.

I sent him the picture above, with the dimensions of the board that I need to temporarily cover my bathroom floor, and I told him that I need a piece of wood cut to those dimensions, and if he could bring me this specific board on Friday, that I will pay him for it when he gives it to me. He asked if plywood would be ok, and I said that whatever wood he could access would do, that it’s just a temporary cover for my bathroom floor, to keep the cold air out this winter, until I can get moved into the shed, and I shared this so that he would have a point of reference.

I also wanted to see if he could do what I asked without trying to be a fucking daddy, as well as to see if he would overcharge me.

This morning, my friend from the salon called me, and she is really excited. Sometime after talking with me, yesterday, Tiny the contractor called her because he thinks that between the 2 of them, they can decide what work I need.

They decided that my bathroom in the mobile home comes first. And that Tiny was not going to bother with the board I asked for, but instead, he was going to come into my house, look at my bathroom, and find out what he needs to fix it.

I wonder if he is going to do all that without pay? Because my money goes to the shed first. I won’t know if I have money to fix the mobile home until I get the shed finished.

My friend was seriously confused, she couldn’t figure out where my irritation was coming from. Swear to fucking god, she said “Tiny is so concerned about you, he wants to help you, he wants to make sure that you don’t freeze this winter.”

First, this random male is not “concerned” about me. That’s just fucking ridiculous. Secondly, I don’t want or need his “help”. I want to be warm this winter, that’s why I bought a fucking SHED, so that I could move out of my shoddy mobile home and into a NEW PLACE, with a new bathroom and with plenty of heat and insulated walls to hold the heat in, if I can ever find a male to do the job that I need and can pay for.

I don’t know what is going to happen. But I told my friend that if Tiny shows up on Friday without the board, and tells me that he wants to do work that I didn’t mention, don’t want and don’t need, I will continue looking for that unicorn contractor who will do what I am hiring out to do. She said that if I didn’t hire tiny, that her second ex husband is a contractor, that she would put him in touch with me.

Why do males have to make everything so fucking hard. I am considering making a Twitter in my real name, mentioning my area, and putting a call out for female tradeswomen, to see if I can can hire a person with basic listening skills. I am tired of idiot dick draggers wasting my time.


33 thoughts on “What do they hear? Dolphin squeaks? Is it like Charlie Brown’s teacher?

  1. So, here’s my problem.

    1 – this is a terrible story. RadFem, you shouldn’t have to put up with this shit. No woman should.
    2 – men are the pits.
    3 – I don’t have any answers for you (and this is an old story so you’ve moved on, anyway)
    4 – lots of sympathy, commiserations, understanding etc etc
    5 – it was FUCKING hilarious.

    See my problem?

    It was the same when I read your posts on employing males. Really sick-making that you have to deal with that hideous shit. BUT your writing style is so brilliant and your sense of humour (about men) is off the chart. You’re a really great storyteller and … I can’t help it, I just laugh like a madwoman when I’m reading these stories. No offence and not meaning to be unsupportive and I get that it’s dead serious but you do have a great sense of humour. You really do. Maybe I just need to be more careful which posts I choose to read.

    I’ve avoided commenting on these posts but now I’m just putting it out there. They do say confession is good for the soul. I’ll give it a go!

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    1. Hi, zuli, I am glad to see you!

      Please, leave comments whenever and wherever you want. I leave all of the comments open because women like to communicate with me, sometimes, via old posts, because it offers a little bit of privacy, if they need to tell me or ask me something that they don’t want attention drawn to.

      I laugh at everything (eventually). Especially males, because damn, are they just stupid.

      I did get my board for my bathroom floor, so my mobile home has been quite toasty, in comparison to what it was. My priorities have shifted, a little bit. And I am doing all of the work myself.

      I had a friend point out to me that I can live in both structures, which is true. If I had been able to get a decent contractor, I would be living in the shed, by now, but that option has worn me out. So I may see if I can hire out for tiny jobs, like leveling the building or hauling junk off, jobs that take 1 or 2 people and just a few hours, where it’s complete and I don’t have to deal with a mouth breather arranging a schedule and coming back and on and on.

      I haven’t done a complete update, but the original contractor, who had 4 or 6 additional males here with him, all of the time, stole a bunch of stuff from me, stuff that I had ordered and placed in the shed, to store.

