Employing Males. Part 4. (The final chapter)

Let’s get into the final chapter of this story, you can find part 3 here, if you need to catch up.

This is going to be mostly texts. Everyone ready? Let’s go……….

A short recap: the job was supposed to be completed last Friday, but bro had been arrested and spent at least 2 days in jail. Then he suddenly lost the knowledge required to install a fuse box and do the electrical.

He had told me that he had an electrician that worked for him, when he needed assistance. There was a day in the first week that I was told that the electrician had been here. I had also been told that the electric would be the last thing that he did.

When he went back to work, after he got out of jail, he said that he was “shocked at how much wiring there is to do”.

Again, I am wondering how is this possible? How is he shocked? When he quoted the job partially based on installing complete electrical?

I have showed you all pictures of the kitchen sink…..

I ordered that sink back in October. I had sent him this, via text, so he would know what it looked like…..

……..because I wanted him to know the dimensions, which are right there, in the advert.

He couldn’t find or see the dimensions, so I wrote them down on paper.

The day after I wrote them down, he sent me a text, saying that he had been to Lowe’s that morning and bought a kitchen sink because I didn’t have one.

?????????? And here is my face, again….

I mean, we had talked about the sink, repeatedly. He even knew the box it was in, the cooktop was sitting on top of it, and it had big block letters on the box that said SINK. HEAVY.


A few hours later, he asked me to come out to the shed and let him know what I thought about the sink that he had purchased that morning because he couldn’t find mine.


So I go outside, because there were 5 guys out there that couldn’t find the huge ass box that had the sink, out of the 8 boxes that were there, at that time. I walked into the shed, the sink was sitting in the corner, where it had been for weeks, with the words SINK. HEAVY. written across the fucking box, I wish I was kidding about this, but I assure you that I am not.

The first guy that I saw was all WE CAN’T FIND IT GOOD LUCK FINDING THE IMAGINARY SINK HAHAHA and I pointed to the box in the corner and I wish I was joking when I tell you that he said “that’s not it”.

At this point, I am convinced that they are just fucking with me, it literally said on the box that it contained a heavy sink. I said “alrighty, chief, go ahead and open it and we can all have a laugh at how stupid I am.”

And unbelievably, the box that was marked as a heavy sink actually had a heavy fucking sink in it CAN YOU BELIEVE IT. And the guy that I had to make open the box was in disbelief that the box that had SINK written on it actually contained a fucking sink.

How are males so fucking painfully dumb? These guys installed all of my water, it all works. But maybe they can’t read? Or are high on something? What the fuck.

Getting back to it, originally, before work started and we were figuring up how much he would be charging, I told him that one of the women at the beauty shop had an extra fuse box and asked him if he could look at it, to see if we could use it instead of buying one. I called my friend and asked her if he could come and get it, she said yes. He went to the shop that same day and picked it up, and said that it was usable.

In the first week of work, he texted me and told me that he needed access to the fuse box in the trailer, so that he could run power to the building. I had to go outside and remind him about the conversation that we had had about the fuse box that he had already PICKED UP, and that the price quoted included complete electrical, including the Installation of the fuse box that HE HAD PICKED UP FROM THE BEAUTY SHOP. His response was just “oh, ok”.

This was all before he was arrested. After the arrest, it’s like he went complete stupid. Because yes, sisters, with males, there’s always MORE STUPID, it’s fucking endless.

So this week, Wednesday afternoon, I get a text after he had left my property, for the day, saying that he wasn’t familiar with building codes, and that he had made an appointment with the county inspector about what the codes exactly are, that he wasn’t going to bring an inspector here, or anything (although I would have been fine with that, if that is what was needed, he is the contractor who knows this stuff, after all), that he just wanted to make sure the work was up to the code.

I asked him when he was coming back to work, and he said that he would be here by lunchtime on Thursday after meeting with the inspector. I received this text around noon on Thursday…..

And here we will see the point at which I am just so fucking DONE.

Why does it sound like he didn’t know that the hot water heater and the cooktop are run on separate lines? Why are we trying to keep from adding another meter? Does the power company not like money? I know more than a few people who have separate power meters for separate structures on a single piece of property, Why are we not doing this?

