Graham Linehan, Arty Morty, David Heyton. The male kings of Female causes.

Let’s have a chat about recent events and the males that are “saving” women and girls from male domination and terrorism.

Let me say at the start that it’s annoying to have male participation in our matters, mostly down to the fact that males are the problem. Every time I hear a woman say BUT WE NEED MEN, I wonder why they think that women are so helpless, so incompetent, so weak, that we NEED THE MENZ.

No. No, we do not need males. You, as a woman, want to include males in everything? Fine, just come right out and own that piece of bullshit, because allowing males to speak on female matters is how we ended up with PORN IS EMPOWERING and TWAW and SEX WORK IS WORK.


There are several events that are all intertwined into this misogynistic shit show, so let’s briefly have a look at those before continuing on to Graham referring to women as “sadists” for refusing his dictates to be kind to his boyfriends.

The first is going to be Arty Morty, a boyfriend of Graham, who made some comments about women bullying him and being bloodlusty when they pushed back at his unending centering of AGP males. (I am not linking to a bunch of different sources on these side events, but I will provide enough information, that you can do a search yourself, if you are unfamiliar). Karen discusses this here on her YouTube channel, You’re Kidding Me, Right.

The second event involves 2 interviews with some saggy old white ballsack on UK radio who first interviewed Posie Parker, (aka Kelly Jay) and then interviewed David Heyton (aka debbie). Posie and David made essentially the same points, but only one of them received basic respect and decency from the saggy, old XY host.

Posie is an adult human female. David is a male in a dress.

Guess which one got basic respect?

The main event that needs addressing occurred on Graham Linehan’s substack, where he made a pathetic little effort to remind women that males should be respected and accepted because Bros before Hos. He starts out with a woman who thinks that she is male, she says this……

……..and Graham calls this shit take “nuanced” before saying this…….

The reason I write is that I’ve noticed that while gender critical feminism (or to give it it’s proper title, ‘feminism’) has been making great strides revently, these victories have also marked a phase whereby the most toxic elements of our side have been ramping up their attacks of people like Aaron and Debbie Hayton. Aaron and Debbie bear this with grace. It’s entirely understandable—even to them—that some women distrust them, and refuse their support. Yet, they remain resolute allies to women, and bring important insight to the urgent problems of dysphoria and autogynephilia.

Graham, link in post

So Aaron, a woman who hates being female so much so that she pretends to be a dick dragger, and David Heyton, who wears ladyface and is an AGP who has inflicted his fetish onto women, beginning with his own wife and child, are our allies that are suffering from “the toxic elements” of Graham’s side.

But Aaron and David bear this with grace, sisters.

Aren’t we so fucking lucky.

Here is partially what Graham will never understand.

No woman cares about gaining “insight to the urgent problems of dysphoria and autogynephillia”. Why on earth would any woman care about that? I don’t care about the issues surrounding sad penis, I don’t want or need insight into your man problems, Graham.

What women want is fucking PRIVACY from your pathetic little dick. Keep it to yourself. No woman has anything to gain from understanding the legion issues that come from your love of dick. We just want you to keep it out of our spaces, and for fucks sake, stop claiming that it’s really a “gurldick” so that you can take from us. Stop claiming that males are women.

But there is another group, much smaller, but louder, and scarier, who are simply sadists. They are sadists in much the same way the majority of trans rights activists are sadists. There’s only a handful of these kinds of voices, but their hijacking of conversations with bad faith accusations and appalling, TRA-style abuse is becoming an increasing problem.

Graham, link in post

So women who say NO, women who draw very clear boundaries, women who refuse to accept “allyship” from males that Graham deems worthy, women who refuse male direction in our own fucking movement are SADISTS?


Is anyone else curious about what credentials Graham possesses that makes him think that he can call us sadists? I don’t answer to males. Males no longer own women. Perhaps someone should inform Graham, and while we are at it, perhaps he needs to rethink his fucking tiny manthinkies because refusing to acknowledge someone like David Heyton as an ally is not the fucking definition of sadist.

There’s no middle ground. There are males and there are women and girls, that’s it. There’s no nuance. There’s no grey area. There is the fact of biological sex, of which there are 2, and there is no such thing as trans or man-living-as-woman or “ladydick” or, for that matter, male allies.

We need the quieter voices. Debbie Hayton’s contribution on Talk Radio, coming the day after Posie Parker’s triumphant performance against the same interviewer, was an extremely effective two-step. 

Graham, link in post

Graham needs you to shut up, ladies.

But again, in a shocking demonstration of self-sabotage, a small number of determined individuals are trying to silence these important voices. And it’s not just their voices, a secondary group, the quieter allies, also feel scared to publicly support victims of harassment and bad faith attacks.

Graham, link in post

According to Graham, women are trying to silence the (mostly) male voices, these IMPORTANT voices, who are trying to speak for women and SADIST WOMEN ARE SKEERING THEM.

Male wants to support us? Then shut the fuck up. That’s how you ally with women, you stupid XY fucks.

Males will always, always show themselves. Black circe from ovarit says this…..

[–] BlackCirce 🔮🐖🐖🐖 76 points 2 days ago Edited 2 days ago

I really wish women would look at how the gc movement is going and finally learn, once and for all, that to beat men, we have to be as united as they are. Men defend other men. Men will never side with a woman, or women, over another man. Men respect other men, men assume men are in charge, men show up and take control of anything they are “included” in. There are women here who think we “desperately need” men on our side, not understanding it’s men who we are fighting. What would it really cost to stop simping for these men and just decide that no matter what you’ll side with your own kind against men? Would it help if I told you women have been “fair” or even biased towards men in our alignments for thousands of years and men still don’t respect us? Let’s try something new. Even if a woman is oh so mean and rude and “extremist” let’s try siding with her anyway.

Black circe, link directly above

Graham had to close his comments when women showed up, once again, to explain why David Heyton and other people who buy into troon bullshit should not be speaking for women.

One of the women who posts here regularly handed him his ass in his comments, and he subsequently banned her.

A few noteworthy comments….

I have linked to graham’s post and to his comments, I encourage you to go and have a look.

A thanks to all of the women who commented on graham’s post, especially to antigone, who did not hold back.

Males always, always prioritize dick first. They LOVE dick.

The problem can never be the solution.


107 thoughts on “Graham Linehan, Arty Morty, David Heyton. The male kings of Female causes.

  1. Thank you for writing this. Graham’s enormous ego has been bothering me for a while. It annoys the hell out of me that he’s lauded as this magnificent hero for having the “strength” to stand up for women. At feminist events he’s deified and given standing ovations while the women who actually have boots on the ground and are ACTUALLY standing up for women are ignored.

    I’ve thought from day one (when Graham first started speaking out about trans activism) that it’s more about his bruised ego than it is about women’s safety and rights. He doesn’t have a dog in this fight so for him it’s performative.

    Don’t get me wrong, I don’t think he’s a bad man, I just think he’s a typical man.

    As for Arty Morty, I think Karen Davis (You’re Kiddin’ Right?) eloquently highlighted the problems with him. Seriously, sympathy for AGPs? No thank you.

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    1. Thank you for reading and commenting. Welcome to the blog.

      I don’t listen to males. I hear about what they do because I pay attention, but more importantly, women talk about them and I listen to women.

      I knew about Arty and his deep love of AGP males through Karen Davis, who I listen to because she is a woman, and I heard about that droopy XY radio ballsack from ovarit. I am interested in what Posie Parker does because she is a woman, but unless it’s something especially notable, I won’t listen to women interacting with XY on the radio or anywhere else. Posie’s interaction with the radio XY is the same old, same old, where some powerful scrote is openly contemptuous and disdainful of a woman who is smarter than he is, and that’s the most common male attitude that exists. I appreciate why she did it, but I don’t watch scummy males shit all over women.

