ShoutOut to Ovarit Sisters. About PIV in relation to our inalienable rights.

There’s a thread over on ovarit about what has just happened in Florida, here in the states, and one of the comments made by one of the PenisKings about women’s rights kind of sums up exactly how males view us, and their collective exertion of ownership and control of our bodies……

“Being a parent even when you want your child is fundamentally a sacrifice. But it is a privilege. It is a gift that God has given us all. It is the highest gift that he can give us,” Rep. Randy Fine (R) said. “You’ve got two sets of rights that are fundamentally in conflict. You’ve got the right of a woman to do what she wants with her body. And you have the right of a baby to exist. And both of these rights cannot exist at the same time.”

Idiot dick dragger, link above

At least he doesn’t pretend to respect you, or care about you, at least he is acknowledging the incubating appliance that XY think you are, and have oppressed us to be.

The fact that he speaks about the default humans, the humans that have generously provided a life to him and all his brothers, at a great physical, emotional, and financial cost to ourselves, as having no rights at all when we are impregnated by an erect dick, should have every single woman abandoning him, immediately, leaving him to his own devices to make his own fucking sandwiches and getting one of his brothers to fuck him, in our absence.

Why any woman would lower herself to interact with this dickbreather is beyond me.

I digress.

The interesting thing about abortion is that it was always something handled amongst women with no male involvement.

The REALLY interesting thing about abortion in the states is that it didn’t become an issue, until the late 1800s……

Abortions would become criminalized by 1880, except when necessary to save a woman’s life, not at the urging of social or religious conservatives but under pressure from the medical establishment — and the very organization that today speaks out in support of abortion access, Reagan explained.

Link directly above

It’s almost like women began to demand rights, and males very carefully, very sinisterly, turned abortion into an issue when women began to make progress in getting the male boot from our necks…….

The first wave of the feminist movement is usually tied to the first formal Women’s Rights Convention that was held in 1848.

Link directly above

I have said many times that as long as any woman anywhere is being dominated by a knuckle dragger XY, as long as any woman is being forced to give birth by the XY systems, that as long as ONE WOMAN is being subjugated to rape, then I will NEVER WILLINGLY PARTICIPATE IN PIV. Not ever.

And that stance has cost me dearly.


I was a person who enjoyed PIV. I enjoyed sexual activity with males.

And to all of the heterosexual women who are married to males, who live with males, who share their children and parenting with males, I ask you this.

Do you want to know how committed he is to you? Because I can tell you, I thought that my husband was committed to me, and that he appreciated my loyalty, my devotion, my companionship. And he did.

For almost 8 years without PIV.

If you want to know if he respects you as a human being who has the right to refuse PIV, then withdraw it.

I have to tell you, Mr. Jayne lasted for almost 8 years. I never bragged about it, I never “not my nigeled” him. Why would he get a trophy for not endangering my life? Pregnancy and birth is very often deadly to women, and he never carried the same risk that I do.

Additionally, I live in a state with only 1 abortion provider, no one that I personally know could afford the time, travel and expense of getting an abortion.


That includes your man.

That includes your sons, your fathers, your uncles, your boyfriend, your gay male friends, ALL OF THEM.

And to the women who say that it is unfair for women to ask you to give up PIV in class solidarity with all of us, is it really unfair?

Do you think that you can improve things for us, as a class, without personal sacrifice? Because I know that you understand that almost all patriarchal systems are built to insure sexual access to us, by males, as a male entitlement?

You know what this sounds like to me? It’s sounds like a lot of us have internalized PIV and other sexual activities that involve other people as a right.

That’s the male view of sex.

And here’s the rub. YOUR RIGHT TO SEX WITH A MALE STOPS AT HIS WANT. He built marriage with his sexual domination built right in.

If your want happens to fall in line with the right that he gives himself legally, socially, religiously, etc., that doesn’t mean that you choosing to participate in it is right and good for women, as a class.