Here’s the conversation….

At this point, I knew I was going to fire him, I just needed a few minutes to collect my thoughts. I was fine with his work, up until he got arrested, even with him being really stupid.

What I ended up deciding was one of 2 things. I originally thought that he was lying to me, again, that he had to go to court or see a lawyer or something, and he told me that he was going to go find out about building codes, instead.

My other theory, and what I have landed on as the more likely of the 2, is that he doesn’t know how to install and wire a fuse box. But instead of telling me the truth, he thought that he was going to figure it out, and was realizing that he was not smart enough to do it.

Additionally, I think that he was working on parasiting money from me, every week, he was hoping to manipulate me out of endless money. He was not smart enough to work out a long con. But he was really trying.

After taking everything into consideration, I sent him this text….

At this point, the remainder of the job was around $1200. That was what was left of the original quote on labor, after I had written 2 checks in the previous 2 weeks so that he could cover his labor costs (although he had $200,000 in the bank, y’all, for realizies). I am pretty sure that dudebro was freaking out, trying to figure out how he was going to wire a building when he had no idea what he was doing, and knowing that $1k was not nearly enough to outsource it.

This is his response and the conversation that ensued……

……and when he informs me that he has $520 in labor costs. Britney?

This entire week, there were 3 males at my shed that installed a cooktop, “wiring for the fridge” and they installed one faucet. They spent about 12 hours on the property. And he has $520 in labor for 2 males?????

He quoted me a price at the beginning, how is his abysmal, nonsensical labor costs my problem? This penis runs a business? With crews all over the state?


His horrific grammar and basic spelling deficiency is obvious, when he was trying to convey that he “would do whatever he had to do”, right after he told me about his $500 (LOL) labor costs.

He could have said that he was going to sue me, or take me to court, but in the typical mealy mouthed, idiotic way that males have of issuing a vague threat to scare us while simultaneously claiming that they never were trying to be threatening, he settled on “doing whatever he had to do”.

Like, maybe, kidnapping me?

So I recognized it as a threat, when I initially tried to ignore it, until I had told him that I would meet him at the beauty shop on Friday morning, and he ignored that and said that he was coming to my house, at the end of the above image.

What is wrong with males? He doesn’t get to inform me that he is coming to my house when I have already given him simple fucking instruction. That, in and of itself, makes me uncomfortable, since I have explicitly stated that he can meet me in public, away from my home.

Also, I really love how he assumed that I was just at my house, awaiting a tiny dick drive by, and not at the vet, picking up acey.

So after putting the dumbass back into his fucking place, again, I sent him a text, telling him that I would be taking video of the shed, as well as pictures, before I collected any tools that he had, to document that his tools were returned to him in the same condition that I found them.

And that’s when my caution was overtaken by anger at what I found.

There were no tools, except a step ladder and an extension cord that had been left in the yard. The shed was full of stuff that I had paid for, and the first thing that I found that fucked me off was a brand new, still in the box, fuse box.

Why had I bought a fuse box? Where was the fuse box that I bought from my friend?

I was still pondering this when I went out into the yard to get the extension cord, which had been connected to an outlet in the trailer. I thought that he had been using it to power a saw or drill or something in the yard. But nope.

This contractor, with crews all over the state, a license, and so much money that he spent most of his time on vacation, and he was doing me a huge favor, by gracing me with his bigly, super, duper contractor skill, and doing my work himself, was powering the 3 outlets in my shed, like this……

I. Was. LIVID.

I don’t know anything about electrical, but I do know that the shed came with 2 outlets, and he installed one, specifically for my fridge.

On what fucking planet is this fucking acceptable? I unplugged this in the trailer whenever he wasn’t here. As a result, the food that I had put into the freezer in the shed was RUINED. Because dick dragger, of course, didn’t tell me that he was powering the shed this way.

So I texted him, again……

………because this is just fucking unacceptable. Again, what the fuck is he paying 2 dick draggers in labor for?