      To politely disagree with you, I think that Graham is a terrible person. I don’t think he is a good man. I don’t especially hate him, or anything, I am indifferent to males who prioritize other males, and I really try to ignore the males who are all I’M FIGHTING FOR THE LADIES BUT LADIES MUST FOLLOW ME AND MY BROTHERS WHO ARE TOTALLY FIGHTING FOR YOU, GIRLS, AND BY THE WAY, THESE QUIET MALE VOICES ARE BEING HURT BY YOUR TOXIC UNWAVERING DEMANDS AND RUDENESS.

      These males never fail to act as if both sides are “equal”. Males claiming to be women is not an equitable position to the basic, factual reality that there are 2 biological sexes. But because males are lying, inventing nonsense of TWAW, then we are told that we have to argue in our defense as if we are just having a difference of equal opinion, which just shows exactly where we are sitting in male supremacist society.

      We are not even allowed to have privacy while we use a fucking public toilet, males must have access to us at all times. The ruling class always has privacy and the servant class is only allowed privacy if the ruling class permits it. Males can all go fuck themselves. I am out of fucks.

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  2. I’ve followed the issue for some time and want to congratulate you on your position re Linehan. I found his backtracking on the “nice AGPs” very disappointing, although do value the work he has done on the issue overall. Makes no sense to support women then turn around and go “do as I say now”.
    I’m lost as to why so many men continue to harbour sympathy once they are aware of the AGP truth. Being “fully transitioned” really just means being really committed to your sex fetish. Maybe they think that because they made the “ultimate male sacrifice” they deserve a consolation prize of access into women’s spaces. Sorry mate you made the wrong choice. You are not entitled to a consolation prize paid for by the other half of the population.

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    1. I’m disappointed, too. Early on, Graham’s stance was this:

      TRA’s – There is no debate
      Linehan – Oh, there’s going to be a debate

      And I thought that was great. Especially because he was a high-profile comedy writer (although see Estelle’s comment elsewhere on this thread). Last year when Karen Davis was doing a deep dive into various AGP issues and Arty Morty kicked off, KD emailed Graham who ‘suggested’ that she hold off on doing any more AGP – focussed videos as TMWI were going to be doing a series of vids on AGP. Well, that’s unacceptable (plus, never gonna happen) but OK, whatever. And then we were treated to the shitshow episode with Ray Blanchard.

      ‘Do as I say now’ ?? No, thank you.

      And I’m right with you on the whole ‘fully transitioned’ thing. Just, no.

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    2. This is why males should not have a voice in women’s rights.

      Males always, always end up siding with other males, and chastising us for refusing to center them.

      I am still fucked off that this is a fucking negotiation, when we said NO. Also, this hiding behind “it’s complicated” and “there’s no easy answer” fucks me right off, too.

      “Confused” male isn’t confused. He is distracting you so his brothers can pick your fucking pocket. Every. Single. Time.

      Thank you for visiting and commenting 😊

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  3. Hello! Radfems! Karen Davis and I hope to do a live stream Monday, Jan. 24 at 3 pm EST. Any chance peeps are interested in repeatedly asking Linehan why doesn’t he ask his “therapy friends” and “Appeasement Vichy GC Ambassadors” why they don’t direct mixed up kids to Dr. Gordon’s excellent book about recovering from PTSD, Transforming Trauma? The Center for Mind/Body,, is a great place to start for true healing. I am so sick of Vichy GC! Please visit my blog, to see the review I wrote of this treatment/book/concept. Also, there is an action group started, contact me on my form in grass widow blog to find out about our plans. ooxoo, Ute

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  4. Finally getting around to reading this in situ (saw its cross-post to Ovarit), and yes. This is long past needing to be said. Thank you for saying it.

    “Moriarty”/AM/whoever is playing a game I’m deeply familiar with. And the ladies in Glinnerland are hooked. But here’s a cruel fact of life that Black Circe (I think — love to you either way, BC!) and others have pointed out before on Ovarit: gay men are not our natural allies. As the record abundantly shows. Women are convenient props to AM’s notoriety, and if we dare contradict his precious ideas, out come the savagings. Especially telling that he inserted himself, uninvited, into trans widows’ discussion — there is no possible way that he can have anything to say to these women. Nothing. And blaming it on alcohol? In vino veritas, your lordship. No fucking way.

    “He is as fine a fellow . . . as ever I saw. He simpers, and smirks, and makes love to us all.” (Austen)

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  5. Hi there, I just left up a comment with info on mr menno and posted the wrong version of the post referencing our favorite cross-sex porn star, Naked Celestial, doing good works, just all over the place, but without credentials. RFspiraling, if you see the other one, maybe can it. I’ll explain later. Old lady fingers.

    Dogsledders of the Apocalypse


  6. But there is another group, much smaller, but louder, and scarier, who are simply sadists. They are sadists in much the same way the majority of trans rights activists are sadists. There’s only a handful of these kinds of voices, but their hijacking of conversations with bad faith accusations and appalling, TRA-style abuse is becoming an increasing problem.

    Graham, link in post

    Ah, yes! The “TRA -style abuse” of consistently asking for the same four basic and commonplace questions to be answered. We “sadistic” women are well and truly off the chain, aren’t we? /sarcasm

    Thanks again for this piece.

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  7. Graham has done himself in with this. His credibility is shredded. He may keep some bros and some handmaidens, but he’s become irrelevant as a voice for reality and justice as a Terf ally. He can’t go home to Father Ted or Twitter. And he can’t recover his radical feminist base, he’s said too much now. He’s got Arty instead. Good luck, Graham.

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    1. Agreed. I hope that Arty and Graham are very happy together. They deserve each other.

      The really idiotic thing about it is that it took so little for Graham to have a devoted fan base of women, so, so little. I mean, even after Arty came out with his defense of AGP, and called women bloodlusters or whatever stupid bullshit fell out of his mouth, and Graham defended him and called women bullies, there was STILL a devoted group of women who explained to Graham patiently and kindly what their (very fucking LEGITIMATE) issue with Arty was, and there were PLENTY of people, many of which were women, that attempted to shove everyone back into line with “allies aren’t going to be perfect, ladies” and “sure, Graham is defending his mate, but he is still all in for YOU, ladies” and “Graham is calling you bullies, ladies, but sheesh, he’s just defending poor defenseless Arty, can’t you understand their manlove”, and a lot of his female supporters let that shit GO.

      And that’s where it starts. Like, do you know how many centuries women have been kindly, patiently explaining shit to males? And it gets us fuckall.

      Males do not LISTEN to women. (Unless a woman is agreeing with whatever the dick is saying. Then, magically, they are all fucking ears and amplifying that sweet female voice of agreement/submission).


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    2. I agree. His credibility is shredded. And he’s done it himself. And it really could have been avoided. If he defended his pal publicly but distanced himself from Arty’s apologia for AGP that would be OK. Well, not quite.
      I mean, it would still be hugely problematic. If you create a GC YouTube channel and then one of your co-hosts claims that it’s only a ‘technicality’ that separates some men from women, well, you’ve got a problem right there. But it certainly is possible to handle the subsequent nuclear fallout without being abusive to women who object to that nonsense.

      I don’t even know why I’m mentioning Arty. Bottom line – don’t claim to be an ally for women and then speak about them / to them in the most disgusting, misogynist way. Just don’t. And if you do that and women stand up for themselves, don’t throw a mantrum. We’re not interested.

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  8. One more thought, if Graham had banned me for the language I used to shut down the abusive troll, while also banning the abusive troll, that would shown good faith.

    But I have seen Fred Savage on that board call women filthy names – right there on the comment threads (it was a few months ago I don’t read the threads very often). He could not have been more viciously misogynistic, just vile and absolutely outright insulting to women for the crime of being a woman. He turned up enraged because Graham had written a piece about a lesbian whom he, Savage, hates and he could not wait to trash it. He leapt into the comments attacking women there who had made some mild, pleasant comments. The man behaved like a pig.

