Employing Males. Part 3.

I ended part 2 of the employing a dick dragger saga yesterday, ending it with this past Tuesday afternoon’s confession about going to jail. Let’s get right back into it.

So he calls me to come out to the shed, after his crew had gone, I thought to show me the work, as usual. I walk up and say something like “how’s it going” and he says “people are telling lies about me”.

He is shaking his head in what is supposed to be disbelief, or something, I don’t really know, but when I hear a statement like that, I automatically think that this male is looking for some free emotional labor, some “aaawwwww, poor baby, what wrong, you just tell momma all about it” type of deal that I just do not do. So I ignore it, and I ask him what work he did.

Well. He and 2 other males installed a single faucet and plugged in my fridge (which becomes a thing, later), and all of that over the course of 7 hours.

So 3 males did about 30 minutes of “work”.

Then, he was so impressed with his original begging for validation line, that he repeated it. That people are telling lies about him.

So I told him to stop fucking shuffling and deal. And this is the conversation that came next……….

Him: I wasn’t in the hospital, last week.

Me: I know. You were in jail.

Him: How did you know?

Me: I have met a man, before.

Him: (chuckles) Well, let me tell you, I didn’t do anything

Me: (cutting him off) Did you murder anyone?

Him: No. Blahblahblah

Me: (cutting him off)Did you violently attack anyone?

Him: No blah blahblah

Me: (cutting him off)Did you steal anything?

Him: No (trying Really hard to tell me all about it)

Me: (again, cutting him off) Then I don’t care.

The next 10 minutes was him trying to tell me how he was an innocent victim that did absolutely no evil, at all, and me trying to shut him up. The truth is that they are all horrible, and most of them do horrible things. Sometimes, not nearly often enough, they go to jail for it.

All of them are either horrible or potentially horrible. Most of them should be dead or in jail. He got caught. This doesn’t really affect me.

If I tried to find a decent male, well. I am 49, and haven’t found one, yet. The best we can do is find one that doesn’t hurt us, personally. That’s the world that males created and enjoy. It’s reality.

But he does convey that his ex girlfriend has had him arrested for kidnapping. And everyone that knows me knows that I don’t have to know her to believe her. I know from personal experience that the police will not arrest males for any kind of violence against women unless they absolutely have to. I mean, also, look at gabby petito. A male called the police and told them that the male that eventually murdered her was beating her in public, yet, when the police talked to both of them, the police made her the aggressor.

Even after a random male saw gabby’s “boyfriend” beating her and called the police.

So I am sure that he did whatever his ex girlfriend accused him of doing.

But I didn’t tell him that.

What I did say was that he delayed my work for 2 days because he lied. And I asked him if he had a contractor’s license, and he said yes. So I asked him if he was going to make good on the discount at Lowe’s that I did not receive because he told me at least twice that he had “misplaced” his license. His response was “I didn’t even think about that”.

That’s $300 out of my pocket that he just didn’t think about. (My sister’s theory is that he does have a license, but won’t use it because he is in the middle of a divorce. And he kidnapped his ex girlfriend. Why are they all whores.)

He kept trying to unload his shit onto me, because you know, we exist to make males feel better about their loser selves, and I finally said that maybe he should just stay away from his ex wife, and of course, he corrected me, telling me that this was his ex girlfriend that had accused him (which I knew, but I intentionally set him up to say this so that I could shut him up) and I said that he should think about stopping chasing women, for like, 10 minutes, if he couldn’t get along with any of them.

Which predictably hurt his manfeels. Which is exactly what I was going for because DAMN THEY TALK SO FUCKING MUCH.

I asked him if he could finish the electrical this week, and he said that he maybe could, that it was a lot of wiring. And I told him that the work had to be completed by this Friday. Which is today.

And he left.

Then, on Wednesday afternoon, after he left for the day, he texted me that he had to find out about the building codes before installing my fuse box, and that he had an appointment with the code inspector at 10 a.m. on Thursday morning.

This…….made no sense to me. He had quoted me a price that didn’t include anything about building codes, I mean, how does a licensed contractor not know about the fucking building codes???

So he said that it didn’t affect the cost, he just wanted to double check the codes.

And I gave him the benefit of the doubt. I mean, you can check building codes online. But you know, the only thing that males can find on the internet is porn and reddit.

He said that he would be out here working by noon on Thursday.

But he sent me a text around noon that day, saying that he couldn’t wire my building because code and blahblah blahblah. That he would have to figure out what to do.

I asked him how a licensed contractor could not know this? And all I could think about is that he is making this endless, that this is never fucking ending, that my life is going to endlessly revolve around yet another dick dragging idiot.

So I fired him.

And he low key threatened me.

And I hope to wrap this up in part 4, which will include the texts.


10 thoughts on “Employing Males. Part 3.

  1. I’m wondering about the contracting license tbh. If he had it why not use it? Not to save you money but to find a way to transfer that extra $300 from your pocket to his via the expedient of unforeseen extra work. The weird thing is that they all seem to be singing from the same hymnal.
    I absolutely believe that he kidnapped the girlfriend. I don’t understand your sisters theory ala the divorce and the license. He’s still working at his trade. How could hiding the license affect the divorce financially? Maybe I’m dense but I don’t get it.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. My sister thinks that if he uses his license, that his ex wife’s divorce attorney may be able to find that out, and find the income that comes from using it. My sister thinks that he is trying to hide income.

      I still think that he just doesn’t have a license.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Ok, that makes sense, but the home improvement stores don’t usually make a note of the license; they just verify it. At least the last time I did similar. It would be a very circuitous way to verify income too as it only verified supplies bought at a discount not where they were used, or for whom, or what the job was or the labor and overhead costs or the profit that would count as income once all of these expenses were tallied. I’m going with no contracting or business license. No offense intended in disagreeing with your sister.
        What’s really horrible is how damn difficult it is for a woman to do what should be straightforward business transactions.

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      2. My whole experience with him is that he lies about EVERYTHING.

        Additionally, he gave me a business card after he had been here for a few days, it looked like a 5 year old made it, and it made no mention of a contractor’s license or being insured or anything else that is typically seen on a professional business card.

        I will never believe that he has any kind of professional license or endorsement.

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    1. Another spoiler (lol) I am giving him a final check and his step ladder, which is the only tool that he left here, at the beauty shop, this morning. I likely won’t even have to see him.

      It is almost impossible to keep from making fun of him right to his face, but I know better than that. And you will see exactly what I mean in part 4, which should be the end, lol.

      This has ended up being long, but I want it documented, just in case I need it, for some reason, but I really do think that it’s an overabundance of caution. I am not worried.

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    2. Me too..! But from Jayne’s reply, it looks like it ended with him on the backfoot. I hope this chap (and his “crew”) just disappears never to be seen ever again.
      The whole thing looks like some “Three stooges build a shed” – with some (no, a lot of) disgusting behaviour, amorous advances and intimidation dumped in.

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    3. Of topic, but I am working on a potential piece about Graham Linehan’s dumbass and I just saw your comments, and GURL. You are FIRE.

      Your comments will likely end up in my post, if the post goes up.

      I am going to screenshot them, although it seems that he is letting them stand, since he has turned off the comments.

      Liked by 2 people

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