I am not judging women, or berating them, we all have to survive and that includes a lot of interactions with males. Some of us are dependent on them, I know that I was. Many, many women judged me for not leaving my marriage, and I am fine with that, I hold no animosity towards them. Those women were correct, that marriage is not a good place for women, it’s not even a neutral place. Even though my marriage lasted almost 8 years past my opting out of PIV, he still decided to leave, partially based on my right to not be an on demand fuckhole, and you know what happens when you stop performing sex for a male?

They eventually hate you for it.

They find out that they don’t like you as a friend, as a support, as a loyal companion. Eventually, XY end up hating you on a visceral and violent level for denying them what they have turned into a male right.

How much did he care about me? That after asserting my right to refuse PIV, after 8 years, he began hating me for it?

He cared about literally nothing else.

My marriage was my security, my future, my plan. And I lost it. Because I refused him his right to use me as a fuckhole.

And for me, it was absolutely worth it. I would make the same decision, again.

Because I can put my solidarity with ALL WOMEN FIRST.

**I have documented my right of refusing PIV all over this blog, over several years. If you need help finding those posts, let me know**


9 thoughts on “ShoutOut to Ovarit Sisters. About PIV in relation to our inalienable rights.

  1. I’ll say it again: I still can’t understand what there is to “enjoy” about a peen pounding women’s internal organs, and I have no idea how it has anything to do with a swift and pleasurable orgasm. Without peen-prodding, women would not suffer the overwhelmingly vast majority of UTIs, yeast infections, bacterial vaginosis, pelvic pain, unwanted pregnancy, invasive gynecological testing including “pap smears”, HPV related cancers, and other STIs. The trauma of abortion (which of course is still better than unwanted pregnancy) would not exist, nor would a great deal of women’s anxiety, depression, and submission to degrading and painful ” beauty” procedures. More women would figure out how to orgasm through masturbation at a young age, before peens trained them to think of themselves as having “sheaths” for the male sword (“vagina” literally means sheath for a sword).

    In addition, they would probably have an easier time setting boundaries in other parts of their lives if they were not trained to see their internal bodily organs as designed to be breached, penetrated, and pounded by half of the population’s goal of vini vidi vici out of order (“I saw, I conquered, I came”–peens everywhere).

    Then add the reduction of stress/cognitive dissonance about having to pretend to all and sundry (including female best friends) that sexay sexxx is the best thing ever, and the relief of not having to worry about the body-hijacking, painful and sickening horror of pregnancy/birth OR the consequences of mental and physical health (as well as financial ramifications) that birth control brings (as well as more degrading and potentially invasive doctor’s appointments) and it becomes clear that this society’s PIV cult is no different than the covaxx cult: Peen and MRNA injections in perpetuity as mass formation psychosis.

    I believe that the wrong tactic was taken about ladydicks. I am a pragmatist first and foremost, and to me, decreasing rape or the threat thereof by encouraging penectomy for all who “identify” as a real and total laydee would be far more of a gain for women’s safety than anything else that’s happened over the past 50 years. I will call them Sheherlaydiestlaydeeeever if penectomy became the go-to treatment, endorsed by leftists, for any peen-haver who ever thought to themselves, at any point in their lives, “maybe it would be good to be a gurl, durr hurr.”

    We can also go full newspeak and say that NEVER having these thoughts ALSO means that the manliest macho man is just repressing his true desire to be a laydee and that this indicates that he too is in severe need of a penectomy so he can fulfill his destiny. Any and all sexual harrassment, rape, transvestism, macho assholism is the result of his desire to be a laydee, and only penectomy can rehabilitate him.

    Doods who aren’t on either end of the spectrum are “non-peenary” and can benefit from a surgery that makes them “half laydee”, where their peens are cut down to a nice, unable to rape size, like maybe the average size of a clitoris. And, of course, being a total laydee or half laydee requires taking testosterone blockers and estrogen in huge doses for total laydees, smaller doses for half laydees.