    Despite his vicious attacks Graham said and did precisely nothing. Crickets.

    If I read the threads more often I am sure I could come up with a bunch of other examples.

    So let’s be clear – Graham does not ever ban for language. There are no rules. He bans people he doesn’t like.

    I mean, it’s his site and he can of course do as he pleases.

    What happened was he banned me for saying he is wrong. he banned me because I said, quite correctly, he was wrong to tell women they have to be nice to autogynephile fetishist men. He banned me because I won’t kowtow to men, not even his chums. He just used me telling an abusive troll to fuck off as an excuse to do so.

    The title of his post used – without irony – the term “Natal woman”. This is the language of the cult. A person is a woman, or a man. End. He knows this. He is telling women to be nice to autogynephile men. Women are telling him we do not differentiate between AGPs he thinks are nice and those he thinks are not. We are saying no to ALL AGP men. He does not accept that.

    He turned comments off for one reason alone – the majority did not agree with him and were saying so.

    So he inserted himself into an argument with men attacking women who are defending their right to say No to ALL men whether they’re fetishist men or not.

    He reframed women saying NO to men as an attack on men.

    He smeared the reputation of any woman who was asking him the big questions about these men – and honestly the men he is defending are as dodgy as fuck once you start looking into it. He really should not be aligning himself with them, lie down with dogs, get up with fleas.

    He demanded obeisance from women towards those of his chums he thinks should be sacrosanct.

    What an ally 🙂

    I still think he’s a decent man overall, and am aware of how much he has done to draw attention to the trans attacks on women. I am thankful for all of his work, and hold towards him no animosity for banning me for disagreeing with him and using the excuse of me telling an abusive troll to fuck off to do so.

    But I am deeply disappointed that he thinks telling women to be silent, smearing women’s reputations, and silencing us when we disagree with him is somehow acceptable. Disappointed, but not really all that surprised.

    In the end, he is another man telling women to be nice to men because he says so.

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    1. Slight derail here. Just want to celebrate Antigone’s use of language.

      Fucktarded. Twatbangle. Cumstain. Screampinions. Shitstain. Shitweasel.

      OK, maybe not the most important thing to focus on here but I love this stuff. Her creativity with language is amazing. There’s something almost Shakespearean going on here. I love it.

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  9. My hot take on the whole thing is that it is beneficial for advancing women’s rights that we have a diversity of tactics and opinions within the movement. With regards to what Glinner said about Being Kind to trans moderates, and regarding the place of men like him in this movement at all, I personally am happy for all partial allies. I am happy when they are of use, and accept they are not perfect and don’t agree on everything. We are not powerful, we are oppressed as women and further oppressed as non-adherents of this new religion. We are small in number. It’s not a self-insult to be realistic. I think we need all the help we can get.

    I accept men as allies, if they are of good faith and get the job done. Glinner has done very good work so far. I do think he means well.

    HOWEVER, embracing diversity in opinions and tactics means that I fully accept and respect those who have the opposite opinion to me, and who don’t want men or trans moderates involved in these matters. I am grateful for those with differing opinions giving me different perspectives, and holding males and TIPs in the movement to account. Similarly, I will not tone-police anyone who disagrees or behaves differently or uses different language to me, as this would be a divisive waste of energy.

    This is where Glinner made the mistake: he is not respecting differing opinions. There were hints of valid points in his article (by “valid” I don’t necessarily mean “correct”), but he went about it in such an inflammatory way. Calling women who do not accept trans-moderates – including the autogynephile – are not “sadists” for daring to not adhere to Glinner’s own tactics and opinions. And God forbid, women are not sadists for being disturbed by an AGP pervert and not wanting to be nice to him. It is such a poor show for a man to be tone-policing women and criticising them for not being “nice” enough, and for a man who is prominent in a women’s movement to appear to be chastising women and telling them what to do.

    I get the feeling that if Glinner feels “rejected” by his feminist following, he would emotionally flounce from his work entirely.

    He would do well to concede that calling women who disagree with him “sadists” was uncalled for. He would also do well to accept that as a man, there will always be some things he just will never be able to get. That’s ok. But he needs to listen when women talk to him.

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    1. I respect your viewpoint.

      I have quite a few issues with males and their opinions on what they choose to inflict onto us for the benefit of all of them, even the ones claiming to be on our side, but my biggest irritation is when it is implied or stated outright that women can be and are as toxic as troons, that women can be and are as unhinged as troons, that women can be and are just as sadistic as troons, that women can be and are as unreasonable as troons, that women can be and are just as dangerous as troons.

      That’s ludicrous, ridiculous, and just flat out fucking stupid.

      Because biological sex is a fucking fact. It’s not an opinion, it’s not a spectrum, it is not confusing.

      This is not a difference of equal opinion, this is males trampling all over the rights of women, and claiming that it’s because they are suddenly confused about who is male and who is female.

      Rapists know exactly who is female. Everyone knew exactly who is female when penis havers kept us out of education, kept us from owning property, or applying for a loan.

      Penis havers have never taken a pregnancy test because they thought they might be pregnant because sEx iS a sPecTRum. Males aren’t accidentally dating each other, paying each other less, males don’t make appointments at the gynecologist because they are confused about whether they need to see one, or not.

      While we are kindly and patiently explaining to them how to tell women from males, as if they don’t already know, they are quickly and quietly eradicating us. I am in the states, where there’s no legal definition of women, anymore. Yet, women in my country are in jail for miscarriage, but we can’t talk about that because talking about pregnancy excludes males, and no one really knows what a woman is, anyway, I mean, look at patriarchal law, males have codified it into their law that women are whoever claims to be a woman.

      So when I talk to or about males, I talk as if I am talking to a manipulative asshole who knows exactly what he is doing and why he is doing it. Because while I understand that males are painfully stupid, they know exactly who the women are, and they are erasing us with malice and intent. None of this is a mistake or misunderstanding. It is going exactly how males want it to go. And every single one of them is benefiting.

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      1. Oh god, I love this response from RadFem. You express yourself much better than I do. Yes, I agree, this is all being done with malice and intent. And, yes, it is going exactly how they fucking want it to. And then the so-called ‘allies’ show their true colours.

        The whole thing is a fucking disaster.

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      2. Thank you, and I respect your opinions, too. I had not absorbed that he was saying that feminists are just as bad as troons and TRAs. Totally unacceptable. t’s the whole “women saying ‘no’ is violence”, and “women are just as bad as men” myths rolled into one.

        I think a majority of men are stupid, ignorant, or most of all, simply don’t care. This is top-down, and the top certainly know what they’re doing by removing women’s rights in the most cancerous way imaginable. Now men who hate women and feminism get the “equal rights, equal lefts” shit they’ve always wanted, with regards to stripping women of every “privilege” (separate sports, separate intimate spaces for sharing with strangers) that they’ve always resented us for and perceived as special treatment.

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    2. Mm, a lot of good stuff in this post from Based. Articulate and thoughtful. Just fab. I’m not 100% against men being in this fight because I do think we need all the help we can get.

      But then we bump up against the reality of, well, where we are now. As you say, Graham isn’t listening to women. Arty didn’t listen either. Graham and Arty refuse to listen to women, bully them, use abusive language and, apparently, don’t seem to understand that women are allowed to challenge men or disagree with them. I have to wonder why I’m supposed to regard them as allies at all. I don’t even care if he wants to publicly support Arty. It’s his refusal to care about or understand why (many? most?) women do not want or need to ‘understand’ AGP and just want men – all men – out of women’s spaces. And we don’t need men’s permission to hold that view. In his substack piece he stated that he understands why some women don’t trust AGP men and he was being all ‘reasonable’ but then completely blows apart his own statement by everything else he wrote.