      I may find out about getting another meter, for power, but I am going to solar power most of the shed, with back up power from the mobile home and I am doing all of that, myself. My first priority is leveling it, which I was told would need to be done, at least once more, after the original leveling done on delivery. Then, I am finishing the floors, myself, I have already begun laying tile, and I am looking at the snap together faux wood vinyl planks, Ollie’s has boxes of those for a lot less money than any I could find anywhere else.

      I must be boring you to death, lol. But I have decided that this can be an enjoyable journey that I can take, mostly without “help” from XY. And who knows? Maybe I will sell it all and live in a van, like a nomad. As long as I am breathing, I have lots of options. We never know.😉


      1. jfc, RadFem, enough already!! You’re making me feel completely inadequate!

        No, seriously, though. That was a great update. I’m sorry you’re having to shift your arse to that extent when a workman could have got himself some nice paid work if only he (any of them) could stop being a dick for one small second. OTOH, an independent woman who refuses to let the bastards get her down is an awesome thing to behold. So you go, sister. You fucking go!

        I know what you mean about laughing – eventually! It’s either that or cry yourself stupid. In my life, very often it’s the laughter of hysteria but I’ll take that. But the stuff that you write, that makes me laugh properly. I really get your sense of humour and I love it to bits. It’s fucking fierce and fucking brilliant.

        I could def see you living in a van. We call them camper vans; I think in the US they are called RV vehicles (?). The dogs would be fine in a van, not sure about the chicken, though. Maybe some kind of secure contraption on the roof?

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      2. The thing that keeps me tied to my home is the animals. They keep me tied to everything, really, but they have saved my life, many times.

        I could take the dogs, if I had to, but acey is so old, that he just wouldn’t enjoy it. I have trouble getting him to go into the shed, lol, even with a new, comfy bed. It was challenging, laying the first tile, because not only did I not really know what I was doing, but since I was doing it on the floor, it became a group activity, and ace was really, really interested in helping, lol. But I rolled with it, because it was the first time ever that we were in the shed that he wasn’t miserable.

        And chicken is not suited for van life, I am afraid. I would have to rehome her, and I don’t see myself being able to do that. And I just ordered some stuff for her, from Amazon, and I may or may not have ordered a special harness for chickens that make it a reality to leash her and take her for a walk. I definitely ordered her a new chicken perch so she can perch like a boss.

        But everyone in my family lives into their fucking 90s, excepting death from drugs, alcohol, childbirth, or accident. I only have to avoid accident, the other 3 have never applied to me. I can see myself road tripping, in an actual van or SUV, at some point. The RVs are too big, for me, too much hassle. Maybe when I am 70. Maybe sooner. Who knows.

        It’s important to me that I figure out some construction type things myself, and that I share it with other women. There are a lot of different ways to do things that we have to rely on majority male groups to do, like electric, water, construction, etc., we are smart enough to figure out a lot of these things. Knowing our own limitations is important, but it’s also important to not let fear hold us back. That’s kind of where I am.

        Thank you for your interest, and thanks for listening to me go on, lol. I have a personal policy, wherein I don’t ask many questions because I think that women share what they want to with me, and I don’t want to pry into things they may not want to discuss, but I am interested in anything that you want to tell me about yourself. Just wanted to let you know that.😉


  2. Really glad you are ok. I had hoped/thought it was your tablet, but it’s been several weeks now and I admit I was checking in every day to see if you had commented 🙂

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    1. I can usually fiddle with my tablet and tinker with it long enough to at least check email and comments, if I can’t write a whole post.
      I almost always fall off at this time, every year, I usually announce that, but I intended to regularly write, I am just weighed down with grief and now, dealing with a contractor that is in his 3rd week at my fucking house when his job here should have taken no more than a week. And I have an upcoming post on that.


  3. Hey Jayne, hope you don’t mind me sharing this here. I also hope you’re going ok, I know you must be really busy, just sending you a few hugs.

    Please sign the international Declaration on Women’s Sex-Based Rights –

    The Declaration re-affirms women and girls’ sex-based rights, and challenges the discrimination we experience from the replacement of the category of sex with that of ‘gender identity.’


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    1. Antigone, Jayne isn’t responding.. And no new posts from her twitter account either.. I’m hoping it is just that her device is acting up… Or is there any bad weather condition or something in the region? (I googled, but don’t see any..)

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      1. I am so sorry, my tablet never works right, and I seem to be unable to work WordPress on my laptop. I still haven’t checked my email, I will get to that this afternoon.
        I hate to make you all worry, I am so sorry. But I am OK, just dragging.