    Female humans can encourage this new trend as much as possible, telling all peens that laydees and non-peenaries are not only stunning and brave, but have become so paradoxically “alpha” in their erstwhile manliness that they’ve transcended the need to be a man and have a peen. That before surgery and hormones, they were more ‘man’ than your average “I love my peen, I need my peen” dude could ever hope to be–unless he confesses to having those “thoughts” (or, conversely, vehemently denies ever having those “thoughts”) and goes under the knife (and on hormones) as well.

    Not seeing this opportunity and acting on it was the biggest mistake the feminist movement ever made, and makes me wonder if the so-called radical arm of the feminist movement has been completely infiltrated the way liberal feminism was in the late 1980s and early 1990s, leading to what we see today, where what is called ” liberal feminism” should really be called “penis of color supremacy”, with the ladies’ auxiliary being a dollar store version of a bordello, with lots of freebies on every day that ends with Y (the movement’s mottos are “end rape–‘enthusiastically’ consent to everything” and “end police brutality and racist imprisonment–if he’s black, there was no crime committed”).

    Less peen, less rape–easy peasy. I want every female human to ask herself how much less afraid she’d be in everyday life if she knew for certain that every male she saw, as long as she lived, had no peen or a peen that was the same size as her clit. And that he had a similar amount of testosterone and estrogen running through his veins that she did. Dick-sticking via ” consent” (which really means ‘I’ll LET you do this to me”) or rape is the absolute root of the problem. Feminists dropped the ball, as it were–or, given the pun, didn’t drop (or chop) the ball(s), but should have. As for anything liberal feminism spouts out of its “self care lipstick”-ed blow job hole, it’s basically the Onion-style satire at this point.

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  2. Men win the war, because most women give in. Unfortunately we could only win, if all, or at least the majority of women would do the same as you and refuse to PIV, as long as all the laws against women and their degradation exists. But women comply. They say they “love” Sex and they “love” their men. They are not ready to sacrifice anything. I didn’t only lose hope for betterment by men, but also from women. They also can be enemies, unfortunately. They want to be loved, Yes, but only by men. Most of them anyway. So no solidarity there to expect.

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    1. I really can’t blame them.

      Even when they tear me apart and invent positions that I don’t have and invent things that I don’t say.

      I have never asked any woman to opt out of PIV. I would never expect that. I only ask them to critically consider the role of PIV in male domination and terrorism.

      I plainly explain that I was afraid of pregnancy, couldn’t access abortion, and they call me unhealthy, unhinged, among other things, and they say that I expect to make all the rules about sex and that I somehow unmanned Mr Jayne, humiliated him, that he is my victim. So many women are surprised that he stayed so long, and claim that I am complaining about him leaving or that I think that he didn’t have the right to leave.

      I hope that they never have the experience that I had. And I hope that they continue to love PIV because if they stop enthusiastically participating for any reason, they will quickly find out exactly what is valuable about them to their male.

      They are right about one thing, when they say that I am just one woman, and one woman refusing to participate in PIV as a political stance does absolutely nothing. (That they view it as a punishment to my poor, put upon husband is a different issue).

      What if 20% of heterosexual women refused PIV? What if 50% of us refused? What if those of us who could refuse, actually stopped participating in their right to use female bodies at will?

      The world would be a vastly different place.

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      1. Yep, and PIV refusal would include refusal to breed and raise babies.

        They would want to rape/kill us. And they would rape/kill some of us. But, you know, they’re doing that anyway. So we might as well resist.

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      2. I often remember daisy Coleman, how after males raped her, they claimed it was consensual, even when she was passed out, and an XY took video of the rape on his phone, and how the rapists drove her home and dumped her on her front lawn, while she was passed out, and her mother found her that morning, with her hair frozen to the ground.

        That’s how males treat women and girls after consensual sex.

        An entire community attacked her for being a slut. An entire community was totally fine with this act of “consensual sex”.

        I just saw yesterday where a female gamer was immediately fired for saying that males under 5 feet 7 inches don’t have human rights. On the same page was an article about tucker Carlson saying vile, hateful, misogynist, sexist, racist things about Alexandria ocasio Cortez, yet, no one bats an eye.