      I agree, Graham has done some good work. And he’s been in this fight a long time. I’m just not sure if that means anything now. Arty has been abusive and intolerant in recent months and Graham either can’t see it or refuses to see it; in fact, his own conduct in recent weeks has descended to the same level. From a so-called ally that’s just not good enough. Women can’t be wasting their energy on this crap. Women can say no. That is not bullying, it’s not toxic, it’s not sadistic. It is moronic and abusive for Graham suggest that it is. How is his stance different from ‘be kind’?

      Women are speaking up. And will continue to do so. We don’t need anyone’s permission.

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      1. Thanks Zuli. I can’t help but feel that Graham Linehan has developed a bit of an ego as a prominent and celebrity member of this fight, and this is at least partly why he can’t bare to listen to women or accept that he’s behaved badly. After all, gender critical women are so grateful for any support – especially from a celebrity – that he is used to nothing but praise and fawning. Especially as being a man makes him a novelty.

        Even if a person fully agrees with everything he said, the very fact that his article has caused so much strife and disunity ought to prove to him beyond doubt that what he did was wrong. Ironic that his post was about unity.

        I just have low expectations lol, I think a lot of the hurt has come from expecting too much of him. He is just a man. And a famous one, which is a huge risk for developing narcissistic tendencies. Even if he means well, deep down he still thinks that women saying no or disagreeing with him is evil, because he’s a man and that’s what they think.

        If they could perceive their own behaviour (with telling women to be kind, not listening, telling us what to do etc), the “good” men wouldn’t do it, but they all do.

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      2. Replying to Based: One of the things I don’t like about Graham’s site is the women fawning all over him. I appreciate his good qualities and the work he has done that is positive, but women SHOULD NEVER FAWN over anyone, especially anyone male. It is not good for them and I really wish women would stop it; it smacks of self-abasement. Perhaps I need to say this on his site!

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    3. I actually agree with you. If he had just written a post pointing out the good qualities of his friends, and refrained entirely from tone policing women or smearing or women he might have done some good. He could have written something showing how much he appreciates these men and why and avoided altogether defaming women.

      Instead, he has caused a huge division and alienated women. I feel like he might flounce off too – but he hasn’t got much to flounce off to. And that’s not a dig, I am aware that he was a brilliant writer, I love his shows, and I know he was punished for speaking out for women. It’s horrible how much he has lost for saying “Men aren’t women tho”.

      I don’t think he would have done any of this if he knew the price he’d have to pay. I think he’d have kept his head down like most of them. I think he over estimated how much clout he had and thought that as a tall, white man who was very respected he could say a few things and he’d get away with it. I think it was his pride that caused the fall. He couldn’t bear to be told to shut up – although he’s ok telling women to shut up it seems.

      I’m a little worried for him tbh. I do hope he’s ok. Generally, I like him. I accept that he’s just a typical man, deep down, but still think he’s a decent human, despite his massive blind spots.

      Trans cultists must be delighted and laughing their heads off. What a foolish post. What a hill to die on – telling women to be nice to AGP men.

      He should just take it down, write a brief apology for defaming women and move on.

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      1. I just wrote a very similar comment to yours, shorter and less eloquent. I agree with this completely. Graham is screwed.

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      2. Yes. This entire palaver could have been avoided, or at least minimized to a very great extent had Graham been able to surmount his pride for just long enough to listen to and absorb what women have been trying to politely tell him for months on end, apologize, take down all of these specious accusations and move on.

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  10. OVARIT USER CRODISH, thank you for calling Black Circe to the ovarit thread. I absolutely love her thoughts and hope she visits.

    Additionally, I see some discussion regarding Karen, and whether or not she deserves support.

    The answer to that is YES. Absolutely, yes. I happen to believe that Karen is correct in (at least)most of her assessments, but even if she is wrong, she will still have my support simply because she is a woman. I always side with women over males.

    WOMEN FIRST. End of.

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    1. I do not always side with women over males. For example: In the 1990s, in Maine, U.S.A., we had a man who got a 100 percent rating from NOW (I know, I know, liberal feminists) for his stance on health care, education, and other issues of interests to women; he also stood for retooling America’s war machine to build trains, etc. He was running against Olympia Snowe, an absolutely godawful Republican, the sort who threw typewriters at her office personnel and drooled over the Salvadoran generals who were busy killing people. Needless to say, she won as she was far more in line with both political parties; George Mitchell, a Democrat, was obviously more comfortable with Snowe than with his fellow Democrat.

      There are times when one has to think independently. We have Susan Collins now as one of our senators, the woman who brought us Neil Gorsuch, Brett Kavanaugh, and Amy Coney Barrett as she was instructed to do by her billionaire backer Leonard Leo, a knight of malta (they want to return the world to feudalism, and I’m not exaggerating or kidding). She is an utter horror show and I would vote for anyone half-decent who opposed her.

      To all the commenters and radfem, terrific read!

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      1. I understand your points. And I want to clarify my position, a little.

        I don’t have any particular position about patriarchal politicians, because it’s not my government. It’s not for me. It’s not about me. It’s not for or about any woman.

        Patriarchal systems exist to do only one thing-they advantage males, at the expense of women. Patriarchal systems will never do anything at all positive for women because these male systems exist to do the very opposite. Expecting patriarchal government to represent us is like asking water to cease being wet.

        In the states, poll after poll after poll, from both left and right wing ideologies, show that 75% or more people (on average) do not care if women have abortions. But the government still regulates each and every uterus, even when it kills us, because it very clearly advantages males to force women to give birth.

        That’s just one example. Most governments have female representation, but women are still not free. Male supremacist governments allow female participation as long as those women center males, and the women are used as pawns to further advantage males. For one example, in Russia, domestic violence was so out of control, and the police were so overwhelmed with DV calls, that the Russian government response was to decriminalize it, to take pressure off the (male) police system and to shut the inconvenient, abused women up. And that legislation was brought forth by women in their government.

        All politicians in a patriarchy are patriarchal. The government protects and advantages males, it exists to do only that. Female politicians are patriarchal politicians. They do they work of the patriarchy.

        But women fight over their position, which is that of a controlled entity for male use, amongst ourselves. We stay divided over it. The states has democrats and Republicans, and I have seen women interact horribly with each other, over which male supremacist side is the side for women, when no such thing exists.

        In my observation, female politicians are doing what they have to do to secure a few crumbs of success from the male table. Which is behavior that I ignore. I know full well who Olympia snowe is, and she is a horrible patriarchal politician. Which is the only kind.

        She is not my problem. I see women pander to males all of the time, but that’s not why we are where we are. We are here because of male dominance, male supremacy and male violence.

        I get told off about voting, about how women fought for me to have the right to vote. While I appreciate the work that women did before me to give me that right, I am much more interested in the other things (almost 20 of them) that women demanded when a few courageous women went to Seneca falls to demand liberation for women, way back when. Yet, most women can’t even name 2 of the other demands.

        The only thing that I ever hear about is that we won the right to vote. The other demands are never mentioned.

        There’s a very clear reason for that.

        I have written about politics, at length. And I appreciate the position of women who participate, but I refuse to participate in male supremacist systems, so much as I can, because participating lends legitimacy. I won’t pretend that patriarchy will do something for me, if only I vote enough, or protest enough, or participate enough. Women are not represented in male governments, and I refuse to uphold the lie that we are. I will not support it.

        Where I live, there’s a little store where males used to hang out in a group of 6bor 7 and drink coffee. There were always 2, but sometimes 3, races represented, at a minimum, and all ages and classes. I went in once, a while back, and 2 were having some kind of argument, it was becoming a little heated. The argument was between an old male and a younger one, maybe in his 20s, and they were 2 different races.

        So I decided to say “hey, did any of you guys hear about Bill Cosby? What do you think?”

        Sister. I had to speak twice to get their attention, but every single male there synced up, into a very cohesive group. At that time, Cosby had just been sent to prison. When I finally got them to hear me, any and all disagreement stopped, so that every single dude could say something like “you know he didn’t do it”, “those women are just trying to get rich”, “those women are ugly” and one or 2 more of the same “logic” that males use to dismiss male rape of women.