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      2. I am OK, I am sorry I worried you, I haven’t been able to log in, I just logged into WordPress, it will be this afternoon before I can try to get into my email.
        I am so sorry. It’s my tablet, it never works right, so I just gave up and am on my phone.

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      3. Wow, glad to see you well Jayne! I guessed it must have been your tablet. Started getting a bit worried after some days though. Take care!! Take a lot of rest!

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  4. Hi Jayne, how are things? I guess you must be very busy now. I hope everything is ok, and you are safe… Please don’t waste energy writing a detailed reply. Getting home repairs done is extremely exhausting. And on top of it, you must be busy with thanksgiving too. Just a one liner will do – just to know if you are safe. XO.

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  5. Oof we can’t even joke can we. Men can boast wife killing jokes but we can’t even make a joke about them being there to carry shopping bags. They hate being laughed at the most, especially older ones who grew up in an even more dick pandering world. Telling these lukewarm “misandrist” jokes makes me feel alive though lol, the faces men make are priceless. You can see their whole world crumbling.
    Those trade jobs? Mostly done in cash, under the table, most don’t pay taxes. And they never get caught, because there’s the sentiment of “men doing hard good work”. They’re richer than doctors and judges if they’re half way competant. If a female electrician/plumber/etc asked for cash for her jobs, how long would it take for some male to report her on “suspected tax evasion”? Or straight up spread gossip about how bad her work was (aka didn’t suck his dick when she visited his house).
    “dumbass XY who gave up a pretty large amount of money just to punish me for a silly statement”
    Let’s be real even though men hoard money they can easily get more via their boys club.
    “I refuse to say to these arrogant ass males, because I am not explaining things to them. I don’t owe them a fucking explanation, they don’t fucking own me.”
    And you shouldn’t, because when they hear stuff like “my pets are old and can’t walk up the hard steps” either they 1. Eyes glaze over and start yelling at you or 2. Start arguing for the fun of it to see a woman frustrated and waste her time.
    “They decided that my bathroom in the mobile home comes first.” Of course they did, Big Men got Together and rubbed eachothers egos. Does he think you’ll just accept to pay for job you didn’t want bc he bullies you into it? The “oh he’s concerned about you” is a flying monkey behavior.

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  6. And it’s bullshit that these skills are kept from women in many different ways. Yes, yes, “if you wanted, you could have learned it!!” Yes, I suppose I could have taken shop class in high school with all the boys that sexually harassed me and threatened me constantly, and been the only girl in the room with them and a “good old boy” male teacher. I guess that was just my “victim mentality” getting in the way, right? /s

    There are endless barriers to women learning trade skills, just like every high-paid male dominated fields. It pisses me off that no woman I talk to IRL notices or cares that every job women do in my area pays peanuts, and every job men do is well paid.

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    1. >> “..every job men do is well paid”
      Yup! I heard that “professional” (?) video game players are paid far more higher than players/athletes of any other game – video gaming started off as a [lazy]male-only past-time, and women didn’t come near it because it was obviously a useless activity (except for some memory games and stuff like that – which aren’t in the professional gaming sphere anyway) – in fact, an epitome of uselessness. As it is, a lot of sports including cricket & other games aren’t of much use. But they pale in front of video games when it comes to uselessness. But, of aaallll games, this hopeless one became the one that pays astronomically – and I’m quite sure it is in no small part due to being an all-male activity for a most part of its existence. (Women had already started playing most other sports professionally. Video-game was a black-sheep, and rightfully so. And this was the only “sport” (??!) that women hadn’t taken seriously – at that time atleast – because, logically it has ZERO scope. No one appreciated vidgame “skills” – again, rightfully so. In fact any youngster “skilled” in vid game would be looked down upon by teachers, parents, neighbors and by every sensible person. It was the domain of dumb no-gooders that are pathetic in both academics and in regular sport. So, no wonder women too shunned it. But because it consequently ended up as a male-dominant “activity” (activity??), it has turned out to be the one that pays obscenely high – even in comparison with other sports which, IMHO, are already overpaid.)

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  7. It’s a HUGE pet peeve of mine to be constantly interrupted and not listened to, probably because my parents would often not let me speak growing up. Men definitely do this WAY more when women speak, but I’ve noticed a lot of women do it to other women, too.

    I’m going to pay more attention to see if there’s a correlation between “degree of being male-identified” and “incapable of listening when a woman speaks.” I’m sure there is.