        We deserve better than this. PIV, our bodily autonomy, and our position in society are all directly related, and anything that we are willingly participating in that coincides as a male “entitlement” needs to be addressed critically, and that requires class solidarity and putting other women first.

        I know that not all of us can do that. But those of us who can, should.

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      3. Jayne, they DO NOT love PIV the way men do, ie in a box, with a fox, with any hole, whether rich or on the dole. They SAY they love it because they know it is not only expected of them, but is pretty much part of the social contract at this point (it was not always this way and still isn’t in some places; I think you mentioned this at one point in a post about an all-female city in Africa). They know that their husband/boyfriend peen will drill another female human and/or leave them as well if they don’t “enthusiastically consent”, and yet they can’t bear admitting out loud that their relationship is contingent on their beloved performing daily/weekly/monthly masturbatory hump-n-grunt duties using the easily-torn mucous membranes of her internal organs. He himself would sooner die or kill than submit to having the internal parts of his orifices being used as some peen’s masturbator, let alone a peen possessor far larger and stronger than himself because he KNOWS that this is a one-sided act of domination and personal gratification at the expense of the other’s potential pain, fear, embarrassment, degradation, bodily integrity and the breakage of the boundary between outer organs and inner organs that equals the corporeal version of breaking and entering, as well as marking one’s territory via vandalism. Even our language recognizes that this is the worst thing a human can do to another, and it says a lot about how 99.999999 percent of people view women that our society not only sees it as abnormal if a woman does not voluntarily submit–nay, lurrrrrve it and shout this from the rooftops forever and ever, amen–but believes that this is what women are FOR.
        Yet, at the same time recognizing that perpetrating this act is a VIOLENT CRIME without express/implied “consent”, lack of crystal-clear nonconsent (ie anything short of trying to take down an armed dood twice her size), or any sort of quid-pro-quo no matter how coercive or lopsided (such as a place to sleep, a job, a paid-for dinner date, money, a mafioso-style protection racket against other would-be rapists, giving in to prevent a later, more forceful impalement which would be more difficult to retcon as ” I wasn’t into it at first, but I eventually warmed up to him wanting to ‘make love’”, to ensure that he won’t dump her/cheat, to receive human touch/compliments/relief from loneliness/reassure her that she is ‘loved’, to ensure her normalcy so that her nosy family, gossipy coworkers, and Sexandthecitybot female friends don’t suss out any “abnormality” during their next “tee hee don’t you love sex and menz!”oneupsmanship ‘n’ schadenfreude gossip session, placing her at risk for friendlessness, job loss and therefore more danger).
        If I ask someone if they like chocolate ice cream, the answer isn’t ” only if I know all the nutritional information and find it satisfactory, and it’s not so cold it doesn’t hurt my teeth, but not so warm that it melts all over, and only if I run to the bathroom afterwards and give myself an epi-pen because I’m allergic to chocolate sometimes”, or “Only if I’m eating it after an Italian dinner with my husband who is calling me beautiful and cleaned the sink this afternoon , and only after I’ve taken a long hot bath, shaved my body, and am wearing a certain outfit that makes me feel ‘chocolate ice-creamy’”.
        Or, ” only if I press a vibrating napkin against my nose while I’m spooning it into my lips” or “only if I know the owner of the ice cream parlor sees me as a human being just like him and not just a walking five dollar bill”.
        “Sometimes I love it more than ANYTHING under the right circumstances, but I puked from chocolate ice cream last year and I’m still coming to terms with it. I’m working with a therapist on loving it again and realizing that it’s not fair to lump all chocolate ice cream together and it would be a waste if I were to only eat other flavors or have popsicles or fruit for dessert instead to force fed chocolate ice cream.”
        Or “Yes, I LOVE IT more than anything ever just like you, but if someone put a spoon of chocolate ice cream in my mouth without my express permission, it would be the most traumatic experience of my life.”
        Which is to say, women put themselves through mental and linguistic gymnastics because it is extremely taboo for them to say outright what can easily be read between the lines if the entire society, men and women alike but for different reasons, weren’t so desperate to not do so.