        I try to practice that kind of loyalty directed at other women. This is what I mean when I say I always choose other women. There are a few exceptions, there are a few women that I would never show loyalty to, but with very rare exception, I would never drag a woman in public.

        Women are just trying to survive in a hostile environment that is not of their creation. However they are doing that, is not my problem. My problem is MALE.

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      2. I totally understand your point, radfemspiraling, and respect your perspective. I am fortunate that in Maine I occasionally have something of a choice, though I feel that is gone due to transgenderism. But I am willing to lobby politicians against it, and if anyone showed up with some moxie to oppose it I would definitely support her (never financially, but with my vote if she wasn’t a stinker). I agree that politicians support the patriarchy and capitalism, but when you see everyday suffering such as hungry children and a governor who literally wanted to take the food out of the mouths of children you make noise (the legislature overrode his refusal to take federal money for lunch programs during the summer) and sometimes you vote. If I lived someplace totally corrupt I would probably never vote.

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      3. Several states tried to refuse the federal lunch program money. It’s appalling.

        Breakfast and lunch should be provided at every school, for every child. We had an assistant governor in the 2010s who compared poor, hungry people (children specifically) to stray dogs, that his grandmother told him that if you feed a hungry dog, they just want more food and it’s cruelty to feed poor people, who just need more food and will bother you for it with the entitlement that you create by feeding them. Like stray dogs.

        I’m in south Carolina. Where life is oh so fucking precious.

        My personal goal posts have shifted. When I was younger, I could see us all walking slowly out of the cage. I was a part of so much progress, and I had enjoyed so many freedoms that women before me fought for me to have, and I loved believing that we were blazing an even bigger trail for the younger women behind us.

        Now, not only are we being shoved back into that fucking cage, but males have thrown on the femininity costume while they are forcing us back in, claiming to be us, claiming that they are in the cage, too, and have always been, and we were just too stupid to see them because they have always been women. Males have made the cage legally, socially, politically a part of our existence, we cannot only NOT ESCAPE, but being in that cage is what makes us women, according to the males prancing in and out of it at will, as it benefits them.

        I don’t petition males for fuckall, honestly, if they know we want something, they go out of their way to destroy it, ruin it, or hoard it for themselves. I just hope that if we manage to reach enough women, that some of us will have peace, living as free as possible from male domination, because that’s as good as it is going to get for those of us that want liberation.

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      4. We have to keep ourselves in a good place mentally, spiritually and physically in order to keep fighting. Your mind grows new brain cells every day. We do not have to bend to this gale force. Please, sisters, find your times to be in nature, to have your centered self. I need you.

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      5. I’m guessing you don’t have referenda in South Carolina! We do and it’s a useful tool. Quebec Hydro — which flooded indigenous people’s lands to make “clean power” — spent $72 million lobbying Maine voters to vote no on a referendum against our power company’s plan to run transmission lines through western Maine to Massachusetts when QH is already selling the power to New York (but they’ll make more money selling it to Mass which I am guessing passed some zero emissions legislation; if you really want to get me started talk to me about all this green crap! just another patriarchal capitalist scam). My husband worked on an organic farm this summer with a bunch of brain-dead 30-somethings (all trans supporters of course) who didn’t even know about the referendum. I think transgenderism is a way for people who are completely politically unaware to feel good about themselves because they’re so damn “inclusive.”

        uteheggen, nature is what sustains me even though I’m severely disabled and can’t get out to the woods anymore. But I can watch the birds and the trees and the sky — no transgenderism, no patriarchy, no capitalism, just life. I’ve spent 36+ years NOT exploiting the fields and woods around me, but letting them recover from the extractive abuse they suffered.

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      6. I am happy to hear that you and others take solace and comfort in nature. I’ve been researching how to best restore my land and return native flowers to the forest floor, supporting more insects, which bring more birds. We have so many invasive species; Norway maples, ailanthus, garlic mustard, Japanese barberry. As I do this curating in favor of natives, we find more Jack-in-the-pulpit, violets, Solomon’s seal, wild phlox. My big success is with violets, the larval food of the great spangled fritillary butterflies. Since they do not migrate, I know that my increase of them over the years must have to do with my violet cultivation. Good luck on your land~

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      7. Not going to lie, I don’t even know what a referenda is.

        And the “green” crap. I live in a poor state, where most of the poor are, of course women. Where poverty is not seen as a circumstance, but as a moral failing.

        Until recently, all of the women I know do not have a fully functional kitchen. The majority don’t have a working refrigerator, at all, or a small one, if they are lucky. Lots of us don’t have working stoves (I currently don’t). Some live in hotels.

        And all of us take shit for using paper plates, paper cups, plastic baggies, etc. Because of COURSE, it’s not the fault of the corporations who are dumping literal tons of deadly crap into rivers, or decimating the planet in the all consuming male void of hoarding all resources and killing everything in their path while they do it. It’s the fault of poor women, who are feeding their kids on paper plates because their kitchen sink doesn’t work.

        Of course, our planet is likely dying. How could I possibly know? But if it is, males are responsible. The rest of us are busy surviving as best as we can, with children, parents, pets depending on us for care.

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      8. Hi, radfem, a referendum is what happens when enough signatures are collected, forcing the state to put a question on the ballot. For example, technically if we could get enough signatures we could force a question regarding putting men in women’s spaces, men in women’s sports, etc. If the legislature refuses to vote on the question or if the governor vetoes the question, it must be put on the ballot. And now the shits in Quebec are trying to say our referendum process is unconstitutional. Since it’s written into our state constitution I don’t think they are going to get anywhere.

        I totally agree with you about what has been done to the planet being the direct result of patriarchy. Patriarchy is the first process of seeing everything as an object (currently reading Robin Wall Zimmerer’s book Braiding Sweetgrass and she speaks a lot to the objectification of nature) for exploitation and domination. And I cannot abide people of a certain class (one of my favorite phrases) blaming poor people for their habits while the people of a certain class use far more resources than most of us. Notice how what we’re supposed to do for the climate involves buying more stuff? Electric cars, heat pumps, major house renovation, etc?

        The blaming of poor people reminds me of Fran Leibowitz’s comments regarding Bloomberg trying to make large sodas illegal in NYC: The man owns 11 houses and he’s trying to criminalize a poor person’s self-indulgence?

        I, too, live in a poor state, albeit one where urban, well-to-do people are busy buying up houses for the future, often leaving them sitting empty (while we lack sufficient housing) or renting them for high prices. When the federal government studied hunger in the U.S. in the 1960s, two places in New England had serious hunger issues, the Northeast Kingdom in Vermont and the state of Maine. I’m sure South Carolina registered on that study. I’m not sure poverty is still seen as a moral failing here (we’re a highly unchurched state), but I’ve certainly heard plenty of working-class people slamming the poor, even their own families!

        I am fortunate. My 1840 house still needs a lot of work, but I have clean water from a well and basic appliances. We heat with wood from our own trees. As a friend once said, compared to lots of people in Maine, we live in a mansion (that equates to the house not falling down!).

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      9. I own my property. As is the dream of girl children, everywhere(LO fucking L), I bought a mobile home, I got a 15 year mortgage on in in my late 20s. I just managed to pay it off, thanks to my (ex) mother in law, who carried the financial load at the last few months of the mortgage, back in 2014. I had paid over half of the mortgage when I married her son.

        No one could blast me out of here. I own it. It’s mine. Well, so long as I can pay the yearly taxes on it, the male government will allow me to pretend it’s mine. And I am leaving it to my great niece, who is currently 4 years old (or maybe 5, my brain is tired).