    Anyway, this sounds VERY frustrating and I hope you can get a decent contractor.

    That guy is such a pathetic snowflake. What’s the matter, I thought “sexist” jokes were A-OK? He really needs to lighten up! Maybe he just needs a good dick up his ass to help him relax.

    Dude turned down work because his fee-fees were hurt. And they call US emotional and irrational and without a sense of humor?? And the women who defend them to their last breath are just sad.

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  8. W.h.a.t a cheap & silly manbaby the first guy is??! He doesn’t even seem interested in earning money – probably living off of a woman, as you say.. Well, good that he didn’t come again and purposely damage something… Uhhh.. Yeah, better be very careful about what you say in front of those cheap manbabies (apologies to babies). And, on top of that, he has gone and ranted to all & sundry that you are a ‘miss and wrist’.. Bet he added a lot of embellishments and told them a whole different story. Hope he repeats this behavior accidentally with a man, and gets his just desserts, and gets well-known as a big liar & no one believes anything he says…
    And the others don’t seem to be much better either.. They don’t seem to have a clue of what they are supposed to be experts in.. Or, are trying to bloat your bill with unwanted stuff.

    Please don’t put your real name or location on Twitter sis! (sorry if I remind you of those contractors again.. telling you what to do..:()
    Do call out for female techs using your present handle (or may be a different one, just in case the female tech turns out to be a fervent libfem handmaiden… You could possibly DM some of your current followers & ask them to help by following your new a/c, so that it doesn’t look like a fake a/c. I would follow your new a/c too – you can email it)..

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    1. A few years ago, some guys who never cut my grass decided to tell people that they actually DID cut my grass years ago, and instead of paying them, they said that I paid them with sex.

      These are males that I never even met. I wouldn’t know them if I saw them. But I am in a small town, it’s like males chart women who are not under male ownership. They claimed that this happened before I was married.

      So yep. Males “embellish”.

      I know that it’s probably not safe, but I am getting tired of being anonymous, I have been thinking about coming out under my real name, using my real picture. I am tired of hiding. I am thinking of being all out and proud about my MISANDRIST MISANDRY 😋


      1. No!!!!! I dread to ask what happened afterwards.. They would have set all the blood hounds on you with their vile smearing……….. I just can’t….. I only hope they are rotting to a slow, painful & lingering death.

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      2. And, sis, before coming out in the open, can you try considering this:
        I’m not eloquent & lucid like you & other sisters here, but I’ll try to put my thoughts as clearly as possible.. Ppl don’t always have to be out & open to fight an enemy. (I hate using this “enemy nation” analogy – this “my nation vs enemy nation” is a masculine, territorial thing. It is a concept that would never exist if women & matriarchs had their way, and weren’t subsumed and subjugated by males.. But for now let’s use that analogy). Some fight face to face, while others go underground and act as spies, and/or create a lot of invisible changes – infiltrating enemy territory, gathering secrets, slowly destabilizing the power centers of the enemy. Is it really necessary to be in the first category? Which category would be better to join in depends a lot on your situation – in your situation, I think the 2nd category makes more sense..
        That is just my opinion.. You know your circumstances better, and would be able to make th best judgemnt.. I’m just putting my thoughts forward for your consideration.

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  9. I can tell you from long experience with male contractors that they hear NOTHING when a woman explains what it is she’s hiring them to do. Nothing or something like this, “Blah blah ba blah blah TITS, ASS, PIECE, PUSSY blah blah blah.” Then they take your money and do whatever they want. Don’t give them any money up front. You’re not their personal banker. Put exactly what you want in the minutest detail in writing, with a timeline and specific date for completion, and financial consequences for not meeting the deadline. Have them sign and date both copies. Have them give you a written quote. Any changes to original contract must be in writing and signed. It is a huge pain in the ass but it is necessary. I was ripped off by several contractors to the tune of thousands that I could not afford to lose when I first bought the building I no longer own. One contractor alone for $12,000 on a downstroke on a $35000 job. He just took money and never did the work. Thousands more in attorney fees and then he filed bankruptcy on the day of the court hearing. They don’t listen and they don’t give a fuck. Another one I hired to strip and paint the wood trim beneath two 800 pound plate glass South facing windows on the front facade. I said DONOT USE A HEATGUN to strip the wood. I said this repeatedly. I left to make a delivery and returned to find the fire department extinquishing a fire he started with his fucking heat gun. The wind blew burning paint chips deep into a crevice and started burning the 100 year old base. Exactly what I told him would happen if he used a heat gun. My building was full of smoke. Somehow the contractor made it my fault! They all need to be locked in a trunk somewhere in a swamp with a bunch of hungry dogs sitting outside in case they try to get out.
    Men are constitutionally incapable of hearing women, period.
    Go to a lumber yard with your drawing of dimentions and have them cut you a board and pay for delivery.