This “work” took 3 males over $500 in labor? I suppose they couldn’t stop sucking each other off to do anything remotely properly, lol. It’s so pathetic, that it’s fucking funny.

Here’s his response, and the final texts…..

Obviously, since I know nothing about hooking up water or power, or putting up sheet rock, or insulation, or installing cooktops or sinks, THEN JOIN ME IN CELEBRATION OF MY NEW CAREER AS A CONTRACTOR.

Oops, I forgot, to be successful in a male dominated field, you need a penis to go with the complete lack of knowledge and the willingness to lie and cheat.

Guess I can’t be a contractor, after all.

In picking my battles, I let a lot of this go, including the fuse box, which I can’t fathom why he would steal that from me, but he absolutely did. I really, really wanted to taunt him, and tell him that I would be spreading around pictures of his “professional work”, before he went back to his multiple construction crews and huge successful construction Company.

But we all know that if I publicly speak truthfully about my experience with his “work” that this upsets the already unstable and overly emotional male and it’s universally known that males are dangerous when they are emotionally upset, which seems to be all of the time. But I will definitely not recommend him and if another woman says she is hiring him, I will definitely warn her.

I was in the salon, when he texted, one of my friends was outside, smoking a cigarette, and the other had his check, and neither one could get away from him. He told them his sad, old as time, male tale of woe and turmoil, about how his crazy bitch ex had him falsely arrested for absolutely nothing, and about how he still thought the world of me, even though I did him so wrong, he still wanted to help me, just like he had been helping me, why, he would just do anything at all for me, the implication being that he is just a wonderfully generous, good and nIcE GuY, and he is saying all of this while he is holding a check in his hand for pretty much no work, at all, that is essentially money that I paid him to go fuck off somewhere and leave me alone.

I guess he does want to help me. And by that, he means pretending to do work that he is too stupid to do and for me to pay him.

I have never met a male that could be honest. Not a single one.

But the best part of the story is that I have spoken to 2 different plumbers and asked for an estimate for what it would cost me to do the work on my water (water lines coming in and out, the bathroom installation, everything that I had done that involved water), and while the estimates were within $600 of each other, each of the estimates were OVER TWICE WHAT I PAID FOR ALL OF THE WORK COMPLETED.

So for LESS than what a professional plumber would charge me for just the water related work, I got insulation, sheet rock, new steps on the back of the trailer, and a whole lot of other stuff.

So this asshole was so stupid that he couldn’t even TAKE ADVANTAGE OF ME, CORRECTLY, LOL. And I am sure that he is too stupid to even realize how badly that he undercharged me, lol.

Or maybe he did realize it, and instead of being honest about it, he decided to try to manipulate the money out of me. I had no idea how low his quote was until I got other estimates, I certainly don’t mind paying what things cost, if he would have been honest with me, we could have worked it out. But I still think that it’s more likely that he just really didn’t know what he was doing and he was dragging everything out as a result of hysteria at his own ineptitude.

Why do males insist on making everything a competition? Especially when they always lose.


13 thoughts on “Employing Males. Part 4. (The final chapter)

  1. Holy shit, what a disgusting miscreant of a acrote! I just LOVED how his ex was “Able to just have me arrested for kidnapping!” – a very likely story! I know I am able to have random XYs arrested for major crimes with absolutely no evidence ALL THE TIME! 🙄
    That one couldn’t even lie straight in bed, and the spelling was laughably atrocious…

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  2. I don’t blame you at all for how he treated you when I say this, but: This is common behavior, they are all cheats, but they don’t cheat everyone. If they see that they can push for more they WILL cheat you. You have to be combatant/refuse at every turn to reduce chances of them trying to fuck you over. Tell them you won’t pay them until all the work is done, always haggle, don’t put “I hope that works for you”, record everything and ask for every detail, make it super hard for them and most will relent and just get the job done OR back out.
    Contracting work is fiercly guarded by pp’s and the few female contractors have no time to train someone. 99% of them avoid taxes and use it as a free ride. Even the ones hired by offical employers do shoddy work. Atleast in Canada, the quality of house has gone down the shitter.