        My sister and I have this conversation all of the time, wherein I say that of all wealth worldwide, 99% is hoarded by males, only 1% is held by women. She is one of many that fails to understand that centuries of males violently gatekeeping education, cash, employment, opportunities and advantages is what keeps us so poor, she is all “but now, women have equal opportunity”, as if catching up is so easy and quick.

        Personally, I think that those of a certain class decided to somewhat “level the playing field” because they had already secured all the ground. So that they can point to the poor and say “see? They have advantages and opportunities now, yet, they are still poor because stupid and lazy!” The context is obscured, and any class analysis is dismissed as being excuses.

        We just recently started having empty shelves, due to supply chain issues, and somehow, the poor have the excess cash lying around to be hoarding the supplies. Like, has no one met a poor woman? She has no excess cash to hoard anything, especially if she has kids or other dependents. But it’s all the fault of the KARENS.

        A few years ago, the UN came in and looked at Alabama, you might remember, and the UN released a report that Alabama is in a “3rd world state”, with the poor lacking access to water and functioning plumbing, specifically toilets, (the whole thing was sparked by so many people in Alabama getting intestinal worms), and Nikki Hailey, who had some position in trump’s government, wrote a letter in response that read “AMERICA FREEDOM FREEDOM BOOTSTRAPIN’ GREATEST COUNTRY EVAR FREEDOM FREEDOM FREEEEEEDDDOOOOMMM”.

        I was like, WHAT?

        As an aside, Hailey was our governor, and she did one of my favorite pieces of SC legislation. So many people here refused to evacuate for hurricanes because their companion animals were not allowed to evacuate with them, and some of those people died, as a result of refusing to evacuate and staying with their pets. Hailey got a law through that we are allowed to take our companion animals with us to state provided shelter. I will always love her for that. As a person with 2 senior dogs and a chicken. (Who you can see on YouTube at my channel, Hekate Jayne). (If you are interested in seeing the 2 best dogs and the most extraordinary chicken).

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      10. Hi susansiens, I find the ‘reply’ thing on WordPress a bit weird, as well. Which is why I’m talking about the sky up here, miles away from your ‘sky’ comments!

        Don’t have the pleasure of watching the sky over an ocean although in the past have been able to look at it over a river. The moon over a river is just the best. The moon anywhere and everywhere is the best. I do like a nice photo of the sky over the sea, that works for me as a good substitute for the real thing. With the UK having such a long coastline we get a lot of photos like that in the newspapers which I love. I get proper stressed when I can’t see the sky or the moon. The fond memories I have of flats (apartments) I have lived in are nothing to do with how nice the flat was; it’s all about how easy it was for me to see the sky. My love affair with the sky is the reason, I think, I like paintings by Turner, Constable, Canaletto. Big sky.

        Isn’t there an American film called Big Sky? With Jean Simmons? I seem to remember from way back. It was set in Montana, I think. Can’t remember the story but, oh my, the shots of the sky and the horizon. Amazing. Maybe it’s called Big Country. Can’t remember. Beautiful photography.

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  11. I remember reading his thinkpiece and thinking wtf. One thing I would like to seek clarification on is your position on tactics on how to organise. For instance;
    “Let me say at the start that it’s annoying to have male participation in our matters, mostly down to the fact that males are the problem. I wonder why they think that women are so helpless, so incompetent, so weak, that we NEED THE MENZ.”
    I agree totally that men should be excluded from the political method of removing patriarchal class relations (turkeys dont vote for christmas) but there are definitely people in the class struggle who have a shared goal here. It is middle class ‘enlightened’ and ‘educated’ males and their sycophants who are seeking to infiltrate the liberation movement, and you are ignoring the class content of what they are speaking about when they come out with “PORN IS EMPOWERING and TWAW and SEX WORK IS WORK”. The whole point of the class struggle is to pull women out of the degradation of prostitution and pornography, and get women into the workplace, and as we improve conditions of working people and restore the dignity of working class labour, women will rise alongside men, but I know that the whole point of success in capitalism (read, Aspiration, Social Mobility, Priviledge in regards to Under-Privilege, another great word salad the Americans concocted) is to escape the working class precisely as those gains that men and women worked so hard for have been eroded by the very same men who would have us believe that TWAW, PORN IS EMPOWERING, etc.
    I will leave you with a quote by Magdalen Berns
    “The single issue approach [Radical Feminism] allow you to make alliances to suit your cause, you dont have to bring a bunch of people together and get the to agree on everything all the time, so thats the activist approach I think works for women, especially given that we dont have much power’.
    P.S. I was raised by a single mother, and I’m not gonna go into cliches about how she raised me right to respect women or whatever saccharine garbage you have heard as an excuse. But Gail Dines said, and I will paraphrase ‘Feminists are the only people who believe in men more than the pornographers do… my son is worth more than this’. My mum didnt raise me to be a John or a misogynist, unfortunately, these middle class oppurtunists who have masterminded these Sex-Work slogans were raised to be Johns (or at least the very least, never gave them the tools to recognise how the world will pressure you into thinking that its okay to be one) and seek to normalise it.
    My writing is rough and I am not skilled at it, theres a lot I’m missing out and theres a lot that I am not getting across in the best way possible. I’m not saying that working class people are automatically good by comparison, theres a shit load of work to be done there as well, but thats what the struggle is. I’m also not saying ‘Its not all men’, I’m saying that there are men like me (and in my experience, Workers parties tend to have a healthy 50/50 sex composition) who have dedicated years of our life to womens lib by way of class struggle and I dont want to be lumped in with perverts, paraphiles, pornography addicted and pornography normalised cuttlefish and their flunkies. Dont want to be associated middle class apologists neither. No, thank you.

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    1. I take your point that there is a class aspect to this, and many have noticed that gender ideology and sex-work-is-work are typically middle class religious beliefs. I also fully agree with the Magdelen Bern’s quote. We don’t have to agree on everything, and there is value in a diversity of tactics and diversity of opinions. I for one am glad of any partial or full ally. I will accept what is useful from them and ignore the rest.

      However, you completely devalue all of your points with your last two paragraphs, going on and on about yourself, and then not all men -ing yourself (yes you did). “I don’t want to be lumped in with perverts, paraphiles, pornography additcted” etc. And there is the crux of your post – you are Not Like The Other Men, because Not All Men, and certainly not a man like yourself. You are personally offended by women pointing out that it is largely men who are perverts and porn users. Because you are a man.

      This is evidence right here of the other class struggle which you completely ignore, of XX vs XYs. As a member of the male class, you automatically side with men, and are automatically personally affronted at any criticism of them.

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      1. Firstly, thanks for your comment, I appreciate it. Always willing to see flaws in my arguments. I dont agree with you that I ignored the sex class struggle, I just couldnt figure out a way to neatly encompass the entire conception of history and the initial division of labour on a blog post. I hope I get the benefit of the doubt on that one. I think the whole womens liberation by way of class struggle would be enough of an explanation, but maybe not.
        All I can say is I have a right to disassociate with the most wretched qualities of my sex class and state the context of why. We have both gone through life being despised by powerful men and have suffered indignity after indignity. So I think the way to tackle that is through looking at it not just from a sex class perspective, but a class perspective as a whole.
        I also wasnt offended by women rightfully and truthfully pointing out that rapists and murderers are men. And I most certainly would not rush to the defense of Linehan based solely on sex, thats on you and I couldnt give a toss about what some dozy londoner thinks.
        In Solidarity.



        Misogyny and sexism prop up every other oppression. Get rid of that, and the rest fall because sexism and hatred of women is the cornerstone of all of the rest.

        And this is exactly why males will never address misogyny.

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      3. Truth. Even women in the “noble egalitarian struggle of the working class” know all about the Second Shift (cleaning house after working all day). Marx will save us all from the common enemy yadda yadda. Much elevated. So bullshit.

