Wrap Up. TransWidow Blog. #NotOurCrimes. Fatal herpes from C sections. Marriage without the exhausting Y.

Ute Heggen is now blogging, here on WordPress, please check her out. YouTube banned her because YouTube hates women. She has also been on Karen Davis’s channel, if you missed it, it’s well worth the watch.



A Slightly Twisted Female channel on YouTube has started a series, #NotOurCrimes, documenting males committing crimes while claiming to have the all important ladydick.



In the UK, two new mothers died of a herpes infection after cesarean sections. Neither had herpes before giving birth, and their babies are not infected.



Platonic life partnership is a viable alternative to traditional marriage for women seeking loyalty, commitment and respect without saddling themselves with a manbaby.


In case you missed it, males can never be women.

Happy Wednesday, sisters!


3 thoughts on “Wrap Up. TransWidow Blog. #NotOurCrimes. Fatal herpes from C sections. Marriage without the exhausting Y.

    1. I am following you, I will be catching up on your posts this afternoon.

      I know women are human ran an excerpt from your book. If you are selling it, please link it somewhere on your blog or make a post about it. I would be honored to purchase a copy.

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      1. Dear RFS and community! My book is at the publisher’s but not out yet. I am impatient myself! Will keep you posted. The ebook will be quite reasonable. Yes, there are 3 excerpts in books/media section of womenarehuman.com. As well, a short read of my recent discovery of my ex-husband’s true wealth is in the Our Voices section of transwidowsvoices.org, under “Bertina”. Tinsel Angel there had me use another pen name. Even across the pond, she is afraid of Neddy, the COO of a tech company suing her for something or other.

        I will try to give this community a daily nature photo and connectedness thoughts (we have to preserve our mental health!) as well as tidbits about my story as the ex-wife of a cross dresser, usually 2 paragraphs, a short read. I have reverted back to cross dresser for the category my ex occupies. All the other words are made up propaganda.

        BTW, there is a podcast of D and S Hayton at Ourpath.org (formerly Straight Spouses Network, note the linguistic capture). Just put in their names in the podcast section and it comes up. The nonsense and outside influence of the diagnosis, the trauma caused to S Hayton, are all there, in their own words. And again, the interviewer devotes most of the time, in a non-profit for the SPOUSES AND EX SPOUSES, to his royal highness, David H. Just, wow.


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