        Whatever some women (profess to) ‘love’ about sex, it’s tangential to the bigger-than-a-very-uncomfortable-feeling–out-of-place-tampon and smaller-than-an-excruciating-pain-causing-newborn-baby peen pulling apart the internal muscles of her body and ramming against her cervix and the walls of her internal organs (bladder, rectum). In fact, in rape, none of the tangential factors are present. In the absence of added bodily harm, rape is the brute act of penetration removed from any added factor present that would make the act less horrific to experience. And I know most would agree that even in the absence of other harms conjoining and resulting from the consequence of “non-consensual peen pounding”, the peen pounding ITSELF makes rape (and what the idiot libtards call ” sex work”) the horror that it is.
        And even the most brain-dead “sexxx- positive” libtard has to admit it! If it wasn’t, they’d argue that being force-hugged or force-fed a spoon of chocolate ice cream by someone you knew had no peen, by virtue of the “lack of consent”, was equally as bad as marital rape by a wheelchair-using, condom-clad husband who was half the size of his wife, where the peen-pounding rape was undistinguishable from his usual ” consentual” peen-pounding, in that there was no force or punching/kicking, except for the fact that this time she didn’t pretend that she wanted to be stuffed like a Thanksgiving turkey, plunged like a toilet, and given the internal adults-only version of an indian burn.
        If women were considered human, none of these verbal/mental gymnastics would be necessary. In fact, the overwhelming use of them by most women even thoughout the nonstop “dick up there equals ecstasy” propaganda ‘n’ programming of the last 40 years has shown me exactly how excruciating and miserable they find the act in itself, by itself.
        Here’s how: Women are taught that to not be alienated in the mainstream world , they have to learn to (at least vocally in certain spaces) say they “love” a lot of uncomfortable/annoying/even painful shit they would have correctly seen as masochistic and worthless as young girls. So, for instance, we hear plenty of women gushing over how much they love some misogynist faggot designer’s torture shoes. Yet when asked why they volunteer to be hobbled, women rarely amend their “love” of Chadley Bradley’s new “It’s Called Sciatica, Bitch!” stiletto with protesting-too-much zeal, preconditions and prerequisites to be met, or descriptions of what they love about wearing the shoes that are not part and parcel to actually wearing the shoes.
        One of my college roommates was a professed lover of torture shoes as well as sexxxay sexxx. She would admit the shoes hurt her, but would never admit that secks did. Her actions (and verbal gymnastics) spoke otherwise. I surmise that it’s one thing to admit an item of clothing hurts and quite another to admit the person who supposedly loves you sees your pain as his pleasure, and his pleasure as the prerequisite for “love”–or its sum total.
        Also, I have never been a fan of any celebrity, male or female. But I’d bet that even among the most peen-worshiping fan girl of Peen Celebrity X, you would not find one woman who would pay to be porked by the celeb. In a world where girls were treated as humans from birth, no girl would submit to, let alone want PIV.

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      4. Replying to Antinatalist, Mar 1.

        Off – topic – “Also, I have never been a fan of any celebrity, male or female.” Not the most important thing for me to respond to at the mo, given global events, but I’m so glad you said this. I’m the same and no-one ever believes me and while that doesn’t really matter (and doesn’t even interest me) it is slightly peeve-making. I’m not sure what your take is, Antinatalist, but mine is, I can like an artist (or even love them) but I am not and never will be a fan. Why is that so hard to understand, let alone believe?

        Maybe it’s a hive mind thing but, fuck it. Just no. Even when I was 12 my attitude was, no way. Never.

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      5. Off-topic No.2 – thread on Mumsnet, Wank pods at work. Link to something called Something called Stripchat has ordered custom built wank pods for employees to use at work.

        No words.

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  3. I know who the poster was who shouted me out, but I hesitate to put defining details about other women into the official post because they may not appreciate it.

    I always appreciate a shout out, it puts me in touch with many like minded women.

    She knows who she is. Thanks to her.❤

    Proud to know that lady😉

    Even though I am not an ovarit member, some of my favorite women are there.

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