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    2. As a single mom, forced into this status by the father of my sons decision to larp about in permanent womanface, I appreciate your words about your mom. The problem I see now with movements on the left is the utter forced-teaming and capture in platforms proclaiming all cross-sex individuals constitute a vulnerable class and have to be added to any civil rights advocacy. My ex-husband is the COO of a very successful database management company and lied about his employment at all times to avoid financial obligations. If only I’d had basic minimum income when I was getting divorced, it would have made so much difference. Believe it or not, I still get comments from the right about how my problem was that I just couldn’t find another father figure for my young sons back then. I bet that’s what those guys having the Cosby conversation that radfemspiraling describes would have said. This is why I don’t see Karen Davis’ tone or content as extreme. She is advocating assertively. I think if women had any idea that the cross-sex ideology would evolve like it has, we would have been making it clear that women are female when they are born–you can’t become one any other way. We do not accept mentally ill men into the sisterhood, go back to the drawing board, gender surgeons!

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      1. I agree, Ute. KD isn’t at all extreme. She’s Socratic af and unapologetically passionate in her explications. Yet she scares the hell out of them. (Maybe they’re not used to unscripted critique? Dunno.)

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    3. Oliver1917, I’m echoing Ute here: props to your mother. I come from a working-class-borderine-poor family and I get what you’re saying. (Never thought we were poor growing up because in my childhood imagination poor folk didn’t have shoes. We had shoes. But I digress.) I know the class distinction here. I come from a family of immigrant farmers, coal miners, railroad workers, boat captains. A great grandpa helped smuggle German immigrants out of a coal company town. I know trade union culture.

      All to say yes, this trans bullshit is unapologetically middle- and upper-class-driven. Here in the U.S. it’s rampant in the tech sector, for good reason (time and money to indulge AGP behaviors and promulgate them online, where they live so much of their lives). Not to sanctify working-class men — there’s a different set of issues, as you well know, usually involving alcohol and leather belts. But no one in the working class, unless they’re sponsored by affirming government programs or fetishists with deep pockets, or are selling their bodies (likely, if they’re “old-school” transsexuals), has time or money for this bullshit. It’s a hobby grown out of leisure beliefs and unaddressed mental illness. My own brother transitioned from the retirement money I busted particular ass to get into his hands (from fixing up and selling our deceased parent’s house) — for, you know, retirement. So he could keep a roof over his head and eat. He wouldn’t have fully transed without those funds, because he wouldn’t have been able to. Wish I’d known that from the start, but live and learn.

      Billionaires with nothing better to do are also raining funds down on the AGP “subculture” — Jennifer Bilek has the receipts. Linehan and AM have no business telling anyone how we should feel about this, least of all women.

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  12. Mm, clearly I’m not getting the hang of this! My ‘100% this’ reply was for Antigone’s Thoughts on Graham post. Robust and angry, yes, and with good reason. But, actually, also measured, thoughtful, even kind. All of the things that have NOT been present in all of the angry, abusive crap thrown at women generally and at Karen Davis specifically in recent weeks (months, actually). I LOVED Antigone’s comments on that Linehan substack thread. I was electrified!!

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    1. There were quite a few women on that thread kicking ass, including Karen, of course, also Rex Landy, who was also banned.

      WordPress is sometimes tricky. Even when using it in the app. It’s easy to misplace a reply, goddess knows, I do that all of the time.

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      1. Yes, there were many ace women in that thread. Rex Landy is … well, I don’t have the words. A force of nature, obvs. She’s brilliant, she’s beautiful, she takes no shit, she gives no fucks. And then to ban her! Men should be grateful she can be bothered to read their badly argued, poorly worded, childish statements. They should read her comments and learn. They should read all of the comments from all of those angry women in that substack thread and learn as much as they can.

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      2. This is the first I’ve known that Rex Landy was banned. I am very upset by that. I love her directness, no tiptoeing around, no taking any shit, such a relief from the usual, middle-class crap that I have had to deal with all my life. (“Can’t you just be nicer, Susan?” “Can’t you just stuff your passion and be bourgeois like us?”) I didn’t like the attitude of the transwidow who took issue with Rex’s direct words of encouragement to women in that situation to LEAVE, LEAVE, LEAVE (which Rex did and as she pointed out her child was not harmed by staying in that horrible situation).

        I’m now going to chew on my anger.

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  13. My thoughts on Graham.

    He is a decent bloke, as men go. He stumbled into the debate and did not have any idea of what he was doing to himself when he spoke up for reality. He thought many other men would follow suit. He was shocked when they didn’t.

    As a tall, white man who had made a name for himself in comedy, he expected a certain amount of respect. He railed against not getting that. Most women would have just deleted the tweets and moved on, but he was stunned by what was happening.

    And he did also genuinely think what was happening was wrong. But as a man he could never understand that men will savage you for fun, no matter whether you are right or not.

    He got himself further and further into it. Some of it was decency, and an attachment to reality. Some of it was ego and pride.

    When he started losing work sunk cost fallacy came into play.

    He had gotten himself too far embroiled in it all, he had to keep going.

    As men goes, he’s a good man. But there is always that “but women just need to do as I say and it will all be ok” in him.

    I am deeply disappointed that he blocked me, but didn’t block the trolling fucktard I responded to. Men troling, harassing and verbally abusing women should not be accepted on his site. if he had blocked us both, I’d have been happy with equitable treatment.

    I think it’s probably time he stood down now. He’s done as much for as he can really do. But I doubt he will.

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    1. I agree with everything that you said.

      Also, I would like to add that he took every bit of this PERSONALLY, as males do. This is no longer a political battle for him, he has made it about his boyfriends and (what he views as) the “disrespect” that they are “suffering” at the hands of “sadistic, toxic” women.

      I don’t know if this is an ingrained thing, or what, but he defends males first, and then women who LARP as male, and he is defending them against women who are standing up for ourselves.

      And he is reversing it, claiming that women are the problem.

      Well, what’s new? His emotions are ruling him, as once again, we see that males are ruled by emotions and personal upset.

      I knew he was trouble when he made a joke about being afraid of his “angry wife”, because angry women are so frightening HAHAHAHA. Women don’t make jokes about angry males. Perhaps if males were killed at the rate of 3 a week in the UK by women, as is true of males killing women, he wouldn’t find anything funny about it, either.

      Males kill 7 women every 24 hours in my country. So I don’t find any joke present, in those stats, either. Female “violence” is funny to males because it literally never happens, even when it should. Males can fuck off with that bullshit reversal.

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      1. Yes, I am quite sure he was pissed off with me because I had very politely and respectfully and factually told him he was wrong. He was really just waiting for a chance to boot me.

        Liked by 4 people

      2. And I knew I was in danger of being booted. But telling that syphilitic misogynistic trolling shitstain what I thought of him was worth one month’s subscription. And because Substack allows editing now I was able to add a couple of edits to my posts asking Graham if he only booted women who stood up to men.

        Worth it.

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      1. Oh here, I can reply to you here! I too love the sky, just love watching clouds roll past, the colors, everything. When I last visited a friend in Boston I couldn’t stand not being able to see the sky — and her neighborhood was only three-deckers — without having to hold my neck horizontally. And the sky over the ocean? Is anything more sublime?

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  14. I’d like to point out that my fuck off you trolling fucktarded twatbangle comment was a reply to a man who trolled me – it’s not super easy to see that here 😀

    He jumped into the threat screeching something about something that had nothing whatsoever to do with anything I had said. It was obvious he was “Betty” whom I had told to stop trolling earlier. He got his arse handed to him.

    So then, instead of simply shutting comments off (as he did anyway) Graham defended the man and banned the woman.


    Here’s the thread.

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    1. Thread. Not threat. Although, Freudian slip (another man who knew that women were being abused horribly by men and used his power to harm them further).

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    2. Your frustration and disappointment came through, and I don’t think that I saw it just because I know you, in this circumstance, I think that you very clearly conveyed it. And it needed to be conveyed.

