It’s HER decision. End of.

Good day, my sisters, before we get down to it today, there are 2 pieces of business that need addressing.

The first is that 2 of our favorite women recently did a live stream, of course, I am speaking about Ute and Karen, if you missed it, please, do go and check it out. (Also, we need to know about this, Ute!)

The second is a woman centered blogger, here on WordPress, Navigating by Shadow, please have a look, supporting female bloggers just takes a few minutes of your time.

Thanks for reading, now, onto today’s business……

As an individual woman who supports the bodily autonomy of women, any woman, for any reason, I have refused to comment on the reasons that a woman (or girl) may choose to abort.

It’s not my business. It’s not your business.

In a world where women enjoyed complete bodily autonomy, I wouldn’t even KNOW her reason, and THIS IS AS IT SHOULD BE. It’s not my body. Therefore, it’s not my business, it’s not my decision.


I know some individual women who specifically did NOT want to have a son, who preferred a daughter, for many of her own reasons. I remember reading a woman in a comments section years ago saying that she refused to give birth to a person who would outrank her in her own house. Specifically, speaking for myself, I have never been pregnant, but if I ever had been, biological sex would have been a factor, because I would not want to be forced to raise a son, and this is based largely not only on my personal experience of males, but on the many conversations of women with adult sons, as well as how sons routinely treat their mothers, even down to acts of male terrorism and violence from sons against mothers.

Many women do not want to be chained to males as a mother, not only because they are uncomfortable with birthing males, for whatever their personal reasons happen to be, but also because it has been routinely shown that she is very often unable to influence her son into being a kind and decent person when all of patriarchal society tells him that women exist as his personal servants, that he is superior to women, and that women exist to love him unconditionally, however he treats us.

Too often, women will gift a male with life, generously given to him from his mother, who shared the better part of a year creating his life in her own body, culminating in the hard physical and life endangering labor to bring him into the world. She has been taught that sons are far more important than daughters, in most cultures, in almost ALL cultures. And she has been taught to love him unconditionally, no matter what he does, she has been taught to be loyally devoted to him, to defend him, and many times, she raises her children alone, providing all of the physical necessities that children need, all of the food, clothing, shelter, and many times, she will go without for herself so that he can have.

Yet, for all of this, many times, he is not thankful, he refuses to return respect and love for her consistent generosity.

Instead, he looks at his mother as his first female servant, as the first woman who existed in servitude to him, who he is entitled to use, abuse, and make demands of, while engaging in the classic male reversal that SHE somehow owes HIM.

Please consider these things when women speak about not wanting to birth sons.

Do you support abortion on demand? Then you support women who would abort male fetuses because they do not want to birth sons.

That’s the end of that discussion.

When I see women judging women who talk about aborting male fetuses, those women need to prioritize the women who they are judging more than the fetus.

Please, stop calling these women who want abortion CRAZY. Stop calling her UNHINGED. Stop telling her that WE NEED MALES. Stop telling her that your opinion of her decision is valid, it is not.

Is this a problem? Anywhere in the world? Are crazy, unhinged women aborting male fetuses so much and so often that we have millions of males missing?

Do you support our right to bodily autonomy?

Do you support a woman’s right to abort for any reason?

Then it’s only right that you support all women.

If you, as a woman, think abortion is wrong for ANY REASON, then you give males ammunition to use against the class of women. Abortion is not about opinion, it is about RIGHTS and PRIVACY. When women comment on the bodily autonomy of other women, it’s implied that women should only have rights within the public opinion, because some of these crazy, unhinged women want to abort for crazy, unhinged reasons.

There is no wrong reason to abort. Or in other words, birth all of the males that you want to, I will absolutely support your right to do that. Just as I support abortion on demand, for any reason.

I support mothers. ALL MOTHERS. I support child free women, ALL OF THEM. I support women, ALL OF THEM. Even when they hate me, even when they think that I am wrong, or even when I think that they are wrong.

And if I can’t support them, I remain quiet. Whatever they are doing is not my problem. My problem is male.


2 thoughts on “It’s HER decision. End of.

  1. This is what I call unconditional support for women – and I applaud and crave it. It’s what we need to survive in this woman-hating world. I really despair when I see other bloggers and youtubers hack each other to bits because of something or other she doesn’t agree with. I’m not talking about valuable criticism – we could all have a bit more of that. I’m talking about, meh, she’s mocking me, she’s making videos about me, she said I’m not a feminist, or vice versa. It’s unnecessary, a waste of time and energy, and the very thing males feed on. I’m so sick of it… Thanks for being on all women’s side, instead of only those who agree with you and whom you like.

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    1. Thank you, and welcome to the blog. I am happy to see you.

      I kind of hated writing this post, to be honest. I don’t like discussing abortion, because there shouldn’t be a discussion. But of course, it’s a discussion because each uterus is controlled by male power and systems.

      And I don’t like to chastise women, for any reason. Which is why I didn’t link to the fucking legion examples of women saying derogatory things about women who want/need abortion.

      But I will say that I have seen on ovarit (at least twice) young women attempt to start the discussion about how they would abort a male fetus, and they were verbally torn apart and the discussions were disappeared. At those times, I hated that I am not a member, because I absolutely would have sided with their inalienable right to bodily autonomy, for any reason they choose. They were talking about exercising their inalienable right, only to be attacked by other women.

      Just no. We need class solidarity and we need to support each other. If I don’t want to birth male children, or children at all, that doesn’t mean that I am judging mothers, I absolutely am not. Mothers get all of my support, too. Individual decisions are not a statement on the different decisions of others, which seems to be part of the issue, I think.

      I just know that there’s no right or wrong reason for abortion, there’s only HER REASON. Her reason should never be up for debate. It’s private and no one else’s business.

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