2021 was a big year for (WO)men.

A male slapped on some lippy and some heels, went on jeopardy, and stole a record from a woman.

A male put on a bikini, proclaimed that his penis is girldick, and stole swimming accomplishments from women in PA.

A male raped a dog and was rewarded by the male state with all of the female inmates that he could ever want to sexually terrorize.

Ghislaine maxwell was found guilty of rape, which is as it should be. Unfortunately, the males that paid to rape the girls that they paid maxwell to procure will go free, without consequence. But just so long as the one woman was punished, the males are safe to continue raping.

Criminal males that are being rewarded by the male state by being incarcerated with female inmates to sexually terrorize, are being protected by male centered organizations from the TERF inmates who are pleading protection from the rapist troons.

Look at this dainty troon, who is now sitting on some committee that is specifically for troons to control media…

…..who likes to fantasize about raping “ciswomen” with other males who carry a purse……

“In the future, there are a number of institutions that emerge… that are community-run institutions where, if you are a trans girl, you can go ahead and sign up for a reservation slot to an all-day access to one of many breeding facilities where you get to breed the sh*t out of that cis girl p*ssy, you can absolutely devastate that sh*t, f*cking destroy it, murder it. They have to cycle the girls out. We have breeding saunas, breeding bookstores, breeding movie theatres. This is something we’re building. This is the future. This is what TERFs don’t want. The future that I want… is a world where you can walk down the street and don’t even have to worry about whether you’re going to be able to breed that good p*ss. That’s the future for all of us.”

Nasty rapist troon, pictured above

But I thought that there was no difference between troons and women? I thought that no one can tell the difference?

J.K. Rowling wins guardian’s person of the year poll by a landslide and the guardian quickly removes the poll (rapist troons controlling media committee hard at work, we can see).

And I can go on and on with how males continue to rig the game to insure their victory, even when those victories are stolen directly from women and girls.

The only way that males can win is by cheating and terrorism. Pathetic and sad.


6 thoughts on “2021 was a big year for (WO)men.

  1. SO glad to have found you. Wahine Maaori, I hail from NZ where sex self-ID just went through our legislature. We submitted against it, worthy, famous, not-so-famous and dedicated women and men from all around the world submitted a ‘no’ (in fact, 75% said ‘no’) to the ‘change your birth cert for fee-fees bill’ yet our snouter govt are troughing ahead and installing it. 2022 year of the TERF I can feel it. #Glovesoff #NEVERSurrender #NEVERKowtow to genderwoo and the Grand Wizards thereof.
    I love your line ‘the problem will never be the solution.’ #Boom

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  2. I’m horrified by that Twitter post or whatever it is. There was a time when I would have dismissed it as the raving fantasies of an unstable mind. Now I wonder if this is what many men want and TiMs are the vanguard. Because even a little freedom for women is more than men can cope with. Well, I was in a pretty good mood this New Years.

    Happy New Years everyone. I hope whatever you’re doing that it’s to your liking. I have a pile of books and a pile of pets and wanted visitors coming tomorrow so I’m cheerful.

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    1. In my opinion, this is exactly what many males want, or at least, they all enjoy the open and direct threat aimed at us, and they would never limit a male’s speech, especially not about something like rape, which males either love or enjoy the benefits of.

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  3. He has 14k followers on twatter. I couldn’t see the list of followers because his account is restricted. Tried to check to see if any of the popular libfems follow him. Plenty of them follow that gold-lame-purse dude. I guess atleast some of them follow this one too. If so, wonder how they justify all this……

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    1. Males don’t have to justify anything, they just do what they want, and they silence any dissent.

      Males also own the language, so me calling this male rapist “he” is defined by male overlords as violence, while his description of violent rape of women is art or porn or protected male speech, but males don’t define it as violence.

      Male supremacist culture.

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