Sexism and misogyny is over, y’all.

Let’s take a look at a few random stories from my homepage, yesterday.

First, we have a gender (SEX) reveal party, wherein daddy throws a mantrum because his broodmare is pregnant with girl number 3…….

As the mom and daughters squeal with delight, Dad angrily shouts and curses, eventually walking out of frame altogether. Eventually, he crosses back into the video, only to cuss angrily again.

Link directly above

Has any male ever thrown a fit over his deciding sperm landing on an XY baby?

Next up we have this prince in Georgia in the states, who dumped his daughter off onto his mother to raise, and refuses to raise her, even though his current wife and mother of (his) 2 sons wants to bring her home…….

“Julius told me that he and Katja were planning a trip to Disneyland in August. I told him that Annabella would be so excited and that he should tell her on her birthday. And he just blankly told me she was not coming and that the trip was for his boys. I made it clear to him that he needed to bring her on the trip, and he just called me an a****** — which he’s never done before — for trying to control him. I admit that I was a bit controlling in my reaction, but I don’t think I went that far.”

Link directly above

This is a dude who is really, really dedicated to his love of dick.

Moving on…………

Then we have these 2 shining examples of manhood who “made advances” on a woman and kidnapped her, throwing her into their trunk because she refused their overtures of romance and love……

The kidnapping happened at the Exxon gas station off Glenwood Road on March 20. Deputies said the two men made advances against the victim, but she refused them.

Link directly above

Wow. Males really hate it when we say no, but hey! Bright side! The males allowed her to live.

This time.

Finally, we have this male in Florida in the states who raped a 16 year old girl after she got off of the school bus, on her way home………

Between where a 16-year-old Lauderhill girl got off the school bus and her home, police say she was forced to survive a box cutter put to her throat before being raped in a driveway last week.

Police say the “calm demeanor and the manner in which he preyed upon the victim” suggest the suspect has done this before.

Link directly above

And here is a story that I briefly mentioned in a recent comment about a 12 year old girl in Georgia being impregnated by a rapist that is also her relative. *

And HOLY SHIT, in trying to find the final story, I Googled “12 year old pregnant by rapist”. So many fucking little girls are being raped by XY that the Google hits are fucking endless.

But let’s have a good public crycry about little boys who can’t pee in the girl’s toilets.


5 thoughts on “Sexism and misogyny is over, y’all.

  1. Sickening. I went to that thread on twatter. The pattern of comments was hard to miss – almost all the XYs defending the dude with ridiculous reasons, quite a few of the women rightfully condemning his behavior, and a few women trying to defend the XY.
    The only ones in the thread who rightly said that the wife’s laughter was a nervous one were women. The XYs were all saying “Look, she is laughing, so it means everything is fine, OBVIOUSLY.”

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  2. A couple of years ago an XY was beating the shit out of his ex wife in the parking lot of the visitation centre where he had just finished his supervised visitation with his children.

    A 16 year old girl intervened and he decided to pull out a knife and slash at her (the 16 year old girl, his ex barely conscious a few feet away).

    FINALLY one of the XY onlookers (in fairness to the dick swingers there was a couple of women in the audience) called the police and they arrived and as soon as the XY saw the police car pull up he stabbed himself in the chest. He died on the way to the hospital (woo hoo happy ending).

    The 16 year old girl, the ONLY freaking person to intervene and save the woman the spermoid was attempting to murder, was released from the hospital with stitches later that day.

    The newspaper articles about the assaults he committed were fawning over his ass. “Father of 3 dead after altercation at visitation centre”. “Mr XY was a kind man who just wanted to see his children”. You know exactly what the papers said because they are identical every time a man tries to murder his ex and/or children. They are ALWAYS freaking saints who are just wronged by these evil women in their lives.

    Now, I live in a small town so I know about the XY having supervised visitation and the crowd of onlookers because my BFF was driving my daughter and her daughter to their Tae Kwon Doe class which is in the same building as the social services building. My daughter still has nightmares about the 16 year old heroine being assaulted. Most of her nightmares feature the crowd watching and not helping.

    I honestly think the world would be a better place if we could round up all the men, harvest sperm from the decent ones (LOL) and use them as fertilizer.

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    1. I honestly think the world would be a better place if we could round up all the men, harvest sperm from the decent ones (LOL) and use them as fertilizer.

      In that case we shall only need two turkey basters, tops!

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