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  3. This weird thing just happened.

    I received a text from a number that is local to me, but I don’t recognize it.

    It was just an image, a picture taken inside my shed. It was the sink, I am pretty sure that it’s a picture that I took, but it’s hard to tell, I took and deleted so many pictures.

    I asked who it was, and I got jibberish, as a reply, so I just deleted the conversation and blocked the number.

    Any opinions?

    I am not scared. Just WTF.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. No!! What was that jibberish? Was it “qwertadfsdsa” type or was it a very badly formed sentance with spelling mistakes? If it is the latter, it probably is that no-good contractor. In the best case, it could have been just him trying to proudly send a sample of his stellar workmanship to the next potential customer/victim and trying to impress(?) and get a contract. And in his usual style he sent it to the wrong number by mistake.

      If that was not the case, I’m really worried… Is it one of pictures you uploaded here? (I’m not worried about the pics you took & deleted without uploading or copying to elsewhere – no one could have got their hands on them, if I’m not wrong) Could it be a screen grab from your video? Is there any small difference in the detail that could give a clue – some shadow? some rag in a corner? some dirt on the floor? (Oh, but you said you deleted the conversation – do you have a copy if the pic?)

      If it is exactly the same as what you uploaded then it’s really creepy – someone matched your blog to your number..?

      FIRST, (sorry about all caps. Not meaning to scream, just emphasis), Do you have a fire extinguisher handy? And padlocks on the door (not an “inner lock”, which the carpenter/contractor who fit it could have made a copy of. But a padlock latch on which you could hang your own, new padlock)?

      SECOND, can your sister or nephew (if he is old enough & smart enough to be able to get info without giving out any) give a ring to that number & try to figure out who it is? (Can s/he conference you before dialing that number, so that you’d be able to hear the voice as well?)

      Liked by 2 people

      1. (PS: “conference call” only if your number won’t show up on his phone or caller ID or whatever. He shouldn’t know you are on the call.)

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    2. Hmm. It does sound like a ham fisted effort to scare you. I think you should ensure you kept a copy of the text and the photo and the gibberish. I think that’s all it is though, just a limp dick trying to get a hard on by scaring a woman who won’t be scared by him.

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  4. Phew….. Finally you got rid of that inept pest.
    And that extension cord thing – jaw dropping.. That would only be band-aid DIY fix in case there was any problem with the direct power supply. And to think a “professional” (lol) contractor did THIS…. Urgh..
    And I’m very happy, and thanking God that you were able to get so much done on a limited budget. I don’t think any male is incapable of taking advantage and looting money – that is the ONE thing they are extremely skilled in, even if they have a IQ less than the number of fingers & toes. The “cleverer” they are (relative to each other, I mean), the bigger their loot, but even the stupidest of them would extract enough to bleed their victims. Am so happy & thankful it was better with you. (Shoddy work though, but still..) Phew. AND, CONGRATULATIONS!! You achieved so much, despite a crew of no-gooders & harassers, on a shoestring budget!

    So, did your friends see what he had done & realize how inept he was, and didn’t buy his whiny made-up tale of how much he “help”ed you..

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  5. And yet, as pathetic as this male is, he is no lower than the 75th percentile as far as dickwaaded behavior goes. Plus, he’ll always find a dumbkunt to suck his dick & bring home the bacon too.

    Your shed is coming along nicely despite having to count on whiney walking penises. Very impressive. And, if you don’t mind me saying so, your ex mother-in-law is very unusual in that she bought the shed for you. I cannot even imagine one of the mammies of my ex BFs ever doing anything besides encouraging the Poor Dear to leave the bitch who actually believes she’s a human being.

    I don’t understand why there aren’t 1000s of women doing contracting work, since they would so far surpass nearly everything males have to offer. It was very difficult in the past, but nowadays is primetime for women getting in there. Instead, all around me all I see are alien scrotes jibber jabbering in foreign tongues while they leer at me on my bikeride.

    You’ve got me imagining/dreaming of acreage with many sheds/tiny houses on it. Separation now, separation tomorrow, separation always.

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