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      I would never, NEVER give a male money upfront. If this guy on Friday doesn’t seem ok, I am just putting the shed and all construction on hold until the spring. I am worn out with all of the fucking stupid.

      I just can’t understand. This level of stupid is just mind boggling. Did you have any kind of recourse from the smoke damage? Like insurance? Do you think that he heard you tell him to NOT use a heat gun, and purposely disregard you, or was he just ignoring everything you said? My observation is that males are crippled by lack of basic skills, it makes listening impossible, they can’t hear because their fucking stupid is just too fucking loud. Arrogant ignorance. It’s a trait attached to the Y chromosome.

      And OF COURSE he filed bankruptcy, what a fucking loser.

      The really amazing thing is the women who cheerlead for some of these idiots. It’s majorly cheaper for me to pay a landscaper or lawn care person to cut my grass, it’s about $250 yearly, compared to buying, storing and maintaining big expensive equipment. It’s always the same thing, there’s no dependability, no reliability, no schedule. He is coming every 2 weeks, it rained last week, so he might come next week, he lost his phone, he needs new blades, can the grass wait until next week, on and on and on. And it’s ALL OF THEM.

      The manicurist/salon owner suggested that I ask this male who visits the salon several times a day on a bicycle to cut my grass next year, that he does great work. But, hold on to your hat, because you just won’t believe this, but HE HAS NO EQUIPMENT. She also has a great contractor, but he can’t drive, so she has to go pick him up.

      Nope. Why am I going to be mommy to a fucking male in this scenario? In ANY scenario.

      Oh, and this guy I am meeting Friday? Tiny? He is in his 50s and lives with his mom.

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      1. Lol… “no equipment but maybe I can drag a push-mower behind my bicycle.”
        The guy who started the fire was someone I had known for 30 years but I had never hired him before. I knew he had a housepainting business. He intentionally ignored my instructions. Though I thoroughly explained all of my reasons for wanting him to use chemical stripper rather than a heat gun. I was worried about the copper trim heating up and cracking the plate glass and these windows were huge and heavy. Plus it was always windy on that side of the property. But in their minds a woman NEVER knows anything. He just waited until I left then pulled out the heat gun.
        Sure I had insurance but whenever you make a claim they raise your premiums. Either way you pay. In the end, I either did work myself or just lived with the broken. These are just 2 of the outrageous Asshole contractor events over 15 years. I could write a book about this. I have less than zero respect for them.
        Just do the lumber yard thing. Just say it’s for a project…don’t explain anything else. Just dimentions. Plywood cut like this period. Decide if you want 1/2 inch or 3/4 inch.

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      2. Oh, it is called “lumber yard” in the US? Ok.. I was just thinking of the same thing while prepping dinner – why not go to a shop selling wood or plywood/formica sheets & ask them for a sheet and also, those shop keepers would be knowing some carpenters who would do what is asked for – unlike contractors who would want to inflate the bill. Same with small electrical work – the hardware stores selling lctric stuff would know some freelance electrician. That is the case in my place, and am not sure if it would be the same in the US. Was also thinking of the “home improvement” sections in big stores. We don’t have such sections in the hypermarkets here because no one does repairs themselves. Plumbers/electricians/etc who do small fixups are easy to find here. But I had come across mentions of “home improvement” sections in large stores in the US. So, I was thinking, may be you could check there – the ppl in mega stores would be a bit more “decent”ly behaved – as they could get fired or something if they behave bad. And they _might_ also be knowing (or, hopefully, having someone in-house) to help customers use the products they sell..

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      3. You could also go to places like Home Hardware where they have the big machine to cut planks of wood. Then all you have to do is nail/glue them together in your house. Idk how it is in the US but in Canada they cut them for you for free.

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      4. I like the idea to just tell them its “for a project.” Say it’s for an *art* project & must be exact. Menz luv it when women do womanly things. They also luv to be stroked so tell the lumberyard how well equipped they are etc. You have to turn dealing with toolz into a game or you’ll go nuts.


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