      Also, I thought your use of certain words was very poignant and appropriate. Sometimes, those words work the best to get across anger. And I think that’s why women are denied use of them as “unfeminine”. But I should have made it clearer, and shown what you were responding to.

      I find it interesting that you were also called a male, lol, and accused of having more than one account. The women here will know better than that.

      All that to say WELL DONE, MY SISTER. I am, once again, proud to know you.

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      1. I believe this is related. On Kellie-Jay’s youtube channel recently, she brought up the issue emerging on the new platform Gettr: blokes say feminism is the cause of Gender Ideology, clogging up the messaging with accusations. I woke up with the realization that perhaps they got this idea from the capture of Women’s Studies departments by Gender Studies in universities, where men are taking academic seats designated for women. Trans woo has always been the Trojan Horse. It is pushed in through coercion and deceit on all levels; the individual, where my then husband tried to coerce me into being “Stephanie” and staying “for the family”, to the legislative, where the president signs executive action exchanging the phrase “gender identity” for sex, plus, force-teaming of civil rights with gender woo rights. I supposedly had the right, as signed into my divorce in 1998, to prevent my ex-husband from claiming to be the mother of our children on documents. He did it anyway though, knowing that fighting this legally would impoverish me. Now, because of that dirty word, “gender”, in many states, fathers can legally demand the right to be identified as mothers of their children, and it’s written into the divorce, signed by judges. It was quite an aha moment, when Isabella called my story on her channel, Whose Body Is It, by the title Mother Erasure.

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    3. I think you were fabulous Antigone, I just liked all your comments as I couldn’t have said anything better!
      I won’t be subscribing to Glinner anymore, I think he’s probably lost a lot of support over this stupidness.

      Liked by 4 people

      1. When my sub runs out, I won’t be renewing. He buys into practically every other pile of garbage mainstream media shovels our way and I’m sick of his McCarthyism. He’s just a mainstream dude believing whatever the BBC and the Guardian put forth — both funded by Bill Gates — unless it’s gender ideology.

        But, oh, the fawning women! One commenter actually said Glinner and Posie were the only people opposing this nonsense! There are so many organizations and individuals far more radical than either of them and I replied to her mentioning several off the top of my head.

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      2. I just recently saw on ovarit women singing his praises AGAIN and arguing his greatness, even with women who were pointing out his problematic behavior.

        Our memories are very short, it would seem.

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    4. Did GL ever stop writing for an audience, though?

      My own impression — he hasn’t been supporting women so much as performing as someone who opposes TRA culture and therefore supports women, for an audience of mostly women.

      That seems like a disingenuous dynamic. And explains why he can’t/won’t tolerate informed criticism.

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      1. Interesting theory. Hadn’t really thought of it like that but I can see what you’re getting at. Stopped watching TMWI months ago but I imagine, this week, there will be lots of supportive things being said about the Jennifer Swayne situation. Which is great. Wonderful. But it won’t erase the fact of previous explosions of intolerant rage towards ‘difficult wimmins’. And I’m not talking about ‘purity’ nonsense. I’m talking about consistency, intelligent support, actually listening to women. Just basic stuff that you would expect from any ‘ally’.

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  15. Yes, that was me, and yes after taking out a subscription so I could comment, and being trolled by a man, and responding to him appropriately, Graham banned me. Sigh.

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    1. When he banned you did your subscription immediately get canceled or did you still have to go cancel it manually yourself?


  16. It is unfortunate that there are so many ersatz gender critical “post-ops” trying to say they thought they were in a special and unique rare bird species, how is that so many teens and confused young adult females are joining our species? They’ll say, “Yes, I have doubts, I have regrets, but I’d do it again.I’d just do it differently.”

    We warrior women see through this. We see the hypocrisy and danger to kids in this appeasement. Post-op eunuchs, male and female, should work on their own shattered lives and leave the leadership to women preserving female spaces and sex-based rights. Long live Karen Davis, warrior woman from Ute, the Banned!

    Liked by 7 people

      1. Lida! RFSpiraling! We need to get some replies up on this new video on A Wider Lens Youtube channel, the interview with (“anthropologist?”) Paul Vasey.

        He compares “lesbianism” in observed in Japanese macaques to human female sexuality and pulls in the Trojan Horse of “third sex” as demonstrated by gay men in Samoa. OMG. I will be writing a post on mine about it at

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    1. Totally! A dude on Glinner told me that trans — you know, the “good” kind — are important because they can speak to this mindfuckery better than anyone else. NO, I said. Women are the important people in this movement not men. The dude has made some good points in the past, this not being one of them, but after many discussions I have finally realized he is an acolyte of progress, though he thinks he is a skeptic. Men are so illogical!

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      1. It is best for us to calmly continue to center women, all of our roles, as we contend with this struggle. No, cross-sex obsessed individuals are not the best interpreters and they never have been. They contradict each other and themselves. They have regrets they don’t want to speak about, it might make them realize they made a mistake they can’t reverse. When these individuals claim all the airtime without pushback, they come up with crazy nonsense like the “gender unicorn” and talk about how they have always loved baking bread, that’s it, the final proof! Pun intended, for the bakers among us.

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      2. Baking bread, haha! My nephew loves to bake bread and cook — he makes excellent jam — and he knows what sex he is! What the hell does bread-making have to do with one’s sex? Btw, baxter is the old word for female bakers, old as in early medieval era.

        What I really don’t like is centering fetishists; I am not interested in what they have to say and I don’t want to look at their fetishes. I still remember what a man who transitioned then detransitioned said about ALL the trans individuals he came into contact with, whether male or female: they were all utter narcissists. And I can believe it because it takes a woman who has no concern for other women, no interest in feminism or feminist history, just a woman who thinks men have it all. And I want to be clear I’m not talking about the Keira Bells of this world who were preyed upon by gender ideologists.

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  17. Brilliant. Succint. Entertaining. Important. Shout it loud, sister! I’m here via Karen Davis’ community page. Thank you for defending her against this shit and for speaking the truth. No apologies. No compromise. Graham can spout whatever crap he wants but we haven’t got time for that. Sadist? Karen Davis is a fucking warrior and you’re right up there too. Thank you so much.

    Liked by 6 people

      1. I post GC under the name, Jayne Harris. I don’t post much because my comments are almost always removed.

        I have a personal account that is not related to GC because it is just videos of 2 dogs and a chicken, that one is Hekate Jayne.


  18. I think my first comment has disappeared into the ether. I’ll try again!

    Just wanted to say thanks for this piece, it is brilliant. Thanks also for defending Karen Davis. She’s a sadist? Really? No, she isn’t, Graham, and using language that is inaccurate but also emotive and highly manipulative is irresponsible. Also, massively unhelpful to women.

    I absolutely loved this piece. It was just what we needed. Now I’m gonna dive into the rest of your blog.

    Liked by 5 people

    1. Welcome, zuli!

      I hold all first comments for approval, but once I approve it, you are able to comment without it going to moderation. You should be able to comment freely, now.

      Thank you, and thanks for visiting. I hope to hear more from you.

      Liked by 2 people

      1. I realize that I am not everyone’s cup of tea, because I choose women first, every time, while not giving any kind of fuck about male feelings.

        WOMEN FIRST. No matter age, race, ethnicity, even if they don’t like me, even when they might be wrong. I will always side with women first. Every time.

        Thank you for your kind words.

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      1. Hello, radfemspiraling! I just started a blog on my experiences as ex wife of a cross-sex ideating man. It is named I hope to provide support to ex wives in my shoes, families and all of us who shoulder the burdens of trans appeasement and coercion. Here is the word equation I got banned from YouTube for: deceit+coercion=mother erasure
        Thanks for being there! Ute

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      2. I will mention this in my next post, thank you for letting me know.

        I will also be following you. Good luck in your endeavors, my sister. 💜

        ETA: Can you provide me a link to your blog? Also, a link to buy your book?

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