Why are we complaining about women being in the women’s room?

***This post is inspired by the anonymous mother* of an ivy league swimmer (not PENN) who was featured on a YouTube channel (that I just found this morning) about ladymen, which I can no longer find. The video disappeared as I was writing this (afternoon of February 28th, 2022). Even though the video was at several places in my history on 2 different devices, it’s been completely erased, so far as I can tell***

EDIT MARCH 1ST 2022. Link to a transcript of the now deleted video.

This is what the issue is, after males have legally codified the definition of “woman” to be “anyone that identifies as a woman”.

This is the patriarchal ruling. This is the patriarchal law.

We are not allowed to correctly call a male a man, boy, or any form of male descriptor. That’s why the media says that transgurls and transwomen are being kept out of sports, rape crisis centers, and other few spaces and positions that have protected us from male predation. Because males have codified into law that these rapist, colonizing XY are female.

We are now legally arguing that women should not be allowed in women’s locker rooms.

We are now arguing that women should be prevented from showing their female genitals in changing rooms and locker rooms. His penis is codified into patriarchal law as female genitals.

This is why, according to this woman*, the aclu told her that “the aclu will never represent CISwomen against women”.

Leaving this here, but the video disappeared as I was watching it for the 4th time.

Males are now women, they only have to say the magic words, that they totally feel like a lady.

Women are now an even lower subclass of women, we are now CISwomen.

This is the LAW. So I ask you. How do we argue against “women” being in women’s spaces? And we are arguing to the very rulers that used their legal system to put these rapist males there?

Again I am asking how is this supposed to work?


5 thoughts on “Why are we complaining about women being in the women’s room?

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  2. The only thing which makes sense, is that nobody wants to be a man, or be called “man”. Yup, I can understand that. They, men, want to be called women, whereas women have to be called Cis-whatever. Menstruators? I mean, they are mad, as we all know. That’s exactly why they don’t want to be called men. Because they know. Man is actually a word for all things negative in this world. So, who wants to be a man? Therefor Women have to make “room” for these idiots. One time more in history. And now, they want to be called women and be women for good. I mean, I can understand that. Who on earth would want to be a “man”. (Only some poor trans-girls) As we all know, patriarchy has gone over the top this time. They don’t have to enter the women-lockers or women-prisons, but they have to be locked up somewhere, that’s for sure. A looney-asylum ? Fema camps? Alcatraz? Who cares, as long as they are locked up somewhere far away.

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